↠ L'eroe ribelle ✓ Suzanne Brockmann Michela Ippoliti ↠ L'eroe ribelle ✓ Suzanne Brockmann Michela Ippoliti - L'eroe ribelle, L eroe ribelle Gli Stati Uniti si rifiutano di negoziare con i terroristi Meg Moore ha ben in mente queste parole Le aveva sentite ai tempi in cui lavorava come interprete in un ambasciata europea Quelle stesse paro

  • Title: L'eroe ribelle
  • Author: Suzanne Brockmann Michela Ippoliti
  • ISBN: 9788865085035
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback

↠ L'eroe ribelle ✓ Suzanne Brockmann Michela Ippoliti, L'eroe ribelle, Suzanne Brockmann Michela Ippoliti, L eroe ribelle Gli Stati Uniti si rifiutano di negoziare con i terroristi Meg Moore ha ben in mente queste parole Le aveva sentite ai tempi in cui lavorava come interprete in un ambasciata europea Quelle stesse parole per sono una sentenza di morte per sua figlia e sua nonna rapite da un gruppo di estremisti Meg farebbe qualsiasi cosa per salvarle persino uccidere Il marine Jo Gli Stati Uniti

L'eroe ribelle

↠ L'eroe ribelle ✓ Suzanne Brockmann Michela Ippoliti ↠ L'eroe ribelle ✓ Suzanne Brockmann Michela Ippoliti - L'eroe ribelle, L eroe ribelle Gli Stati Uniti si rifiutano di negoziare con i terroristi Meg Moore ha ben in mente queste parole Le aveva sentite ai tempi in cui lavorava come interprete in un ambasciata europea Quelle stesse paro L'eroe ribelle

  • ↠ L'eroe ribelle ✓ Suzanne Brockmann Michela Ippoliti
    282Suzanne Brockmann Michela Ippoliti
L'eroe ribelle

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  1. 3.65 A Buddy read with my friend Jo The Abtastic Ab Loving Geishas, despite not having hot man abs on the cover Well, another Navy Seal Alpha Dude story of falling in love and doing whatever possible to get the girl of his dreams to accept his love This time it was John Nilsson and the widowed mother of a 10 year old girl, Meg The first time they have met was at a foreign country where she helped him pull a stunt which could have endangered people s lives In that instance, she had noticed how li [...]

  2. Buddy read with the amazing Choko As with the previous book, The Defiant Hero seems to follow the same recipe featuring the romance of the main couple, but also a romance set in a past war I ve let you get away too many times before, he said quietly She could barely hear him over the rain I m not letting you go this time Not willingly Not when you need me and dammit, you do need me I m not a big fan of second chance romances but for the most part I liked the romance between Meg Moore and Navy SE [...]

  3. I really enjoyed this book by Suzanne Brockmann about the Navy Seal Team 16 and their romances I gave it 3 stars because it felt like that Brockmann s main plot was weak I didn t like Meg at all and the relationship with John and dialog felt weak and forced, almost not interesting In fact, MEG IS TOO STUPID TO LIVE Sorry, had to get that off my chest I hate it when female characters are stupid Oh gee, I have a big strong Navy Seal to help me but I m sure I know better how to handle a terrorist t [...]

  4. I disliked the characters, and I disliked the author s writing style.The author has five different stories happening, 3 current day and 2 flashbacks She frequently is telling one story, then stops at a cliff hanger point, then goes on to another two stories before coming back to the first story Notwithstanding the cliff hangers, she is jumping around within these five stories for the entire book It was irritating, annoying and offensive It felt worse than tv commercial interruptions Other author [...]

  5. This book took me 10 days to read, that s terrible The first half of this book was slow Honestly, I really really did not like Meg Talk about TSTL, at least for me If she d just trusted John from the immediate things would have been a lot interesting, in my opinion The constant driving from place to place and all the arguing about trust, it was overkill It felt like 75% of the book was the same conversation between Meg and John over and over again However, the last quarter of the book was reall [...]

  6. Meg Moore is approached by a man in a parking garage He tells her that her ten year old daughter Amy and her elderly Grandmother Eve are being held hostage until Meg complies with their demands Meg must enter the Kazbekistan Embassy and kill Osman Razeen, a known terrorist With no other option, Meg enters the Embassy, taking the Ambassador, Razeen, and a third man hostage When the hostage negotiator contacts her, Meg insists that she will speak with no one except Navy SEAL John Nilsson Meg and J [...]

  7. This was another excellent book in this series Three different stories being told at the same time which all weave into the main thread of the book Never was I confused or lost It was so very clever And, as with the first book, the WWII history and story line within that weave was wonderful And, again, all the characters in all the stories were so well written and developed This author has an amazing talent and I am so thrilled to have discovered her, albeit a bit late to the party Just a fabulo [...]

  8. 4 Defiant Hero Herione STARS This is how I pictured Eve She was fantastic to read The book as a whole is filled with romance and suspense And a good solid story with well done plotting and pacing The steam factor IMO was kind of PG 13 with extra sizzle factor added A Romance s Eve Ralph cute couple I liked them Sam Alyssa one of my favorite couples in this series thus far I loved them.Meg Nils I liked them The Action was solid.The suspense was awesome The descriptive writing was perfection I fel [...]

  9. Book two in the long running and popular Troubleshooters series, Suzanne Brockmann again incorporates three plotlines to weave her story Surprisingly it wasn t the main plotline regarding kidnapping, terrorists and second chance love or the WWII nostalgic story which really kept my interest it was the explosive enemies to lovers third thread between Roger Sam Starrett and FBI sharpshooter Alycia Locke that earned this book an extra half a star And promises to be ongoing over the next couple of i [...]

  10. A primera vista me pareci un libro que me iba a entretener bastante pero de por qu me ha costado muchissssimo terminarlo As que las 2 estrellas puede que no sean nada justas porque, realmente, no encuentro raz n para que no me haya gustado La historia no est mal escrita, es t pica dentro de su g nero pero con personajes escritos con cierta dignidad, dotados de historia y car cter.una pena.Leer el siguiente antes de darle carpetazo a la autora

  11. This was a really good book, but i have to agree with others that Meg got on my nerves a time or two Not enough to ruin the book for me, but there were a few times i want it to plain smack her It seem to me that her decisions were all very stupid, she truly topped the cake when it came to stubborn heroine for sake of being contrary.

  12. Me ha gustado un mont n.Es una historia con muchas tem ticas, romance, suspense, acci n, y adem s, 2 historias de amor paralelas 1 de ellas queda resuelta, la otra supongo que tendr su libro protagonista o acabar como paralela en otro libro de la serie.Recomendable.

  13. I was really looking forward to this novel as I loved the first book, Unsung Hero, in this series Unfortunately, this book has failed to capture me in the same way.There are numerous character story lines fighting for attention and the transitions are very choppy It seemed like we, the readers, are a pin ball in a pin ball machine as we are careening from character to character as well as jumping from past to present in many of the characters lives It is just too much In the first book, it seeme [...]

  14. I have to agree with other reviews I ve glanced at for most of the novel, the main female protagonist is just too stupid to be believed Let s see your daughter is taken hostage by a terrorist extremist group and they want you to use your connections as a linguist to hold another terrorist hostage at his embassy and then deliver him to them in exchange for your daughter s life Okay Now, would you have a better chance of getting your daughter out of that situation alone, or with a team of Navy SEA [...]

  15. Like the previous book, several stories at different period in time mingled in this book The lead one involved Meg, whose daughter and grand mother were taken hostage, and who was manipulated by terrorists to do their bidding She got John to help her.A second one with the hostages being hostages, trying to survive and escape While trying to survive, the grandmother remembered and told back to the little girl how she first fell in love with Ralph during WW2 in England A third one with another mem [...]

  16. I ve read this book multiple times It predates my kindle and my paperback is well loved It s been so long since I d read this, that while I remembered the story, I had forgotten some of the details One of the things I love about Meg is that she is willing to do anything for her daughter That s the driving force behind all of her actions throughout the book Similarly, John feels the same way about Meg and he s willing to do anything to help her and save her daughter I really do love them together [...]

  17. I m giving this book 5 stars, because of the secondary characters Sam and Alyssa These two have captured my attention I loved the tension between these two Sam had the hots for Alyssa for very long time She plagued this sexy Texan mind for years and he had to have her Of course, his method of getting the girl was to go the school boy s route He would nag at her Do things to get her upset Call her names that he knew she didn t like That was his way of saying, I like you woman See me your lion, ro [...]

  18. This is my first book by Suzanne Brockmann so I wasn t sure what to expect A friend recommended it as she s read it many times and loved it, so I gave it a shot I enjoyed many aspects of this book I also didn t like a few The main couple, Meg and John, were great Their story was interesting and intriguing I really liked seeing them go through all the suspense of trying to find Meg s daughter and grandmother while also coming to terms with their personal relationship and finally exploring their f [...]

  19. Al igual que en el libro anterior, nos encontramos con historias entrecruzadas de los diferentes protagonistas la pareja principal, secundarios y otra sobre la IIGM.La historia central de Nils y Meg, est bastante bien llevada con suspense y acci n El principal problema de sta es Meg, me ha parecido insoportable, pichote y no entiendo porqu Nils sigui con ella Me ha puesto tan nerviosa que he tenido que dajarla descansar en un par de ocasiones.Despu s est n los secundarios de lujo Sam y Alyssa, y [...]

  20. I m a fan of multiple storylines, and there are 3 great stories happening within this book The main plotline involves Meg Nils with a good mix of intrigue, suspense, chemistry, and frustration as they race against time to save Meg s daughter We get an introduction into Sam Alyssa s story with a whole lot of attraction hidden beneath layers of denial very hot steamy can t wait for And we get the past love story of Eve Ralph as Eve tells the story to her granddaughter while they are held hostage [...]

  21. Once again, I can t believe how much I like this series I think I could read a few consecutively, but then have to take a break Like a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book series I love Suzanne Brockmann s writing style I love that there is always an older generation that has a war story to tell of their own This book was a tad unbelievable in that the woman kidnapped an ambassador so easily, but again, it was written in the early 2000, so I guess technology would be less.Overall, I liked the book, and [...]

  22. Really good, but holy cripe did it seem like it went on forever I was interested in the Eve Ralph story and the Alyssa Sam story than Meg and Nils Meg was another one of those characters that you just want to shake some sense into Just trust the experts lady

  23. I m going to start this off by saying I think it depends on what sort of read you re looking for This book had the action with the mission of rescuing a little girl and grandmother from terrorists, then it had a subplot that included fiesty, snippy, teasing, I want you but won t admit it love story, then on top of that subplot it also had a sickly sweet war romance from way back in the day So it s got all things going for it Not all of it awesome, but overall it was a neat package.Most of the fe [...]

  24. It s been quite a while since I read The Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann JJ LOVED that book so she bossed me into reading it It was a definite 4 star read for me I found myself not knowing what to read this week and decided to go back to this series I had forgotten a lot, but I hadn t forgotten that navy SEALs are hot so I gave this a go I wasn t disappointed What I loved most about this story is oddly what I also had a bit of a hard time with Confused Let me explain Brockmann has essentially 3 [...]

  25. This one was book 2 in the Navy SEALS Team 16 series.And I gotta say, I m getting really attached to this series The characters are awesome, as are the storylines and the romances And I love that even after or before characters have their own book, they are big parts of the others They don t just slink off into the post book netherworld as happens in some series.This one is about SEAL John Nilsson and a woman named Meg Moore Years before the book occurred, they d met and become friends They want [...]

  26. Although I am a fan of the Troublemaker series this was not a favorite of mine Meg Moore s daughter and grandmother are kidnapped by extremist from Kazbekistan The reason is to force Meg to either kill or deliver Osman Razeen, a terrorist leader, to the extremist She does this by first enlisting the aid of seal team 16 through a seal that she met in Kazbekistan several years ago Then betraying him and going on her merry way to take Razeen to the extremists.Meg in my opinion falls in the category [...]

  27. Troubleshooters Series Book 2 Navy SEALS, Romantic SuspenseYou could read this book without having read the previous Though there are some characters that appear in both books Like in book 1 there are three different stories going on in this The MCs, Meg and John, story Extremists kidnap Meg s daughter and grandmother to make her do what they want John and the other troubleshooters step in to help John and Meg have a history of friendship and attraction John is much younger then Meg When they fi [...]

  28. I started reading this series after numerous rave reviews from friends I really liked Unsung Hero, and I liked this one as well, just not as much The romance between Nils and Meg seemed stilted and the intensity of the other romances overshadowed theirs so much that I had a hard time enjoying their story Nils was great but, Meg verged on TSTL in my mind The continuing story of Sam and Alyssa was fun to read but the story that made this whole book for me was the story of Eve and Ralph Particularl [...]

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