ì The Emo and The Jock ✓ N. Phillips ì The Emo and The Jock ✓ N. Phillips - The Emo and The Jock, The Emo and The Jock Evan Harris and Cole Morgan couldn t be different Evan is a lonely abused emo who longs for a better life while Cole is the popular quarterback of his high school s football team Unbeknownst to Evan

  • Title: The Emo and The Jock
  • Author: N. Phillips
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Kindle Edition

ì The Emo and The Jock ✓ N. Phillips, The Emo and The Jock, N. Phillips, The Emo and The Jock Evan Harris and Cole Morgan couldn t be different Evan is a lonely abused emo who longs for a better life while Cole is the popular quarterback of his high school s football team Unbeknownst to Evan Cole is gay and has had crush on him for years However Evan wants nothing than to graduate and leave his current life behind him Then his teacher gives him aEvan Harris and Col

The Emo and The Jock

ì The Emo and The Jock ✓ N. Phillips ì The Emo and The Jock ✓ N. Phillips - The Emo and The Jock, The Emo and The Jock Evan Harris and Cole Morgan couldn t be different Evan is a lonely abused emo who longs for a better life while Cole is the popular quarterback of his high school s football team Unbeknownst to Evan The Emo and The Jock

  • ì The Emo and The Jock ✓ N. Phillips
    370N. Phillips
The Emo and The Jock

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  1. 3.5Everyone knows that I m a sucker for these types of novels and that maybe the reason why I was expecting so much from The Emo and The Jock Yes, I loved the plot since in this case the jock was the smart one while the emo needed the help to pass math The love story instantly pulled me in and soon I found myself loving the characters and story line.There are just two things that I didn t like about this story One was the fact that the writer referred to Evan and Cole as the emo and the jock so [...]

  2. So, uh, wow This started out really bad for me I get the stereotype, but it felt like the author was trying to beat me over the head with it The characters have names I don t need them referred to as emo and jock repeatedly The characterizations should be enough description Also, the writing was too simplistic at times, well most of the time I do think the relationship was built pretty reasonably, but I just didn t find myself really attached to either character Even with all that though, this w [...]

  3. I loved this story The plot has been used before in movies and other romance novels but I love it anyway.Evan lives in a trailer park and is abused by his alcoholic ass of a dad Cole has it all, gorgeous, super smart, tall, football star and very rich with parents who travel a lot and just compensate their son with money Evan is failing math and Cole who has had a crush on emo Evan jumps at the chance to tutor Both characters are 18 and at their senior year in high school Conflict comes in the f [...]

  4. 3.15 Some reviewers complained of the overuse of the words emo and jock for the MCs, and they are absolutely right It got to be a bit much and I was literally waiting for the next time one of those two words was used for an MC as I was reading.The storyline is hurt comfort abuse meets a YA Cinderfella and opposites attract with a crazy ex stalker thrown in for good measure, it could have been better, I didn t connect or care for Cole and Evan as much as i wanted to, but I liked it well enough th [...]

  5. Usually if I don t put any stars on the book well, that means that book is just not my type of book and no way am i reading it again One thing that totally totally puts me off is when Charlie said the 3 words Cole immediately break the relationship What was he doing with Charlie for two years Don t tell me there s not even love during the two years That s what turns me off immediately I actually felt sad for Charlie Well, its only my opinion and I just don t like this kind of storyline I don t m [...]

  6. I really loved this 2 characters, and the story was pretty good.The only reason I didn t rate it higher, it was because of the abused This year alone, I have read so many stories portraying abused characters, it is getting really annoying.The authors are running out of ideas that they keep using this, as part of the plot

  7. Review posted at Under the CoversMuch like the mixing of two of your favorite foods that would never seemingly go well with each other until you give it a shot and suddenly discover that it the next best thing since sliced bread, there is something equally amazing about putting together two characters who couldn t be opposite and finding them falling for each other The story of the Emo and the Jock is just like that.Meet the Emo Evan Harris He is a loner and the only emo in a small town school [...]

  8. I liked this book but there were a few niggles First, I found the constant reference to the two main characters as the emo and the jock to be way over used I understand that we are working with stereotypes here but goodnight Second, while some of the writing was quite good, I thought the majority was a bit too simplistic Alot of potential here but it fell a little short for me Third, the major point of angst Charlie I honestly thought it was a bit overdone and didn t really feel much tension, es [...]

  9. 2.5 stars rounded up because for once the jock wasn t questioning his sexuality and was tutoring the emo guy but the rest of the plot was too soap opera like for my taste.

  10. 3.5 stars, I was so excited for this story because the idea sounded like just what I was in the mood for The story was good but I really was looking for angst and it was short so you didn t have much time to get into the characters All in all a good read because it kept my interest enough.

  11. I m a total sucker for books with the opposite attract theme I knew by reading the blurb that I wanted to read this book, so when I received it to read and review, I quickly pushed everything aside and read it I m glad I did because I enjoyed watching the heroes, Evan and Cole s relationship develop from friends to lovers as the book progressed.Life isn t easy for Evan His father is both mentally and physically abusive toward him, so he avoids being home whenever he can Unfortunately for Evan, H [...]

  12. Well, this one had a rough start and boy could I have gone crazy with the highlighter on those grammatical errors I was really looking forward to this story loved the setting and the fact that the author is from West Virginia also but I was about halfway through before I really got into the flow of this author s writing style I think Ms Phillips could have made better word choices at times, but overall I enjoyed the story There were a couple of unexpected twists and turns, each one would pop up [...]

  13. The author did a great job with this story It may have been a touch predictable but the writing was so well done that you won t really mind I found myself drawn into the characters, I worried for them, I hoped for them, I wanted to see how they coped with the things that the author threw at them This book had some interesting plot twists that keep you in the story and, by the end of it all, I found myself cheering for the main couple This is the first time I ve read anything by N Phillips I plan [...]

  14. Though I have to agree with the other reviewers that the use of the terms jock and emo were not only overused, but used awkwardly, I still loved this story.I am a sucker for the stories of overcoming your past to find a better future The harder the bumps, the better I feel when that happy ending comes I guess it comes from knowing enough people who have gone through the same things, or similar.I definitely will recommend this story to others.

  15. This one started off rocky for me, but I m glad I stuck with it The first few chapters read stitlted, and I felt like the author was re telling something instead of just letting the story flow naturally Caught instances of author intrusion, but it worked out and I enjoyed it so we re all good Good story.

  16. This story is to simple and to bland I didn t really connect with Evan or Cole I admit, the way it started it did pull me in the story, but I read other books with same topic, and as such it became boring The emotions between both MC s weren t real in my book.

  17. I m giving it five stars because, for me, it was a beautiful storyBoth Cole and Evan are great and lovable.

  18. Nice turnaround from the usual jocknerd geek emo story with the jock being the one comfortable in his skin And this had a good plot behind the romance angle.

  19. Enjoyable, but I would have given 4 stars if the author had not used the words emo and jock so often in the story.

  20. Some nice characterization here but the stalker storyline is just too over the top for me Still, sweet chemistry between the MCs.

  21. I really loved the characters in this book and I enjoyed the story, I m just not sure if some issues were resolved as quickly as they were to keep the length down because it could easily have been a even longer book The story developed well, and you did have an idea where both characters were coming from, but I guess I liked them enough that I wanted to know And it s not that life was easy breezy for either character, quite the opposite as one deals with abuse while the other deals with abandon [...]

  22. This was a good high school new adult book I say new adult because it has explicit material A lot of reviewers complained about the way the author kept referring to the characters as the Emo and the Jock I can see what they re saying, but it didn t bother me too much I thought the relationship between the two leads was very sweet I loved how the Jock had a crush on the Emo for years and framed his picture, then got so flustered about it The whole plot line with the Villian aka the jock s ex was [...]

  23. I really enjoyed the idea of this story the emo outcast type and the jock type, falling in love The jock doing the one chasing for once was great Watching them connect was great.But then there s the bad First off, the editing was horrible Wrong words, and lots of words were just missing letters It just needed some work Then there was Charlie I think his crazy was just shoved in there to produce drama, and the story didn t really need it I think it would have worked much better to have Charlie b [...]

  24. Se or, esta lectura fue PICA Todo comenzando tan tranquilo hasta que de un momento a otro esos dos est n port ndose mal Las descripciones son r pidas, directas, van al grano sin dar tantas vueltas, pero son las exactas en s de una ocasi n.Los contras de este libro son solo dos cosas La noche de la lluvia de meteorritos, que mee pareci algo adelantada en la trama, prefer a que hubiera quedado m s tarde, Los chicos apenas se conoc an Nada de sexo, tranquilos xD Y lo segundo fue la primera vez que [...]

  25. Loved Evan and Cole together and how they started out so shy around each other But then their passion quickly grew and before you knew it the pool table was getting a test in durability There was enough angst to keep it interesting with the asshole alcoholic father, the crazy bird spurned lover and just teenage life in general I was glad things worked out for these two lonely souls It was an enjoyable read but I do have to agree with other reviewers about the overuse of the words emo and jock It [...]

  26. Synopsis Evan can t wait to graduate and leave high school behind, as he is a loner Cole is on the football team and has a crush on Evan Evan doesn t realize it, but gets a change to know Cole better when he is assigned Cole as a tutor As they grow closer, their happiness is threatened by Cole s ex What I liked the premiseWhat I didn t like this felt very simplistic, with boxes that were ticked for creating maximum drama, without regard to story The editing wasn t the greatest, and I didn t real [...]

  27. La historia es bonita, me gust el hecho de que siendo tan diferentes, Cole se sintiera atra do por Evan La historia de fondo es lo que menos me gust , por eso no le doy m s puntuaci n Charly bueno, no llegu realmente a entender a este personaje y las cosas que hace Algunas cosas son poco cre bles como view spoiler que Evan no supiera que su madre hab a muerto cuando l ya hab a nacido 18 a os viviendo en el mismo pueblo y nunca nadue se lo dijo Mmm extra o hide spoiler Pero en general, es una lec [...]

  28. Meh main complaint with this one was that the author kept on referring to the characters by The Emo or The Jock I kinda got that one was an Emo the other a Jock I found the constant referral to their personas rather than their names kept me at a distance from the charactersI had other issues but I can t remember them nowI did read this book after reading 5 bloody awful books so my tolerance may have been lower than normalwill try to read it again at a later date if only because it was so bloody [...]

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