[PDF] In Other Worlds | by ☆ Sherrilyn Kenyon [PDF] In Other Worlds | by ☆ Sherrilyn Kenyon - In Other Worlds, In Other Worlds Together for the first time in one volume Three dazzling stories of magic fantasy and romance from the New York Times bestselling author Three of the author s most thrilling stories in one fabulou

  • Title: In Other Worlds
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9780425233207
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Kindle

[PDF] In Other Worlds | by ☆ Sherrilyn Kenyon, In Other Worlds, Sherrilyn Kenyon, In Other Worlds Together for the first time in one volume Three dazzling stories of magic fantasy and romance from the New York Times bestselling author Three of the author s most thrilling stories in one fabulous volume Fire and Ice On the run a beautiful virgin crosses paths with a sexy ex assassin Knightly Dreams The dashing hero of a novel comes to life DragonTogether for the first time i

In Other Worlds

[PDF] In Other Worlds | by ☆ Sherrilyn Kenyon [PDF] In Other Worlds | by ☆ Sherrilyn Kenyon - In Other Worlds, In Other Worlds Together for the first time in one volume Three dazzling stories of magic fantasy and romance from the New York Times bestselling author Three of the author s most thrilling stories in one fabulou In Other Worlds

  • [PDF] In Other Worlds | by ☆ Sherrilyn Kenyon
    278Sherrilyn Kenyon
In Other Worlds

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  1. So far, I have only read Dragonswan from this collection This review will updated later as I read .This is a copy of my Dragonswan review that can be found under Dragonswan I hate to rate this so low I mean, it s just a fantasy.You re a history professor specializing in pre Norman Britain A gorgeous guy who s six five comes into your office and starts chatting you up Even though you re plain looking and your shirt is misbuttoned, your socks don t match, and you re dressed like a frump, this guy [...]

  2. 3.5 Stars rating and review for Fire and Ice only Every time I read one of The League books I wish there were futuristic romance novels out there Kenyon does a great job of bringing the creativity and action of Star Wars to the drama and romance of Titanic And with each release, I wish there were books in the series so that I didn t have to wait for the next installment Adron, a former League assassin and the son of Nykyrian and Kiara from Born of Night, is in a living nightmare after being to [...]

  3. I love the world Sherrilyn Kenyon has built Not that I would want to visit, but voyeuristically reading about it is great This book has three really great stories FIRE AND ICE is set on another planet or reality A well known assassin is trying to while away the lonely hours of his forced retirement in a bar Meanwhile a beautiful princess has decided to lose her virginity so the dirty old man her father is giving her to won t want to marry her The two meet, she removes the pain of his war wounds [...]

  4. In Other Worlds by Sherrilyn Kenyon3.5 in The League series and a prequel to the Were Hunter series4 starsIn Other Worlds is a collection of novellas by the wonderfully talented Sherrilyn Kenyon You can argue with me on the talented part, but I stand by my love for her books On to the book the first novella and the reason I checked this book out at the library is FIRE AND ICE Fire and Ice is a part of the League series The story follows Adran Quiakides the son of Kiara and Nykyrian Born of Night [...]

  5. Feb 2013 Reread I just reread Fire Ice, and I still LOVE that story and the League series I really enjoyed this anthology by Sherrilyn Kenyon which had three good stories in it.Fire Ice5 StarsOf all SK s series her League series is my absolute favourite and I have loved each book so far and this novella was no different With her trademark tortured hero, Adron who who was viciously tortured after selflessly sacrificing himself for a pregnant woman he didn t know is now badly scarred and bitter hi [...]

  6. IN OTHER WORLDS 4.6 out of 5 STARS Fire and Ice 5 StarsAdronohhh, Adron, how I love you so I love a man with scars, a man who is strong, intelligent, and determined I feel bad for how horrible his life was until Livia came I love that he protects her from her father and marries her It broke my heart when he had to be in the hospital and said he wanted a divorce from Livia And, is it just me, or does he seem like he would be an exceptional lover I absolutely loved Livia I loved how she was unafra [...]

  7. I thought this was a great book to get myself out of my reading rut and it worked a treat Sherrilyn Kenyon s In Other Worlds contains two previously released books Dragonswan part of the Dark Hunter series and Fire and Ice part of The League series along with a new story Knightly Dreams.I have read Dragonswan before back in 2008 when I first got into the Dark Hunter series And I thought it was just ok but after re reading it I much enjoyed it the second time around and thought it was a great boo [...]

  8. Fire and IceAdron arched a brow at the woman, who had yet to leave him He was drunk, but not so drunk that he didn t realize the wet little mouse sitting across from him didn t belong in this dive He could smell the innocence on her And it turned his stomach Her dark brown hair was loose, spilling over her thin shoulders in waves She had large, angelic eyes Brown eyes that had no past haunting her They were completely guileless and honest A shiver ran over him Who in this day and age had eyes li [...]

  9. Fire and Ice5 starsNice to have stories about Generation 2 The League series is one of my favorite series Enjoyed Adron and Livia s story a lot Nice to see Nykyrian and Kiara again Wonder if we will see This again Also nice to know that Kyr is finally dead Glad that Livia was able to heal Adron and they have a little boy So cute Another thing I m glad about is Adron finally forgave Jayce and named his kid after him Want to learn about the Trisani Wonder how many are still left in the world Can [...]

  10. So I admit the only books of Sherrilyn s I ve read are a few of the B.A.D Agency novels and Fantasy Lover Um, why have I not read the rest of her books yet Fire and Ice The first novella was from her League series and holy buckets, I really wish it was a full length novel The hero was just my type tortured, scarred, angry and completely arse over tits head over heels in love with his woman siiiigh Thank the stars I own the League series already Makes it easier to dive in Well, it will be once I [...]

  11. This book contains 3 stories of romance, fantasy and magic, they are quick and fun to read.Fire and Ice This is part of Kenyon s League series and always it leaves you with the feeling that you wish there were books to keep reading without having to wait Futuristic romances between two characters both physically and mentally damages but with great hearts They heal each other physically and mentally with their love.Knightly Dreams The story behind this one is the concept that a book chooses it s [...]

  12. My favorite quotes from this book Fire and Ice Adron and Livia Adron I am the one who glued Zarina to the toilet seat when she was seven Adron held the towel to his nose and mouth I just damaged another internal organ Who knows which one Since they re all pretty much soup, it could be his voice trailed off as Theo came in with a gurney and three orderlies Theo shook his head, You know, Adron, if you want to spend the night with me, there are easier ways of going about it You could just ask Knigh [...]

  13. My copy of this only contained The League short story though I have read both of the other shorts in hardover and given each of them a 5star rating as well This review is just for The League short story.Loved this short which had us visiting with Adron one of Nyk s sons who had been severely injured during his time as a League Assassin and his lady love, princess on the run Livia.Adron s alcoholism and Livia s sheltered life make them seem an unlikely couple but I liked these two together a lot [...]

  14. Fire and Ice This novella was about Adorn the son of Nykrian and Kiara I loved him My heart broke for him and all his sorrows I was so glad that he found happiness with Livia They needed each other and made each other whole This was a great start to this collection of stories KNIGHTLY DREAMS This was a fun story about a writer falling in love with her hero Hawk was a super gorgeous knight who was stuck in a half finished book and he was brought to life by Taryn I enjoyed this one but not as much [...]

  15. Fire IceI totally loved this one I wondered what happened to Adron Quiakides when he appeared inBorn of Ice I think this is where I met him Livia typpa Vista was the absolutely perfect heroine for him 5 stars Knightly DreamsI didn t really like this one Reminiscent of 80s type medieval romances Kinda mushy and trite 3 starsDragonswanBring on the dragons I love me some dragons and Sebastian is currently my favorite And Channon ain t bad either 5 stars

  16. This was a great Kenyon collection, I wanted to read this when I finished all the dark hunter novels but when I saw it had a short story from the league I read those first and I am glad I did, you dont need to but I think I understood Adron s character better having a bit of history on his and his family You dont need much history on Sebastian for Dragonswan, honestly if you haven t read the dark hunter books his character in them is extremely reclusive and you dont see him much anyway Great rea [...]

  17. a collection of three stories by Kenyon.I had read Dragonswan in a standalone book I love the Dark Hunter series and time travel both so I enjoyed this one even this time around.Knightly Dreams was quite intriguing I have never read anything like it Not being a writer myself but possessing a good imagination I can see this as a possibility No spoilers just read it.Fire and Ice was my favorite It was sweet with characters to care about Ultimately about sacrificial love I was almost disappointed w [...]

  18. I really enjoyed this book I actually already owned Dragonswan as a stand alone book, but it was great to read it again I loved the story of Adron and Livia even though I wish it had been longer Now I can t wait for Born of Shadows to come out Finally I really enjoyed the unique spin of Knightly Dreams Overall this anthology was a great addition to my Kenyon collection.

  19. I mainly got this one for the novella FIRE ICE featuring Adron from The League It was great I love that series, and the world she created for that series I want

  20. So Far Dragonswan 5 StarsI thought it was about time I read the short stories in the Hunterverse series and so this is the first one I did read at least on Were Hunter book so I understood their origins, and how their mated, but this was a good refresher and it cleared up any missing information or confusion I might have had Ms Kenyon is really could at what she does, she was able to draw me in and kept me glued and ultimately satisfied in my enjoyment of reading this story I got a lot out of it [...]

  21. DragonswanAs found in Other Worlds anthology which as Sherrilyn Kenyon novellas from her different series.This is book 1.5 in the Dark Hunter series It is a novella to introduce the Were Hunter series to the Dark Hunter series but I am not sure that these characters are in the rest of the series at all Channon MacRae is a professor and scholar She has been obsesses with a certain tapestry that depicts a battle between a dragon and a man for years She is studying the tapestry at the museum where [...]

  22. So I have actually read two of these short stories before in the form of e books so I ll be reviewing them in a rather mixed order Though spoilers I love all of them.Dragonswan Last in the compilation of the book, it is actually the first one of Sherrilyn s stories that I ever read I found it in a book called Tapestry I d gotten it due to my love for Miss Lynn Kurland and discovered a new and very proud love and respect for Sherrilyn Kenyon The story made me giddy and overjoyed and left me wanti [...]

  23. My favorite was Fire and Ice a badly injured Adron Nykyrian and Kiara s son is angry with his brother Jayce for not following the assassins oath and killing him when he found him barely alive Now he lives in constant pain that he tries to dull by drinking Livia is fixing to be married off to a man old enough to be her grandfather and there is only one way to stop it, the old goat won t marry her if she isn t a virgin So she goes to the bar where Adron is hanging out with the sole purpose of losi [...]

  24. Fire and Ice This one reminded me just why I fell in love with her League series And while our Hero, Adron, is the typical brooding asshole he s not completely irredeemable Even going as far as to bind himself to our Heroine to protect her from her family While a lot of his angst is because of his disability, she understands it, and sympathizes, and even better doesn t get impatient with him 4 5 Stars Knightly Dreams I really enjoyed this one, but I suppose I m biased as a writer I like to imagi [...]

  25. I am a huge fan of SK, and was really interested in this set of three short stories To be honest, I had previously read both Knightly Dreams and Dragonswan in other anthologies Dragonswan will always be one of my favorite short stories that has to do with the Acardians and Katagaria Both are stories that I enjoy reading over again I was most looking forward to reading Fire and Ice, a short story from The League series my personal favorite series It tells the story of Nykyrian and Kiara s son, Ad [...]

  26. Kenyon is a bad girl Bad meaning FABULOUS I m not a fan of short stories, because I enjoy fully developed plots and characters Usually short stories are rushed with no true connection and leaves me hanging in the end Sherrilyn Kenyon hit the ball out of the park I enjoyed all three stories but my favorite by far was Dragonswan How she put several dimensions in a short story and answered all of the questions concerning the characters and settings is beyond me She also makes you fall in love with [...]

  27. I know it hasn t been published yet, but I wanted to mark it read to indicate I have already read the Dark Hunter short Dragonswan as part of the anthology Tapestry I also own Dragonswan as a stand alone book.Read date for Dragonswan 2003 Rating 3 stars.The to read is for the The League story.

  28. I only read the first 2 stories in this book The first one, part of the League series I had read years ago Kenyon said she re wrote this story but it was pretty close to the same from what I recall I really enjoyed this one and would give it a 4.The next story about the woman and the romance hero was a bit silly and I didn t enjoy it that much I would probably give that one 2.

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