Free Read Change of Heart - by Jodi Picoult Free Read Change of Heart - by Jodi Picoult - Change of Heart, Change of Heart The acclaimed New York Times bestselling author presents a spellbinding tale of a mother s tragic loss and one man s last chance at gaining salvation Can we save ourselves or do we rely on others t

  • Title: Change of Heart
  • Author: Jodi Picoult
  • ISBN: 9781444754452
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Change of Heart - by Jodi Picoult, Change of Heart, Jodi Picoult, Change of Heart The acclaimed New York Times bestselling author presents a spellbinding tale of a mother s tragic loss and one man s last chance at gaining salvation Can we save ourselves or do we rely on others to do it Is what we believe always the truth One moment June Nealon was happily looking forward to years full of laughter and adventure with her family and the next she wThe acclaimed

Change of Heart

Free Read Change of Heart - by Jodi Picoult Free Read Change of Heart - by Jodi Picoult - Change of Heart, Change of Heart The acclaimed New York Times bestselling author presents a spellbinding tale of a mother s tragic loss and one man s last chance at gaining salvation Can we save ourselves or do we rely on others t Change of Heart

  • Free Read Change of Heart - by Jodi Picoult
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Change of Heart

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  1. OK, I generally like Jodi Picoult I think she s usually a thinking person s beach read But this was CRAP First, she owes Stephen King part of her royalties from this book, because the first quarter or so is a shameless ripoff of THE GREEN MILE what, she couldn t have picked a obscure text Because, I mean, hardly ANYONE has read THE GREEN MILE, right Second, she also owes at least a small debt to John Grisham s THE CHAMBER, in that they are both incredibly heavy handed indictments of the death p [...]

  2. This is the fourth Jodi Picoult novel I ve read and they all follow pretty much the same formula A vunerable child teenager Loving parents parent Concerned professionals i.e cops, doctors, lawyer,and or teachers And a kind stranger And while Jodi uses a basic formula, her novels are anything but simple or predictable The other novels I ve read have covered stem cell research, teenage date rape, and school shootings What makes me such a fan of Jodi s novels is that rather than use an omnipotent n [...]

  3. After all, how many of us had tried to forget something traumaticy to find it printed on the back of our eyelids, tattooed on our tongues The book is narrated from the perspective of four characters June, Michael, Lucius and Maggie For each character, the chapter is written with a different font The ending was not satisfying, I still have questions However, was interesting than I thought.

  4. This book was incredible I knew before reading it that it dealt with religion one of the many subject matters that Picoult handles with grace but I had no idea how and to what surprising extent It amazes me as always that Picoult can handle a myriad of topics and characters, that require such care and research, so deftly You read it and believe it without it ever seeming forced It made me question my beliefs about life itself This book encompasses the following topics the death penalty, guilt, f [...]

  5. You know how when you start a book the evening before and then go to bed later thinking, I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow and finish this book That is how I felt about this book last night I was so happy to get right back to it today These characters This story Incredibly entertaining There is the theme of the issues around capital punishment, along with themes of religion and spirituality, and overall the biggest in my opinion redemption and acceptance Just when you believe you can predict the [...]

  6. I knew what it was like to lose someone you loved You didn t get past something like that, you got through it In the space between yes and no, there s a lifetime It s the difference between the path you walk and one you leave behind it s the gap between who you thought you could be and who you really are When you re different, sometimes you don t see the millions of people who accept you for what you are All you notice is the one person who doesn t I imagine the touch of someone who loves you so [...]

  7. A total disappointment considering Picoult is a great writer and does not need to borrow ideas from other writers This was too much like The Green Mile.

  8. Thought provoking to say the least What if God is incarnate in each of us What if there is no God What if there is only a hope that there is a God What if there is no heaven or hell What if this life on Earth is both heaven and hell Why does religion serve to divide us rather than unite us Why does life have to be such a conundrum Or is it really simple Do we make it difficult than it is because we are blessed with freedom of choice Is it a blessing or a curse After I finished reading the book, [...]

  9. A convicted Death Row murderer who is believed by his lawyer and priest to be the Messiah due to his uncanny ability to manifest daily miracles in front of his dumbfounded cell block mates fights for the right of death by hanging so he can donate his heart to the ailing daughter of one of his victims C mon, SERIOUSLY I just didn t believe a single manipulative word of this soapy, soft focus combination of The Green Mile and The DaVinci Code both of which were immensely better Chapters tended to [...]

  10. It s sad for me to have to give a Picoult book 1 star, but I was heartily disappointed with this read The plot was so thin to accommodate the anti Christian and anti religion propaganda Picoult has definitely shot arrows at religion in the past, but this book went beyond that In the past, I was always able to say that it was fiction, not necessarily the author s viewpoint or something she was trying to make us believe in, but I don t know how you couldn t believe some of the notions in this book [...]

  11. I read this book in less than 48 hours It was so good I could only put it down when it was time to go to bed It is told from the viewpoints of 4 people A Catholic priest, a mother who has lost her daughter and husband, a convicted murderer, and an ACLU lawyer I usually don t like that style but it was really nice and this story kind of needed it A mother s 7 year old daughter and husband are killed and the man who was convicted of their murders is now on death row He wants to donate his heart to [...]

  12. I couldn t even finish this book I gave it 150 pages to get me hooked, and it just didn t It had way too much political crap in it one of the main characters is a lawyer who works for the ACLU and is against the death penalty, so the author goes on about that In addition, there was a lot of religion that I didn t necessarily agree with All in all, I really just didn t like the book I wanted to finish it because I feel like once I start something I should finish it But I just couldn t 150 pages l [...]

  13. Jodi Picoult is an interesting author For some reason she writes books where I struggle with the characters, don t really like the book yet read the whole thing and then pick up another one of hers, hoping it will be better.Right away I had problems with Change of Heart Can a person who is currently serving time in prison even be an organ donor Somehow, the environment they live in makes me think that they cannot due to being exposed to so many blood borne diseases and questionable behaviors tha [...]

  14. Would you give up your vengeance against someone you hate if it meant saving someone you love Would you want your dreams to come true if it meant granting your enemy s dying wish This book got me wanting to read the whole thing in a day I didn t want to put it down Plus, it had some twists that I didn t expect I also had my heart strings pulled for the bad guy However, the ending was not satisfying and I still have questions regarding characters and events It just needed one chapter to give me [...]

  15. Well, I gave it a valiant try, but go If you like to follow stories about things like images of Jesus Christ showing up on grilled cheese sandwiches or someone claiming to have seen a statue of Mary cry real tears, or those healer dealer people that desperate suffering people flock to with their hearts full of hope and anticipation, then you ll probably like Change of Heart I ll just say I couldn t take the idea of the protagonist in this book for one page I m a Christian and I believe in the s [...]

  16. Every Sunday we went to the church to attend a mass or sometimes we do contemplate ourselves to communicate with God through prayers Even you are hiding in the dark or in deep spiritual unconsciousness God will show you the way and give you strength to overcome darkness by his pure light Nobody knows when or where we will be disappear in this world or how far can our faith help us to conquer evil, it is ourselves who can choose what path we will take it s either the path of evil or the goodness [...]

  17. Oh how I love this author But not this book It seems that Jodi is getting a little too political in recent novels and spending too much time focusing on her own religious and political questions instead of an actual story Don t get me wrong a little of that stuff is essential to make a book smart and worth reading but I found myself wishing to be to the end of a chapter and hoping for a better one in this book The idea was great, but I could see where it was headed from the start and it seemed l [...]

  18. Boy, did this turn out to be a thought provoking page turner of a read A medical dilemma legal drama exploring the world of organ donation and capital punishment which really drew me in It is told from multiple viewpoints, most notably those of the people around Shay Bourne, a prisoner on death row We hear from Lucius his neighbour on the cell block, his Lawyer Maggie and his spiritual advisor Father Michael as a story of crime, faith and miracles unfolds I have to say that it was not really the [...]

  19. This book was a little on the disappointing side for me I eagerly awaited it s released but I was very let down I had a really hard time getting into this book which is very unusual for me when I read any book written by Jodi Picoult I had a hard time connecting with it because I thought that it was just a little too far fethced There was a lot of talk of Shane Bourne being the messiah and all sorts of stuff and I thouhgt it was a little too closely related to Keeping Faith which she did have ch [...]

  20. I actually read this book, despite the fact that for some reason the above title is listed as an MP3 type thing.I m up and down with Jodi Picoult and this latest novel certainly reminded me why I sometimes can t stand her writing It s very stereotypical almost offensively so Let s be serious Jodi, you are just not meant to write about life on death row in prison in a serious manner The characters were very one sided and if she was trying to make a point about religion, the death penalty, organ d [...]

  21. Welp,let me start by saying that I m a huge Jodi Piccoult fan She s an excellent writer and has captures the voice of her characters beautifully Her device is to stir the pot, make you think, and examine difficult situations where you find yourself sympathizing with people you d never believe was possible But it appears that Piccoult has gone the way of mega popular writers that bang out books once a year for the sake of, well, banging out books once a year The formula she always uses and that I [...]

  22. This was, quite simply, one of the best books I have ever read and the first time I have seen someone take a Stephen King idea and make it so much better than the original I honestly haven t cried so much over a book since reading Alice Hoffman s Blue Diary years and years ago I was completely overcome.The story is beautifully crafted, and Jodi Picault has an amazing way of weaving different lives together to describe the moments in which they intersect It also got me thinking about forgiveness [...]

  23. O primeiro livro que li de Jodi Picoult foi o Compaix o e foi uma tremenda desilus o Foi com muito, muito esfor o que o consegui terminar e dos livros que n o fa o ten es de reler Ap s essa experi ncia, acabei por deixar a autora de parte Isto, claro, at que uma das minhas primas me emprestou Em Troca de um Cora o Pu lo na estante e decidi dar uma segunda oportunidade autora, embora um tanto ou quanto reticente.Ap s ler algumas p ginas, dei por mim completamente enredada Nem parecia que tinha si [...]

  24. THAT S IT No Picoult for me ever again I don t know why I tortured myself by reading so many of her books when I didn t even like the first one I tried She may be raved about, but I honestly can t see why.I m not going to write a full review on how awful this book was because so many other people have already done so Suffice it to say I couldn t even finish this one, and had to skim read to the end just to see if I d predicted the ending and all the plot twists correctly I had I will, however, [...]

  25. Another mesmerizing read from Mrs Jodi Picoult, who is now taking her rightful place among my favourite contemporary lady authors, Sandra Brown and Jojo Moyes Moving on to her next book fangirl mode activated

  26. Durante toda uma leitura com a sensa o de que o que lia n o era desconhecido Com pequenas diferen as o livro lembrou me do filme espera de um milagre.

  27. tw racism, fat shaming, sexual assault Would you give up your vengeance against someone you hate if it meant saving someone you love One of the best things about Jodi Picoult and why I fell in love with her books is because of her ability to write about topics that are morally grey I live for the books that people shy away from WhenThe Da Vinci Codewas released and it caused issues, I hopped aboard that hype train and haven t looked back Jodi Picoult makes you think about your feelings on topics [...]

  28. I believe a good person can do bad things, Father Michael had said Like make the wrong decision for the right reasons Sign your daughter s life away, because she can t have a murderer s heart Jodi Picoult s most recent novel, like many of her books, explores a profound ethical dilemma After her husband and daughter are murdered by a man hired to do work in their home, June is left alone to care for her second child, Claire Claire is in desperate need of a heart transplant due to an enlarged hear [...]

  29. This reminded me a lot of another Picoult book, Keeping Faith, the ending of which disappointed me So I was wary as I listened, wondering where the author would take this I saw the plot twist coming long before it happened Although the USA Today reviewer called it contrived, the twist did not bother me, probably because of the way it was handled It s hard to write about this without spoilers Meaning that I thought this end was as it should have been than Keeping Faith s ending had been, and I e [...]

  30. Jodi Picoult does a great job of providing interesting and contrasting characters in this book The motives of each character are not made clear from the beginning of the book, making it extremely interesting to try to discover them as I read on This is exhibited specifically in Shay Bourne, one of the main characters Shay s behavior in prison greatly contrasts the behavior he displayed when he committed two murders, because in prison he seems like a man who genuinely cares about people and wants [...]

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