Kin Best Read || [Lili St. Crow] Kin Best Read || [Lili St. Crow] - Kin, Kin Dreamily dark and spellbinding with a hint of horror New York Times bestselling author Lili St Crow stuns with this toothsome retelling of Little Red Riding Hood Full moon Glowing eyes Red lips And s

  • Title: Kin
  • Author: Lili St. Crow
  • ISBN: 9781595146212
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback

Kin Best Read || [Lili St. Crow], Kin, Lili St. Crow, Kin Dreamily dark and spellbinding with a hint of horror New York Times bestselling author Lili St Crow stuns with this toothsome retelling of Little Red Riding Hood Full moon Glowing eyes Red lips And such sharp sharp teeth In the kin world girls Ruby de Varre s age are expected to play nice get betrothed and start a family especially if they re rootkin and the faDreamily dark and spellbind


Kin Best Read || [Lili St. Crow] Kin Best Read || [Lili St. Crow] - Kin, Kin Dreamily dark and spellbinding with a hint of horror New York Times bestselling author Lili St Crow stuns with this toothsome retelling of Little Red Riding Hood Full moon Glowing eyes Red lips And s Kin

  • Kin Best Read || [Lili St. Crow]
    109Lili St. Crow

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  1. Honestly, I liked the first two books Ruby sounded really cool and full of self confidence so I was excited to see what her perspective would be like Unfortunately, much like Cami and Ellie she has low self esteem It s all a mask, a wall which separates everyone from her She acts like multiple different people so that others wouldn t be disappointed in her Cami had her real mother be the villain, Ellie had her evil step mother and Ruby has an evil boyfriend Or specifically an evil counterfeit [...]

  2. Although I really liked the two previous book, I really disliked this one So full of holes Ruby, used to be brave and smart, but here, she is soooo stupid Oh, please A guy from nowhere, totally weird and acts violent towards her, and still Ruby hides everything and keep accepting the idea to maybe marry him, because her Gran wants it And her Gran knowing he was weird, still didn t told her about it and keep him in their home Ruby s friends noticed something was out of place, but even so, she pre [...]

  3. 3.5 Stars view spoiler Although sometimes predictable andVERYinfuriating, I enjoyed this book so much than Wayfarer What really irked me, however, is that Ruby kept coming up with excuses for Conrad Adam Who I absolutely hated I know it wasn t her fault, and her judgement was clouded, but I would have thought that she would have been smarter to recognise how toxic their relationship was, or at least stand up for herself like she would for Cami and Ellie Additionally, the miscommunication betwee [...]

  4. I loved KIN, just like the earlier two novels in St Crow s Tales of Beauty and Madness series of fairy tale retellings The world building is sublime, and we can all only dream of having friends as fiercely loyal and kickass as Ruby Little Red Riding Hood , Ellie Cinderella and Cami Snow White Ruby s long awaited story did not disappoint with its elements of horror and mystery its sensitive portrayal of an abusive relationship and its delicious werewolf lore I admit Ellie s tale is my favorite of [...]

  5. I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Ruby deVarre is Rootkin the granddaughter of the most revered clanmother in all of New Haven.For Kin, nothing comes before family, and it s about time for Ruby to start thinking about settling down and starting one of her own But settling down is the farthest thing from wild child Ruby s mind All she wants to do is drive fast with her friends and run free through the woods with Hunter and Thorne, two of her favo [...]

  6. Loved I m hoping there will be in this series by Lili St Crow Maybe a book that follows up on Cami, Elli, and Ruby.

  7. This review was crossposted from my blog To view the entire post and , click here.Kin is the third and final novel in Lili St Crow s Tales of Beauty and Madness series I didn t actually do a review for the first novel, Nameless, but there is one in the archives for Wayfarer, if you re interested And what a spectacular finale it was.First, a warning St Crow s Tales of Beauty and Madness are dark The kind of dark that reminds you that fairy tales were originally warnings, not animated musicals Th [...]

  8. In the kin world, girls Ruby de Varre s age are expected to play nice, get betrothed, and start a family especially if they re rootkin, and the fate of the clan is riding on them But after a childhood of running wild in the woods, it s hard to turn completely around and be demure Even if your Gran is expecting it Then Conrad, handsome and charming, from a clan across the Waste, comes to New Haven to seal alliance between their two families The sparks fly immediately Conrad is smart, dominant, an [...]

  9. Warning Spoilers to those who have not read the previous two books Kin is the third and final book in the Tales of Beauty and Madness series The series is a fairytale retelling What if Snow White, Cinderella and Red Riding Hood where best friends that went to the same prep school as teenager They lived in a world that similar to ours but instead of just electronics and science, they had those things but everything was tangled in magic Warning this series must be read in order or you will get spo [...]

  10. I worried about this book So many people had expressed excitement over a book from Ruby s point of view, only to find it lacking I do see where their complaints are coming from this certainly isn t the same Ruby from the two previous installments But there s a reason for it Not only is her tough exterior a facade, fooling even her friends, it s also now falling apart as a result of new clan responsibilities, as well as from events from the previous books Ruby ruminates on the incident from Wayfa [...]

  11. Kin 3By Lili St CrowOverview I thought it d be better I really did 3 stars is honestly pretty generous considering how laggy and eh it ended up being I fell in love with Nameless and since I couldn t get my hands on Wayfarer in the meantime, I jumped to Kin because I thought, Heck, why not It can t be that bad The jumping over the second book was fine, actually It was just the content was not what I d thought it to be First of all, Ruby Where was the strong, secure, and fiercely over protective [...]

  12. This was part of my 2015 reading challenge a book that scares you I had read some from this author before and I remembered that she takes creepy villains to a whole other level So I had been putting this book off because I m a chicken and don t like to be scared so when I read that challenge I knew this would be the perfect book for that So The reason I gave this two stars instead of three was because most of the book Ruby acts like such an idiot I want to slap her and quit reading a you have ba [...]

  13. The Tales of Beauty and Madness series is easily one of my favorite fairytale retelling YA series Set in a lavishly complex and magical world, each book paints and of a picture of the enchanting setting, and specifically dives into the sub community each heroine lives in.One of my favorite things about this series is while all three girls do have borderline extremely low self esteem which may or may not be ultimately cured through validation from the opposite sex , and other high school girl t [...]

  14. I was actually surprised by how much I liked this book Though I am a fan of miss Saintcrow s books for adults, her endeavors in the YA field hadn t impressed me so far The previous two books in this trilogy had certain flaws which I have illustrated in my reviews, so my hopes for Kin hadn t really been that high However, I think this third novel is the best of the series, for it has all of the great qualities of Nameless and Wayfarer and none of the faults Ruby is a likeable, relatable character [...]

  15. This trilogy is one of my favorites Its highlight is the friendship between the three girls inspired by Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella Set in an alternative future America, long after a magical apocalypse, the world is portrayed in intriguing sketches and lyrical language.Ruby is the wild daughter of the de Varre clan and lives with her grandmother, the clan s matriarch It s hinted that they are than human When Ruby is told she must marry someone of the clan s choosing, she rebels [...]

  16. This book was hard for me read Not because of the story, which was everything I love about this author s writing It was the trap that Ruby found herself in I struggled with Knowing how every gesture, every token of love, every request for forgiveness was going to end up, I fought my way through I believe it had to be written it fit perfectly with Ruby s personality Her innate dominance the fear that can cause in others who feel they can t be equal, they can t be submissive And so they use charm, [...]

  17. TOO GOOD I had to read something for myself to save my sanity I forgot this had come out and I immediately put it on hold for myself.I could have done with a fast skim of the first two, but I think I did all right I adore each and every one of these books and tbh Ruby s story was the one I had really been waiting for Snow White and Cinderella are done sooo much but this was the first I had gotten of Little Red Riding Hood Perfectly paced, full of suspense and charm, and with just a hint of horro [...]

  18. The story itself was good However, the writing style was incredibly confusing at some points and the allusions to objects and people in the New Haven setting were a bit odd Throughout all three books things like maryjanes and Mithrusmas are referenced I understand what their equivalents are in reality, but I don t understand why they were renamed I guess it would be to fit the story, but why not make up entirely new objects or holidays for an entirely new fictional world Other than the renaming [...]

  19. This was a really powerful story Like, it was a little less fairytale ish at times than the other two but it was wonderful to see that each girl has their insecurities but ultimately at the end, they will come together for each other Their love for one another is true, their friendship can survive and has survived so much full review on my book blog

  20. edit Sorta disappointed for the ending of a trilogy Haha maybe ny expectations are too high review to come.hopefully ugh pre review my, is it 2015 yet I m literally waiting to add this beauty to my shelf with the first two

  21. Not so much a fan of the constant self loathing, and the lies It is just a tad too overdramatic for me, reading the first in this series i thought it would just be the one character, but every single one of them fought with their own problems when they could easily confide in others It was a recurring theme that wasn t so great.

  22. Nameless is my favorite of the three books I need to reread all three books because I did not realize how much of Ruby is a pretense, a mask she hides behind If I wanted to yell at Ell when I read Wayfarer, I wanted to shake some sense into Ruby Abuse is never okay abuse is never deserved Kin is an extremely dark book set in an extremely dark, dangerous, and fascinating world.

  23. The book was fine The plot was good Exciting A little eerie But there were many unnecessary , detailed parts going to school that can be fast forward The author could explain about the system or some backgrounds info of Rubys family.

  24. I have really enjoyed Ms Saintcrow s take on these fairy tales, and this one, a Red Riding Hood derivative, is one of the best.Ruby has a position to uphold, a Grandmother to save, and Conrad to puzzle out.Intriguing stuff and great fun.

  25. Probably my favorite of the series and a great way to wrap up the trilogy Twists and turns for sure as Ruby tries to figure out who to trust and who not to while trying to decide her future.

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