[PDF] Download ✓ Papa's Prey : by Zoe Blake [PDF] Download ✓ Papa's Prey : by Zoe Blake - Papa's Prey, Papa s Prey She was his His Property His Possession His Trapped in a world of dark decadence the innocent Corinne is now bound to obey her new husband s every depraved desire She is his little doll to be played

  • Title: Papa's Prey
  • Author: Zoe Blake
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Book

[PDF] Download ✓ Papa's Prey : by Zoe Blake, Papa's Prey, Zoe Blake, Papa s Prey She was his His Property His Possession His Trapped in a world of dark decadence the innocent Corinne is now bound to obey her new husband s every depraved desire She is his little doll to be played with and punished as he pleases Every night she is brought to his chamber after being dressed by her nanny at his command Each night is different Will she be a baby dolShe was his His Pro

Papa's Prey

[PDF] Download ✓ Papa's Prey : by Zoe Blake [PDF] Download ✓ Papa's Prey : by Zoe Blake - Papa's Prey, Papa s Prey She was his His Property His Possession His Trapped in a world of dark decadence the innocent Corinne is now bound to obey her new husband s every depraved desire She is his little doll to be played Papa's Prey

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Papa's Prey : by Zoe Blake
    285Zoe Blake
Papa's Prey

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  1. Say I am your new lord and master The book is a highly erotic, but it is also full of triggers for many readers view spoiler Forced submissionDaddy kinkAge play hardcore BDSM especially sadismToysNon concentSpankingPowerplay Humiliation hide spoiler d so much in just 100 pages.You have been warned

  2. This is my first dark book Well, I THOUGHT I had read some dark reads before but apparently, I was wrong Zoe is an absolute artist with her words This book was her canvas and she used an amazing paint brush to stroke us through exactly what she wanted us to see and feel And BOY did I feel a lot with this one Our main character, Corinne, has lived in the Abby since she was six years old when she lost her parents At the age of 17, most are released into the real world, under some type of apprentic [...]

  3. Wealthy aristocrat, Lucian, sees a girl in a field one day and decides he wants her He follows her to a convent where he becomes her benefactor in anticipation of marrying her Two years later and Corinne is woken in the middle of the night and married off to him, a man she d never met.This was not what I was expecting Lucian s rigidity and distance wasn t a surprise for me Corinne was adequately naive and innocent But I did not see some of Lucian s preferences coming Not really SPOILERS but mayb [...]

  4. Dark Decadent and Intense Papa s Prey is a riveting, dark historical romance with elements of non con, dominance, humiliation, domestic discipline and objectification This DD lg story is not for the faint of heart the discipline is harsh, the heroine innocent and the trepidation quite intense Extremely fast paced I couldn t put it down and professionally written, readers are in for a captivatingly sadistic experience right from the start The heroine is very identifiable and her innocence will ca [...]

  5. Corinne s an orphan, a ward, at L etolie du Matin Abbey in Wales She s sheltered, innocent, totally alone She dreads being turned out of the abbey on her seventeenth birthday to become who knows what So she s astonished when a mysterious benefactor appears, paying her expenses, allowing her to stay at the abbey Why She s no one, has no relatives There s no one to take an interest in her But nothing comes without cost It takes two years for the payment to come due, but come due it does Lucian Tal [...]

  6. Wow what a dark and dirty and thoughly delicious story, i absolutely adored the whole book from start to finish.I reccommend though that people who DONT like dark stories or very dirty onces read my review or Zoe Blakes book But to those who do feel free to read on.Corinne has been in the Abby since she was the age of six , since her parents died Then suddenly in the middle of the night her benefactor arrives she is hurriedly dressed in a gown brought to her from him There in the Church she is f [...]

  7. YOU ARE A TREASURE, MY DOLLOnce again, Ms Zoe Blake has spun a tale that is dark, delicious, depraved, and daring Having read every single book she has written, she did not fail to deliver with Papa s Prey The sheltered innocence and na vet of Corrine are offset with the dark dominance and depraved proclivities of Lord Lucian I will strongly advise that if you have issues with non consent, forced submission, age play, controlled domination, and unequal power exchange, that you may want to forego [...]

  8. This book is about Corinne she s grown up living with nuns until the day that her husband comes for her Lucian knew Corinne was going to be his the moment he saw her He comes for her one night at the abbey and makes her his bride Corinne is fearful of this powerful man but is unable to escape him, Lucian wants to control and dominate her Can Corinne survive her new husband This book was hot I love non con and daddy Doms and corruption fetish This ticked all my box for the kinds of books I like L [...]

  9. I m not completely sure how I feel about this story I like the historical components of the story, but the kink is a little creepy to me.Both are consenting adults I don t want to say any as it may be perceived as spoilers I can confirm the story is not about incest The characters are not related.This review is MY PERSONAL OPINION of this taboo story My opinion should have ZERO INFLUENCE on your experience with this story.No rating

  10. Prey.Is it bad I m glad that the book wasn t another five or ten chapters Don t get me wrong It was an okay read Just okay I paused many times wondering when Corinne was going to grow a damn backbone I didnt find Lucian who is known as Papa lovable His needs went a little too far I just couldn t do it.

  11. This was my first Zoe Blake book, and I m not sure whether I should read another one I want to, because the eroticism if off the charts, but I m not so sure about the aspects of punishment, pain, and daddy kink None of those things are a turn on for me As a matter of fact, punishment and pain are not something I believe a man in love would do to his woman But that s me.Overall, the story made all my lady parts tingle.e from the forced sex and agonizing punishment, the other aspects of their rela [...]

  12. Great read ifyou like erotic books, daddy dom play, historical romances, and an HEA.Side Note This was my first Zoe Blake book I read the warning included and even so I wasn t prepared at all the stuff I got I won t lie This book did something impressive It put me on the other side of my comfort zone There were parts were I was just so uncomfortable I could hardly bare it, but I did I kept reading I wanted to see how everything would pan out, if she would break, if he would break, and I think th [...]

  13. 2 Stars insisted this was my kinda story, so I caved and downloaded it Apparently thinks I m a real Dirty Kinky Bitch which is accurate Because I found this book erotic as hell But even I have to acknowledge that it was kinda messed up Warning there is a fair amount of non consent dubious consent material in this short story At times I was uncomfortable confused angered grossed out with what was happening, though the heroine seemed to enjoy herself, I don t know how the hell she did This isn t a [...]

  14. Shy untouched Corinne an orphan living with the nuns is finally the property of the Duke as he comes to her surprise to collect what is going to belong to him in every single way,and his intentions are Dark and Dirty and very intense with a lot of punishment in store for this innocent girl.I loved every single word from start to end and the writing was fantastic with the description of nothing left out I didn t want it to end.This was my first by this Author and I am looking forward to reading a [...]

  15. This is the first book I have read from this author I was disappointed in the book There was NO story No back story If you are looking for kinky sex scenes and that is basically what the book is Then this is the book for you If you want to know why the Lucian has the fetish he has you will not find out There wasn t any depth to the characters.

  16. A very good read Corinne is a orphan girl trying to find a living before she is kick out of her only place she has know To her rescue comes the Duke of Ebonhurst and he takes her away but the Duke has a dark obsession of his own were Corinne is concern will she be willing to be what the Duke wants of her or will she run and became his prey

  17. Great Age Play Story Such a wickedly fun age play romance And excellent kink Papa s Prey was well written with a great story, making it a standout in its genre The Duke s stern, intimidating, and dominant presence combined with Corrine s innocent and bewildered craving was delightfully deviant.

  18. Short, but good.I gave this a good rating, because who doesn t want to be taken care of the way he took care of Corrine

  19. This was yummy Wish it was a novel so we could learn about the relationship dynamic and see how it grows, but it was a nice piece of smut without it.

  20. OH MY GOD I didn t know what to expect reading papas prey but I was blown away I first I felt like Corinne unsure and untrusting but by the last page I wanted It was dark and dirty and I feel embarrassed that I liked it The author did a fabulous job of describing everything so it felt like I was really there The characters had so much personality and real character This book may not be for everyone but I highly recommend it to those who want a dark, dirty and daring book that will hold you capt [...]

  21. A dark daddy domA dark, historical daddy dom little girl erotic romance oh wow is this book full of potential triggers for the unsuspecting readerThe stage is set in the past but in all honesty the story could have been set in any period even modern day a relatively short story told from the point of view of the two main characters Corinne is an naive, sheltered young woman who becomes the wife of Lucian a wealthy aristocrat who is a controlling, emotionally cut off and abusive a hole when we fi [...]

  22. Amount of sex 3.5 5How explicit 5 5Amount of BDSM Fetish 5 5Story 4 5Overall 4 5Papa s Prey is a sizzling hot age play romance from author Zoe Blake I have read several novels containing age play, but most do not exhibit the fetish throughout the book like they do in Papa s Prey I enjoyed the complete dedication that Ms Blake had throughout the book.In this story, Corrine s parents passed away when she was six years old She was then sent to an Abby in Wales to live, but became sheltered growing [...]

  23. Zoe Blake has provided an intense, emotionally dark book There are triggers in this book for some people, so beware when reading The book is extremely well written, maintains its continuity, and keeps you constantly turning pages It is a historical story about an orphan from a Convent, Corinne, that is forcefully married to a Lord, Lucian Corinne is a young, shy and innocent girl While Lucian is a dominant, forceful and arrogant Lord that wants a young woman to obey his every demand Age play wit [...]

  24. I wasn t quite sure what I would be reading when I picked up this book It really just intrigued me, and I presumed that it would involve an innocent that is corrupted and disciplined by an older alpha dominant Upon the beginning of the book, it seemed to be that this might be the case The story is set in former times, Corinne a sheltered young woman who resides in a monastery who becomes entrusted to a Duke, Lord Lucian Talon As the reader gets further into the story, it emerges into age play, [...]

  25. A new book by Zoe Blake It is not a book for everyone It is a bit darker then her other books and it also features age play If you enjoy reading about those themes then this is the book for you.Zoe has a wonderful style of writing There are beautiful descriptions and details, but the story still flows really well There is an intense, dark and a bit eerie undertone in this book as we follow the story of Corinne and Lucian Sweet and innocent Corinne gets taken to place she never knew existed Lucia [...]

  26. This is my voluntary review of an ARC I received This is a kinky historical dark romance, with an up to date view of BDSM that readers love and this author certainly did that Lord Lucian Talon, Duke of Ebonhurst waited years to claim his little doll Corinne, an orphan from the nunnery she was brought up in I was not expecting to enjoy this book as historical reads are not usually my thing, but one things for sure I shall certainly be reading many of this fabulous authors novels I could not put [...]

  27. OK, so I will say it took me a bit to get over my uncomfortableness due to the age scene and the Papa little girl titles But once I did GOOD GOD this was a great story I was so sucked into the story by the descriptions, It was like I as right there in the room with them, Zoe Blake sure knows how to paint a picture on the page Just when I thought I would never like something like this, here a comes a story that makes me say, this may be taboo but man oh man is it HOT Great read, but not for the f [...]

  28. Corrine is Papa s PreyCorrine, brought up mainly at the Abbey is basically bought by Lord Lucian When the Lord comes to claim hershe is now old enough to become his wife by law and his plaything by his decree.As Corrine is taught and trained as a little girl might be, she is also learning what it is like to have her body usedby her Papa as a sexual doll.The book has some intense scenes, there is fear along with desire and much confusion on Corrine s part.By the end, I could say it was sexy, dark [...]

  29. This is a fast paced, well written novella of a man that claims a young woman from a convent in order to train her in his particular brand of kink There is a feeling of dubious consent about it and he s rather cruel and uncaring However, the heroine does quickly come to appreciate his talents despite the fact that they scare her I would ve liked for the hero to have felt a bit warmer to her in the beginning, even if in his thoughts This does end in a tidy little hea but no epilogue Not my favori [...]

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