[PDF] The Way | by ↠ Joseph Bruchac [PDF] The Way | by ↠ Joseph Bruchac - The Way, The Way Fatherless Cody LeBeau is an American Indian boy who is starting high school with the usual trepidation He fits into none of the cliques at the new school but somehow keeps being noticed anyway and i

  • Title: The Way
  • Author: Joseph Bruchac
  • ISBN: 9781581960624
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] The Way | by ↠ Joseph Bruchac, The Way, Joseph Bruchac, The Way Fatherless Cody LeBeau is an American Indian boy who is starting high school with the usual trepidation He fits into none of the cliques at the new school but somehow keeps being noticed anyway and is often teased because of his tendency to stutter Then his Uncle Pat an accomplished martial arts sensei moves into the town and becomes the one who shows Cody the way thFatherless Cody LeBe

The Way

[PDF] The Way | by ↠ Joseph Bruchac [PDF] The Way | by ↠ Joseph Bruchac - The Way, The Way Fatherless Cody LeBeau is an American Indian boy who is starting high school with the usual trepidation He fits into none of the cliques at the new school but somehow keeps being noticed anyway and i The Way

  • [PDF] The Way | by ↠ Joseph Bruchac
    472Joseph Bruchac
The Way

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  1. Cody LeBeau would like nothing than to just blend into the woodwork at his new high school Unfortunately, his stutter and status as the only Native American student capture the attention of bullies He accepts his role as punching bag until the day his uncle, a martial arts master, moves to town and begins coaching him in the way of the heart Annotation created for my booklist 25 Books About Teens and Bullying

  2. The Way The Way is an adventurous realistic fiction book written by Joseph Bruchac I enjoyed reading this book and how the main character, Cody LeBeau, sorted out his problems with being bullied, and helped other kids that were bullied as well Cody, a freshman in high school, isn t the most popular kid in school, and doesn t have many friends He doesn t have all the latest trends in clothing, and doesn t have the money to spend on the newest gadgets like all the other students One thing Cody is [...]

  3. In the book The Way by Joseph BruchacCody Lebeau is a freshman at a new school.His Mom works at the Koacook Moon Casino His dad is a trucker.Cody get bullied all the time and is sure he has a target on his back.With Dad out of the picture and Mom works the graveyard at the casino, Cody is pretty much on his own The couple parts a I liked are, One day his Uncle John, Cody is just meeting him for the first time, Mom s long lost brother hard to understand who came knocking on the door of the house [...]

  4. I really liked this book, not because the story is good, actually I didn t like the story but I liked the theme of never give up on your goals This is obviously a book for kids, it has a lot of fantasy and extraordinary stuff that cody imagines all the time, I think kids do that all the time The main character cody is an native american who is victim of bullying, his father is a trucker and he never sees his dad, his mom works all day so he is on his own, without anybody helping him while he is [...]

  5. Cody is a freshman at yet another new school His dad is a long haul trucker, Mom works at the Koacook Moon Casino Amid the cliques and bullies Cody is positive he is wearing a target and gets abused, pushed and beat around to prove it With Dad all but gone, Mom working graveyard at the casino Cody is pretty much on his own Enter Uncle John, unknown til now, Mom s long lost brother complicated read the book who intends to win the 120K Ultimate Fighting Competition Prize He is on the res for 10 we [...]

  6. In several places this book reminded me of the work of one of my favorite young authors keep at it Chris, you are obviously moving in the right direction I also learned some interesting things about martial arts and Native American culture Cody s first person account of his high school experience rang true I especially enjoyed the sympathetic librarian character That said, the intense and terrifying climatic scenes struck a little too close to home for someone who works in a school I wonder if c [...]

  7. The book is about an American Indian freshmen named Cody LeBeau who moves one trailer park to another with his mother while his father is a long haul trucker,which he doesn t live with them.He goes to Long River High School, trying his best to be unnoticed since he is an average type of guy.But then he gets bullied by two jocks.He noticed a guy got pantsed in front of everyone Then he met his Uncle John, which he thought he didn t have one, who is actually a martial arts fighter and teaches him [...]

  8. I loved this teen novel and I was surprised to see that it had received no customer reviews as yet Cody LeBeau has a rich fantasy life, but in real life he is the victim of a bully at his high school and his self image is about zero What he learns from his uncle an uncle he never knew he had brings his world into accurate and manageable perspective by introducing him to The Way the way of the heart I loved the characters and I loved all the references to the Native folklore especially the Circl [...]

  9. I think this book was great I liked the way when Uncle John came in It made the book a little bit interesting by helping out Cody finding The Way At first Cody was loose and clumsy Now he is relaxed, calm, and just right It was interesting how Uncle John will go about helping out Cody I was wondering what he would do I was a hoping it would be a little creative, and it was just that So this book is a great book and I would recommend it for people that need help on focusing learning to be confi [...]

  10. Cody LeBeau is a Freshman loser who dreams of becoming a ninja, saving his classmates from bad guys and winning over his crush When his uncle, and ex marine and Ultimate Fighter, spends time staying with Cody and his mother, Cody begins to learn The Way The way leads to increased self confidence and awareness, which leads Cody to notice the odd behavior of two of his most bullied classmatesQuick read and probably a good pick for reluctant male readers and it doesn t hurt that one positive adult [...]

  11. Wow After being forced to read this book by my mom, it was pretty interesting just don t tell her that when I first read the first few chapters, I thought of this book as just a knock off of Karate Kid Yet I still read on In the middle, I couldn t see where it was going with all this learning of The Way At the end was the big hitter Wow I just couldn t believe what had happened at the end It shocked me You should really find out in this unexpectedly ok novel Moe

  12. This book, about a picked on wimpy kid, reminded me of The Karate Kid the firs one, not the new one, haven t seen that one Although Bruchac had a strong message, I enjoyed the way he presented it I wasn t completely surprised by the ending, but it was a little different from what I thought might happen Might be a good book for reluctant boys, especially those who keep their heads down.

  13. I thought this book was interesting I loved the way the actor put me the reader in a position to where I could imagine what actions going on in Codes head Also I think the story could have been detailed about its surroundings, and or background Another thing it could be improved on was its vocabulary.

  14. Slow to start, but great ending Good read for younger readers who are not confident reading yet or looking for something different.

  15. this book was a great book and was very impotant to me because alot of it was meaningful to me because im going through the problems he is oh and he win the tournament at the end

  16. Well written with the Native American characters and the Asian martial arts Bullies and anger management Strong story and characters.

  17. I liked it as I think he has a lot to say and an interesting point of view But to me this story was a bit predictable Don t know if others would find it predictable.

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