✓ A Coming of Age ¼ Timothy Zahn ✓ A Coming of Age ¼ Timothy Zahn - A Coming of Age, A Coming of Age Danger in Paradise The first colonists to reach Tigris thought they had found Eden but the planet had a horrifying effect on their children Babies born there developed frightening telekinetic powers a

  • Title: A Coming of Age
  • Author: Timothy Zahn
  • ISBN: 9780671655785
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Book

✓ A Coming of Age ¼ Timothy Zahn, A Coming of Age, Timothy Zahn, A Coming of Age Danger in Paradise The first colonists to reach Tigris thought they had found Eden but the planet had a horrifying effect on their children Babies born there developed frightening telekinetic powers at the age of five No one could control them and as the changelings grew and became aware of their abilities they initiated a bloodbath of chaos and violence that nearlDanger in Paradis

A Coming of Age

✓ A Coming of Age ¼ Timothy Zahn ✓ A Coming of Age ¼ Timothy Zahn - A Coming of Age, A Coming of Age Danger in Paradise The first colonists to reach Tigris thought they had found Eden but the planet had a horrifying effect on their children Babies born there developed frightening telekinetic powers a A Coming of Age

  • ✓ A Coming of Age ¼ Timothy Zahn
    302Timothy Zahn
A Coming of Age

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  1. I can t even describe how wonderful this book is In a post earth world, children are endowed with telekinesis, a power they lose once they hit puberty Since kids have all the power, great strides are taken to keep them in check, and evil Oliver Twist like people are out to take advantage of their abilities This book uses that backdrop to evoke the very real bittersweetness of simply GROWING UP Like all great science fiction, the futuristic settings and fantastical elements are all just a stage t [...]

  2. While it s not Zahn s best book, this is still enjoyable A Coming of Age is a fairly light read, but has an engaging plot and a fair amount of humor.

  3. Entertaining but Predictable Interesting concept of kids developing telekinetic powers and their effect on society A decent book, but ultimately nothing in it surprised me.

  4. An interesting idea, executed without much flavor The characters don t feel fully developed and the things happening to carry the story forward seem rather transparent.

  5. This was my first encounter with Timothy Zahn Since A Coming of Age does not have high rating on only 3.6 and it was written in 1984 I started reading this book with caution.There are so many older novels that simply got run over by new styles or trends But do not be afraid, I can assure you that this is not the case with A Coming of Age Timothy Zahn writes with a straight forward matter o fact style that never gets old His world building is so subtle than you don t even notice when and where he [...]

  6. As I have mentioned previously, Timothy Zahn is my absolute favorite author I first read his works with Heir to the Empire and have continued to enjoy his non Star Wars books As a mini goal, I have decided to read all of his works This was another of his older works that I picked up in a used bookstore.Plot The planet Tigris is strange not necessarily for its flora, fauna, or alien life Something about the planet has bestowed a gift upon anyone between the ages of 5 and puberty telekinesis This [...]

  7. Lisa, at fourteen, is still considered a preteen because she hasn t begun to go through puberty And that s just as well for her, because the onset of puberty means the loss of power in her world On the planet Tigris, children born there develop telekinetic powers around age five and lose them again when entering adulthood The balance of power in their world is therefore very different than it had been for their distant ancestors on Earth children can overpower adults easily, and they did so long [...]

  8. Great, little known sci fi adventure that reads kind of like a detective story It all started with the Lost Generation that was the first set of children who exhibited powers of telekinesis The chaos, the destruction they wreaked in that one generation was unimaginable but then, it stopped When the children reached puberty, their telekinesis disappeared After that, society was much careful Children were separated from their parents at the age of five, when their Teekay first began to appear, an [...]

  9. I ve enjoyed Timothy Zahn s works ever since I discovered The Last Command in a bookstore in Hong Kong around 1996 It was part 3 of a trilogy, but written so well that starting there wasn t a problem at all I ve followed him ever since.That s why I was surprised to find I d never heard anything about this book Written in 1984, it s not nearly as war military as other books he wrote around then Cobra, The Blackcollar I really enjoyed jumping into the book without reading any summaries or reviews, [...]

  10. After reading this book, I am adding Timothy Zahn novels to my to read pile The story was not what I was expecting, but it was fantastic I was expecting a fast paced action story, and instead I got a thought provoking detective novel The world building is what makes this story shine Zahn asks the question What would happen to our society if children suddenly developed the powers of telekinesis His answer A world dependent on depriving children of knowledge until after their powers disappear at [...]

  11. A Coming of Age is one of several Timothy Zahn books Open Road Media re released as ebooks in October I wondered how different a book written in 1984 would stand against today s popular fiction It s easy to see a difference between a book written now and one written in the 19th Century, but would a book written over twenty five years ago be that different Yes But not in a bad way.A large percentage of the book is from the Lisa s point of view, a young girl on the brink of puberty, but this is no [...]

  12. Another not new Zahn but new to ebook Zahn This had the feel of an earlier work, but I still enjoyed it At least until the end where it started to drag just a teensy weensy bit It s all about the what if idea of kids who have telekinetic abilities at a young age that they lose at puberty Surely someone would try to exploit this, right While I liked the one young girl trying to prepare for her new life without powers as well as the detective, the rest of the story suffered a bit from a not mean e [...]

  13. This is one of my favorite Timothy Zahn books On a far off planet, children develop telekinesis at age five, and lose it during puberty A social structure designed to prevent the carnage that happened when these powers were first discovered has grown Children are taken away from their parents to live in hives, where they work to use their gift and earn points to integrate into future society.It s not deep, transgressive SF, but reads like true young adult science fiction done right A fun story [...]

  14. I wanted to like this one than I actually liked it The premise was intriguing kids develop telekinetic powers but adults don t have them The balance of world building vs just accepting the state of things was off somehow I actually liked that Zahn didn t spend any time explaining these powers and only hinted at how it came to be But then it became crucial to a plot point, and I felt I needed to understand the world better to really get involved in the story.The genre defying elements were nice, [...]

  15. That was quite fun It is much of a YA book than most of Zahn s stand alone scifi books It takes place on a Earth colonized world where kids have telekinetic abilities until puberty, when their abilities fade forever As a result, their lives are carefully managed Predators called fagins coerce kids into working for them And Lisa is almost a teen I would have loved this story when I was a preteen myself It wasn t bad as an adult, either And this marks the last of the Zahn books I picked up in tha [...]

  16. If you look at the listing of works this author has written, it is obvious he s written a BUNCH lots of it series work for multi authored storylines , but this is the only book of his I ve read, and I enjoyed it muchly I was very young when I first read it, though, and the way Zahn created a world based around a different balance of power was quite appealing to me Children developed amazing powers around the age of five, which went away as puberty hit as a result, the world had to be rearranged [...]

  17. _A Coming of Age_ by Timothy Zahn 1984 Cool ideas, good execution, and a strong novel This isn t as strong as Zahn s later novels, but the premise is good, and if it were adapted correctly, it would make a good sci fi movie The ending is fairly quiet, but let s be honest Timothy Zahn s weaker material is like the Canadian rock band Rush s weak songs It s a lot stronger than 90% of the stuff coming down the pike I highly recommend Zahn s books, because frankly, you could have to wade through book [...]

  18. Zahn s writing is as always, admirable, and he makes use of his skills to enhance what in most authors hands would be an overly simplistic tale into something quite magnificent This is easily the best of Zahn s non Star Wars books that I have read so far and I might even go so far as to say that this equals those works The one time that I have seen Zahn not just rely on his writing skills but on fashioning a semi intricate story and then executing it.

  19. Its an easy read and despite the subject matter revolving around children, its merit is mostly on the idea of power, withholding of knowledge and corruption.

  20. It was OK Kind of a reverse X Men where the kids get their powers pretty much at birth and then lose them with puberty That Lisa chick cries way too much LOL.

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