Unlimited Deadman Switch - by Timothy Zahn Unlimited Deadman Switch - by Timothy Zahn - Deadman Switch, Deadman Switch Because of the deadly effect sphere the only way into or out of the system containing the metal rich Ring Mines of Solitaire is by performing a human sacrifice Now every ship heading there carries tw

  • Title: Deadman Switch
  • Author: Timothy Zahn
  • ISBN: 9780671697846
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Deadman Switch - by Timothy Zahn, Deadman Switch, Timothy Zahn, Deadman Switch Because of the deadly effect sphere the only way into or out of the system containing the metal rich Ring Mines of Solitaire is by performing a human sacrifice Now every ship heading there carries two death row felons It s a bizarre but effective method of execution until it s discovered that one of the doomed criminals is an innocent man

Deadman Switch

Unlimited Deadman Switch - by Timothy Zahn Unlimited Deadman Switch - by Timothy Zahn - Deadman Switch, Deadman Switch Because of the deadly effect sphere the only way into or out of the system containing the metal rich Ring Mines of Solitaire is by performing a human sacrifice Now every ship heading there carries tw Deadman Switch

  • Unlimited Deadman Switch - by Timothy Zahn
    440Timothy Zahn
Deadman Switch

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  1. Timothy Zahn is one of my favorite writers and has been very influential in my own writing Like me, Zahn writes a lot of space opera, and he s most famous for his Thrawn series of Star Wars novels But he s been writing a long time and has some great other stuff as well His Quadrail series Night Train to Rigel, Odd Girl Out, etc , in particular, is a great read.Recently, I heard about another of his books, Deadman Switch, which features spiritual themes Since I use a lot of spiritual themes in my [...]

  2. I enjoy Timothy Zahn books very much and this one is no exception This book has a very unique take on space flight as well as a very entailed story of a religious man in a very difficult situation A bit creepy, but full of interesting ideas In this sense comparable to Warhorse , which also had a unique take on space flight I recommend this book to all Timothy Zahn fans.

  3. Timothy Zahn is a guy who likes specific archetypes In this sci fi story, we have a moral, idealistic guy who notices things most other people don t but not Luke Skywalker , a wealthy, crafty benefactor who is loyal to his people and knows how to influence people but not Talon Karde , and a very capable and bitter woman with a mysterious past who is forced to work with the hero against her will but not Mara Jade Zahn builds believable dialog and interaction between these and many other character [...]

  4. Deadman Switch is an immensely though provoking book told in Zahn s typical style which means the story flows beautifully, the characters are fleshed out nicely, the scenes are vivid and it all wraps together while becoming increasingly suspenseful Mining companies and researchers had been trying to reach Solitaire for years in order to harvest the heavy metal from the rings around its moons However, there was a cloud of sorts surrounding the area that rendered their Mjollnir hyperspace drive in [...]

  5. I d say about 2.75 Better than ok, but not super terrific On the good side, there was excellent, thoughtful treatment of people of faith On the bad side, it felt a lot like a setup for a sequel too many unanswered questions at the end But if an actual sequel exists, I can t find it It held my attention because I wanted answers, but I was disappointed I didn t get as many answers as I hoped expected.Still, good writing and solid sci fi I wish we had sci fi like this coming out now I also wish I [...]

  6. The planet Solitaire is protected by a cloud that shuts down mjollnir drive But when a pilot dies trying to enter the cloud and his body is taken over, he is able to pilot the ship into the cloud The other explorers on board discover space rings with valuable metals and the practice of using death row convicts as zombis begins Gilead is a Watcher, a member of a religious sect that has trained to observe things closely, giving him almost mind reading powers His boss sends him to Solitaire to help [...]

  7. I wanted to give this 3 1 2 stars It was a very original idea and started with a lot of promise The writing is done well and it s easy to follow and easy to read I think the characters could have been fleshed out much I also feel that the religion of the Watchers was glossed over I felt that it should have been better explained since it was the basis for the main character s motivations The quotes that are meant to give insight into the religion aren t really very enlightening Overall it was ba [...]

  8. UniqueI enjoyed this book I m new to science fiction and found this to be a great way to begin The authors style of writing is a bit different then I m accustomed to, but I didn t find it to be problematic For example, no physical description of the characters are given However, I didn t even notice until I was halfway through the book I ve been an avid reader for over twenty years and I usually disregard the authors character description anyway and let my mind form one as the story developed I [...]

  9. Fun adventure story with the really nifty scifi elements that I ve come to expect from Zahn I especially enjoyed the view spoiler alien species and the entire first contact scenario hide spoiler The story jumps around a lot Characters come in and out, there are large skips of time, certain events get wrapped up in a single paragraph The only real through line in the story is the main character, Benedar It s all about his faith journey, where he bends and where he doesn t A fun, interesting read [...]

  10. Another great book by Timothy Zahn Well I shouldn t really say Another as it was one of his firsts I have only just gotten around to reading that s all It is about a man He is part of a religion called The Watchers who are rathe rlike human lie detectors only they can tell every emmotion from little than your eyes He is sent to a place where many cool and misterious things happen and th ending it happy if unexpected I would recomened it to all sci fi lovers and mystery loveers as well.

  11. Saga in a Science Fiction setting Deadman Switch is a moral composition, dealing with nonviolence, integrity and the value of life All of these themes are played out in a galactic empire with all the problems of a modern government The science fiction setting includes elements that are in tune with metaphysics than hard physics However, the story and its characters draw the reader into their world and their difficulties I would compare it in style, and timelessness to the Odyssey, if not in sco [...]

  12. I really enjoyed this book from start to end Lots of interesting ideas and engaging plot devices My only gripe would be the rise and fall of the plot The book had a climax, but it wasn t OBVIOUSLY the climax The plot points were kind of strung together like Christmas lights, not going up or down Some questions that I had were left unanswered If this book had a sequel, I would probably read it I m glad I picked this book as a random read

  13. Really didn t put this one down once I started it Engrossing plot as you would expect but the character of the protagonist was another engaging aspect of the book His soul searching and seeking after a path that was right for all concerned was just as much a part of the scenario as the rest of the action.

  14. An interesting, if slow plotted story about a star system behind a barrier that requires a human sacrifice in order to pass Despite the cost, humanity has colonized it, using condemned criminals to pay the price But when a member of an unpopular religious sect uncovers the truth behind the barrier, he ll force everyone to do the right thing even at the cost of his own life.

  15. This book takes an unexpected turn midway, which works well for it and makes the plot interesting Book goes at a good pace, has a good way of describing the main character s way of thinking, and kept me turning the pages.Not quite enticing enough to keep around, but definitely lending to others.

  16. Very good read I always am surprised with Zahn books, you never know what is going to happen You re following the plot along sometimes thinking what a boring plot and then the whole thing changes and nothing is what you expected.

  17. A fun read that wasn t at all what I expected, Without giving spoilers, I enjoy when sci fi authors use their imaginations in creating other worlds One of those sci fi books I really liked, but probably won t read again just because there s other stuff to read too.

  18. I picked this up because I had enjoyed Zahn s groundbreaking Star Wars novels, and I wanted to see what he could do in his own universe As I recall, it was entertaining, but not enough to compel me to continue seeking out his novels.

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