[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Hidden Treasure : by V.B. Kildaire [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Hidden Treasure : by V.B. Kildaire - Hidden Treasure, Hidden Treasure According to legend five hundred years ago the country of Connmeera sent an exceptional gift to the country of Ormslea but the ship was overtaken and the treasure lost Now proof of the treasure has

  • Title: Hidden Treasure
  • Author: V.B. Kildaire
  • ISBN: 9781615814398
  • Page: 239
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Hidden Treasure : by V.B. Kildaire, Hidden Treasure, V.B. Kildaire, Hidden Treasure According to legend five hundred years ago the country of Connmeera sent an exceptional gift to the country of Ormslea but the ship was overtaken and the treasure lost Now proof of the treasure has been found in the vast daunting country of Jarvoct and Connmeera and Ormslea mount a joint venture to recover the treasure Ormslea sends Jaxom Archeron the son of a nobleAccording t

Hidden Treasure

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Hidden Treasure : by V.B. Kildaire [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Hidden Treasure : by V.B. Kildaire - Hidden Treasure, Hidden Treasure According to legend five hundred years ago the country of Connmeera sent an exceptional gift to the country of Ormslea but the ship was overtaken and the treasure lost Now proof of the treasure has Hidden Treasure

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Hidden Treasure : by V.B. Kildaire
    239V.B. Kildaire
Hidden Treasure

227 thought on “Hidden Treasure

  1. Good adventure plot, but somehow disappointing emotionallyWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 7 10PROS Kildaire is good at concise characterization after a single chapter from each protagonist s point of view, I had a good idea of his personality I immediately wanted a happy ending for Dorian in particular His personality is lovely he s sweet and a curious mixture of upbeat and fatalistic, but not in a way that I found annoying I also love that it s Dorian [...]

  2. This was a great adventure story but misses out on a 5 star due to the lack of ending.I was easily transported into this world Going along on Jaxom and Dorians quest was both entertaining and sweet Watching them come together as a couple hit all my likes The mysteries, action and adventures they encountered gave me plenty to get my teeth into But I have a major issue with the ending This was another very enjoyable read that seemed to just stop I was left floundering without even an epilogue to f [...]

  3. Took a star off because of the end it felt like a cliffhanger, like there still was of the story to tell specially about the main characters relatioship but it just ended Maybe some sort of epilogue could have added a bit resolution.

  4. The official plot description for this book sounds a bit dry, perhaps, but I found it to be a most enjoyable tale The two protagonists are very different in many ways, but they gradually become familiar with one another s idiosyncrasies as they embark on their months long journey to find the mysterious treasure no one now living has any idea of what this treasure actually was, and many doubt it even existed in the first place Each finds in the other traits and qualities that are quite admirable, [...]

  5. What a delightful journey.Jax in the beginning he is sooo happy his companion is plain, so no danger of feeling attracted, no complication on that front and a relaxed trip seems to be ahead with an interesting conversational partner view spoiler harrrdy harrharrOR NOT hide spoiler or so he thought, the experienced soldier, but how wrong he was With his sweet and kind nature Dorian captures him and has him wrapped around his little finger without him even noticing anything until it is much to lat [...]

  6. This was an enjoyable read, for the most part I always enjoy fantasy, and for that reason alone, I was inclined to like this book Ultimately, however, it doesn t really become than enjoyable there s not really much in it that grabs me and makes me want to live in the world that these characters inhabit The plot is very episodic, as it follows the soldier, Jaxom, and the noble, Dorian, on their quest to find the lost Treasure of Ormslea they face down a series of challenges that aren t really ti [...]

  7. Oh my, started so good, ended so bad Basically, this started off as a good low fantasy adventure romance You know, two guys head off for an adventure and fall in love I liked both characters, the confident but stoic soldier and the misunderstood but kindhearted scholar So far so good I liked how the two hooked up The sex scenes weren t much to write home about, but they were adequate Then something happens of course and the stoic soldier does the formulaic generic relationship challenge 204 and [...]

  8. The story was actually quite good I rather enjoyed the interactions between the characters view spoiler I totally called the Dorian almost getting enslaved thing, although I kind of wanted it to go a little further hide spoiler I thought the ending was rather abrupt, though It ended before the story got a chance to finish resolving itself It s like me when I get towards the end of an essay or letter and I have no idea how to end it, so I just kind of leave it off Except that s really not a great [...]

  9. 3.5 starsEnjoyable story, likable characters, entertaining adventure Felt like this book had lots of potential, but at the end there were just a few things lacking that kept me from really loving it First, I started the novel expecting fantasy, and it turned out to be pretty fantasy light, or underdeveloped, in my opinion Actually, it felt like some sort of historical quest novel than a fantasy novel, aside from the facts that the countries were make believe and being gay was ok Along those lin [...]

  10. I want to start my review saying WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THE ENDING I was planning to rate this a 5 star story but then I was happily reading the final chapter and hit that unexpected, awful ending This story had so many good things going for it a background story with a solid plot line and mystery a nice juxtaposition between our two fellas with one being physically imposing and highly attractive, strong, a soldier, a bit gruff, reserved with emotions and the other being slighter, smart, emotion [...]

  11. First let me say that I love V.B Kildaire s style of writing I absolutely loved The Desire for Dearborne and, even though I m not a huge fan of fantasy and held off reading this for a long time because of that fact , as soon as I started I was pulled into the story and became invested in the lives of the characters I liked both the MCs It was satisfying to watch them change and grow into better people knowing that it was only through meeting each other that the changes could have happened And th [...]

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, from start to well, not finish, as there was none There was no ending I actually kept going a few pages after the end thinking that started a new ad program, but that obviously wasn t the case.Dorian and Jaxom s adventurous treasure hunt was well drawn out and explained, but the story ended before I could find out what happened with the treasure, and view spoiler whether Dorian and Jaxom found a way to be together hide spoiler It just ended Kildaire, you did such [...]

  13. Hidden Treasure is the second book I ve read by V.B Kildaire The first was a gorgeous historical called The Desire for Dearborne Hidden Treasure is a fantasy novel set in the fictional country of Jarvoct Nobleman and soldier Jaxom and Lord Dorian Pelias set off on a journey through the wilds to recover a treasure for their respective countries Adventure and manlove ensue The world building was good, but at times it felt a little barren The romance between the two leads was also slow to unfold, h [...]

  14. 3 starsThis could have and should have been an excellent story, but it just didn t live up to its potential I fell in love with the characters, which kept me reading when the pace of the story lagged and even towards the end when the characters actions seemed predictable and sometimes childish There is just something about Kildare s tone and style that appealed to me at a very basic level The ending left me baffled Either there will be written about this characters or there needed to be a few [...]

  15. I was absolutely loving this book until the end when it simply stops, pretty much mid scene and with what felt like, a myriad of loose ends Very frustrating Then I realised that there was basically no resolution to most of their adventures along the way and the ending was simply of the same If that doesn t bother you then I highly recommend this as a good read If however, you re the type of person to end up swearing and wanting to strangle the author, you might want to considering avoiding this [...]

  16. I only read this story because I really liked The Desire for Dearborne by the author, but I found this one lacking I was interested for about a third of the novel, until the story went kind of flat with little action or romantic movement And the ending, geez, I felt like that was a huge cop out I say skip this one and read Desire.

  17. It s a story with good start and interesting characters but the end of this story is a bit lost It s like the story wasn t well developed and the way it was written at the end was just boring and not really well written, rushed, too Anyway it was kind of enjoyable read The plot started good but after some pages it was lost, and just dragged on, loll.

  18. I liked this book overall In particular, I liked the way the relationship between the characters evolved slowly and realistically I would have liked world building in order to get a better view of the setting I am hoping this book ends up a series, because the ending didn t make it clear to me where the relationship was headed.

  19. Inspite of the end, I liked it a lot, it had a lot of potential And about the end, well there was none 5 pages into the end, I was thinking well this is not the time for Dorion to still have so many misunderstandings about Jaxom He still did not know how the other person felt, Jaxom told him nothing about his brother, even we don t know I don t think even one of the story lines was ended.

  20. good book with a sweet story, interesting characters, with deeper feelings than at the first sighe end of the story might be a little too abrupt for my taste.

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