[PDF] Open Door Marriage | by ↠ Naleighna Kai [PDF] Open Door Marriage | by ↠ Naleighna Kai - Open Door Marriage, Open Door Marriage Reunited A chance encounter lands NBA star Dallas Avery back in the arms of the woman of his dreams A woman he hasn t seen in years A woman he soon discovers just so happens to be his fiancee s aunt B

  • Title: Open Door Marriage
  • Author: Naleighna Kai
  • ISBN: 9780615961729
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Open Door Marriage | by ↠ Naleighna Kai, Open Door Marriage, Naleighna Kai, Open Door Marriage Reunited A chance encounter lands NBA star Dallas Avery back in the arms of the woman of his dreams A woman he hasn t seen in years A woman he soon discovers just so happens to be his fiancee s aunt But Dallas fiancee Tori isn t ready to give up all that she s worked for so she makes him a shocking offer go through with the wedding and she ll still allow him toReunited A chan

Open Door Marriage

[PDF] Open Door Marriage | by ↠ Naleighna Kai [PDF] Open Door Marriage | by ↠ Naleighna Kai - Open Door Marriage, Open Door Marriage Reunited A chance encounter lands NBA star Dallas Avery back in the arms of the woman of his dreams A woman he hasn t seen in years A woman he soon discovers just so happens to be his fiancee s aunt B Open Door Marriage

  • [PDF] Open Door Marriage | by ↠ Naleighna Kai
    135Naleighna Kai
Open Door Marriage

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  1. I loved the story of Tori, Dallas and Alicia I m Team Alicia for sure Isn t it amazing how one may grow up looking a these types of relationships but never quite understanding the inner workings or dynamics Tori, Tori, Tori what were you thinking I really liked her character at first, but as the story went on I wanted to shake he like a dish rag However you ll have to read the book to find out why.loved it and highly recommend it to others.

  2. It was supposed to be a nice normal family Thanksgiving dinner, until the words You slept with my aunt were thrown across the table The scene that followed those lines in the book had me laughing so hard, I caught the hiccups This book Open Door Marriage will have you rolling your eyes, arguing with a couple of the characters, I want to smack Bernice into the middle of next week , and wondering if the whole entire family needs to check into the nearest insane asylum The lengths that Tori goes th [...]

  3. Dallas met Alicia at an auction, years ago The date went further than the one night and Dallas fell in love Alicia loved Dallas but felt she was too old for him so she ran away from him Years later Dallas meets another woman named Tori, who Helps him in a time when his mother is very ill They date, decide to marry and Dallas comes to meet Tori s family for the first time at Thanksgiving There Dallas wanders into the wrong room after a shower and bumps right into the woman he fell in love with al [...]

  4. This book right herea refreshingly unique story line We do see stories where there s another woman, but this spin right here Oh my goodness The characters in this book are so easy to connect with Right from the beginning, we re right in the middle of Tori s family s Thanksgiving Dinneropening lines You slept with my aunt And just like that, she pulls you in Nowy as you might, there are some twists and turns throughout that make you screw your face into all types of contorted looks because you ll [...]

  5. Wow just don t know how I feel about this storyline I do know it surprised me the way it ended.It was an unique storyline It was written very tastefully Each character stood out and each one you will hate love, disagree or agree with.This book reminded me of a soap opera.It was a nice plot with a high profile basketball that didn t involve drugs or gangs, but involved something else that I so much didn t agree with I mean.allyWhat I can say is that when a book brings emotions out of you, yelling [...]

  6. I was hesitant to read this book I kept hearing great thing about the book I was looking at this book through murky colored glasses, as a result of my own failed marriage But I have to say that this was an excellent novel and I could feel for all the characters involved I could never willingly get into an open relationship I loved how the story was written It is a book that I would highly recommended and it is one that I would re read many times over I am interested in reading other novels writt [...]

  7. A little too unrealistic for me but the way Tori acted towards the other woman was believable in the scenario to an extent I enjoyed the story and admired Dallas for knowing what he wanted and his treatment of women, especially those he loved This was like a love story than I expected but since it wasn t overly mushy I was able to enjoy.

  8. Hmmm This book was just ok for me Some parts were good but it just didn t have that wow factor for me Some parts were just to unbelievable I only finished because I had already started it

  9. Captivating read from page one, the author wove a tell that was true to urban fiction yet missing the typical ratchetnessrprising given the title Love the lessons throughout and the full development of the characters and their individual histories Well written and fully deserving of the rating, I ll be seeking out other reads by the author.

  10. Just when you think life couldn t get crazier, you find yourself sharing your man with your niece Each page is a guarantee of drama and antics

  11. Another amazing ride.Great read Am now an official fan of this author Loved Dallas Hated Berenice and Tori was a dumb witch.

  12. Open Door Marriage 1 2 SEMI SPOILER ALERT When I seen the title of the book and seen who the author was, Oh yeah, I knew I was going to get a wonderfully written twist of a three way type of relationship story I was ready Book downloaded check Kids sleeping comfortable in their respected beds double checked My tablet in hand, laid back and comfortable, and ready to read The story started off excellent, straight drama from page one As I continued to read within the middle of the story, I become u [...]

  13. What happens when Dallas, who is engaged to Tori, suddenly and unexpectedly, is reunited with the one woman who has managed to capture his heart The book starts as the Tor s family is gathered around the Thanksgiving table and Tori screeches to her fiance, You slept with my aunt This is where the story starts, but not where it ends Dallas, a respected star of the NBA, knows that his engagement to Tori, is not based on the kind of love that one should have for the woman who is to become his wife [...]

  14. What a tangled webBasketball player Dallas Avery is engaged to med student Victoria.Unfortunately for Tori, her and her mother s manipulative and gold digging ways has caused Dallas to rethink any marriage plans.When going to confront the situation.Dallas is reunited with an old flame that he never quite got over,when the old flame is discovered to be none other than his fiancee s aunt all hell breaks loose and decisions are made that will affect everyone involved This was not ur typical read it [...]

  15. You slept with my aunt UMMMMM, HELLO Did that grab your attention just like it got mine Imagine hearing those words when you re getting ready to sit down for your family s Thanksgiving dinner Better yet, you are the one saying them Ohhhh, Tori How could you not feel sorry for her right from the beginning Open Door Marriage was so different from most other books that are currently available Here we have a NBA player torn between an aunt and her niece But, the thing is he really isn t torn He is i [...]

  16. I enjoyed reading this, and I was never quite sure where the author was heading It s an unusual love triangle that sucked me in An aunt and a niece in love with the same guy Complications galore Then there is the mean Bernice A piece of work A lot of people all going after what they want and what they think they want But not everyone is going to get what they wantAs the story unfolds and decisions are made, supporting storylines reveal and provide a chance to really understand what s really goi [...]

  17. Tori is getting married to the man of her dreams.until the worst possible secret is released Alicia, the aunt of Tori, has been reunited with her old love Dallas, Tori s fiance, thought he was going to get married until his true love walks back into his life Tori decides to allow an open marriage with her aunt as the other woman While she thinks this is a good idea because she will end up with Dallas in the end, many truths and pain will take place that will have her questioning whether she made [...]

  18. Story flowed and kept you wanting , not being able to guess what would be nextChose this book because Naleighna so patiently promote other authors until I decided that I wanted to see what kind of books she wrote Don t let the title fool you This one was very good on to my next one

  19. Open Door Marriage is a great book that lived up to the hype NBA star Dallas Avery, finds himself caught between the love of his life, an older woman named Alicia, and his current fiance Tori who is closer to his age When Tori presents Dallas and Alicia with an unimaginable proposal, things take a very interesting turn Once the terms were agreed upon, things spun out of control I absolutely loved this book It was very entertaining and the characters were developed in a way that makes the reader [...]

  20. This was an interesting book to say the least This is my 2nd book by this author and I had to stop and think about where in the world she gets her inspiration for the books she writes I struggled as a woman and wife with the story line but I also felt that it challenged some views that I have held for years because they were passed down to me I straddled the fence between teamTorri and teamAlicia and I actually still don t think I have come to terms with choosing a side But I enjoyed the book an [...]

  21. This book was entertaining but unrealistic When I read I try to find some value and purpose in the story That was very hard in this book I m not saying it was bad but lacks meaning I guess I could say the theme would be to not settle and go with your heart I did find myself interested in how it would unfold and enjoyed the part with Dallas and Paul Alicia and Tori were written as having opposite personalities and characteristics however to me they were the same Both women allowed him to control [...]

  22. Something Different BRAB Online Book ClubThe title Open Marriage threw me for a loop After reading the synopsis, I really didn t know what to expect The idea of an aunt and her niece falling in love with and sharing the same man is distasteful, but somehow the author made the story believable and tasteful.It was a good read for me, I know people choose to have open relationships and that works for them This book goes a long way in making such choices a little clearer for me.

  23. Open Door MarriageI read this book in one day I was surprised how Tori who was beautiful yet insecure let her mom manipulate her into believing all sorts of evil things The proposal she made to Alicia and Dallas about an open relationship and marriage had my mouth open No women in her right mind would let the love of her life have another woman No matter how much Tori tried to taunt Alicia and drive a wedge between her and Dallas, it didn t work I don t want to tell too much but I loved this sto [...]

  24. My first read from this author and I thought it was really good The storyline was intriguing, and kept my flipping the pages to finish it in one sitting I have to say I was rooting for Tori and Dallas to work out There was just something about Alicia that I just didn t like I almost felt like in the beginning she should have been the one to walk away The ending was a bit surprising and I can t help but think the story of these three characters is not quite over yet I would look forward to readin [...]

  25. I was instantly drawn in by the catchy title of Open Door Marriage but as it turns out, it was just an ok read for me.Opening with a bang and as the storyline built, I anticipated some dramatic revenge but instead, it fizzled out to a far fetched yet predictable ending However, I did appreciate the author s sense of humor, wit and creativity so I will most definitely check out of her novels.EbonyEyeCU Reading

  26. Open Door Marriage Wow This is a book about three people that are caught in a love triangle Alicia, Tori, and Dallas Dallas Avery a NBA star is caught between the love of his life Alicia and his fianc Tori Alicia who is the love of his life vanished without a trace Alicia does not want to lose Dallas, so she develops a plan an open door marriage A book that is full of pain, love, and sacrifices Excellent read.highly recommended.

  27. The first line of the book had me hooked You slept with my aunt The storyline was fast paced and a shocker I must admit it was a tad predictable though Dallas was one fine brotha and always had a win win situation Tori was book smart but didn t have a lick of commonsense While Alicia was a free spirit with money I m still trying to figure out where she got it from There was plenty of family drama, secrets and sex A great read that will keep your imagination entertained.

  28. I really enjoyed the story There is definitely something to be said about self esteem and how one views relationships As a future novelist I did notice a few typos but nothing that took me away from the story itself I was really starting to have a lack of faith in our African American writers but there are few that are helping to restore my faith such as this author I look forward to reading from Naleighna Kai.

  29. This was a very interesting read it kept me on my toes I wanted to see how this thing was going to play out This was one very dysfunctional family The Mitchell s Tori and Alicia both were crazy for even considering to share Dallas Bernice was running Tori s life for her Tori should have left and Alicia should have also we she realized he was with her niece My my there are some sick women out there

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