[PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Revenant Road : by Michael Boatman [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Revenant Road : by Michael Boatman - The Revenant Road, The Revenant Road see drolleriepress

  • Title: The Revenant Road
  • Author: Michael Boatman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 205
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Revenant Road : by Michael Boatman, The Revenant Road, Michael Boatman, The Revenant Road see drolleriepress

The Revenant Road

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Revenant Road : by Michael Boatman [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Revenant Road : by Michael Boatman - The Revenant Road, The Revenant Road see drolleriepress The Revenant Road

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Revenant Road : by Michael Boatman
    205Michael Boatman
The Revenant Road

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  1. 2.5 starsObadiah Grudge, a writer, has just learned of his father s death and that s he s been living a secret life His father was a monster hunter and now, so is he, whether he wants to be or not.This reminded me a bit of a Gregory Lamberson without the depth There was wit There was random action There were some funny one liners There was some WTH moments, but most of all, the main character was either in denial or just wimping out for 73 percent of the book which did not make you sympathetic t [...]

  2. Obadiah Grunge is a successful author of hard boiled novels His life is going fairly well until he learns that his estranged father has passed away At the funeral, he meets his dad s business partner Kowalski Although Obadiah doesn t know it yet, his father was in the monster hunting business with Kowalski and now it s Obadiah s turn I didn t really connect with this book The book started out with several typos which is unusual for a Darkfuse book There s a lot of short chapters about monsters a [...]

  3. Revenant Road has one of the best opening chapters of any DarkFuse novel I ve read to date, an outstanding character name, Obidiah Grudge, and monsters, yes, lots of different types of monsters It also closes with a few great sentences which I won t spoil The fleshy bits between Let s talk.I m not on the monster hunter reading wagon, although I know many people are and that s great Seth Grahame Smith s Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter definitely ratcheted up interest in this subgenre, spawning a b [...]

  4. In this original story, our main character is Obidiah Grudge an arrogant, self centered writer finds himself confronted with a previously unknown to him legacy of his family in dealing with supernatural entities Grudge s personality, while at times quite witty and laugh out loud funny is countered by his contempt for just about everyone and everything around him, throughout most of the novel If I d noticed a change in his attitude earlier in the book say, about half way in , I could see myself l [...]

  5. I give this a little above a meh, mainly on the basis of style points I tend to like these types of stories a bit darker and scarier I read a ton of horror and this novel novella didn t really have anything that for me made it stand out from the lots of other similar stories out there.

  6. ames are important to me Especially names in fiction I m of the opinion that you can tell a lot about a fictional character on name alone and that a bad name can ruin a good a character So when I came across the name Obadiah Grudge a huge smile spread across my face I ve come across few names that are as evocative, original, and fun as Obadiah Grudge it is a name that fits the character like a glove The Revenant Road is humorous and over the top action horror novel filled with great dialogue and [...]

  7. Dark Fuse Publishers knows how to present a book What a great cover for this first novel from Michael Boatman, yeah, that Michael Boatman The same man who played Carter Heywood for the entire run of the Spin City TV series No, he hasn t given up acting, he s still busy as an actor, but he s been writing Dark Fiction for a number of years and is now a published novelist.Revenant Road is a strong debut, the story of a reluctant monster hunter and his introduction into life on the road In the prota [...]

  8. Michael Boatman s The Revenant Road is another Drollerie Press novel, one which by rights I should stay impartial about, but that s tough to do when the novel is just that good This one straddles the line between horror and dark fantasy, as it has a lot of elements in it that live under the aegis of urban fantasy these days For my money, though, it s properly horror.Obadiah Grudge is a best selling horror author, but for some time now he s been discontent with the lack of life and depth in his [...]

  9. There is a tear between worlds The Hunters are our only protection With their Talents they try and seal the gap when The Hallowed Ones tear thru to take a human form as their vessel and to devour flesh.This story was a very well written monster romp that was able to entertain and hold my attention throughout Like a few of my esteemed collegues mentioned in their reviews, the main character Obidiah, while interesting, was not a very likable character and only started to redeem himself toward the [...]

  10. I definitely loved this Very fast paced with some well developed characters The world definitely seems alive with people you will recognize, though the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent And the rules of The Revenant Road seem very well developed I particularly loved the last chapter which brought back to mind Friday nights in my childhood watching Darren McGavin in Kolchak The Night Stalker.

  11. I enjoyed reading this book a lot A fun read and a lot of action Its about a writer who kind of inherits the family business, which turns out to be monster hunting and struggles with what he wants to do I liked the way he left the ending open and maybe we will get another book to follow I gave this book 4 stars.

  12. The Revenant Road begins with a man and a woman being torn apart by a nine foot creature covered in hair with teeth like a shark The woman s name was Jeanie After her death her story lives on, because she haunts Obidiah Grudge Obidiah is an author who writes dark, twisted stories about death and anything else that gives people nightmares He hears voices and sees things that inspire his writing, but he doesn t fully understand his own powers.Obidiah is on the road promoting his latest book when h [...]

  13. Thank you to Dark Fuse and the author for the copy of this novel via netgalley.First of all I want to say the main character in this novel has the best name I ve ever come across Obadiah Grudge Rolls of the tongue, absolutely loved it Well, perhaps having a great character name isnt the main point of a novel so lets be a bit specificObadiah is a best selling writer with a drinking problem After a death in the family his life takes a turn for the worsediscovering Daddy was a monster hunter and n [...]

  14. From the blurb Bestselling crime writer Obadiah Grudge has got it all money, fame and a heavy drinking problem But when he learns of a violent death in the family, his otherwise predictable life ignites in a firestorm of supernatural violence Everything Grudge thought he knew about his estranged father was wrong, his only legacy one of darkness and horror His father was the world s greatest monster hunter, and now creatures from humanity s darkest nightmares are coming for him, even though he wa [...]

  15. The Revenant Road is very entertaining It s funny, gross, macabre, imaginative, brutal, silly, and all those other adjectives that describe a good read Urban fantasy is so very often so very serious, centered around some doomed love between our beautiful heroine and the even beautiful abusive boyfriend she comes to worship It tends to be tiresome and disappointing, especially because I associate the genre with people like Charles deLint and Emma Bull who tell great stories The Revenant Road mee [...]

  16. DarkFuse, the publisher, is typically known as a horror publisher, but Revenant Road is predominantly urban fantasy And it is amazing.This is the story of Obadiah Grudge and how he was introduced to the world of vampires and werewolves and other nasty monsters from human folklore A successful writer of crime fiction, Grudge was thrust into this world after the death of his father, entirely against his wishes And that introduced probably the biggest problem with the story Grudge is not a likable [...]

  17. This is the story of Obidiah Grudge One minute he is writing successful horror stories, the next he hears of the death of his estranged father He goes to the funeral and there he meets his father s so called partner Soon he learns that a far different path has been chosen for him than the one he is onI enjoyed this but not as much as I thought I would I loved the dark humour, and there were some seriously funny moments, believe me I just couldn t feel anything for the protagonist He seemed to sp [...]

  18. Obadiah Grudge is a writer of fictional crime novels believable stories He returns to his roots upon learning of his father s death in a plane crash, a father who had walked out on he and his mother many years before.Grudge soon finds that the plane crash story was a complete lie and that his father hunted monsters for a living He also comes to the horrifying realization that werewolves, vampires, and even the bogeyman are as real as you and I Because hunting has been the family legacy for many [...]

  19. This was an extremely imaginative story, and there were parts I enjoyed, but overall it just didn t work for me The main character was an interesting one, but I wanted explanation on some parts of the story and could have used less on others Fans of dark fantasy and horror should give it a try, though you may enjoy this book than I did review copy received via NetGalley

  20. It s a spoof, right I liked the irony The metaphors are hilarious but must be simply for humor because the cliches are abundant and silly It never takes itself seriously, and that is a relief.

  21. 3.5 stars, although I enjoyed the book than my rating reflects It was a fun read, urban fantasy horror with lots of monsters Boatman has created a very interesting alternate world I d like to go back.

  22. This was a fun story with a fast pace I really enjoyed Boatman s first book The characters are engaging and the story was fantastic

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