ð How High the Moon ✓ Sandra Kring ð How High the Moon ✓ Sandra Kring - How High the Moon, How High the Moon In this tender novel set in Mill Town Wisconsin Sandra Kring explores the complicated bond between mothers and daughters the pressure to conform and the meaning of friendship and family Ten y

  • Title: How High the Moon
  • Author: Sandra Kring
  • ISBN: 9780385341219
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback

ð How High the Moon ✓ Sandra Kring, How High the Moon, Sandra Kring, How High the Moon In this tender novel set in Mill Town Wisconsin Sandra Kring explores the complicated bond between mothers and daughters the pressure to conform and the meaning of friendship and family Ten year old Isabella Teaspoon Marlene has been a handful ever since her mother Catty dumped her with an old boyfriend and ran off to Hollywood Teaspoon fights fibs never sIn this ten

How High the Moon

ð How High the Moon ✓ Sandra Kring ð How High the Moon ✓ Sandra Kring - How High the Moon, How High the Moon In this tender novel set in Mill Town Wisconsin Sandra Kring explores the complicated bond between mothers and daughters the pressure to conform and the meaning of friendship and family Ten y How High the Moon

  • ð How High the Moon ✓ Sandra Kring
    363Sandra Kring
How High the Moon

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  1. I won this book through First Read Giveaway.The book is set in 1955 where the narrator is a 10 year old girl whos ma left to achive her dream of being a Hollywood actress Teaspoon is left with the boyfriend for 5 years where she suffers come afflictions and joins a group called the Sunshine Sisters where she hopes to learn how to be respectable by Brenda, her Big Sister.The book was cute in its own way Teaspoon was a little bundle of energy that you could feel radiating through the pages Many of [...]

  2. Even a less than great Sandra Kring book is still sweet and engaging, but this somehow missed the mark for me The now required element of a precocious little girl starts out charming and then begins to wear Many of the characters are caricatures, and I couldn t help but start to worry that Teaspoon s naivete had strained credibility to the point of her seeming dim OK if you want something cute, but be prepared for manufactured melodrama.

  3. It s 1955 in Milltown, Wisconsin, where ten year old Isabella Teaspoon Marlene lives She is a sweet but outspoken little girl, who misses her mother and wonders when she will be coming home Teaspoon s mother left her with her boyfriend Teddy, telling her that she had dreams to chase , and she then took off for a career in Hollywood Teddy is man who care deeply for Teaspoon She tells people, Teddy is the boyfriend Ma left me with , but Teddy is as good as Jesus Poor Teddy has his work cut out for [...]

  4. Teaspoon is a girl with music in her bones One of her many afflictions is humming or singing just about all the time Her mom left town for Hollywood back when she 5 she is now 10 , and ever since she has lived with her mom s ex boyfriend Teddy Teddy is good and respectable and trying really hard to raise her up right, but he has to work long hours, and she has a lot of time to herself Then she unwillingly becomes a part of the Sunshine Sisters program, paired up with town sweetheart Brenda Bloom [...]

  5. How High the Moon A Novel, by Sandra Kring, was the first book I received from First Reads Initially, when I started to read the book, and became aware that the story is told from a 10 year old s point of view, I was somewhat skeptical adult authors generally have trouble portraying the vocabulary, mannerisms, and observations of youngsters, either expressing them too simplistically or with too much of an adult view, but I was very pleasantly surprised Ms Kring captured perfectly the life, times [...]

  6. How High the Moon is told through the eyes of the precocious 10 year old, Isabella Teaspoon Marlene, in small town Wisconsin 1955 Right from the get go, she is both annoying and endearing at the same time, but you can t help but fall in love with her Abandoned by her ma in search for her Hollywood dream , Teaspoon is left with ma s boyfriend, Teddy Teaspoon is a handful cussing, fighting and fearless The incessant talking alone would break even the most patient but not Teddy, a kind soul with a [...]

  7. I won this in the first reads giveaway my first ever ARC, I felt so special Unfortunately I wasn t blown away by the book, though I did enjoy it in the moment It was entertaining, but extremely predictable and didn t break any new ground I see this as one of those YA books that teens will love, but I wouldn t necessarily recommend it to adult readers, because the story has been done before, and better Teaspoon was an engaging narrator, though, and it was fun to see the world through her somewhat [...]

  8. Would give 3.5 stars if I could This book had several things I typically find annoying in a book a precocious child Several characters with extraordinary talent or luck and HUGE coincidences Sometimes an author throws all of that in a book and I feel like it becomes so unrealistic it s unenjoyable Sometimes they throw it all in and it ends up being a sweet book with some fun characters and nice messages Fortunately for me, this time the precocious kid wild coincidences gifted cast of characters [...]

  9. Wonderful book with colorful characters My heart hurt for this little girl and I cheered for the people who helped her to become her best self I know so many children who have experienced what she did and love the way Ms Kring describes their stories Thank you for another beautiful book, I look forward to the next one

  10. Enjoyed this book Sad, mom leaves daughter with boyfriend to go and follow her dream Isabella Teaspoon tells it like it is.

  11. So good, lots of fun.A very quick and easy read It will make you happy and sad Great ending Sweet book The main character is adorable.

  12. This book was received as from First Reads How High the Moon is about a little girl so lovable, so endearing right from the word go, that you think there has to be some fault to the book given that a large part of why Teaspoon is how she is, is because she s been abandoned by her mother But, of course, little girls aren t left by their mothers through any fault of their own and that s why How High the Moon is so brilliant and why Teaspoon is so brilliant.Ten year old Isabella Teaspoon Marlene ha [...]

  13. Please note I received an ARC of this book through the First Reads program The book itself is scheduled for publication 4 27.I don t necessarily read a lot of general fiction, not because I don t like it, but because as a genre it just seems so broad When a book could be about anything, how do you pick one you ll like That said, I m a real character person, and if the characterization is strong enough, I can like a book on practically any subject, even if my brain has to stay in the present day [...]

  14. I just finished the book, and I m rather overwhelmed right now my nose is a little runny from crying just a tiny bit towards the end Let me just say this Sandra Kring just may be my favorite author If not, she s definitely in the top five I ve read three books by her, and I ve rated every single one five stars And my average book rating is something like a 3.1.You can tell just from the book synopsis that this book deals with some heavy material Ten year old Teaspoon s mom abandoned her when she [...]

  15. An engrossing story filled with lovable charactersThe irrepressible Isabelle Teaspoon Marlene kept me awake all night I immediately fell in love with her A ten year old tomboy abandoned by her mother, Teaspoon lived with Teddy, her mother s boyfriend Teaspoon could talk the spots off a leopard, lived a hardscrabble life, but never complained.As part of a school project, Teaspoon acquired a Big Sunshine Sister, the most popular girl in high school Neither girl was happy about the arrangement, but [...]

  16. This was a real gem of a book Told from the perspective of a ten year old girl nicknamed Teaspoon growing up in 1955 Wisconsin, it was sweet, funny and refreshing The characters were wonderful and felt so real, I got very invested in what happened to them and found the book hard to put down There were many thought provoking themes to the book, such as following your heart, the trouble with conformity, and what makes a real familys not always conventional I wish I could really step inside the Sta [...]

  17. I enjoyed this book It was a quick, fun read I really liked the characters Teaspoon, a spunky 10 year old, Charlie, Teaspoon s 8 year old sidekick, Brenda, Teaspoon s big sister, and Teddy, Teaspoon s mother s live in boyfriend All of the characters, especially Teaspoon, are colorful and interesting, and really jump off the pages The plot itself is good not many huge twists or big surprises, but still not entirely predictable The book is written from Teaspoon s perspective, which is definitely i [...]

  18. The best word I can think of to describe this book is sweet Teaspoon is the main character her real name is Isabella, but everyone calls her Teaspoon , and after being toted around by her mother, she is left with her mother s boyfriend, Teddy No one knows for sure where her mother is, or when she might be back, but Teddy, bless his heart, steps into the role of caregiver without a second thought Sweet Here is a passage that I really liked Teaspoon had a wiggly tooth, and when she complains that [...]

  19. I won this book in first reads It was a really cute book about a little girl named Teaspoon She s so funny, she just rambles on and on about whatever happens to cross her mind, doesn t seem to even take a breath, but then she always gets back to the point, and sometimes helps people see things without even knowing She s energetic and blunt, always telling people exactly what she thinks She s like a jack in the box, wound up, all that pent up energy strung inside her, and then she burst out, usua [...]

  20. I was really excited when I won this book on Firstreads because it looked absolutely adorable Living in a small town in 1955, 10 yr old Teaspoon sometimes seems larger than life She fights, fibs, talks too much, and has a passion for singing But Teaspoon wants to change in order to be respectable for Teddy, the boyfriend that her mom abandoned her with 5 years ago So Teaspoon joins the Sunshine Sisters, a mentoring program, and her Big Sister is none other than Brenda Bloom, the daughter to the [...]

  21. Set in 1955, Wisconsin, I thought this book would be one I d get lost in but of the Kring books I ve read so far, this one took me the longest to get into I just wasn t feeling the characters at first.Isabella, who has been called Teaspoon most of her life, is a feisty child who hasn t been disciplined If she doesn t want to be held back a grade, she must join the Sunshine Sisters and learn to be respectable and get rid of some of her inflictions Teaspoon tells it like it is, but she doesn t alw [...]

  22. This is a review of an ARC, won on first reads giveaways.Set in the 1950s, this is the story of Isabella, a.k.a Teaspoon, and the summer following her fifth grade year Upon reading the initial description of the book, I couldn t tell if it was a book geared towards teens or adults Even reading the novel, it wasn t clear as to whom the audience was The first two chapters read smoothly, but the rest of the novel didn t pick up pace until 100 pages in, literally the page where Teaspoon belts out th [...]

  23. We see a cast of characters, in a neighborhood, through the eyes of Isabella Teaspoon doesn t look like she could hold than a teaspoon of air in her small frame during the 1950s This lovely story paints the picture of an innocent time that held the same struggles we have now deciphering relationships, making friendships, having a class system, making ends meet The central plot point is that Isabella is matched up with a Big Sister in her community, Brenda Brenda may be wealthy but she has probl [...]

  24. Generally being the good girl growing up, Teaspoon s incessant talking and singing bothered me Think Dennis the Menace Her na vet was refreshing at times and humorous at others taxi cab ladies yeah I thought Kring did a decent job of telling this tale through an 11 year old s eyes, though there were moments when Teaspoon s statements were just a little too enlightened or irritating if I never hear the words affliction again, I will die happy And the plot was pretty predictable, which makes sense [...]

  25. I have read all of Sandra Kring s novels and not been disappointed by a single one Once again, she delivers a charming, heart warming story set in 1955 in How High the Moon This novel tells the tale of Isabella, aka, Teaspoon, who was left with her mother s boyfriend five years ago when she went off to find her dream of becoming a movie star Teaspoon is a little rough around the edges and is forced to join a big sister group Her big sister turns out to be the most popular girl in town, Brenda, w [...]

  26. Sandra Kring writes books that are great pick me ups This book is no exception How High the Moon is told in the first person by a great heroine, Teaspoon Teaspoon is living with her mother s boyfriend in 1955 Mill Town after her mother dumped her to follow her dreams It would be possible for Teaspoon to feel abandoned and unwanted but Teddy, her mom s boyfriend, is than capable of rising to the challenge of making Teaspoon feel wanted There are other characters who are suffering from personal p [...]

  27. Ten year old Isabella Teaspoon either fibs by referring to Teddy as her uncle or makes her 1950s schoolteachers all twitchy by telling the truth he was her mother s boyfriend until her mother took off 5 years ago with Teddy s car and a dream of becoming a famous actress.When Teaspoon and the town s beauty queen become partners in a mentoring program, the two will learn a lot than refinement from each other, they will learn about being true to yourself and following your heart The author did a n [...]

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