[PDF] Read ê Straight Up : by James Lear [PDF] Read ê Straight Up : by James Lear - Straight Up, Straight Up Who is trying to kill the members of an elite special ops team that worked off the radar in Iraq in the s It s up to Dan Stagg to track down the survivors the men with whom he stormed an undefended

  • Title: Straight Up
  • Author: James Lear
  • ISBN: 9781627781206
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ê Straight Up : by James Lear, Straight Up, James Lear, Straight Up Who is trying to kill the members of an elite special ops team that worked off the radar in Iraq in the s It s up to Dan Stagg to track down the survivors the men with whom he stormed an undefended surveillance station killing everyone inside And now many years later the team is being targeted in what seems like a series of unrelated attacks Dan teams up with hisWho is trying to k

Straight Up

[PDF] Read ê Straight Up : by James Lear [PDF] Read ê Straight Up : by James Lear - Straight Up, Straight Up Who is trying to kill the members of an elite special ops team that worked off the radar in Iraq in the s It s up to Dan Stagg to track down the survivors the men with whom he stormed an undefended Straight Up

  • [PDF] Read ê Straight Up : by James Lear
    250James Lear
Straight Up

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  1. O.M.G this book is killing me I want to say I loved it, but the last 2% just crumbled my world to piecesDan Stagg is a one man show This is erotica, not romance This is so far from romance that it makes even Special Forces look like a couple of guys plucking off daisy petals la He loves me, he loves me not Dan is the lead character and the one who went under my skin Everyone else is just a fuck, so there s no love interest that you could take seriously here Dan s a very emotional guy, quick to s [...]

  2. James Lear s Straight Up seems to be the finale of a two part series about Dan Stagg, a major in the marines who gave his all for his country and then got pushed out of the service on the wrong side of DADT He s a little bitter about that, for several reasons, and has every right to be.Lear doesn t give you romance He s a great writer Terse, correct, smart and salted with just enough wry humor to keep it from getting grim His characters are intense and vivid, particularly his star, Dan Stagg Lea [...]

  3. 4,5 starsPlease make sure 1 You read the first book before you pick up this one.1 You do not confuse this book with a MM Romance genre, because it is not It is James Lear Erotic literature comprises fictional and factual stories and accounts of human sexual relationships which have the power to or are intended to arouse the reader sexually A common feature of the genre is sexual fantasies on such themes as prostitution, orgies, homosexuality, sadomasochism, and many other taboo subjects and feti [...]

  4. So Freakin GOOD a third Dan Stagg novel is promised by the author for May this year In the Ring A Dan Stagg Novel and I can t wait Lust makes cowards of us all Damn I wish this wasn t the end of the audio series Such great mysteries, but wow Dan Stagg is incredible I just want to know what happens to him I m not going to spoil it for anyone by commenting here, but I can t wait to find out what the next 6 18 months of his life bring him.And that ending gah, I m going to go back and re read the la [...]

  5. Hmmm It was the usual James Lear with his variety of sexual acts etc but I m not sure I liked this version of submissive Dan I prefer alpha Dan 3.5 stars

  6. Ok, when I read the first Dan Stagg book The Hardest Thing I may have been distracted by the campiness of the Jack Reacher gay sex laced parody I certainly enjoyed it, but I may have missed a really good plot This sequel makes me want to go back and pay attention to the story Wow, surprisingly good And unsurprisingly it was very sexy And for James Lear fans keeping score, yes this featured view spoiler water sports hide spoiler.

  7. Completely Unique Man Gets More ComplexDan Stagg is one of the most complex, unique, and totally messed up characters I have come across in ages He s a solid ex military openly gay hard ass with a sweet and much younger lover from the first book in this series But in this book he quickly falls into every single sexual and plot driven circumstance thrown in his way, mostly with great remorse but little will power.I found this to be a mid life crisis journey for a man whom I had much better feelin [...]

  8. Is that a typo August 2015 Almost a year Update Oct 25 Back to the TBR with you had a look at the final few pages shame on me, I know and it looked like a rather unsatisfactory ending So, I can t get myself to return to you right now But I will Later For sure.

  9. The James Lear pen name has become a brand synonymous with clever, satirical, erotic takes on such established genres as the Edwardian mystery, historical adventure, and suspense thriller Heavy on the sex and light on psychological, or hell, even anatomical reality, they are fun, playful, escapist romps Straight Up defies those expectations Sure, it s as heavy on fantastic sex as any other Lear creation But it s not very much fun In fact, it s downright bleak Dan Stagg, the deeply flawed antiher [...]

  10. Following on from the first book we have Dan Stag now in a long distance relationship with Jody who he rescued in The Hardest Thing Jody has gone to fashion college in New York and Dan is back in his home town working at a gym The main gist of this book though is Dan being contacted by a former marine team mate to investigate the death of his close friend in a suspicious fire in New York which in turn leads the main story a mystery as to why his former marine colleagues are being targeted by ass [...]

  11. If Jack Reacher were gay, he might have adventures like these this is a pacy thriller with a brilliant protagonist and lots of vividly described gay sex I can only hope that this series will continue

  12. This is a unique series, and Dan is a unique character He s paranoid, somewhat lost, falls in love too easily, and sleeps around too much But he s compelling in a way that s unlike any other character I can think of I look forward to the next book in the series.

  13. How this is book classified as a romance The only thing in it that relates to romance is sex, there is a lot of sex Here is the problem, there are 4 different people and none are the romantic focus I would call this an erotic mystery, not romance at all.So saying that, it is actually really good But again, not as a romance, don t expect any romance here There is a very confused gay man who wants to fuck anything that moves that looks good and wants the same, even if they might not know it On a s [...]

  14. Even hotter than the first book, compromising the mystery side of the book, which was okay by me I just did not like the ending I like sad endings and cliffhangers, but not bad endings which do not make sense to me It could have ended in a lot of ways better than what actually happened, which seems unexplained and irrational to me But I would still read the next book, if ever there will be.

  15. 63% DNF Watersports Just NO It sort of had a plot, completely overwhelmed by sex With, like, everybody he knew First and last James Lear.

  16. A good action thriller plenty of sex because Dan Stagg is always on the lookout for it A bittersweet ending but maybe a fresh start for Major Stagg.

  17. Another great read, but comparing it to the Mitch series it doesn t reach its level I do hope this series is a trilogy because I am still interested in another novel in this series

  18. Now, that was depressing I had hopes for Dan to find a positive outlook on life But he avoided it wherever he could.

  19. If I m honest, the plot is perhaps a little thin ie not much actually happens for what is after all a 300 page action novel but Lear is a damn good story teller and his books are always highly enjoyable This one is no exception.

  20. Best things about this book the internal monologue, the cynical commentary about the military, the realistic fight sequences the intrigue The ending, totally in character.

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