[PDF] Stolen | by â Addison Cain [PDF] Stolen | by â Addison Cain - Stolen, Stolen He stole her off the streets in broad daylight the first Omega discovered in Bernard Dome in generations He took her with violence while none intervened He broke her swearing he d put her back togeth

  • Title: Stolen
  • Author: Addison Cain
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Stolen | by â Addison Cain, Stolen, Addison Cain, Stolen He stole her off the streets in broad daylight the first Omega discovered in Bernard Dome in generations He took her with violence while none intervened He broke her swearing he d put her back together Brenya Perin was ordered to submit Bernard Dome is the jewel of Europe a bastion of art and culture pleasure and decadence But life in the city depends on the occupaHe stole her off the st


[PDF] Stolen | by â Addison Cain [PDF] Stolen | by â Addison Cain - Stolen, Stolen He stole her off the streets in broad daylight the first Omega discovered in Bernard Dome in generations He took her with violence while none intervened He broke her swearing he d put her back togeth Stolen

  • [PDF] Stolen | by â Addison Cain
    380Addison Cain

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  1. Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm beckiebookwormGiveaway Link Purchase Necessarygoo forms QfWgiPtTPkVDUIZz2OH, MY GOD A Massive five Stars from moi What a read this was, still wrapping my head around it but the verdict is I absolutely adored Addison Cain s new book Stolen Alpha s Control, 1.So where shall I start, Let s start with our New Alpha Mate Jaques, Commodore of Bernard Dome and all round assole I bloody hate him HATE HATE HATE he is an obnoxious, selfish, egotistical douche least with Shepher [...]

  2. Having just finished Alpha s Claim which I wrongly assumed was a trilogy well I suppose it is but it isn t, the ending was totally unsatisfactory I went looking for Shepherd and Claire.After reading the prelude I was hooked and moved straight onto this.Brenya is a grunt known as unit 17c she s always lived in the Beta Sector and works on the exterior wall of Bernard Dome An accident followed by a long stay in decontamination and then a total lack of appetite has forced her body off the chemical [...]

  3. T h a t e n d I read the first few chapters when the author released it for free a couple of months ago and my review said something like the hero was to soft or some shit I was wrong, first time for everything right The first few chapters of this book didn t give me sh t for what was actually in here, it was messed.up and I loved every painful moment of it He brushed back her hair, satisfied and eager to cuddle his prize It won t always be this way I will learn to be gentle with you despite my [...]

  4. I received this book as an ARC, and this is a totally HONEST review.Holy f in a handbag Batman I m really not sure what I read so I had to read it two times which is what I had to do for the Alpha Claim series, but seriously I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I READ Addison Cain has a way I m still trying to figure out what that way is because this new book has screwed with my head seven ways to Sunday I had to join the private spoiler Facebook group to help me sort through my feelings for Stolen and then go r [...]

  5. OMFG WHAT IN THE HELL DID I JUST READ I CAN T EVEN What do I say Where do I start If I talk about this book it might just become one big massive spoiler The easiest place to start is with the rating It s the best way to begin while calming downing the nervous frenzy I am in.I m giving this book 5 ALPHA F ING STARS Simply because my stomach is all tied up in knots and if a book can do that it deserves a 5 star rating So just a heads up, this review will discuss aspects of the Born to Be Bound Alp [...]

  6. I m just going to have to come out and say it What in the ever loving F CK THAT WAS AMAZING I m not exactly sure what I expected from this installment of the Alpha series, but I got much I absolutely devoured this book Not only did I love the continuation of Claire and Shephard s story, but I also loved Brenya and the way she dealt with her alpha hole, Jacques.If you liked the first 3 books, you MUST read this one No question.Bernard Dome, the setting for Brenya and Jacques story, was so well [...]

  7. Addison Cain s books are adrenaline pumping, nail biting, angst fueled page turners with sex so hot it leaves your Kindle smoking And this book Oooo, it s so good I ve long been a fan of books that take you on a journey Books that grab you by the lungs and squeeze just a bit, the anxiety of what s coming next holding you in its grip Stolen, Alpha s Control book 1, and the preceding series, Alpha s Claim, do exactly that.This book introduces us to the dystopia of Bernard Dome a Dome where you re [...]

  8. While this one wasn t bad per say it still left a funny taste in my mouth once i finished reading it Conflicting emotions Not sure how I feel about an alpha being able to share his mate like he did I prefer my alpha males much possessive.

  9. OMFG I ve had to give myself a few days after reading this to process and I ve been in a bit of a book funk since reading it and can t seem to move on from Addison s newest offering of delicious darkness, it was that fucking good Now this is not for everyone, so be warned and take heed This is a spin off from Addison s Alpha s Claim series You do not have to have read Alpha s Claim but I most certainly recommend doing so in order to fully understand just what is going on in the Omegaverse world [...]

  10. Addison Cain created this batshit crazy Ergo Proxy Dome world in her books I m viewing the leaders of the Domes less as communist leaders and like Kings that reign What can I say, I m a roman when it comes to democracy but I understand when a society needs rule by birthright and class when there is literally a difference in biological class in this world Also, if it was a democracy, all the alphas would have killed each other off Thank God we were all created equal, huh I don t see how there is [...]

  11. 176 inconsistent and disappointing thrown together pagesSo.The sneak preview was attached to this, so make no mistake that this is a 4.99 short story.A short story that seems to struggle with inconsistencies regarding claiming, and who did or didn t die on the rooftop at the end of the previous book It literally rewrites history, to force a tenuous connection between previous characters orange tree swap and the new ones introduced here It even goes as far as changing the impulses behavior of est [...]

  12. Whilst you could read this without having read the Alpha s Claim trilogy a it would improve your understanding make it quicker to get into the book and b they are so amazing you need to read them anyway BUT be warned when we say these books are dark we mean pitch black with dubious consent and also with rape even if the Alpha s don t quite see it the same way However the writing is so wonderful, the characters and settings so well thought out and presented that somehow you not only accept it alt [...]

  13. I LEARNED THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES WHEN I MISBEHAVEFrom the time I learned that Addison Cain was bringing out a new spinoff from her Alpha Claim series, I have heavily anticipated it I have described it as a series you love to hate and personally considered the ending brilliant, allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions as to what truly happens with Shepherd and Claire Well, readers, buckle up and get ready for a new ride and I look forward to the journey While this is a spinoff, I do t [...]

  14. GIVEMEMOREFirst, this is a dark, let me repeat, a dark romance horror story I might have the genre wrong, so don t quote me on it, but I would classify this story in that genre So my advice, read up what a dark read is before your read this story so you know you are about to read something that is designed to f k with you There are no moments of the heroine getting butterflies in her stomach or the dashing hero s seducing the virginal maiden Not that kind of book this story focuses on Brenya and [...]

  15. Stolen starts off where the last series ended but within a different Dome Bernard Shepherd and Claire are still what the story truly revolves around I will get to that but 75% of this story concentrates on Bernard dome and introducing us to the politics behaviors and main characters Jacques, and Bren We soon discover that the elite here is constructed of the same sick depraved and self serving Alpha types that once ruled Tholos Jacques the commodore of Bernard needs to be strung up by his hamstr [...]

  16. Okay this is the second, spinoff, series in the post apocalyptic world of Born to be Bound We re starting in a new dome and with a new hero and heroine I use the term hero loosely because this guy is an entitled jerkwad like the last guy However, there are some scenes with Claire and Shepherd Claire is still recovering so kudos to the author for the realism The world building continues here and we find out about how the world went to hell in a handbasket So I think this guy might be even worse [...]

  17. There s not a phrase that can really describe Addison Cain s books, unless you count fanf Case in point, Stolen I loathed Jacques in every sense imaginable I seriously liked almost nothing about him I wish Jules would have done what he fought so hard against sooner I wish he would have taken Brenya away I hate that Brenya was ever even in Jacques presence And Ancil That dining room scene with Annette and the omega Oh my word No amount of self preservation could have made me submit to that I coul [...]

  18. I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review As with the previous series, this book is dark, twisted and addictive It doesn t recount a romance but an obsession spoilers There s rape, abuse, dubious consent and other sensitive topics Be warned, it s not for the weak But it s a page turner, and I read it all in one sleepless night as in, I was unable to put it down and look, it s dawn.What I loved aside the outstanding writing, I was ecstatic to see again previous characte [...]

  19. Yeah, nope This didn t do anything for me It s one thing if she came to understand and like him on her own, but that didn t happen The was no pleasure in surrender because she literally had no choice, no agency in her own body or reactions There was no torn feelings for him, no desire to be with him She would have rather died on an unknown planted just to get away from him Its not hot, it made me feel depressed for her It s also one thing if the male lead realizes his feelings for her were just [...]

  20. For those of you who follow my reviews, you know I ve said this a million times, I m not much of a cliffhanger lover Usually I ll wait until the final book in a series is ready to release before I start, and then I binge read, because, yes, I m that girlI require closure That said, as with the first book in the Alpha s Claim series, this book, the first in the Alpha s Control series, is a lot of character and world building and although our heroine Brenya is left in a precarious position, it see [...]

  21. Aside from wishing Shepard and Claire got a separate, conclusive book that s a part of their actual series, there s nothing about this I dislikedAnd, really, the scenes with Shepard and Claire were so well done thank god for that Finally some damn happiness I can t really complain about that either so.I m really glad I bought this book despite my dislike for the ending of the last one I really enjoyed the new Dome, and learning about how their society worked I also really liked both of the new [...]

  22. I liked itI did not feel the hatred toward Jacques as everyone else felt shrugs but I did not understand that ending It s a different world under the Domes, and it s different seeing Shephard this way, I never did read the last book to draining for me I might need to go back and read it before the next one comes outLoved how strong Unit 17C name cracks me up is

  23. 1 Star Yeah that pretty much sums up my feelings about this one I only got this book because my friend told me it had been banned, so naturally my interest was piqued and I sourced myself a copy ASAP I don t think it s been banned any, but to be honest I think it should be Not because it s offensive and graphic which I guess it kinda is , but because you will all save your money if you can t buy it Because it s just a lot of nothing, and rape, and nothing Also the things that happened during se [...]

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