[PDF] Vendetta | by Á Michael Dibdin [PDF] Vendetta | by Á Michael Dibdin - Vendetta, Vendetta In Italian police inspector Aurelio Zen Michael Dibdin has given the mystery one of its most complex and compelling protagonists a man wearily trying to enforce the law in a society where the law is

  • Title: Vendetta
  • Author: Michael Dibdin
  • ISBN: 9780571161652
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Vendetta | by Á Michael Dibdin, Vendetta, Michael Dibdin, Vendetta In Italian police inspector Aurelio Zen Michael Dibdin has given the mystery one of its most complex and compelling protagonists a man wearily trying to enforce the law in a society where the law is constantly being bent In this the first novel he appears in Zen himself has been assigned to do some law bending Officials in a high government ministry want him to fingeIn Italian police i


[PDF] Vendetta | by Á Michael Dibdin [PDF] Vendetta | by Á Michael Dibdin - Vendetta, Vendetta In Italian police inspector Aurelio Zen Michael Dibdin has given the mystery one of its most complex and compelling protagonists a man wearily trying to enforce the law in a society where the law is Vendetta

  • [PDF] Vendetta | by Á Michael Dibdin
    392Michael Dibdin

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  1. The second in the Aurelio Zen Italian mystery series is even better than Ratking, the first Zen is sent to Sardinia to frame a peasant for the murder of a millionaire gunned down on his impregnable island estate The politicians are afraid they will be embarrassed if the real murderer is convicted One of the attractive things about the Zen mysteries is the ways in which the corruption of the Italian political system makes the solving of crimes a interesting puzzle Aurelio s task solve the murder [...]

  2. Everyone who used him for their own purposes seemed very satisfied with the results Michae Dibdin, VendettaThis is my third Zen novel and I really seem to be cocking up the order of it I started with Book One Ratking , fair enough, but I also bought and read Book Five Cos Fan Tutti , so now I m trying to bring some order back into my life There really is something attractive about these novels I m certain half of the mild success these novels have had are due to Dibdin discovering a near perfect [...]

  3. This one was definitely better than the first I mean the first book was still good in its own rights, but the second book had me on the edge of my seat , especially at the end when nearly ten pages were spent on a very gut wrenching race between Zen and a man who is trying to kill him It was an incredible scene and very well played out.This time, Zen is trying to track down the murderer of a very wealthy man and his wife and friends, each of them gunned down in the millionaires home The trick is [...]

  4. One of the better mysteries well, really one of the better character pieces I ve read in a while Picked this up from a library sale at a street fair in Park City for 50 cents It s the second in the Aurelio Zen detective series, set in Rome How s the plotting You don t care This isn t about plotting It s about character Zen has a reputation for integrity and people constantly insult him with the phrase amidst the most dishonest police force in the world But what s great is it s not because Zen is [...]

  5. 3.50 StarsThis installment of Michael Dibdin s Aurelo Zen Series pays homage to the classic locked door murder mystery Zen has been assigned to write a summary for the magistrate on the murders of Oscar Burolo, his wife, and another couple in his Sardinian villa A camera captures the event in gruesome detail, but not the killer Burolo s video discs and tapes have been disturbed But the villa s security is top notched and an alarm would have been set off if an intruder had come onto the property [...]

  6. This is the second in the series of novels featuring the detective from Venice, Aurelio Zen As in the other titles, Dibden is excellent at bringing out the rivalries in Italian law enforcement, both between individuals and organisations The political element is always lurking in the background and is, for lesser mortals like Zen, difficult to gauge Although this is only the second book in the series Zen is already disillusioned, having realised that getting a result might not be the same as iden [...]

  7. This is the second Aurelio Zen mystery crime novel, and is as good or better than the first Ratking Dibdin paints the bureaucracy and political games of Rome in such cynical terms that you wonder how anything gets done And Zen wonders this, too But the real wonder is how everything bad that happens to Zen and a lot of bad happens turns into good luck for him in the end You are left chuckling and shaking your head at the farce of it all While reading this novel, notice that the word vendetta show [...]

  8. reflecting on his conflicting feelings about being readmitted to the male free masonry which ran not only the Criminalpol department but also the Ministry, the Mafia, the Church and the government In Michael Dibdin s Aurelio Zen series each of the eleven stories happens in a different location in Italy Vendetta 1990 , the second novel in the series, begins in Rome but the most important part of the plot takes place in Sardinia As I already mentioned in my reviews of three other books in the seri [...]

  9. This was my first Aurelio Zen novel, and it won t be the last I picked up on a recommendation of sorts from Masterpiece Mystery, which will be showing the apparently only three episode TV adaptation of the Zen books The novels being adapted are this one, Cabal and Ratking, so I am reading them in broadcast order instead of series order.Even with this being the second novel in the series, I was very easily immersed in Zen s world Dibdin s writing is well crafted and he is not afraid to use longer [...]

  10. I started reading the Aurelia Zen books after watching the BBC adaptation The casting of the characters was excellent, but the scriptwriter took liberties with the plot But then how does one film a book such as this As Vice Questore in the criminalpol of the Ministry of the Interior promotion after the successful outcome of the Ruggiero Miletti kidnapping , Zen s job is to write resumes of cases before they are put to bed His current task the that of the murder of Oscar Burolo, his wife and gues [...]

  11. This is the second book in my Aurelio Zen omnibus I felt at home with the character in his second outing.This book once again starts in Rome and gives us a lovely feel for the city As well as a Venetian feeling slightly at odds with the world outside Venice The book also takes us to Sardinia and gives us not the most flattering portrait of small town Sardinia I was interested to learn how things we expect to happen in Sicily and Naples are as prevalent t in other outlying areas.There were parts [...]

  12. I m starting to get into this series Unlike many of our leading investigators in the genre, Aurelio Zen has a refreshing tendency to make mistakes, get caught up in messy situations and office intrigue, take wrong turns in the investigation, etc all on the way to solving crimes That makes for a nice diversion from, say, the perfect Sherlock Holmes and his absurd powers of observation and deduction In Vendetta, Zen investigates a murder at an isolated mansion in Sardinia that has world class sec [...]

  13. Oh how we miss Michael Dibdin, because every time we read one Zen book that s one fewer on the list of those that remain to be read This one is as enjoyable as ever not so much because of the plot I m hopeless I always lose the plot in Zen books but because of the sheer pleasure of following Zen around Italy, in this case Rome and Sardinia Dibdin s characters, his descriptions of places, and his comic appreciation of Italian bureaucracy are second to none in the world of crime fiction What a sh [...]

  14. This third Aurelio Zen mystery isn t as good as the first two and I quit on page 49 But it s still a fine mystery and Zen is an interesting character Just not what I feel like reading right now.

  15. Some of the reasons people like crime books are probably the puzzle solving intellectual side of it, the action and suspense, and the sense of justice All the setting and clever underworld slang is just icing on the cake Dibdin gets high marks in all three aspects, and is king of the icing, but the puzzle solving as to do with untangling the many layers of corruption then with the classic whodunit question There are quite a few vendettas happening and much of the time Zen the detective doesn t [...]

  16. This is the second Aurelio Zen mystery I have read, and it continues in its depressing picture of a corrupt Italy, with a police force ridden by nasty factions, manipulated by appalling politicians Inspector Zen is being set up to re open the case of a murder in Sardinia, and in doing so exonerate the current suspect a man that politicians would rather not be convicted The title however refers to a former case of his, that also resulted in the wrong man being acquitted the falsely accused indivi [...]

  17. The first three books of the Aurelio Zen series of which this is the second read as a trilogy.Whilst enjoyable, and as engaging as its predecessor, Ratking, and successor, Cabal, I thought there were some MINOR plotting weaknesses eg a luxury car whose steering didn t lock when being driven without the engine running.The Sardinian setting was well evoked.I do recommend reading the Zen series in order, especially the first three, where character development builds.

  18. This was going to be a 4 star book until the ending Suddenly it was over, with the explanation of the mystery simply told to us What a cop out And turning the detective into a Mamma s boy in the end didn t help either What a let down on two counts.

  19. I thought better than first book, good twists to book I have a little trouble following all of Italian culture and terminology I enjoyed.

  20. At first a little unfamiliar as it takes place in Italy, but you get used to it Story felt a little confusing to me at times Nice read and action picks up towards the end.

  21. Zen is sent to Sardinia to try a shift the blame for a murder to someone appropriate in certain politicians eyes A good insight into the corruptness of the Italian judicial system.

  22. Vendetta return Michael Dibdin return return Second in the Aurelio Zen series return return Zen is in Rome, working on a report of the bizarre murder of a wealthy Italian construction firm owner who, along with his wife and two guests were gunned down in his supposedly impregnable Sardinian villa A suspect has been arrested Zen s job is to write a summary report return return But there are political ramifications to the suspect s arrest Zen receives a summons to the headquarters of a party invol [...]

  23. Vendetta is the second novel in Michael Dibdin s Aurelio Zen series Once again the transplanted Venetian is sent from Rome to a remote corner of Italy, in this case Sardinia A wealthy construction magnate and his wife and guests have been brutally murdered at his ostentatious and hyper secure villa, a massacre that was caught by one of the ubiquitous camera that his security team had set all over the property yet the perpetrator managed to remain out of camera sight throughout the event A suspec [...]

  24. Originally published on my blog here in November 1999.The case at the centre of the Aurelio Zen novel Vendetta is quite a baffling one, a close relative of the locked room mystery Rich business tycoon Burolo had a spectacular villa built in Sardinia, using the latest in electronic surveillance and deterrence as well as a pair of lions bought from a struggling safari park to keep out unwelcome visitors An obsessive film maker, his huge cellars are used to store thousands of video tapes recorded b [...]

  25. Zen has been reinstated in the Criminal Investigation Branch due to his success and discretion in the matter of the kidnapping and murder of Ruggiero Miletti His superiors think he is the obvious choice to perform a similarly discreet job in the wilds of Sardinia where a wealthy contractor, his wife and guests have been shotgunned to death in his impregnable highly fortified with barriers, monitors, armed guards and lions and isolated estate The killing is on videotape due to the dead man s obse [...]

  26. The city s starlings were in the grip of the madness that seizes them at the changing of the light, turning the trees into loudspeakers broadcasting their gibberish, then swarming up out of the foliage to circle about in the dusky air like scraps of windborne rubbish Zen walked straight out into the vehicles converging on the piazza from every direction Maybe that was where the starlings got the idea, he thought Maybe their frenzied swarming was just an attempt to imitate the behaviour patterns [...]

  27. The rich and beautiful Burolos have been murdered on Sardinia, and Zen has been stitched up as the detective who has to go and investigate Or rather, he has to find some fake evidence to shift suspicion onto the lion keeper It s all very political l onorevole might have his reputation tarnished But before he leaves, Zen becomes the subject of surveillance and strange BEs happening at his apartment Although stranger still is that Tania Biacis comes home and shares rabbit stew with him Once in sar [...]

  28. Book 2 in the Aurelio Zen series Inspector Zen is sent on a ethically dubious solo mission by his superiors in the Italian police force to find an alternate suspect for the brutal murders of four very wealthy, high profile Italians at their impossible to break into countryside villa The prime suspect is equally wealthy and high profile with well connected friends concerned about what the prime suspect might reveal about them in order to save himself Zen actually discovers the real killer, but ir [...]

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