[PDF] Download ✓ Damsel in Distress : by Carola Dunn [PDF] Download ✓ Damsel in Distress : by Carola Dunn - Damsel in Distress, Damsel in Distress Daisy Dalrymple magazine writer and heiress helps her pal Philip Petrie whose sweetheart Gloria Arbuckle daughter of a millionaire Yank is kidnapped in Strictly forbidden to contact dashing

  • Title: Damsel in Distress
  • Author: Carola Dunn
  • ISBN: 9781575667546
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ✓ Damsel in Distress : by Carola Dunn, Damsel in Distress, Carola Dunn, Damsel in Distress Daisy Dalrymple magazine writer and heiress helps her pal Philip Petrie whose sweetheart Gloria Arbuckle daughter of a millionaire Yank is kidnapped in Strictly forbidden to contact dashing Scotland Yard Inspector Alec Fletcher she suspects trouble as she closes in on the abductors rural hideway

Damsel in Distress

[PDF] Download ✓ Damsel in Distress : by Carola Dunn [PDF] Download ✓ Damsel in Distress : by Carola Dunn - Damsel in Distress, Damsel in Distress Daisy Dalrymple magazine writer and heiress helps her pal Philip Petrie whose sweetheart Gloria Arbuckle daughter of a millionaire Yank is kidnapped in Strictly forbidden to contact dashing Damsel in Distress

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Damsel in Distress : by Carola Dunn
    249Carola Dunn
Damsel in Distress

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  1. Oh, yay I do so love being able to report that a sequel is actually stronger than its predecessors it s so often not the case Damsel in Distress easily ranks as one of my favourites in the series so far, along with books 1 2, in part because there s some significant and highly satisfactory developments on the romance front with Daisy and Alec, and also because we depart from the tried and true Daisy finds out who helped so and so to an early grave format.We have a large scale kidnapping case thi [...]

  2. This is just like reading a Famous Five book All jolly japes,cycling, picnics, kidnaps and rescues A little bit of romance thrown in and it was a few hours of pure escapism Bless you Daisy Dalrymple.

  3. Well, this one was several kinds of problematic Honestly, 2 stars feels slightly charitable.The good the engagement and a couple of associated charming moments emphasis on the moments, note The significantly less good Phillip Petrie is a delightful side character, the typical bumbling, but well meaning and good natured aristocrat He s basically Bertie Wooster, tbh Fine in small doses, and as a sort of foil for Daisy As a narrator, annoying as all get out Thus, the first quarter of the book was a [...]

  4. All the subterfuge and plotting to save the damsel in this book was hilarious it brought to mind the play Noises Off for some reason Just fun and a little silly, but easy to read and enjoyable.

  5. I loved the first four in the series as they were cleverly constructed fairly well written fun little stories, but this was God awful It read like a famous five parody written for the Alabama Mary Poppins appreciation Society Far far too many what hos and jolly goods by Jove while the reader is left screaming get on with the bloody plot Turning to a page at random and there are two darlings, a right ho, a jolly good, a simply marvellous, a spiffing, and the sentence Can t let the side down don t [...]

  6. This is the second book I ve read in the Daisy Dalrymple series and I continue to like these characters In this story, Daisy introduces her mom to her boyfriend in the police force, and helps the police find a kidnapper I enjoyed the story and the characters.

  7. The Honorable Daisy Dalrymple is at it again This time there isn t a dead body Her dear friend Philip is in love with an American heiress and during a trip to the country where he intends to introduce his family the young woman and he are kidnapped The kidnappers, city dwellers, truss Philip up and leave him on the Dalrymple estate where he takes up residence and calls in Daisy for her help.The story moves along at a great pace like the others in the series however since it is a kidnapping it is [...]

  8. This is one of the better entries in this series, which is pretty good overall Daisy shows her planning and organizational skills, introduces Alec to her mother and her uncle and aunt the new Lord and Lady Dalrymple , and helps find a kidnapped heiress.

  9. There s not much I can say about this series that I haven t already.It is a fun cozy mystery with continuing development of characters set in 1920s England.Audiobooks are well narrated too

  10. Damsel in Distress, the fifth book in the Daisy Dalrymple series by Carola Dunn, focuses on the travails of Daisy s childhood friend, Philip Petrie, and his new love, the American poppet Gloria Arbuckle Motoring to see Gloria, daughter of a millionaire who made his money in investing in automobiles and who is now exploring his opportunities to invest in cars in England, Philip comes upon his girl and her father on the side of the road in a broken down vehicle Stopping to help them, since Philip [...]

  11. I wanted to like this book than I did Honestly, I thought this was a little forced and somewhat silly When Daisy s friend, Philip, gives up on asking her to marry him out of duty, not love , it s because he s fallen in love with Gloria Arbuckle, a beautiful and wealthy American woman.Daisy is happy to release him from any obligation especially since she s also in love with DI Alec Fletcher, Scotland Yard Philip s new love is an American heiress whom he loves despite her fortune He has the oppor [...]

  12. England between the worlds, when the class system changed drastically after the devastation of WWI Daisy is the daughter of an Earl making a living as a writer after losing her fiance and her brother Her father dies in the flu epidemic without providing her with an allowance Not to worry, she strikes out on her own, to the disapproval of many of her set, her mother, and family Her erstwhile suitor Philip Petrie, friend of her brother has found a new love, to Daisy s relief The rather flightly up [...]

  13. These are light mysteries Great for the commute These take place in the 1920s Lately I have been on a reading jag about the 20s fiction, non fiction, history, whatever.There really wasn t much mystery about who the kidnapper was I got it fairly early on Just kind of fun to see how they got the girl back.This is the 20s and most of the characters in the story were English veterans of WWI and the girls worked in the VAD or were Land Girls or what have you In this instance, the guys were to pull on [...]

  14. The Honourable Phillip Petrie falls in love with an American heiress and is set to become engaged to her when she is abducted.Daisy and her friends decide that they must find her as Mr Arbuckle, Gloria Arbuckle s father, goes away to raise the ransom money The police are not to be called but Daisy puts in a call to her friend Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher at Scotland Yard He in turn wants Daisy to take no part in any investigation but who can stop our dashing heroine Unbeknown to Mr Ar [...]

  15. After the excellent Murder on the Flying Scotsman I have to admit I was a little disappointed with this.Could be my cynical mind over thinking but I was totally sceptical that the kidnapping wasn t a scam to manipulate Phil.The whole novel felt rushed and flat lacking the sense of fun of earlier books.

  16. Daisy Dalrymple, A most pleasant lady and funny at times with what she says I like her attitude and the main thing throughout the stories is the fact that Daisy doesn t nee to work for a living, but has chosen to do so and enjoy the work she does But has a habit to be in the wrong place when murders happen and the detective always seems to need the help of Daisy as she has the gift of being easy to approach by people and them wanting to tell her their stories All stories are well worked out, som [...]

  17. I loved this one and spent 2 nights in a row staying up way too late to read it I think it was my favorite in the series I liked the change of pace from someone gets murdered, discover the body, find out who done it And I really liked reading from Phillip s perspective in this book The main reason I took off a star was for alllllll the complicated geographical descriptions It could be because I was up too late reading and was very tired, but all those descriptions seemed very complicated and har [...]

  18. This one has Daisy helping Philip save the girl Philip Petrie was best friends with Daisy s brother who died in the War and repeatedly asks her hand in marriage out of duty to her brother s memory Then he meets Gloria Arbuckle, daughter of an American millionaire and he falls in love immediately The feelings seem mutual when poor Gloria is kidnapped Even though there is less mystery in this one, you can easily figure out who the bad guy is, there is lots of fun in Daisy and Alex getting a gang t [...]

  19. This is 5 in the series there are currently 22 and the first one I ve read I came across it at a used book store, and picked it up for a light summer read It was entertaining and well written, even though towards the middle the author introduced a few too many new characters to easily keep track of What kicked this book up a notch was the depiction of the manners and s of the English gentry of the 1920 s anyone who enjoys Downton Abbey will feel familiar with the way this lifestyle is portrayed. [...]

  20. Daisy shows us of her sleuthing spunk in this story that centers around her friend, Phillip, and a kidnapping that effects him greatly We get to see in detail all her close friends and companions as they try to solve the kidnapping, rescue the damsel in distress, and get back to redefining the rules for nobility in England in the 1920 s If you like other books in this series, you will enjoy this one.

  21. This probably would have been better as a short story, instead of a full length kid napping story that also serves to introduce Daisy s family and friends and advance her romance with DCI Fletcher Now, if Daisy would have needed to call in Fletcher to help her mother or cousins, Dunn would have had a much better novel Still, this series fun and I m looking forward to the next installment.

  22. I have read a lot of the books of this series, and generally I find them harmless fun, although a little frothy and silly I did not like this book it read just like an Enid Blyton book, right down to the ginger beer on the picnic It felt like a children s book, and not a very good one at that.

  23. A charming and straightforward adventure with Daisy and her friend, Phillip wherein he FINALLY stops proposing to Daisy and finds a gal who is nuts about him, only to have her kidnapped This one was not without issues written American accents that just about made my mental ears bleed they were so awful but overall, light and lots of fun

  24. Daisy s friend, Phillip, finds himself kidnapped along with the young heiress he wishes to marry Being set free, he enlists the aid of Daisy and their friends to locate and save his beloved This is a very improbable book, and the culprit is obvious from the start, but it s still lively and enjoyable as has been the series thus far.

  25. Another great cozy Daisy Dalrymple mystery Love the audiobook version In this book, Daisy must help her friend Philip find a missing American heiress whom he has fallen in love with Alex is unwitting dragged into the plot.

  26. I continue to like this series very much I was worried by the title, thinking Daisy would end up the damsel in distress rather than the capable, courageous heroine she has been in past books I wasn t disappointed though She played a good part and I enjoyed the book.

  27. Spiffing As Daisy would say A fun, light hearted series Plots aren t too complicated or dark, but thoroughly enjoyable.

  28. Daisy is in charge in this episode than her Scotland Yard boyfriend as a whole group of her friends seeks to rescue a rich American s lovely kidnapped daughter As usual, a satisfying outcome.

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