[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Not a Drop to Drink : by Mindy McGinnis [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Not a Drop to Drink : by Mindy McGinnis - Not a Drop to Drink, Not a Drop to Drink Fans of classic frontier survival stories as well as readers of dystopian literature will enjoy this futuristic story where water is worth than gold New York Times bestselling author Michael Grant s

  • Title: Not a Drop to Drink
  • Author: Mindy McGinnis
  • ISBN: 9780062198518
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Not a Drop to Drink : by Mindy McGinnis, Not a Drop to Drink, Mindy McGinnis, Not a Drop to Drink Fans of classic frontier survival stories as well as readers of dystopian literature will enjoy this futuristic story where water is worth than gold New York Times bestselling author Michael Grant says Not a Drop to Drink is a debut not to be missed With evocative spare language and incredible drama danger and romance Mindy McGinnis depicts one girl s journeFans of classi

Not a Drop to Drink

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Not a Drop to Drink : by Mindy McGinnis [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Not a Drop to Drink : by Mindy McGinnis - Not a Drop to Drink, Not a Drop to Drink Fans of classic frontier survival stories as well as readers of dystopian literature will enjoy this futuristic story where water is worth than gold New York Times bestselling author Michael Grant s Not a Drop to Drink

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Not a Drop to Drink : by Mindy McGinnis
    211Mindy McGinnis
Not a Drop to Drink

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  1. Survival Sometimes it isn t about a dramatic fight to the death in a deadly arena that is being controlled by sadistic morons who want to create some good TV Sometimes it isn t about demons and monsters and all those things that go bump in the night and are secretly trying to drag you off to some hellish dimension Sometimes the biggest threat to survival is a lack of that which so many of us take for granted If you pictured the end of the world as a loud affair, full of guns, bombs or fallen ang [...]

  2. Actual rating 3.5 Do you want to die like this Mother had asked that night and every night since then.Lynn s answer never changed No And Mother s response, their evening prayer Then you will have to kill A YA dystopian with beautiful stark writing and a strong female lead that got gradually worse the further one gets into the book The book started off so well, but got impeded by a needless romance and a very strong heroine who grew increasingly insipid The world building was vague, but the setti [...]

  3. In Not A Drop To Drink, Mindy McGinnis has envisioned a futuristic United States in which access to water is strictly controlled The population has been decimated by diseases including but not limited to cholera due to overcrowding in cities, the aforementioned water situation, and the strain on resources In terms of YA dystopian explanations, I found McGinnis world to be very real and very possible, especially the lack of antibiotics once people were forced to move into organized cities and the [...]

  4. My official comments Deftly written, Mindy McGinnis s NOT A DROP TO DRINK is a frightening picture of a potential future without fresh water, which left me ridiculously grateful for my working faucet This post apocalyptic survival tale is about so much than just survival I loved it.My unofficial comments This book.Be ready for it.

  5. Some spoilers, nothing major.It is highly frustrating when a book that screams potential fails to live up to it Not a Drop to Drink could have been something bold and off beat but alas, McGinnis just had to squeeze in unnecessary cliches and kill the originality.Not a Drop to Drink describes an apocalypse that is chilling in its plausibility no drinking water In Lynn s world, having a pond in your backyard is akin to having an unlocked safe that everyone knows about and wants a share of Survival [...]

  6. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink I noticed Not a Drop to Drink still sitting on my Currently Reading shelf this morning Uhhhhh, I read it last Fall I m pretty sure I even wrote a review about it but I obviously didn t bother posting said review anywhere or saving it I think I need to start taking some Gingko every day for my memory problems Anyway, I read this book a long time ago and I think you all should read it too so I m posting a rev [...]

  7. This is a story about survival in a harsh, harsh world It s not an action packed dystopian It s not an edge of your seat thrill ride It s the journey of a young girl who s discovering the ugly truths, but also the beautiful roots, of humanity Lynn has been raised inside a house with only her mother by her side She was raised hard, and she was raised cold Everybody is the enemy Their pond is their only life source, so they must guard it with their lives This is a world where drinkable water is ex [...]

  8. 4.5 starsThis was interesting, believable, and worked very nicely as a standalone even though I know it s a series.

  9. Regret was for people with nothing to defend, people who had no water I m still reeling over this book You ve heard it all before A dystopian, tough female character trying to survive, blah blah blah Wait, what This one was actually good If you re tired of cheesy and unrealistic YA I don t think you ll be disappointed by this book that stood out in an overcrowded genre I can t describe my love for it enough the fantastic narrator, heart pounding plot, and desperate survival atmosphere all had me [...]

  10. She twisted underneath him, bringing her knee into his groin and pulling her knife from her boot Mother taught me to carry a knife for always She left him holding his intestines in disbelief as she disappeared down the hill, his gun tucked securely in her waistband.Dramatic voiceover voice In a world where clean drinking water is scarce, supplies are limited, and disease is flourishing, a mother and daughter must fight to hold on to their water, their family, and their lives.I totally fell in lo [...]

  11. Super excited to read the final version of this book Mindy is fresh, snappy, and unexpected in her writing She keeps you locked into the story with great characters, interesting turn of events, clever dialogue and a solid narrative that is sure to make her one of the greats in YA fiction Reserve your copy early I know I will for 2013

  12. Re read in April 2016.New rating 5 stars forever and always.This world still feels so utterly real It still evoked a lot of emotion from me the second time There was one character I d forgotten completely, so that was a surprise.Loved watching Lynn s character arc She goes from being raised this completely heartless killer to growing a conscience and letting people in Watching her walls comes down makes me feel so proud of her It s full of death and gore and gritty things, but there s also a bea [...]

  13. Mindy McGinnis Not A Drop To Drink is one phenomenal debut novel It s a gritty survival story with a beating heart meaningful, moving and intelligent A no nonsense depiction of a post apocalyptic world in which the rivers have dried up and the thirst, hunger and desperation are all that s left.This is a powerful story A rare gem among YA books that can be enjoyed by teens and adults alike Filled with incredible insights, memorable quotes, and emotionally affecting moments, it gripped me right fr [...]

  14. See reviews at YA Midnight Reads Thank you HarperCollins Australia for sending me this copy No compensation was given or taken to alter this review Water water every where, but not a drop to drink What will our world be like in a few decades time Will it be thriving with the interminable technology Or will it be in decay from a Word War III, on the brink of extinction Or, would our world be one with water everywhere, but not a drop to drink Mindy McGinnis, invites readers into her imagination v [...]

  15. Not a Drop to Drink is the type of novel that would have never appeared on my radar if it were not for the enthusiasm of dozens of bloggers In fact, I believe this is one of the few dystopian novels I ve picked up since my string of disasters with debuts last year, so color me surprised to find that McGinnis manages to do this genre justice Not only is her debut gritty and realistic, but it combines one of the best aspects of dystopia that seem to have been buried under endless love triangles fe [...]

  16. The world of dystopia young adult fiction is pretty crowded right now It is the what is the what in genre fiction Given that, it is hard to find a book that is fresh and provides a perspective not yet covered by all of the post apocalypse dystopia books out there it is pretty exciting to find one that is new Not a Drop to Drink is that fresh perspective The book starts from the improbable premise of a young girl who is around the age of 16 and only knows one person in the world her mother She kn [...]

  17. Have you ever gone through a drought Maybe had your community pass around drought preparedness fliers, or had to face fines for not following a watering schedule I have and I found it really very ulcer inducing I remember reading about when Georgia had a really bad one several years ago that had the water shut off for certain hours, and people with a set number of gallons to use a day I remember being so thankful that I had never been through a drought Last summer wasn t the first drought I ve b [...]

  18. OHOHHOHHHHHHI FEEL LIKE I JUST HAD AN ORGASM.OH THAT WAS GOOD REVIEW TO COME pun intended, oh godLynn and her mother live in a world where water is a precious resource Together, they watch over their pond from thirsty scavengers, shooting them down whether they re human or animal A tragic accident leaves Lynn on her own for the first time in her life She must protect the pond from the dangers in the South and the threat of a new family living by the stream nearby In a world not far from our own, [...]

  19. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick Dirty Beautiful, realistic, and heartbreaking story about love, friendship, and survival With a wonderful cast of characters and a very unique idea, Not a Drop to Drink is an unforgettable story that all fans of dystopian post apocalyptic books should read.Opening Sentence Lynn was nine the first time she killed to defend the pond, the sweet smell of water luring the man to be picked off like the barn swallows that dared to swoop in for a drink.The Revi [...]

  20. This book That ending It s like the muses of Steinbeck and Hemingway got together and had a literary love child Sparse and grim Loved it scrambles into hiding to let brain decompress

  21. Two second recap In Not a Drop to Drink, Mindy McGinnis taps into a very fundamental part of the human psyche the need to survive against all odds Through her deft writing style and expert plotting, readers will develop a strong kinship for Lynn and her motley band of survivors, as they battle for their survival Full review There are times when I ll read a book and I think This book is destined to become a classic This is the type of book that teachers will put into the hands of their students, [...]

  22. 4.5 stars Trigger warning for rape and sex slavery Lynn has never had a normal life In this post apocalyptic world, normal can vary widely, but Lynn s mother taught her to survive and to never let her guard down But when Lynn s mother dies, Lynn is suddenly thrust into circumstances she d never experienced before Her closest neighbor, Stubbs, introduces her to a family living at a nearby stream Newly escaped from the city, they re starving and unable to take care of themselves Lynn knows what ch [...]

  23. My rating 3.5 of 5 starsA copy of Not a Drop to Drink was provided to me by Katherine Tegen Books for review purposes.Seeing that my one of my favorite genres is dystopian post apocalyptic, this was high on my expectations list Post apocalyptic became super popular in recent years and practically all the ways the world could possibly come to an end have been covered A world where the water has been contaminated and clean water is a precious commodity I had yet to read a book covering that so I e [...]

  24. I wasn t expecting to give this book any less then 5 stars I mean, come one It was beautiful and brutal Heartfelt and disturbing And all too realistic at times I will read anything Mindy McGinnis writes at this point.

  25. Not a Drop to Drink was one of my most anticipated books of 2013 I mean, the title and cover were enough to get me salivating, and then the synopsis had me stalking this book like a.well, like a book lover wanting to get their hands on the book that was meant for them.Lynn and her mother, Lauren, live in near isolation in their farmhouse, vigilantly guarding their pond a safe source of water in a world that is suffering extreme water shortage Keeping it isolated from others means that they are p [...]

  26. Where to begin I have a lot of thoughts on this book but I am struggling putting them in order I know I deeply enjoyed this story yet I still have so much I am wondering about at the same time So my rating for this is actually like 3.5 stars Let me start off with saying the I loved the style in which this book was written It is rich, deep and meaningful It drew my into the story, creating a very vivid portrayal of Lynn s life Not many young adult novels seem to have to practical depth and matur [...]

  27. I was a little skeptical in picking this book up being that I m a burnt out on dystopian novels I practically read every scenario there can be, so I had high expectations that this books will capture me It did.Plot This is what really got me I love the plot You have this girl, raised hard emotional physically during a time where water is gone She lives out alone with her mother and they do everything for themselves These girls are just WOW Imagine being raised to kill in order to survive It real [...]

  28. 4.5 I loved this so much Don t go into this thinking it s going to be action from the first page because it s not It is slow and focuses on characters, but that is what I loved about this book It definitely reminds me of the show The Walking Dead, but without zombies It is about people and how they are surviving in this deteriorating world I adored all of the characters, especially the main character Lynn I love how they all come from different walks of life, but they ban together to make the be [...]

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