[PDF] Download ↠ Someday Her Duke Will Come : by Ellie St. Clair [PDF] Download ↠ Someday Her Duke Will Come : by Ellie St. Clair - Someday Her Duke Will Come, Someday Her Duke Will Come Tillie Andrews lives life on her own terms She is determined not to give in to the charms of the Duke of Barre despite the attraction that continues to pull her to him She wants a life of her own one

  • Title: Someday Her Duke Will Come
  • Author: Ellie St. Clair
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ↠ Someday Her Duke Will Come : by Ellie St. Clair, Someday Her Duke Will Come, Ellie St. Clair, Someday Her Duke Will Come Tillie Andrews lives life on her own terms She is determined not to give in to the charms of the Duke of Barre despite the attraction that continues to pull her to him She wants a life of her own one in which she is living her dreams as one of London s most successful sought after dressmakers Her parents however have other plans They wish to see her wed andTillie An

Someday Her Duke Will Come

[PDF] Download ↠ Someday Her Duke Will Come : by Ellie St. Clair [PDF] Download ↠ Someday Her Duke Will Come : by Ellie St. Clair - Someday Her Duke Will Come, Someday Her Duke Will Come Tillie Andrews lives life on her own terms She is determined not to give in to the charms of the Duke of Barre despite the attraction that continues to pull her to him She wants a life of her own one Someday Her Duke Will Come

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Someday Her Duke Will Come : by Ellie St. Clair
    117Ellie St. Clair
Someday Her Duke Will Come

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  1. Fake fianc with a twist I would like to thank the author for providing a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.Some day her duke will come is the second book in the Happily ever after series It can be read as a standalone or as part of the series I haven t read the first book and I found this one easy to get into This book follows Tillie Andrews a dress designer in need of a fianc to get away from the domesticated life her mother wants her to live and Alexander Landon, Duke of Bar [...]

  2. This is an absolutely charming and adorable Regency romance.Tillie is an engaging character I loved that she is smart, beautiful and a talented dress designer It was refreshing to have a heroine be interested in starting a business than attending balls and falling in love Reconnecting with Alexander was fortunate Although she thought him to be a rogue, he offers her the chance to realize her dreams Love wasn t part of her plans Alexander has hopes that it will be.The book is easy to read and wh [...]

  3. I must thanks again to Ellie that gave me that second book to read as ARC SO for her to do that i will written my honest review I was looking forward to read Tillie s and Alexander s story.Well, when Alexander offers Tillie opportunity that she get her parents of her shoulders and live a happy, calm life she accepts All she wants is be a successful dressmaker and end those wedding plans that her parents and all force her too But what happen when the Duke is not what she thought he is That he act [...]

  4. This is book two in the Happily Ever After series I love our two main characters, Matilda Tillie Andrews and Alexander Landon, Duke of Barre Tillie, the daughter of a wealthy shipping magnate, designs and makes beautiful dresses for ladies of the ton, although almost no one knows that She is attracted to Alexander, but doesn t think a husband would allow her to continue her dressmaking Without Tillie knowing it, Alexander is also very attracted to her When Tillie s father informs her she is to m [...]

  5. This is the second book in the Happily Ever After Series I did read the first book but this can be a stand alone story Tillie Andrews lives at home with her parents and several brothers and is in no hurry to marry if ever She secretly designs gowns and sells some locally but would love to start her own business and be independent But her parents have other plans and want her to get married to a very undesirable man and begin her own household Desperate to not marry this gentleman, Tilley is surp [...]

  6. Matilda Andrews comes from a large family, six brothers She is trying to get a dressmaking business going, but her father wants her to get married Alexander Landon, Duke of Barre, met Tillie during the activities to get her best friend married to his cousin.I laughed and cried a little, the story was great The author handled the plot with her usual expertiste.I loved the way she went after the other woman, she didn t like her nor did the Dowager Duchess It does get racy in spots The characters a [...]

  7. An enjoyable read concerning Matilda Tilly Andres and Alexander, Duke of Barre Tilly s parents are anxious for her to marry quickly This is not to Tilly s wishes Alex devises a scheme that can be of mutual benefit to both of them This involves Tilly attending his house party Alex s ex will be there as well There follows some entertaining exchanges between the various parties as the ex hasn t entirely given up on Alex I received a copy and have voluntarily reviewed it.

  8. Tillie is a successful dressmaker in London and is enjoying her independent and single wife But her parents are determined to wed her off in an arranged marriage to a boring guy Alex comes to her rescue and offers her a deal as his fake fiance This story is too funny, I laughed, I cried and I kept page turning Well written with great characters and an engaging storyline I received an advance copy and voluntarily chose to review it.

  9. Absolutely charming and enchanting Everything you could want in an HEA I received a complimentary ARC of this story in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.

  10. I really enjoyed Tillie and Lord Barre relationship and how they came together to help each other out.I really enjoyed the characters.

  11. Very good fairytale romance This sweet story was charming with a slight bit of mischief and mystery I enjoyed it very much and recommend it for mature readers I received an advanced copy of this book for my personal opinion.

  12. I received this book free for an honest review The editing was good, no typos The story caught my attention and held it.It s a sweet romance that enjoyable There s a couple of intimate scenes But all in all a sweet read

  13. I love Regency romances, and Alexander and Tillie s rocky road to romance was so much fun to read I voluntarily reviewed this free ARC.

  14. Someday Her Duke Will Come by Ellie St Claire is wonderful I like the Duke s plan to win Tillies heart Very relaxing enjoyable time spent reading My opinion Thanks

  15. I don t like to give poor reviews, but I cannot honestly give this story a positive one.There are so many things in this story that irritated me as I read it was of a chore than a joy A few examples Tille, daughter of a wealthy shipping magnate, designs dresses OK But she sells them via shops Goes out on her to visit the shopkeepers At one point Tillie s told engagement to a duke could be a very good thing for you and your CAREER I can t imagine how A duke would not want it known his intended w [...]

  16. Another bubble gum type of candy sweet little girl s version of a regency romance I guess I should have expected this after reading the first one in the Happily Ever After series It was a cute novel but the hero was too beta for my tastes This guy seriously needed some backbone where his old flame Eliza was concerned I was also not too enamoured of a hero whose ex girlfriend had dumped him because she wanted to attracted a richer, taller and handsome duke Sigh Isn t it rule 1 in conventional ro [...]

  17. Matilda Andrews known as Tillie to friends just wants to fashion clothing in peace under a known name but her father keeps pursuing her to marry her coysin Heath Which she has no feeling for and always tried to avoid him at all cost While hiding from her cousin she runs in to Alexander Landon Duke of Bare At one time she had feeling for this rogue which she decided not to pursue Seeing him again and his favor he ask might tempt her heart to once again feel cor himAlexander Landon has always like [...]

  18. This story is a good little story, but it breaks all the rules of a Regency romance Maybe, it would be possible in some other dimension, but for the Regency era, this is just a fairy tale I like fairy tales and dreams of middle class women becoming aristocrats or princesses They are made to help girls look for a high quality man and not just take the first man who asks This being said, the two households were just plain strange and the middle class should have took on the look of the Puritan for [...]

  19. Tillie is a dress designer from a well to do family Her parents only want her to marry and be the perfect wife and hostess Tillie doesn t want to marry and to just pursue her career Alexander is the Duke of Barre and was taken with Tillie at her best friends wedding The only way he can get her to give him a chance is to make up a scheme regarding his ex fiance and to make a deal with her to benefit her career This was a fun, quick story to read I loved to see the heroine very independent and str [...]

  20. I loved it a great follow on to Book 1 Tillie met Alexander at Tabitha and Nicolas s wedding in Book 1 Book 2 continues their story to the next Happily Ever After Not the Cinderella story like the first book, the plot takes a turn toward the fake fiancee genre Later, Alexander says it was all a ruse in an attempt to bring her into his life But knowing that he deceived her and then finding him in a compromising situation with his old flame, Eliza, Tillie runs Boy gets girl, boy loses girl Eventua [...]

  21. I am volunteering to leave a review for an ARC of this book No matter what, I do love historical romances This was an enjoyable, quick read I really had fun going through the few weeks Alexander finagles to get Tillie in his life I really loved that Alexander goes after what he wants I m happy Tillie discovers her heart, and decides she can change her life plans Alexander is so new age though, that he supports what makes Tillie happy Even cooler Enjoy this light romance read I did

  22. Good plot but This book ahd a very good plot that was interesting however it got why off track with the sex A proper lady would never ever throw her virtue away like Matilda did Her life would have been ruined if found out and she didn t even hesitate to jump in the sack I hate the kind of books that have a good story but seem only to be written around sex scenes I cannot recommend this author or this book because of it These dukes werent marrying baseborn cinderellas they were marring prostitut [...]

  23. Someday Her Duke Will Come Happily Ever After Book 2 This has two story in it The first is the love story of Tillie and Alexander Tillie is a independent woman, who dose not wish to marry the man her father has pick for her Alexander want someone to help him get over a broken heart They meet a wedding of his cousin and her best friend Now he want her to be his fake fianc e Will this work or will they find love Great story The second is the love story of Emilia and Douglas Emilia trans back in ti [...]

  24. Hero Alexander Duke of Barre Heroine Matilda Tillieplot storyline 4.5 Engaging and entertaining He developed a ruse of sort for her to get to know him She agrees to this plan game to avoid the man that her parents have her mary.Ending 5 A wonderful HEA realistic and not drawn out with out hysterics Reading Enjoyment 4.5 I enjoyed reading this well written story with its interesting characters and witty dialogue banter Both happily ever after books has strong females that enjoy work and are still [...]

  25. VERY EXCITING REGENCY ROMANCE SERIIESHaving read THE DUKE SHE WANTED, we were familiar with our hero and heroine To have Alexander to come up with this plan is just desperate Thank goodness Tillie is agreeable to the charade, and the Duchcess agrees to help him Thank you for an excellent read, Danny and Debbie Scott.

  26. AGood romance story with a woman who wants a career when the time period says you get married and just be a wife.She meets with Duke Alexander whom she met before,he needs a fiance fake and he will finance her business.They are only faking the sparks or are they I read this book as an arc and this is my honest opinion.

  27. A very delightful read with a well planned plot and well fleshed out characters that kept me totally engaged until the turn of the very last page I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  28. Loved Tillie and AlexanderThis was such a sweet love story with just a touch of sexy It was refreshing that Tillie, a merchant s daughter found her equal and love in Alexander, Duke of Barre.

  29. Wonderful I enjoyed the story completely Hope to read by Ellie St Clair Can t wait for Thank you

  30. Loved romance novelsThank you for the books Read every day Would love to have series books all the time Thank you

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