[PDF] Good Sam | by ☆ Dete Meserve [PDF] Good Sam | by ☆ Dete Meserve - Good Sam, Good Sam Bestseller and multi award winner Romantic mystery with an uplifting ending Good Sam is in development as a film for The Hallmark Channel Also read the follow up to Good Sam that s getting rave revi

  • Title: Good Sam
  • Author: Dete Meserve
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Good Sam | by ☆ Dete Meserve, Good Sam, Dete Meserve, Good Sam Bestseller and multi award winner Romantic mystery with an uplifting ending Good Sam is in development as a film for The Hallmark Channel Also read the follow up to Good Sam that s getting rave reviews Perfectly Good Crime as featured in Parade USA Today BuzzFeed Working Mothers and Publishers Weekly says Meserve s narrative haswell conceived di Bestseller and multi award winner Ro

Good Sam

[PDF] Good Sam | by ☆ Dete Meserve [PDF] Good Sam | by ☆ Dete Meserve - Good Sam, Good Sam Bestseller and multi award winner Romantic mystery with an uplifting ending Good Sam is in development as a film for The Hallmark Channel Also read the follow up to Good Sam that s getting rave revi Good Sam

  • [PDF] Good Sam | by ☆ Dete Meserve
    385Dete Meserve
Good Sam

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  1. Some elements of a mystery, some of a romance This book features a main character that somehow manages to be naive and cynical at the same time I did find the storyline of Good Sam very interesting, but the romance was just too much, too quickly for me I guess I m just not a romance kind of girl This would be a good book to bring along on the beach Relatively short and easy to digest, it should be a light enjoyable read that many will be able to finish in one sitting Kate is used to covering the [...]

  2. What can I say.It was very interesting With the whole Hidden Cash thing going on right now across the world this whole story just became so REAL However, that begs the question that our character Kate had to answer it for attention As the story goes, someone is leaving a huge sum of money on the door steps of people around the city and news reporter, Kate Bradley, is assigned the job of finding out not only why, but who A job she not only doesn t want in the beginning, but as the story progresse [...]

  3. A Wonderful Comfort Read You ve heard of comfort food Dete Meserve has created a comfort read Good Sam is a book that soothes the soul, with mystery, intrigue, and romance.The heroin reminds us that we are assaulted daily by news featuring mans inhumanity towards man As a reporter she thrives on this sort of feature story When assigned a story she thinks is too fluffy she tries to reject it But the story draws her in and we discover, along with her, that this story though the complete opposite o [...]

  4. This book was a quick read but not a good one Describing this book as a mystery is insulting to good mysteries Calling it a romance makes me feel sad for people who think it is, there is no excitement between the characters at all While I wasn t looking for 50 shades of gray in the characters chemistry, theirs could be described as 1 shade of pale pinkor maybe just taupe.

  5. What a gem I read this book in one sitting, after having just finished a very hefty one GOOD SAM had a charming storyline, a handsome love interest, and a very unique premise who doesn t love the idea of a mystery that tries to discover who has done something good instead of something awful Loved it so much that I downloaded the sequel as soon as I was done.

  6. I liked this book I really did, but I just didn t love it I love a story that has good versus evil and this story definitely did I think that I really wanted it to be about the good sam and the good works than about the love story Okay, so needless to say, I loved part of the story The love story portion was far to predictable to me I had it figured out right away Characters were good, half of the plot was great, the other so so I just wanted , a less obvious storyline Thank you to NetGalley an [...]

  7. I had the privilege of reading Good Sam as an advanced reader a few months before it was released and was captivated by the strong characters and fast pace, Therefore, when I heard that the audio version had been released, I downloaded it and was able to once again enjoy this feel good story Dete Meserve did Good Sam justice by selecting a top notch narrator who captures the voice I imagined for her protagonist, reporter, Kate Bradley Whether you have read Good Sam or not I highly recommend the [...]

  8. A enthralling story about goodness Who is this person who is giving people 100,000 anonymously Kate Bradley is a TV reporter and is used to getting the Bummer Beat news stories.s, floods, beatings, gang activity But her assignment boss gives her this goody two shoes story And her life changes The Good Sam story takes off She meets Eric Hayes, a fearless fire fighter, and her ex fiance comes back into her life Again, who is this person who gives so much money away

  9. The plot of this book a Good Samaritan who gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars to seemingly random people and the effect uncovering the truth has on a young reporter seemed like it would make an intriguing book However, the writing and character development lacked depth Luckily, it s a quick read After making it halfway, I decided to bite the bullet and finish the book The second half was better, but not by much.

  10. Gripping story, reads like a movie Good Sam drew me in from the first page and I could not put it down Dete Meserve weaves a tale filled with twists and turns that keep you guessing Wonderfully descriptive with fascinating behind the scenes details of a TV news station, Good Sam blurs the line between personal and professional in the search for the truth An uplifting page turner that reminds us to look for the good in the world, and ourselves.

  11. This was an easy at a go kind of a read Storyline was definitely different, giving an altruistic slant to the read with a dash of mystery and investigation The entire story is ideally about finding out the identity of Good Sam, the Good Samaritan There are few niggles the romance felt a bit off and I didn t care too much about the characters or writing Overall, an okay read

  12. I remember now why I don t like romance books, and this is definitely romance Whomever classified this as a mystery was off the mark, though there is a bit of a mystery in this piece Who is Good Sam

  13. Having received Dete Meserve s novel Good Sam as a Library Thing Giveaway novel, I was intrigued by the idea of a Good Samaritan in LA giving away 100,000 to seemingly random individuals Kate Bradley, a news reporter for Channel Eleven, discovers the Good Sam and the reason for the cash gifts As she tracks down the elusive Good Sam, Kate also finds resolution to her own fears of trusting another, overcoming a phobia, and realizing true love Although this story seems a bit contrived, I was touche [...]

  14. Good Sam Dete Meserve s debut novel has is all While first intrigued by the story behind the story, I was delighted with the depth and pacing of this novel, which is focused on good rather than evil Good Sam is an intriguing mystery filled with enough twists and turns to keep the reader turning pages into the wee hours of the morning I stopping reading only when my eyes refused to remain focused Kate Bradley, Meserve s savvy, driven local TV news reporter is compellingly real, facing real life i [...]

  15. I won this book in a giveaway This is Dete Meserve s first book I really enjoyed it In this story, Kate Bradley is a reporter who covers murders, disasters, and tragedy in the Los Angeles area Kate knows that violence is everywhere but then she is assigned to cover a story about 10 people who have found 100,000 by their front door Kate dubs the giver as The Good Samaritan, or Good Sam The story that unfolds includes family, love, liars, and loss It is all sensitively and tastefully woven togethe [...]

  16. Paying it forward A MUST READ I absolutely LOVED this book with its well rounded, believable characters in realistic situations, I felt like I was back in Los Angeles This story has it all Plenty of mystery and romance, heroism and deceit, love and loss, but all with a touch of humor Set around a news reporter assigned to a feel good story, instead of her usual tragedy and crime beat, and her quest to find the truth about the Good Sam who s giving away a total of 1,000,000.00 to local residents [...]

  17. Used to mostly seeing the dark side of life, LA TV reporter, Kate Bradley s news hound instincts kick into high gear when a mystery person leaves a 100,000 cash in a bag on the doorstep of a person who desperately needs it.New author Dete Meserve has given us a good Samaritan theme that doesn t just touch us emotionally, but equally entertains us with intrigue, mystery, a budding romance who doesn t love a polite, handsome, hero fireman , and a snake charmer of an ex flame, who s best left ex Re [...]

  18. I wasn t that tired last night and the book was good , so I stayed up late to finish it I really enjoyed it This book is a great mix of romance, mystery, and is a light read, but not to the point where you feel your brain turning to mush There s a bit of a point to it, which is fun I also really enjoyed the conversational writing style When I got it, it was through a recommendation from BookBub a website which informs you of bargain Kindle books , and it was 2.99 on For 2.99, snatch this up, and [...]

  19. What a great story It s 6 a m I just finished Good Sam It was too good to put down so I m just now going to go to bed It was worth losing sleep over The writing was superb and this word nerd grammar Nazi was impressed with the editing as well I fell in love with Kate and Eric and booed at the greedy and manipulative Jack I m going to find everything else I can from this author

  20. If you like Nicholas Sparks books, then you will definitely enjoy Good Sam It has the same emotional touchpoints of a Sparks book yet with a compelling mystery that will keep you guessing until the end I fell in love with Eric Hayes and was completely absorbed in Kate Bradley s journey to find good in the world Definitely recommend.

  21. Honesty triumphs over deceit in Good Sam If you like romance mixed in with a mystery the Good Sam will surely be a must read A TV reporter seeks the truth even at the risk of losing her career and the possibly someone she loves Some of our TV newscasters today could use the lesson that the viewing audience expects and deserves the truth in the stories reported,

  22. Great read A wonderful story about honesty, hope, love, healing and self forgiveness I loved the way the story played out and concluded You will not regret taking the time to read this story.

  23. A great feel good book for the holidays A news reporter is sent out to discover who and why someone has been dropping bags of money off one folks porches She s used to covering murders, floods, robberies She s not sure how to handle this whole Good Samaratin thing.

  24. I loved this book It is a wonderful debut novel Take a good story line, some romance and a good mystery and you have a book that keeps you reading until the final pages and this book did I certainly hope there will be other books to follow by this author.

  25. Good Sam is the story of what happens when you report a story that leads to something than you can ever imagine After covering stories like disasters and tragedy, Kate Bradley knows that the good in news is hard to find When 10 people start to received bags with money in them, Kate is assigned to the story to find who is this elusive Good Sam When Kate gets into a accident that lands her in the presence of a firefighter named Eric Hayes who is dealing with losing his brother in a tragic boating [...]

  26. I won this book via a giveaway I had never heard of Dete Meserve before and I loved the book It was a very quick read that grabbed my attention from the first few pages I love the idea of Good Sam and that there are good people in this world.

  27. I won this book in a giveaway I really enjoyed it A reporter is assigned to cover a story about 10 people who have found 100,000 by their front door Quickly the name Good Sam is applied This story has it all including families, loves, liars, and loss Very tastefully written is the Good Sam story I like the light mystery This book is not complex but it caught me from the first page.

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