[PDF] Triplet | by ↠ Timothy Zahn [PDF] Triplet | by ↠ Timothy Zahn - Triplet, Triplet For one researcher Triplet is a marvel promising both advanced technology and magic But a world of sinister secrets lurks just below the surface Grad student Danae Panya s dream assignment has been

  • Title: Triplet
  • Author: Timothy Zahn
  • ISBN: 9780671653415
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Triplet | by ↠ Timothy Zahn, Triplet, Timothy Zahn, Triplet For one researcher Triplet is a marvel promising both advanced technology and magic But a world of sinister secrets lurks just below the surface Grad student Danae Panya s dream assignment has been approved She ll study Triplet the strange planetary system scarred by nuclear war and connected through portals The most experienced Courier of Triplet Ravagin willFor one researcher Tripl


[PDF] Triplet | by ↠ Timothy Zahn [PDF] Triplet | by ↠ Timothy Zahn - Triplet, Triplet For one researcher Triplet is a marvel promising both advanced technology and magic But a world of sinister secrets lurks just below the surface Grad student Danae Panya s dream assignment has been Triplet

  • [PDF] Triplet | by ↠ Timothy Zahn
    206Timothy Zahn

424 thought on “Triplet

  1. It was a fairly imaginative world 3 of them with gates between the story idea was fairly interesting, but somewhat contrived the plot was pushed along in places Something about it never really clicked with me, though I read it, but doubt I ll do so again I could put it down at any time with no regrets I think part of the problem was his characterization He just didn t pull them off well They were forced used to push situations too much The suspense just didn t ring true.

  2. Premis was interesting but the main female character was annoying to the point of hoping some bad would happen to her.

  3. After not liking Zahn s Pawn, I re read an older novel to see if it was the book or if his writing no longer appealed to me I m pleased to report I quite enjoyed Triplet as a mix of science fiction and fantasy Yes, it s mostly action, but some cleverness is needed to unravel and defeat the conspiracy At the times the main character tried too hard to make herself unlikeable, but fortunately she gives this up about halfway through Yes, it s a cliche that a female heiress and a male guard would fal [...]

  4. As usual, wowI grabbed this simply because of the author and I was not disappointed Excellent concepts, fresh takes on magic, spirits and technology combined with his fantastic world building made a great read.

  5. Timothy Zahn is one of my favorite authors, so I had high hopes for this book quality wise Didn t know what it was about ahead of time, was just looking for something to do w my Nook.This is a sci fi book, but without the pew pew There s a planet, Triplet, so named because it s actually 3 planets in one Who built this system, how does it work, and why did these aliens it must be aliens, right populate the 2 inner planets w humans None of this is explained because no one knows The tunnels between [...]

  6. Another older Timothy Zahn book I hadn t heard about I quite enjoyed it It felt simultaneously familiar and novel, in that it s set sometime in the future with space travel only the characters are thrust into situations where they don t get to use their technology The main events happen on three worlds hence the name, Triplet which are an interesting study of contrasts one is a normal human world, one has super advanced technology but society is in a feudal state, and one has magic and spirits.I [...]

  7. I liked the ending because it showed how she turned the situation around at the end with the use of her trillionaire father s money at her disposal to fight the problems of tripletz invasion by positioning herself at the gateportal to do something good from where she could as best she could Itz understandable how her father is soo rich he sends bodyguards and bribes to make sure she is safe and padded with protection rigging her life up soo much she runs soo much even into a world where his mone [...]

  8. I m not sure why women protagonists are often written so irritatingly Danae is whiny, childish, thinks she knows it all and is highly offended by anyone trying to educate her on the reality of the worlds of Shamsheer or Karyx Her characterization reminds me of many a YA novel where the protagonist is emotionally immature and does incredibly stupid things because she can t seem to learn that maybe she doesn t know everything On the other hand, Ravagin, Danae s potential love interest, is extremel [...]

  9. I usually like Zahn s books, but this felt really amateurish Maybe it was one of the first he ever published It s fantasy than sci fi While taking place in a sci fi universe the planets they visit are like fantasy planets with kings and magic and spirits and whatnot Danae was so annoying that I wanted to throttle her She kept whining about everyone treating her like a child well maybe stop whining like a child For a grad student she wasn t very bright most of the time either Then there was that [...]

  10. One of my earlier forays into fantasy I picked it up having only read and enjoyed Zahn s Star Wars work This is a relatively interesting book about if I recall correctly a planet that holds a gateway to a world of unbelievably advanced technology, which in turn holds a gate to a world of magic and sorcery And, further down the rabbit hole, the world of demons Not a great book, but entertaining enough, with a lot of tension built as someone or something tries to off the protagonists Speaking of w [...]

  11. A spoiled rich girl and a bitter courier encounter a world that is three planets in one an external world, and two fantastical internal ones But something is wrong in the inside worlds.It s okay The two inner worlds are pretty interesting in how they blend standard fantasy tropes with some science fiction Each of them would make a good stand alone setting However, the worlds are a bit too contrived to be justified The ultimate plot is a bit wispy too, especially since the concepts of spirits doe [...]

  12. This book was a pleasant surprise Yes the main female character was unusually stupid and unthinking but at the same time I think many young people can be that stupid and unthinking The romance did feel a bit contrived I really liked the idea of the book and that is what sold me Three worlds in space each with different rules relating to them I thought it was rather clever The plot was action packed which made it fun I was able to ignore the poor character development and just enjoy the ride.

  13. I m going to give this author another try, but I found that he frequently lapsed into tired tropes and lazy plotting For someone much vaunted as a great sci fi writer and beloved for his work on the Star Wars novelizations, I had hoped for better A throw away, quickly read bit of fluff with just enough good action to keep you reading, but not enough substance to make you happy at the end with putting your reading time into it.

  14. Interesting world buildingThis was an interesting excursion into parallel worlds to point out the shortfalls of societies dependent on either magic or technology Zahn builds each society where the majority of the occupants are completely ignorant of the workings behind the luxuries they enjoy In time, the truth comes out that these comforts rest on the backs of unwilling slaves His social commentary takes an action packed ride in Triplet.

  15. I enjoyed reading this book by Timothy Zahn, he is an amazing author Now as to this book s theme well the sci fi storyline was well done The concept of the discovery of hidden worlds you can only access via a portal tunnel is great The concepts of the magic and demons on one of those planets not so much I got it for free and finished the book I want to read books by Mr Zahn soon.

  16. The world this takes place in is very interesting with three linked planets, but it took me a while to understand how they fit together It s an interesting mix of science fiction and fantasy At first I found Danae annoying, but by the end of the book I liked both main characters Danae and Ravagin well enough I do think there was potential to make the characters and the story itself interesting as I was often left wanting a bit .

  17. An intriguing mix of high technology and magic Not a terribly deep read, but a great deal of fun The ending reminds me a bit of a lot of police procedural shows they ve finally figured out what s going on and are ready to fix it and that s the end of the book Perhaps Zahn was leaving it open for the possibility of a sequel, though I m not sure where he would have been able to take it from here.

  18. I was impressed by the creative premise of the story, and enjoyed the fact that it was, for the most part, unpredictable Although there are elements that remain unexplained at the end, those are details that enhance the plot The characters are well developed and likeable I truly enjoyed this book

  19. This is pretty much my favorite Timothy Zahn book Triplet is very different from Zahn s usual because it is a mix of Science Fiction and Fantasy due to the multiple dimensions of Triplet The book is an interesting read and is fast paced I would recommend it to any Zahn fans.

  20. The genre of this book tips much closer to fantasy than scifi Interesting concept and world building, utterly forgettable and annoying characters Due to the premise of the book there is a substantial amount of spiritualism.

  21. Firmly in the category of fantasy setting made possible by a scifi concept On the whole, though, I was brought along by a desire to find out what happens and never got super excited about it Danae is kind of annoying Ravagin is a interesting character.

  22. Very rarely do I give up on a book, but this one was so boring, I felt like I was just wasting my time with it The protagonist is whiny and spoiled, and for all her university training, she keeps doing things she knows are incredibly stupid.

  23. One of the things I like most about Zahn s work is his unrelentingly unique complete world society building This book s got that in spades

  24. Not bad I liked the idea that the plot was based on The romance between the two main characters was forced and really obnoxious Not Zahn s best work.

  25. This is precisely the sort of sci fi fantasy with romance bent that I ADORE, so this book hit all the right buttons And the world building is just STUNNING.

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