[PDF] Kyra | by ✓ Carol Gilligan [PDF] Kyra | by ✓ Carol Gilligan - Kyra, Kyra An unforgettable novel about love and the first work of fiction by the author of the groundbreaking nonfiction bestseller In a Different VoiceKyra is an architect involved in a project to design a ne

  • Title: Kyra
  • Author: Carol Gilligan
  • ISBN: 9781400061754
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Kyra | by ✓ Carol Gilligan, Kyra, Carol Gilligan, Kyra An unforgettable novel about love and the first work of fiction by the author of the groundbreaking nonfiction bestseller In a Different VoiceKyra is an architect involved in a project to design a new city Andreas a theater director is staging an innovative production of the opera Tosca Both have come through political upheaval and personal loss Neither wants to fallAn unforgettable novel


[PDF] Kyra | by ✓ Carol Gilligan [PDF] Kyra | by ✓ Carol Gilligan - Kyra, Kyra An unforgettable novel about love and the first work of fiction by the author of the groundbreaking nonfiction bestseller In a Different VoiceKyra is an architect involved in a project to design a ne Kyra

  • [PDF] Kyra | by ✓ Carol Gilligan
    469Carol Gilligan

445 thought on “Kyra

  1. Carol Gilligan had a big affect on me, years ago, with her book In A Different Voice So I thought I would give this a try Not sure if it s the style, or what the characters were doing with their lives, but I just couldn t get into it.

  2. Story of relationships women men, women women , music opera , art, architecture, aesthetics, psychology and analysis I found some of it nuanced and beautiful, some theorizing obscure, and the psychoanalysis and patient analyst relationship elusive as always Loved much of the music and aesthetics.

  3. I just finished this novel It is really unusual it doesn t follow a simple narrative form which makes it intriguing Most of all it addresses that most basic of questions why do people who love each other mess up I think the book is easier to understand if you ve read Carol Gilligan s book The Birth of Pleasure because this novel plays out almost as a fictional account of the issues she raises in that non fictional book.How many books have you read in which the main characters are children of ref [...]

  4. In the mid 80 s, I met the author when she was teaching at Harvard and pushing the edges of gender studies So smart, articulate, visionary, Gilligan s seminars and earlier research informed my work as an educator This first novel reflects all those qualities and Literature, opera, architecture, history and art are seamlesslly woven throughout the novel that deals with almost unspeakable loss and love I reread passages out loud for the sheer beauty of the words and writing, and many times, simpl [...]

  5. This fiction novel by Carol Gilligan, noted academician, researcher, and theorist in the development of Women and Girls, as well as in morality theory, is a first novel It is a love story in the first half, a therapy story in the second Gilligan uses her insightful work on inner and outer structures to weave a story about trauma, love, loss, and learning how to re open the heart I think this is a great read if you are a therapist or like minded, but its not for everyone I thought the book raised [...]

  6. Although certain aspects of this book were interesting e.g learning a little bit about opera and architecture , I wasn t able to feel any sort of attachment to the protagonist I couldn t relate to her and found her choices to be somewhat inexplicable and maddening which left me feeling less than sympathetic to her plight I also thought that the description of the book created an expectation that was not delivered upon The shocking betrayal wasn t overly shocking in my opinion , and I found the w [...]

  7. I hadn t read any reviews of this just found it on the browsing collection shelf at UNC s Undergraduate Library I was disappointed, even with no knowledge of the book Gilligan is an important writer, but this was a bit too obtuse at times I found some of the plot hard to follow And the character s behavior was unexpected, but not quite in a good way There was foreshadowing of a horrible event but the event didn t ring true to me I read this book thought I d have understood it better if I were sm [...]

  8. Carol Gilligan is a brilliant woman who has written a better than average debut novel I found the protagonist to be a fascinating woman and was especially interested in how beautifully Gilligan crafted descriptions of her career, daily life and traumatic history The love story also was well drawn I think that the passages about her therapy were overly complex for this novel perhaps because I have read all Gilligan s scholarly writing my reaction to this was stronger and critical than people who [...]

  9. I don t really know how I feel about this novel Some parts I liked and the characters had some interesting views But other parts went on a bit too long, and were less interesting to me, personally For example, the discussions with Kyra s colleagues at the faculty, the lectures about architecture and design, the parts about Tosca and the other operas, literary references to plays I m not familiar with, some parts with Greta Still, I finished reading it, even though I m good at abandoning books an [...]

  10. Hmmm I chose to read this being at least somewhat familiar with In a Different Voice I knew it didn t get the greatest of reviews, but since I generally don t put much stock in reviews, that really didn t bother me Well, it was ok I think the main reason I read it was because I was curious about the counseling relationship alluded to on the book jacket I feel like there are very few helpful fictional depictions of that therapeutic relationship Don t know that this one qualifies, either.

  11. I didn t find this book to be a very enjoyable read It was trying too hard to be profound and revolutionary It was difficult to care about the main character the plot was plodding the shocking betrayal not that shocking, and the therapy sessions were vague and lame It felt like the author wrote this book from the top down If she was going to try her hand at fiction again, I recommend that she follow the basic writing advice Show, don t tell.

  12. I didn t understand what Kyra s problem was, with Andreas nor with Greta Then, to top it off, I felt like Gilligan was suggesting that what Kyra wanted within the therapist client relationship was unquestionably the right thing I disagree I think what Kyra was demanding from the therapist client relationship was based on her own insecurities, and Gilligan s development of a new relationship from that place was misdirected.

  13. The book is a meditation on evolving from loss and grief to an acceptance of love and life The patient therapist relationship was the most interesting part of the book for me Gilligan is a lyrical writer.

  14. Random library stumble upon Molls, did you know Carol Gilligan wrote a fiction book Also, the characters went to the Vienna Staatsoper Major name check points for my favorite place on Earth

  15. My advice don t read books by academics who write a novel just to promote their philosophy The characters, the dialogue and the situations in this book were so contrived Don t bother reading this one

  16. Yes, the same Carol Gilligan of notable gender studies, which is why I picked it up Love story, very internal in spite of some architecture and opera stuff Nice read, not a wow, but that could just be me.

  17. I wanted to like it becaused Eve Ensler gave it a great review Maybe my life is just too vanilla in contrast to these was stories of love One thing I liked was the interplay of Kyra and her therapist The rest was pretty boring.

  18. This book is thinly written and the characters seem like projections or wish fulfillments Gilligan wrote a book that challenged the reigning view of women s psychology, so I was curious to read her novel There are ideas in the book but they aren t, I think, really embodied.

  19. I started it but couldn t finish I m a huge fan of Gilligan s work in feminist psychology but perhaps she s too scholarly intellectualizing and detached for romance.

  20. Not so great as a novel but i could empathize with the central character as I got further into the book It did make me interested in reading her non fiction works.

  21. 25% the way through and couldn t get into the characters I might have another go at it another time, but for now left it.

  22. Gilligan s novel is a marvelous meditation on love, loss, and art She writes fiction as beautifully as she writes essays I highly recommend this book.

  23. I found it hard to get into at first, but am now enjoying it a little bit Love the descriptions of the island scenes.

  24. I couldn t get past chapter two The book is full of overt metaphors and symbols And it takes place in an impossibly rich academic setting that I don t even want to allow myself to fantasize about.

  25. Beautifully written, but goes nowhere I was drawn enough to the characters to care about them, and to suffer through some ponderous but beautiful prose, but the end left me cold.

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