[PDF] Download â The Scientist (Omnibus) : by Ryan Michael [PDF] Download â The Scientist (Omnibus) : by Ryan Michael - The Scientist (Omnibus), The Scientist Omnibus Parts Earth is ruled by a ruthless board of machines who live by the unquestioned law of the Records And man through his own conceit is long extinct The Scientist is a brilliant machine who figu

  • Title: The Scientist (Omnibus)
  • Author: Ryan Michael
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle

[PDF] Download â The Scientist (Omnibus) : by Ryan Michael, The Scientist (Omnibus), Ryan Michael, The Scientist Omnibus Parts Earth is ruled by a ruthless board of machines who live by the unquestioned law of the Records And man through his own conceit is long extinct The Scientist is a brilliant machine who figures out how to recreate mankind using preserved DNA Now the human race may walk the Earth again But will the all controlling board allow mankind to survive The Scienti Parts

The Scientist (Omnibus)

[PDF] Download â The Scientist (Omnibus) : by Ryan Michael [PDF] Download â The Scientist (Omnibus) : by Ryan Michael - The Scientist (Omnibus), The Scientist Omnibus Parts Earth is ruled by a ruthless board of machines who live by the unquestioned law of the Records And man through his own conceit is long extinct The Scientist is a brilliant machine who figu The Scientist (Omnibus)

  • [PDF] Download â The Scientist (Omnibus) : by Ryan Michael
    441Ryan Michael
The Scientist (Omnibus)

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  1. Ryan Michael White undertakes a difficult novel writing about a time when Homo sapiens no longer exist, except for one manufactured by the sentient machine called The Scientist.Rich with scientific data and descriptions, White tells the story of an albino female named, rather overtly, Eve If you re interested in science, but don t know much about it, this is a book that explores many of the concerns of the human condition and the increasing presence of machines, without boring too deep I found t [...]

  2. This is actually the first cyberpunk book that I ve ever read That being said, I am a huge science fiction fan in general and thought the premise of this book sounded really unique and interesting The fact that the book is approached from the point of view of the machines instead of the human subject is intriguing I noticed that some viewers complained about the difficulty of understanding this book I can agree that it is difficult in so much as it is set in a future time, about a world that doe [...]

  3. The Scientist is my introduction to author Ryan Michael I haven t read a book quite like this one before A story told from the perspective of machines, rather than a human one is a new experience for me The idea of a mechanical scientist that decides to defy its own programming, as well as the imperatives of the other machines that rule over its society, in order to facilitate the rebirth of the human race, is intriguing.I liked the biblical references in the story, and, in particular, the direc [...]

  4. Fresh Ideas Not Well realized.An intriguing premise lies at the heart of Ryan Michael s THE SCIENTIST, Book 1 At the outset, you re curious to see how the author will elaborate on it, by developing character and plot to reveal his underlying theme.Instead, the premise, once stated, is merely repeated In an apocalyptic future, Homo sapiens is an extinct species and all that remains is a dysfunctional society of AIs locked into obsessive rituals One AI, the Scientist, seeks to rebel As I see it, t [...]

  5. I am a sci fi fan, along with other genres, however I found this book to be different from other sci fi novels I have read The storyline is very original and not one that I have come across in my reading The book has been written in four novellas, each one going back in time to reveal to the plot which explores the creation of humans by robots The book reveals very interesting ideas where the robots believe that they were created by nothing The main character, the Scientist is different to the [...]

  6. Let me begin by saying this book s premise is really cool and original Ryan Michael tells the story in a unique way which had me hooked after the first few pages in terms of point of view I was eager to find out exactly what was happening in the world the author created right off the bat.While reading, I began to notice that the writing became repetitive I found myself reading a discussion or interaction for four pages when it could have been completed in one I had to force myself to not skip th [...]

  7. This book explores a very interesting and unique concept of robots creating a Homo Sapien It has been written in a clever way where the storyline moves back in time throughout each of the four novellas After reading the first novella I was really excited to keep reading the remaining three novellas.The storyline moves quickly and the writing style is direct which kept me captivated and wanting to read There are a variety of original characters who bring something new to the storyline The two ch [...]

  8. Centuries after the extinction of homo sapiens, a perfectly frozen human female is found by the Machines The Scientist is asked to sequence her DNA to add to the Records that contain all laws and knowledge But the Scientist wants to revive her To do so he must break all the rules, and do so in plain sight.The idea of artificial intelligence recreating human life against all odds is intriguing The reverse story progression, from end to beginning, also works well to explain the Scientist s unusual [...]

  9. This is one of the most intriguing and yet most difficult books I ve ever read.The idea of telling a story from a machine s point of view is intriguing But I felt it was inconsistent The machines clearly had emotions and yet at one point the Scientist states that only humans can love yet the machines can feel hate The dialogue loops around and around again, which I suppose was meant to reflect how the machines thought, but for a mere homo sapiens like me it was far too repetitive Telling the sto [...]

  10. This is a short but still entertaining read about a world where Machines basically sentient computers live instead of humans It s sort of the opposite of all the sci fi stuff out there where humans are trying to create artificial intelligence In this case, it s Machines or rather one single Machine, against the desire of all others trying to re create humans after they ve already been extinct for over 1000 years Keep in mind, short doesn t mean bad, but for a slower reader such as myself, it s n [...]

  11. With today s technology going at an unbelievable pace, I think we all ask ourselves even if we don t admit it publicly What happens if all the machines we create would one day take over Well, for the most part, The Scientist might have tapped on the answer to that.Set as a post apocalyptic environment where human species is long extinct and the planet is ruled by emotionless, ruthless machines that recreate humans using preserved DNA, the premise is unique I like books with a lot of dialogue, bu [...]

  12. The scientist is an advanced tale of life told from a machine s point of view It explores the ideas of intellectual, free thinking machines and cryogenically frozen homo sapiens One machine, the scientist, has taken it upon himself to bring back the human race His own Adam and Eve.It was very interesting to view the world through the eyes of a machine It is an idea I have never really come across before The book was rather dialogue heavy and although well written, sometimes it felt rather repeti [...]

  13. Could a machine create man What will man s place on Earth be if that happens That s the central theme of this book and in my opinion it s a highly original concept It had me hooked The pacing and description painted a vivid picture in my mind of a strange future ruled by intelligent machines where the existence of mankind hangs in the balance Will technology advance to the point where a machine can create biological life I sincerely hope not It s both an exciting and terrifying thought.

  14. Finally, a book worth staying up late I love the original idea of the author This is something new, as far as I know Anyway, the book is well written, engrossing and easy to follow The plot moves along with just enough speed to keep it balance and not boring I really can t wait to see this book into the big screen Thumb up

  15. The Scientist is a very interesting concept I just couldn t get into it Not enough action and too much repetitive talking Not enough of any one thing to keep my interest DNF at 24% 2 out of 5 stars.

  16. Ok, so this was free I got really into it and was totally disappointed at the end I was even able to overlook the multitude of spelling errors The concept was completely interesting and the author just kinda, well, took a shit on the end of the story.

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