[PDF] Eleven | by ☆ JamesPhelan [PDF] Eleven | by ☆ JamesPhelan - Eleven, Eleven This is it My nightmares have finally come true Sam s deepest fears become real as his enemies grow numerous and ever powerful Struggling to stay one step ahead Sam must locate Dreamers and solve

  • Title: Eleven
  • Author: JamesPhelan
  • ISBN: 9781742831862
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Eleven | by ☆ JamesPhelan, Eleven, JamesPhelan, Eleven This is it My nightmares have finally come true Sam s deepest fears become real as his enemies grow numerous and ever powerful Struggling to stay one step ahead Sam must locate Dreamers and solve the next piece of the puzzle Can Sam and his allies unlock the secrets of an ancient journal to reveal their final destiny Sam is far from home with the fatThis is it My nightmares have finall


[PDF] Eleven | by ☆ JamesPhelan [PDF] Eleven | by ☆ JamesPhelan - Eleven, Eleven This is it My nightmares have finally come true Sam s deepest fears become real as his enemies grow numerous and ever powerful Struggling to stay one step ahead Sam must locate Dreamers and solve Eleven

  • [PDF] Eleven | by ☆ JamesPhelan

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  1. Book by book, the plot becomes interesting and the Author reveals The characters acquire definite traits and a subtle sense of humour lights up the darker parts It is getting fun to read these booksMaria Carmo,Lisbon, 18 June 2015.

  2. The Last Thirteen 11 is another fun addition to the exciting series about teens that have true dreams about the future, and then are able to make changes to what they saw as a dream unfold into real life At the beginning of this book, we only know who two of the last thirteen are Sam and Gabriella Who will be the next of the true dreamers to be found Well, it was hinted in the last book and it comes to fruition in this book Xavier Dark is the third of the last thirteen to be discovered Xavier is [...]

  3. Ah, another action and food less adventure for the wee sprites Sam, Eva, Alex and Xavier Woohoo.What this series lacks in plot and personalised characterisation, it makes up for in dart guns.Sleep inducing dart guns are fabulous inventions You can have whole adventures and noooo body gets too badly hurt, see Every kids book should have these Okay, let me seeWhat do I think of the characters Same as what I thought in my reviews of Thirteen and Twelve I think, if I had to choose, I d pick Xavier H [...]

  4. I really enjoy reading this series but especially this book This book was very engaging and I really enjoyed reading this book In this book the main characters are always involved in the action No matter which city or country they are in they are always fighting evil This book always has a twist and you can never be sure what is going to happen next Sam and Xavier the main characters in this book are always on another mission to find the missing pieces to the bhaka I really enjoyed this book bec [...]

  5. We continue our adventures with Sam and the rest of the Dreamers in Eleven, the third book in The Last Thirteen series Sam is a Dreamer he has true dreams and is prophesied to save the world from unimaginable horror with twelve other true dreamers, who are all 15 16 year old kids The last book ended with a cliffhanger where Sam is surrounded by German Guardians who have turned traitor.The German Guardians are dispatched quickly and easily, with Sam performing some physics defying stunts on his s [...]

  6. This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon Please head there for in depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.Sam is still racing to find the others in the Last Thirteen Little does he know that he s already met some of them, and that some of them might already be in the hands of the enemy.Sam comes face to face with Solaris again in this cliff hanger You know it s going to happen I feel like none of these novels would be complete without a Solaris encounter.I [...]

  7. divabooknerd 2014 03 eThe Last Thirteen is a fun, adventure series that s ideal for preteen readers It follows the story of Sam, a boy plucked from his science class and thrown into a world of reluctant superheroes, secret training facilities and a race of children known as The Dreamers In the same vain in which the Twilight series brought mature young adult readers back to books, The Last Thirteen is perfect to reintroduce reading to middle grade, preteen boys Although Ava s character seems to [...]

  8. Third book into the series and I m still intrigued where this is going We got a little detail in this one about the Professor, Jack and the Dreamers which was good I actually like explanations for things like this I want to understand why things are the way they are but in these books things have happened so quickly there hasn t been time for it Sam locates another of the Last 13 who has been there almost all along I thought this may be a little too easy until I considered the nature vs nurture [...]

  9. This was probably my favorite book of the series so far The books are becoming and interesting as they progress The characters become stronger, and you learn and about them I like how you get to read about everyone, not missing any part of the story I find it interesting that we get a new character, but we don t seem to lose any of the other characters I really like Sam and Xavier and their interactions with each other There are still the issues with too many so and so said but this book see [...]

  10. January 30The Last Thirteen book 3By James PhelenThis book is about 13 people that are trying to save the world with their dreams Sam, Xavier, Gabrielle and Eva, So far they have found 3 of the last thirteen Xavier the boy they found is part of the last thirteen They are being chased by Solaris that will try anything to kill them They get into a zoo and try to find the missing parts of the prophecy to save the world The main idea trying to get to the readers is to keep moving forward I know this [...]

  11. This man can write a cliffhanger Seriously Every book I m all like awww man It s a little bit sad that me as a 25 year old is saying this about books aimed at 10 year olds But oh well, if there are book adventures to be had I m there, and this is a world wide adventure This book we spend in Germany, finding out that the plot thickens, people are involved than we thought, and that we now have a goal for the Last Thirteen I m really really enjoying these, even if they are over way too soon.

  12. Este livro, tal como os outros da s rie, foi muito r pido Por ser muito curto, teve toda a ac o condensada e os acontecimentos deram se com muita rapidez, o que tornou o livro uma pouco confuso para mim N o que n o d para perceber a hist ria, mas parece que nos s o atirados todos os acontecimentos e explica es de uma vez e quando acaba o livro ficamos a pensar wow o que que acabou de acontecer aqui.Mesmo assim vou continuar com a s rie porque fiquei curiosa para saber como v o dar a volta hist r [...]

  13. meeting solaris was horrifying enough, now what sam s biggest fears are coming true, meeting solaris, doing head to head against enterprise and now his guardians have betrayed him now his only team is the academy and xavier and dr dark sam s far from home but can he still unlock the secrets of an ancient journal by da vinci Find out by reading this bookthis book is recommended for boys and girls, ages 10

  14. Book 3 Matthew Reilly action for tweens and teens The rollicking survival story continues, as each of the Last 13 is discovered, and must use their nightmares to unravel the quest to save the world Xavier Dark is finally revealed for who he truly is, new Dreamer Gabriella is discovered, and the treachery and greed for power continue to undermine those in The Academy and their quest for survival.

  15. The action continues, and the plot begins to widen, with the perspective of each side in the race for the last 13 told through the different characters.More history and facts begin to emerge in this book, and the good versus evil line is starting to blur.Phelan is adding an additional layer of complexity with each book in this series, and the cliffhangers continue

  16. I enjoyed this book a lot It had action in it and I like how the characters such as xavier and Alex and Eva are involved in the story The only thing I disliked was the fact that gabriella was barely in the book considering she is part of the last thirteen.

  17. This series continues to improve as it goes on The pace has picked up and Sam s role is clear The identity of Solaris continues to be a mystery.

  18. Once again another great book in the series Once again quite short But it is a seriously good series

  19. I enjoyed this book because it is a enjoyable read and has lots of cool adventures and I can t wait to read the next one

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