Unlimited Nauti Nights - by Lora Leigh Unlimited Nauti Nights - by Lora Leigh - Nauti Nights, Nauti Nights Second in a hot and naughty trilogy from the author of Nauti Boy Angela Knight says When I m in the mood for steamy romance I read Lora Leigh So do readers who devoured the author s first novel in t

  • Title: Nauti Nights
  • Author: Lora Leigh
  • ISBN: 9781429566681
  • Page: 124
  • Format: ebook

Unlimited Nauti Nights - by Lora Leigh, Nauti Nights, Lora Leigh, Nauti Nights Second in a hot and naughty trilogy from the author of Nauti Boy Angela Knight says When I m in the mood for steamy romance I read Lora Leigh So do readers who devoured the author s first novel in the Mackay Cousins trilogy Nauti Boy Now in Nauti Nights Leigh delivers an even hotter tale of a Kentucky marine who ll anything to get the woman he wants Luckily for hiSecond in a hot

Nauti Nights

Unlimited Nauti Nights - by Lora Leigh Unlimited Nauti Nights - by Lora Leigh - Nauti Nights, Nauti Nights Second in a hot and naughty trilogy from the author of Nauti Boy Angela Knight says When I m in the mood for steamy romance I read Lora Leigh So do readers who devoured the author s first novel in t Nauti Nights

  • Unlimited Nauti Nights - by Lora Leigh
    124Lora Leigh
Nauti Nights

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  2. It s tough for me to like a book when the hero is such an over the top jackass Alpha dog There were times in this book I was thoroughly disgusted with the hero So I can t really give this book anything better than 3 stars and I think even that is being generous.Series Note Second book in the Nauti series I would recommend reading the books in order.Summary With his cousin Rowdy engaged and his fiancee s stalker caught, Dawg Mackay turns his attentions to Crista Jansen Years ago he d chased after [...]

  3. Dawg McCay had he best night of love making with Crista Jansen, he just doesn t remember it Besides the fact that Dawg doesn t remember thier first time, Crista hides the fact that she s soul baring heart achingly in love with Dawg After 8 years apart a dangerous night brings them together Again, Lora Leigh delivers I loved Nauti Boy but Nauti Nights intensifed the already hot sizzle between Crista and Dawg that have nothing but scorching passion between each other Every look, touch, and emotion [...]

  4. Kidnapping, extortion, blackmail, murder, falsifying police reports And that s the good guy I think I disliked most everything about this.

  5. Oh my god, these books are so good Tons of stuff going on and tons of sex I can t put them down Thank god there are so many in the serieson to the next one

  6. Review The trade style paperback of Nauti Nights came out in 2007, but the mass markets for the series have just been released starting with Nauti Boy November 2009 Rowdy s story and Nauti Nights coming out December 7, 2010 To date, Ms Leigh has six stories in the Nauti series Note Darcy reviewed the most recent story in the duella Nauti and Wild by Lora Leigh and Jaci Burton for Nocturne, see 4 Hoots Erotica section.If you haven t discovered the Nauti Boys yet get on board and take a hot, sexy [...]

  7. I ADORE Lora Leigh s breeds some of her other series Not so much Her Nauti Series I pretty much wasn t interested in because it seemed an awful lot like her Men of August series which I couldn t get into, but I saw it at the library and decided to give it a shot.Ugh.First off I rolled my eyes every time I read the hero s name Dawg Is LL serious DAWG Plus, I believe this series is a menage erotica lite series Nope, not this one No threesomes foursomes what have you in sight Which actually is fine [...]

  8. I enjoyed this one much better than Nauti Boy Although, Dawg was a bit of a jerk through most of the book his reaction after learning about Crista s miscarriage made up for it.One problem I had with this book was there was too much sex There was still plenty of story but I still found some of the sex scenes too long I found myself skipping over the second to last sex scene I guess I was just tired of the constant sex I know this is an erotic book but I just skimmed that scene They were hot but e [...]

  9. This was hot, hot, hot I m very thankful I was alone today while I read it I enjoy all of Lora Leigh s writing, but I have a weak spot for her male characters who are in the military special ops In this book, Dawg yes, that s what the heroine called out in the throes of passion is an ex Marine who works for ATF and Homeland Security He s a strong, dominant alpha hero who threatens to spank Crista, and by golly He followed through on that threat Crista and Dawg have a past She was an 18 year old [...]

  10. I was pretty disappointed in this one after liking Nauti Boy so much And s because of the male main character It s no wonder how he got his name DAWG There are alpha males that are really sexy and then there are alpha males that are really sexy but really downright asshole ish with asshole ish behavior, and Dawg McKay falls into the latter category Granted, he had some tender momentitos in this book, but I think if Crista had not had such a history with this guy, she would have walked away Reall [...]

  11. I liked the 2nd in the Nauti series from Lora Leigh I feel the same way about this book that I did about Nauti Boy as far as the arguing goes This is the story of Crista and Dawg They had a chance encounter one night when Christa was 18 Dawg pretended it never happened and Crista is crushed She leaves town in a hurry and doesnt look back Fast forward 8 years and Christa is back She misses home and she cant seem to get Dawg out of her mind Dawg cant forget Crista either, and he cant seem to figur [...]

  12. Since Wild Card is one my favorite guilty pleasures, I decided to try another LL book I actually DNFed this one, but then decided to finish it because I was bored Ha Well, it had some major problemsa totally asinine premise and a HUGE misunderstanding that drove me bonkers and took too long to get resolved There is a lot of sex, but it took a while to get to the emotional connection It finally got better by the end, but I still liked Wild Card better And I laughed out loud when the hero of this [...]

  13. 1 I didn t realise this was a series, it didn t matter as they filled me in on the first book when I needed to know things 2 This book made me smile 3 It also made me blush A LOT 4 Is Dawg some American thing I don t understand lol This was a short but exciting read that I read in a few hours on a lazy Sunday lounging in the sun All in All I liked it 4 1 2 stars

  14. 4.5 starsAnother great and very Nauti book I really enjoyed itever a bit too much sex for me, I wanted storyline and dialogue between the charachters But it was a great book

  15. i m gonna go out on a limb here and say there s some nauti penetrations and stuff Not sure how the motorcycle fits in with the Nauti theme.

  16. James Dawg Mackay dreams of Christa in ways that makes his fingers itch to see them become reality Dreams of intense sexual possession that works both ways Since Christa returned home a year ago he wants, he needs and he hungers for this woman Now she unexpectedly walks in to an investigation of ATF and Homeland Security, a case where he and Natches are working on Now he has a leverage he can use and so he proposes She can take a one trip to jail while everything is sorted out or she can come wi [...]

  17. Nauti Nights by Lora Leigh is Leigh eroticism at its best with suspense entwined in the the story arc Crista and Dawg a.k.a James McKay , a former Marine, had a one night stand eight years ago when Crista was eighteen She helped him out one night when he ran his truck into a ditch and was too inebriated to get home on his own Once she got him home, their passion took over and she lost her virginity but had the night of her life That fated night is seared into her heart and soul So much so, she r [...]

  18. One of the most explosive books I ve read I had very conflicting emotions as I read this book because of the way James Dawg Mackay and Crista Jansen treated one another On the inside they deeply cared for the other and only unspoken truths kept them apart On the outside however, they were manipulative, spiteful, and possessive, Dawg especially 8 years ago, a drunk Dawg was taken home by the 6 years his junior Crista Always crushing after the infamous Dawg, one kiss and she was a goner She lost [...]

  19. Okay, first I want to start off by saying that I ve read most of Lora Leigh s books before and I love them Her Breed series is one of my favorites and I re read them often Also, I have no problems with books that have a lot of sex in it and not just vanilla, I m equal opportunity when appreciating well written sex scenes.On to this book in particular I found it very hard to rate this one I had MAJOR issues with the hero of this book I felt like Dawg I feel ridiculous even writing that as his nam [...]

  20. Tea A hot steamin cup with a slight weaknessOverall a pretty steamy read, despite some overkill and weak parts of the story.This is the second book to the series, although it doesn t say so on the cover I hadn t realized it was a series, so I read the book out of sequence.Apparently each book features a different cousin, or member of the small town, who ends up getting together, however reluctantly, with their love interest It makes for a lot of tension and smokin sex.This book followed Crista a [...]

  21. Wow ok so yeah this was interesting Not really what I was expecting This the story of the one that got away lol seriously people when I say that I DID NOT like Dawg through at least 90 % of the book I was not kidding First off the blackmailing was just mean Then there was his crappy attitude Dawg was so beyond arrogant and so full of himself it was making me sick Some males can pull that off so that it can be hot Not so here I felt like through most of the book it was all about what Dawg wanted [...]

  22. Lora Leigh writes dark, hard characters The males are pure grade CAPITAL A alphas The females are smart and complicated Her stories are full of action and suspense, and hot HOT slightly dark erotic love scenes Expect this going in to a Leigh book It was better than just OK, but not her best workNOPSIS ATF Agent Dawg the dark hero, rescues heroine Christa in a sting operation that went bad She was being set up to take a fall for a group of missile stealing, murdering, terrorists Dawg had a seriou [...]

  23. This is almost a three star good plot and I liked Crista However, I did not believe that she would have stayed with Dawg in the beginning even if he wasn t blackmailing her She wouldn t have She might have come back, she might have eventually asked for help, but she wouldn t have gone home with him and she wouldn t have had sex with him that day Coercion is not sexy, which is why Crista insists that she knew he was bluffing As a reader, I thought her inner monologue strongly stated she didn t kn [...]

  24. 3.5The storyline was really good but for some reason I wasnt enjoying the wordy ness of every situation I really really really did not like James Dawg First off his nick name is stupid And his alpha attitude came off as sexual harassment then anything He does totally redeem himself the last couple chapters I also didn t really start enjoying the book until the last couple chapters I liked how they interacted as a couple once they got everything out into the open and then the conclusion of the c [...]

  25. I am enjoying this series I think the characters are great My only problem is that I feel, with this one and the previous boodk, Nauti Boy, that I am missing something Like maybe there is another book before that explained all the characters, introduced them to us, and the rest of the town, because sometime things or characters are mentioned like I should know all about them, but I don t recall hearing about it before Maybe it is just me.I am looking forward to the next in the series I cannot wa [...]

  26. Crista has fled town eight years before when she and Dawg had wild and crazy sex one night when he was drunk and he doesn t remember anything about it She returns to town and he proceeds to try and win her back When that doesn t work, he resorts to blackmail I really enjoyed this book Even though it was really hot I mean hot , it had a good romantic suspense story that kept me wondering what would happen next I will definitely be reading the next one Can t wait for Natches story.

  27. I think this is one of my favorite stories from the Nauti series Dawg is so obsessed with Crista that he will do whatever it takes to catch her, prove he loves her and keep her forever Crista loves Dawg but is afraid of being hurt by him again and it will take extreme measures to get her to open her heart ot him.

  28. This was about a man who has been wanting the same woman for eight years They finally come together when someone who wants to hurt him comes after her They have a history that they have to overcome The story is intense and very hot.

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