[PDF] Night Myst | by ☆ Yasmine Galenorn [PDF] Night Myst | by ☆ Yasmine Galenorn - Night Myst, Night Myst Eons ago vampires tried to turn the Dark Fae in order to harness their magic only to create a demonic enemy powerful than they imagined Now Myst the Vampiric Fae Queen of the Indigo Court has enou

  • Title: Night Myst
  • Author: Yasmine Galenorn
  • ISBN: 9780515148145
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle

[PDF] Night Myst | by ☆ Yasmine Galenorn, Night Myst, Yasmine Galenorn, Night Myst Eons ago vampires tried to turn the Dark Fae in order to harness their magic only to create a demonic enemy powerful than they imagined Now Myst the Vampiric Fae Queen of the Indigo Court has enough power to begin a long prophesied supernatural war And Cicely Waters a witch who can control the wind may be the only one who can stop her and save her beloved FaeEons ago vampires tri

Night Myst

[PDF] Night Myst | by ☆ Yasmine Galenorn [PDF] Night Myst | by ☆ Yasmine Galenorn - Night Myst, Night Myst Eons ago vampires tried to turn the Dark Fae in order to harness their magic only to create a demonic enemy powerful than they imagined Now Myst the Vampiric Fae Queen of the Indigo Court has enou Night Myst

  • [PDF] Night Myst | by ☆ Yasmine Galenorn
    271Yasmine Galenorn
Night Myst

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  1. I had finished my last book and nothing was waiting for me at the library so I picked this up on a quick trip to the mall Rarely do I just randomly buy a book without looking it up first and this why I guess.I really didn t care for the book The idea seemed terribly clever and interesting vampiric fae Cool but the execution was just dreadful.The whole book felt like one giant cliche And I just rolled my eyes through most of it The parts I didn t roll my eyes at were the disgusting semi rape The [...]

  2. Review courtesy of AllThingsUrbanFantasyNIGHT MYST was my first Yasmine Galenorn novel and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised I d been sort of leery of her books as I understood them to be in the erotica genre, but I would have to categorize this book as closer to urban fantasy romantica Why Because although there is plenty of sex and it is explicit , it serves to support a richly complex world populated with fully fleshed out characters and not the other way around Sex and vampire [...]

  3. 4.5 stars This book is how I d like all my Urban fantasy to read good storyline, sweet world, good strong characters and amazingly sizzling hot chemistry and lots of it I enjoy Urban Fantasy for it s action packed storylines but I cringe when it takes 3 books into a series before the romance takes off and we get any action in that department Night Myst hit it on the nose You get action in all departments right from the start.Yeahs The paranormal world created was easy to follow and slip into Par [...]

  4. This book is a brain cells killer I will not recommend it to anyone of my acquaintance I didn t like any of the characters in this book And my only feelings toward the main heroine were pity and irritation I often caught myself on a thought, that she is a slutty, stupid and immature.I didn t like the style either The language was poor and the author uses the rule of three far too often I mean a constant repeating of the same things and phrases in hopes that the stupid reader will understand all [...]

  5. Why I read Offered for review and I really wanted to try this author.Favorite Quote Don t count your chickens before they turn into KFC.Cicely Waters has found it is time to return home to New Forest, her hometown in the state of Washington Having lived most of her life on the streets, going from town to town with her drug addicted mother, now that her mother is dead, Cicely is going home But it is not a welcoming homecoming People in New Forest are dead and going missing at an alarming rate bot [...]

  6. I like to go into a series knowing nothing about it Whether its good or not It makes the reading experience even better And wit this, it was just that 3.5 for the most part and then near the end it slowly got to a 4 So you could say this is both 3.5 and 4 stars for me.The cover I kind of like, though mostly for the tattoos and the forest background Not a fan of the whole girl standing, posing on the cover But still, the book was pretty good for the most part I liked the MC, I liked the other cha [...]

  7. This took me a while to get into I just didn t connect with Cicely right away, though the world was intriguing Grieve started out kind of a jerk, but now that I know some things, he s not so bad I like all the friends Cicely has, like her cousin Rhiannon The town is intriguing, too I love anything having to do with Fae, so I m glad I gave it a shot Speaking of the paranormal creatures, I really disliked the vampires At this point, I m not sure when I ll read book 2 This was a good action packed [...]

  8. Auch wenn mir die Geschichte eigentlich h tte gefallen m ssen, allein von der Pr misse her, so konnte mich die Umsetzung doch nicht berzeugen Schade

  9. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Cicely Waters, 26 year old black clad, green eyed, tight abbed, tattooed, street fighting witch, has been summoned back to her Cascadian hometown so she can use her powers to help solve the mystery of a witch s murder and some strange disappearances Soon Cicely finds that things are worse than she could have imagined when she learns that the Indigo Court, an old race of vampiric fae, are planning to take control of both their vampire and fae ancestors Cice [...]

  10. Have you ever seen a good idea that was either derailed by lack of explanation, and or the reading of it was hamstrung by the dialogue and editing That s what happened here.The framework of story that s set up has real promise it s a bit weird vampiric fae, warring with regular fae, with humans caught in the middle , but what sci fi and or fantasy story doesn t contain something weird but then it gets buried under terrible dialogue, awkward exposition, mistakes in editing very few, mind you, but [...]

  11. while not the absolute worst book i have ever read, Night Myst definitely makes the bottom 10 the reason why i gave this book 2 stars instead of 1 is that, in spite of how terrifically awful it is, i still want to read the rest of the series and find out how it all endse biggest problem with this book is the main character, Cecily not only is she a witch, but you later find out that she s half fae and not just any old type of fae, but a special kind of fae that can shape shift into an owl that n [...]

  12. I am very partial to books about Faeries, Vampires, Shifters, witches etc etc This one had them all over the place Cicely a magic born witch, had been a drifter since her childhood, due to her bloodwhore junkie mother A call home brings Cicely back to New Forest, back to her home, her family, and her lover Grieve But when she gets there she doesn t know that magic born folk are disappearing all over the place, but then soon learns that the Queen of the Indigo Court Myst, the first Vampiric Fae, [...]

  13. A long, long time ago vampires tried to turn Dark Fae to harness their magic and they created a demonic enemy powerful than they imagined Myst is the Vampiric Fae Queen of the Indigo Court and wants control over humans and everything else Cicley Waters is a witch who can control the wind and has Ulean, her guide and spirit of the wind to watch over her She returns to her home town and ends up being sucked into a world full of evil and mayhem She also must face her one true love, Grieve who was [...]

  14. The entire book I kept wondering when the climax would occur I got to the last page and could not believe it was over Cheated, I realized the story was never intended to be than exposition for the next book in the series What a let down.

  15. I ve been a huge fan of Yasmine s Otherworld series for a few years now but have been busy and hadn t had a chance to dive into any of her other series I won this one in a contest and I dived right in I really loved this book, even from the start There s a lot of history and it was a tiny bit confusing at times trying to make sense of it all but to me that s pretty normal with any of the authors I read Whenever I pick up a new book from a new author, it takes time for me to accumulate to the his [...]

  16. Cicely Waters is a witch who manipulates air At the age of 6, she and her mom began a life on the run Growing up, she watched her mom slip deeper and deeper into the clutches of her addiction until she finally lost her life to it a few years ago Unable to understand why, she was unable to go home for good until the day she learns that the only family she has left is in danger When finally she makes it back, it is o learn that for some it is already too late, and if she is to survive the darkness [...]

  17. Night Myst is the first book the Indigo Court series, by Yasmine Galenorn Yasmine Galenorn has the ability to set up a very interesting and intriguing world I enjoyed that Night Myst was told from Cicely s point of view.I have to say that I loved the idea of Vampirie Fae, I don t believe I have read a book with them before, and it was an interesting twist The vampire fae was a failed experiment by the Crimson Court to enslave the fae However the vampire fae became a separate court, the Indigo Co [...]

  18. Night Myst is the first book of Indigo Court series, and also the first time I try to read Yasmine Galenorn s books I have her Otherworld series which in my opinion is pretty cool since she write it from 3 sister POV and each book, the POV always change Also it have pretty covers too Night Myst also has pretty cover, you know with I m sexy and I know it pose, which I believe I will have difficulty to mimic it.I like this book, like the Fae myth behind it Yasmine Galenorn herself is shamanic witc [...]

  19. Yasmine Galenorn created another fabulous story and a wonderful set of characters NIGHT MYST is the first book in the new Indigo Court series, which promises to be just as action packed and magical as her Sisters of the Moon series Following Cicely Waters, an elemental witch as she struggles to discover herself while uncovering a dark force that has taken over her hometown, NIGHT MYST combines magic and mysticism with a fair amount of drama and adventure.The one thing that I really love about Ms [...]

  20. I found this enjoyable and with likable characters The main character isn t annoying or bitchy She doesn t whine Cicely Waters does what needs doing When she wants to rescue her lover, she doesn t place everyone in danger by doing so when it is a lost cause and bringing him with them would put them all at even greater risk I like Cicely a lot and makes me want to continue on with her story.The world depicted in this book is an interesting one and I feel that the author worked within the confines [...]

  21. Bummer.The concept was unique However, the execution was not good It lacked focus and was sloppy and immature In fact, it felt like something that my 13 year old self could ve written I used to sneak read Bodice Rippers at that age, so I could write a story with graphic sex scenes like the best of em I found myself skimming through parts which seemed like pure filler, and feeling disappointed when arriving at scenes that COULD VE led to an amazing climax no pun intended or built up the flow into [...]

  22. The first book in the Indigo Court series by Yasmine Galenorn author of the Sisters of the Otherworld series Cicely Waters is a magic born, a witch, who has been on the run with her mother for years but now she s been called back home for the Indigo Court is stirring and she may be the key to their downfall Can she save her aunt Her friend Her lover And what will the cost be to save any of them I read this in 2 days, it was soooo good and so hard to put down An interesting mix of fae, vampires, [...]

  23. This book was filled with tell not enough show It also suffered from massive amounts of info dumping I didn t find the characters particularly likable The series overall story arc has potential to be interesting if the author manages twist to keep reader s journey a fun read Although the end result is easily guessed They won the battle, but may have facilitated the enemies victory in the long run or so the book s message convayed I rate this book a 2 stars Will I read the next installment in the [...]

  24. This was just ok for me I didn t really feel any connection with the characters There was a lot going on, almost too much, and a lot of the resolutions just felt too convenient.

  25. THE STORYCicely waters has been traveling town to town with her junkie of a mother for years Born a witch and taught to control wind at a young age by a member of fae royalty, she has struggled to continue learning and utilizing her magic while waiting for her mother to get her next fix Suddenly, Cicely gets a call from her family home in New Forest, Washington with news that all is not well A new and frightening force has settled over the town, people are disappearing, and the nights are no lon [...]

  26. Author s site blurbUrban Fantasy sex, language, violence The moon sheds light on a playground for monsters and magicEons ago, vampires tried to turn the Dark Fae in order to harness their power Instead, they created a demonic enemy powerful than they dared to dream Bent on enslaving the world, the Vampiric Fae have been quietly massing their strength for centuries Now, Myst, queen of the Indigo Court, is rising againd a long prophesied war is brewing.Born witches Cicely Waters and her cousin Rh [...]

  27. Cicely has been on the run with her mother for years Only visiting home once a year but now that her mother has died, Now that the local leader of the witches has been murdered and her family is in danger Cicely heads for the only home she s known People are disappearing, bodies turning up and it s not the vampires this time around Within Cicely s arrival her aunt and friend are added to the ones who have disappeared Cicely also encounters her old love Greive who has been enslaved into the Indig [...]

  28. Cicely has been on the road, and run, with her drug addict mother since she was a very little girl Even though she is a very strong witch, her training suffered terribly, so her actual skills are much less than her potential One day, however she gets a call from her aunt saying an elder witch has been murdered and that her magical business was left to Cicely She makes the long journey home, only to find out that nothing and no one is the same A dark cloud lingers over the town, and countless of [...]

  29. As seen on Rabidreads Night Myst makes forests fun again Not a place you want to go to after dark or without your whole gang of friends in tow, this collection of trees where spiders weave their merry webs and Frost Elementals shoot ice crystals from their fingertips will not disappoint the fantasy crowd.On the urban end of things, we have Cicely Waters a satisfactorily named protagonist Anyways, she s been away from her hometown for a long time, marinating in the LA scene There we are told by a [...]

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