[PDF] Samson's Lovely Mortal | by ✓ Tina Folsom [PDF] Samson's Lovely Mortal | by ✓ Tina Folsom - Samson's Lovely Mortal, Samson s Lovely Mortal Paranormal Vampire RomanceVampire bachelor Samson can t get it up any Not even his shrink can help him That changes when the lovely mortal auditor Delilah tumbles into his arms after a seemingly rando

  • Title: Samson's Lovely Mortal
  • Author: Tina Folsom
  • ISBN: 9781453725771
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Samson's Lovely Mortal | by ✓ Tina Folsom, Samson's Lovely Mortal, Tina Folsom, Samson s Lovely Mortal Paranormal Vampire RomanceVampire bachelor Samson can t get it up any Not even his shrink can help him That changes when the lovely mortal auditor Delilah tumbles into his arms after a seemingly random attack Suddenly there s nothing wrong with his hydraulics that is as long as Delilah is the woman in his arms His scruples about taking Delilah to bed vanish whenParanormal V

Samson's Lovely Mortal

[PDF] Samson's Lovely Mortal | by ✓ Tina Folsom [PDF] Samson's Lovely Mortal | by ✓ Tina Folsom - Samson's Lovely Mortal, Samson s Lovely Mortal Paranormal Vampire RomanceVampire bachelor Samson can t get it up any Not even his shrink can help him That changes when the lovely mortal auditor Delilah tumbles into his arms after a seemingly rando Samson's Lovely Mortal

  • [PDF] Samson's Lovely Mortal | by ✓ Tina Folsom
    494Tina Folsom
Samson's Lovely Mortal

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  1. I do believe I have found my favorite erotic book for this year and it s also has my favorite genre paranormal This book is romantic, witty and pure down right hot The author does a wonderful job in how she brings this erotic romance together I was floored as I keep reading and the story keep getting deeper It has humor, twist and turns, suprise s danger, villains, a excellent cast of vampire male characters the author can run on and OMG the sex is amazing there is a little spanking and rear doo [...]

  2. Written July 12, 20153 1 2 Stars Enjoying lighthearted steamy vampire loveIt was a time since I last read a m f vampire romance Let it be fun Samson s Lovely Mortal was a freebie I added with the audiobook for 2.29 some weeks ago 9 14 hrs narrated by Kevin Foley My first book by Tina Folsom and this male narrator A Samson Delilah tale Yum, I was happy expectantd nine hours later still smiling Good enough 3 1 2 stars San Francisco, U.S resent dayThe mighty Vampire Samson Woodford is a bachelor in [...]

  3. You can see a prettier version at riverinaromanticsHot damn Why haven t I heard of Tina Folsom or the Scanguards Vampires series before Where Have i been Under a rock Thank goodness for my girl Tonya She recommended this book to me and for that I will be ever grateful Thanks chic Samson s Lovely Mortal is the first book in Tina Folsom s Scanguards series It s the first book of Tina s that I ve read if you couldn t tell and it WILL NOT be my last This book was sexy, erotic, light and humorous It [...]

  4. Samson s Lovely Mortal is the first book in Tina Folsom s Scanguards Vampires series, and I really enjoyed it It s a sexy and fun world these vamps live in, and this one has a great mystery added to the mix Not too heavy and not too light, it s definitely an entertaining start to the series.Amaury s story is up next, and from what I know of him, it s going to be one heck of a read.

  5. 4 1 2 stars Very good From the very first hot sentence, to the last page, this book had me hooked Samson and Delilah I know rolls eyes , just some of the author s warped subtle humor have sizzling chemistry She seems to be the answer to hisahemoblem He can t get IT up and once he meets herIT doesn t want to go down Funny stuff The connection they have is than sexual and he has feelings for her that are not normal for a vampire What a fun journey exploring this unique world, and their discovery [...]

  6. Oh Sweet Holy mother of Baby JesusI dont really know why I decided to buy this off Kindle earlier today I ve been walking around in complete withdrawal mode, ever since finishing the BDB books I mean, I have a million books, I already own, but everytime I picked one up, I couldnt get into it because I felt like nothing could really compare to the BDB books I had just devoured And absolutly lovedI really wanted something to take my mind away from the fact that I have to wait a million years for t [...]

  7. Just when I thought I ve read it all, I see the blurb to this book A vampire with erectile disfunction Too funny.The opening line to this book Let me suck your cock Did that get your attention It certainly got mine.Samson can t seem to get it up any, and so he goes to a shrink, Dr Drake, to see if maybe the good doctor can help him I m here for the issue is uh, my problem has to do with Yeah, poor Samson.His friends decide for his birthday that they will send him a stripper in hopes to help f [...]

  8. I love when I come across a book that surpasses my expectations, and Samson s Lovely Mortal definitely succeeded in doing that I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book The story did border on the ridiculous, but the humor, drama, and steamy sexiness than made up for it If you re looking for a quick, sexy, somewhat silly read, Samson s Lovely Mortal than delivers.

  9. It took me awhile to read this, and its fairly short The beginning was okay I like the way that Samson and Delilah meet I was laughing at the way the meeting took place and who he thought she was It was different Then, I started getting bored and skimming First, when Samson called her vagina a lush canopy and her breasts Asia and Europe, or somthing Okay, okay, I laughed at that part Her nipples were rock hard mountain peaks, for gosh sakes Certain phrases caught my eye that I normally would hav [...]

  10. Paranormal Romance Erotica writer Tina Folsom has the reader panting and craving with Samsom s Lovely Mortal If you love a hot and passionate paranormal romance then you are going to LOVE Samson s Lovely Mortal This is one book where I do not want to give too much information away because I want the reader to experience and savor every page turning moment What I will tell you is the lead character, Samson, is the owner of Scanguard Enterprises and who happens to be a gorgeous vampire with a sli [...]

  11. Samson s Lovely Mortal is the first in a series by Tina Folsom I ve never heard of the series or the author before this book I was pleasantly surprised It was a nice blend of romance, urban fantasy mystery Samson is a vampire with anger issues He s pissed because his psycho ex girlfriend was a gold digger Poor guy has been having trouble with sexy times since I have to say I ve read a lot of vampire novels and no one has ever had this problem before.The heroine, Delilah, is an accountant Yeah, s [...]

  12. 4 Lovely Stars for Samson and Delilah Tonight he would take her to his bed, and he would be just a man, a man who wanted her He would forget he was a vampire Samson is a tall, strong handsome vampire and Delilah is the Lovely Mortal They have an over whelming sexual desire for each otherIt s lovely This story is witty, humorous, romantic and sexy with a good mix of goodies and baddies Samson has a little problem he can t get it up, oh dear but Delilah comes along and needless to say she is his s [...]

  13. 4 STARS To be honestI didn t know what to expect from this one I only read the blurb and it sounded like a real fun Vampire bachelor Samson can t get it up any HahahahOkay I was intrigued D After reading it the only thing I can say is I LOVED it It was such a fun, sexy and entertaining read I liked all the characters and I think the book was very well written What I loved about it First of all, I liked that we get to really know the characters Samson and Delilah We learn about their pasts and th [...]

  14. I LOVED THIS BOOK what a great little gem this author is I would have had no clue that she or this series even existed had this book not recently been put up as a free kindle book over at I had no clue what to expect going ina lot of times the free kindle books.mely the pnrs, are very short and don t really contain a lot of story.ey re just erotic novellasbut his book was FULL LENGTH and a really great paranormal romance at that It had a good suspenseful mystery type storyline that wasn t necess [...]

  15. Samson Woodford owns a successful security bodyguard business called Scaguards and because of his success wealth not to mention his dark sexy good looks he is one of the most sought after bachelors in the vampire world After an unpleasant break up he is left with some male problems, ya know, down there You re going to make me say it Okay, he s left impotent Poor dear.He even starts seeing a shrink but to no avail Until his friends decide to throw him a very much un anticipated birthday party com [...]

  16. I put off reading this book for awhile because of the opening sentence I needed some time to prepare myself and be in the mood for the subject matter Surprisingly, it was nothing once I decided to read it and got past the first page It was a light vampire read The vampires were operating like mortals impotency problems, broken relationships, and seeing shrinks I thought it was entertaining and enjoyed the first half of the book but the second half of the book lacked depth and the dialogue comple [...]

  17. the plot, the storyline is interesting and fresh too and Samson had possessive tendency, and cute too.you love vampire, you ought to try this one.

  18. Samson s Lovely Mortal Scanguards Vampires, 1 For the past nine months, Samson Woodford has been suffering from something no man wants to suffer from Least of all a virile vampire like him Erectile dysfunction No matter what he does, no matter who helps him, he just can t get it up And frankly, it s embarrassing Even embarrassing is the fact his friends know about it and they suggested seeing a shrink Could he sink any lower And then those same friends arrange for a stripper for his surprise bi [...]

  19. Warning this is an 18 year old only review This first in Folsom s Scanguards Vampires series is set in San Francisco and has an opening line that certainly grabs your attention Let me suck your cock This paranormal romance comes complete with vampires, embezzling, betrayal, a mortal love, romance, a little humor and a precious gift.Folsom has created some very believable characters both primary and secondary ones, even if she uses much of the traditional vampire lore with only a few twists The s [...]

  20. This book was a helluva lot of fun I hate to warn you all because this one was a slow starter and poorly edited, but I have read the next books in the series, and I feel good about recomending this one because both problems are cleared up by subsequent books The mystery in this book was kind of meh but the vampire boner jokes were funny I liked that in this universe, vampires are not so insanely powerful and have jobs and everyday problems The book is much like a contemporary Harlequin type rom [...]

  21. or This one reminded me of the Argeneaus.This one was a bit of a surprise It wasn t heavy vampire stuff It was light and fluffy So Samson was a vampire suffering from erectile dysfunction for 9 months His friends decided the best way to help him rise to the occasion was for a stripper to come and entice his inner beast to come out to play So for his birthday, he waited for boom boom belinda to come and rock his world.On the same day, Delilah was getting attached, so she ran to the nearest house [...]

  22. Oh man, this was bad I feel guilty trashing someone s hard work but this was a major stinker But the book was free and the audiobook only 1.99 if you owned the book, so I gave it 2 stars for the economy of the suffering You re welcome for the commercial, Much of the time I felt seriously embarrassed for the author What the hell was she thinking The very first line is Let me suck your cock, which I gather is supposed to shock and catch our attention Instead, it made me think that I was in for a [...]

  23. I just wanted to start by saying that this was probably my favourite free Kindle book I have read so far I ll presume you have read the book description so I ll just go from there I ll give a couple of basic parts of the book to help you decide if you want to read it yourself Samson is a vampire who owns a security company Since his betrayel from ex girlfriend Ilona, he has been unable to get an erection That was nine months ago For his birthday, his friends decide to get him a stripper in the h [...]

  24. 3 1 2 stars This wasn t a bad read, it just wasn t great The characters weren t fleshed out enough for me to truly care much about them The heroine started to annoy me when she was so mean after she found out what Sampson was then she pulled an idiotic TSTL move The hero was a little too lovey dovey nice too But it was an okay story and free on Kindle Others friends liked it than I.

  25. 3.5 starsSamson s Lovely Mortal is a nice mix of UF, paranormal vampire love story and mystery I enjoyed Samson and Aumory a lot, Delilah grew on me.Full review to come soon.This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog un Conventional Bookviews

  26. Excuse me, but why is there no button for 15 stars Because I just read a book that needs that designation Wow Super wow I loved this book It ranks up there with Darkness Dawns by Dianne Duvall Yeah, seriously In fact, I don t know which I loved But I think they are not really similar enough to compare Yes, they are both paranormal romance but I kind of think that s where the similarities end As always, let me give you a little intoSamson is a vampire, a rich vampire No, like offensively rich L [...]

  27. No soy afecta a las vamp ricas, pero esta me gust Aunque es una bobada, me encant el personaje de Samson porque, a pesar de ser vampiro, es supertierno y sensible Advierto que en esta serie los vampiros est n totalmente adaptados, aunque de inc gnito, a la civilizaci n contempor nea Nada de cazadores oscuros ni esas cosas, por lo menos esta Ah, es bastante er tica.

  28. I m gushing gushing gushing, that was a fab book I adored it I feel all loved up.This is book one of a series on scanguards top vampire bodyguards Delilah is an accountant in town on a temporary assignment to find out who s syphoning money from a company One night she s followed and runs to nearest house for help and into the arms of Samson.Samson is a vampire so sweet, adoring, sexy, hot, clever artistic oh his rich too but who cares He also runs scanguards bodyguards which employs both vampire [...]

  29. I don t know why, but when I started reading this, I did not know this was of an erotic romance as opposed to a PNR Not that I minded, but the first line of chapter one took me completely off guard I then knew what I was getting myself into.I have to say, that I was very aware that this was the first book in a series while I was reading it I didn t fully connect with the characters, but I did like them There were a few scene changes that felt a bit abrupt as well Overall, I really did find myse [...]

  30. A love story of Samson and Delilah I know, it sounds corny, but it works.Samson believes the woman in distress that shows up on his doorstep is his surprise birthday gift stripper from his friends This case of mistaken identity leads to a passion that can t be denied, secrets revealed and deception from unexpected sources An original storyline that includes a powerful vampire with ED and several vampires who visit a psychiatrist on a regular basis If the opening sentence of this novel doesn t gr [...]

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