Keeping You Best Download || [Jessie Evans] Keeping You Best Download || [Jessie Evans] - Keeping You, Keeping You A Summerville NovelAlways A Bridesmaid Book TwoA marriage of insanity Aria March and Nash Geary s first summer fling ended badly very badly and they haven t spoken a civil word to each other since t

  • Title: Keeping You
  • Author: Jessie Evans
  • ISBN: 9781493524129
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback

Keeping You Best Download || [Jessie Evans], Keeping You, Jessie Evans, Keeping You A Summerville NovelAlways A Bridesmaid Book TwoA marriage of insanity Aria March and Nash Geary s first summer fling ended badly very badly and they haven t spoken a civil word to each other since they were teens Twelve years later Aria is back in Summerville fighting for custody of her little girl and it sure wouldn t hurt her case to be in a committed relationshA Summerville Nov

Keeping You

Keeping You Best Download || [Jessie Evans] Keeping You Best Download || [Jessie Evans] - Keeping You, Keeping You A Summerville NovelAlways A Bridesmaid Book TwoA marriage of insanity Aria March and Nash Geary s first summer fling ended badly very badly and they haven t spoken a civil word to each other since t Keeping You

  • Keeping You Best Download || [Jessie Evans]
    365Jessie Evans
Keeping You

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  1. The story of Aria and Nash caught my attention immediately from their first meeting while reading the first book in this series Betting On You was a great story featuring Lark and Mason but as sometimes happens with me, secondary characters steal the spotlight Not that Aria and Nash overshadowed the love story in the first book but there was a very secretive twist when they were introduced t each other.So the story between Aria and Nash was pretty freaking juicy As teenagers they had known each [...]

  2. Fudge I wrote a pretty comprehensive review on this novel, but it somehow got lost when I submitted it sigh Perhaps I ll get around to rewriting it later Dammit 3 5 stars

  3. Sexy, Sweet Second Chance RomanceMan, I am a sucker for a reunion romance You know the one where the hero and heroine were once together and something drove them apart only to have them get back together years later This was actually my first Jessie Evans book and holy smokes did it blow me away Aria and Nash are from two very different worlds and their marriage of convenience seems like the perfect solution to their respective troubles He s fresh from an ugly break up and she s in a custody bat [...]

  4. Wow, what an amazing novel Keeping You by Jessie Evans is the perfect combination of two contemporary romance genres, a second chance romance and a marriage of convenience I was immediately captivated by the gripping prologue that set the appealing tone of the story The characters are likeable, kindhearted and real This is a loving and sexy read that kept me engaged from start to finish.Aria March and Nash Geary, the story s two main characters, grew up on opposite sides of the tracks Their summ [...]

  5. Aria March is in deep trouble, the kind that a single mom, leaving with her parents, one of which just got arrested, can t get out of on her own Nash Geary still fights the anger of how quickly he was replaced by his ex, and bumping into her at every other corner in town wasn t making things easier for him Neither was his big mouth But was marrying his first summer fling really the solution to any of their problems Probably not While the idea of having Aria back seemed ludicrous, every moment Na [...]

  6. A cute story The circumstances are a little too far on the unbelievable side, but it s fun and light Brain candy well done.

  7. Another pleasant story by Jessie Evans The lead characters were likable, sexy and had good common sense I just wish it was longer.

  8. I could not wait to read this book The author grabbed me with these two characters in the first book and after reading the first chapter as a freebie at the end I could not wait to get into this story I enjoyed there story and can t wait to read the third book about the youngest sister.

  9. This is book 2 I liked it better than the first although I really liked the first as well I found Nash and Aria s story completely heart warming, touching, emotional, and happy There wasn t a lot of excitement or suspense, but it was a really good quick read There was some conflict and resolution and I enjoyed the story and romance.

  10. Listened to the Audiobook This second book is another sweet and sexy second chance romance Nash and Aria fall in love as teens but are forced to separate in a horrible way When they meet again weeks later, they are unable to get past their hurt feelings and broken hearts In order to protect themselves, they resort to hurtful words, pushing each other away Now twelve years later they are both enduring fresh breakups that lead to situations where they need help One night after too many beers they [...]

  11. 2nd book in this series With this story we get to know Aria, the older sister to Lark and Melody We finally get to understand what and why things happened to Aria when she was younger and this also helps us sort out why she is so set against love.Nash Geary, the man that held Aria s heart back when they were teenagers and due to bad communication he also was the boy who broke her heart As we read, we can see all the places where they went wrong and while reading saying if only, if only Communica [...]

  12. I needed a little fluff romantic book and this fit the need perfectly H h met years ago at a summer art camp He was 18, she was 16 They fell for each other but were caught the night they were going to do the act He was sent home as her father berated him and called him poor white trash but she was allowed to finish out the camp because she was younger, and came from better stock The boy felt that the girl never really defended him to her family but she had and so now, as we come to the here and [...]

  13. Keeping YouI was just wondering what to read next, when Keeping You by Jessie Evans arrived via.I started it straightaway, and then had trouble putting it down.This book is a simple formulaic love story Boy meets girl, boy loses girl.Many years later they meet up again and get married almost immedisately read the book to find out why, you won t be disappointed Then it all goes pear shaped, then they get back together again and how I found this very charming in its simplicity, and loved the chara [...]

  14. Jessie did it to me again in the 2nd in the series Totally enjoyed Nash and Aria in this story of a marriage of convenience that turns into so much It reconnects two people who had met as kids, started to fall and then are ripped apart leaving a great deal of hurt, anger and anamosity in its wake Aria is raising a baby alone after finding her ex was cheating Nash has recently been left by his ex who is now engaged to a jerk that Nash has never liked With Aria panicking over being sued for custo [...]

  15. Aria and Nash s book was a great read Exactly what I expected fun, sweet, care free and a happily ever after I do think Aria Nash s book is better than Always A Bridesmaid Book 1 not really sure why it s called Bridemaid book when neither of the are actually in a wedding during the books Aria and Nash met 12 years prior at summer camp Falling in love and on the cusp of making love they are caught and Nash is sent home Aria s father says the usual harsh things and Nash believes them Cut to years [...]

  16. 3.5 STARSThis was part of the box set I bought, which includes books 1 3 I read the first one a few months ago, and I liked this one a little bit .Nash and Aria clearly learned a few things about communication since they were teenagers, so that was refreshing No inane misunderstandings Nash was a pretty sweet guy, and Aria seemed to have learned from her mistakes in the first book I was a bit perplexed at Aria s defense of her father, he was AWFUL I wouldn t have spoken to him for a long while a [...]

  17. Aria finds herself in an unexpected custody battle with her baby s daddy, who has ignored them both since she was born She needs to create a stable home life outside her parents home in order to retain custody Nash s ego has him creating a fake fiancee in order to save face in front of his ex.To solve both their problems, they come together in a fake marriage The feelings they once had for each other when they were kids resurface, but their families and their own stubbornness still might keep th [...]

  18. Nash recently dumped and Aria bitter single mom hate each other Right After an awful teen experience these two don t speak Ever But when circumstances arise that could be put right by a short fake marriage, they both agree to it These characters are so great you can t help but pull for them in this beautifully crafted story I highly recommended this book to everyoneazon Keeping You Alw

  19. This is my favorites in the series Always a Bridesmaid Nash is just so easy to love in this nbook You are first introduced to him in Betting on You first book and i immediately knew i would like him i am drawn to strong male romance characters Ones that are protective possessive of their love interest but in a positive way.

  20. Aria and Nash past made it hard for people outside of their love bubble to embrace their union of mutual convenience that turned into one of a love lost to misunderstanding.Determined to fight for what makes them happy and complete the two set out to confront the respective parties and get visita that help seal the fate for the best HEA second chance to date To Meaty and Red

  21. Book 2 in the Summerville series Another light and easy read The only thing I didn t totally expect was Bob s reaction Again, at the end of the school year I look for quick, easy, and fun reads This one fit the criteria On to book 3

  22. I enjoyed Aria as a character enough in the first book to continue the series I wasn t disappointed She is tough as nails and not afraid to make hard choices for her family I really enjoyed Nash and her together I think I m done after this one though Melody just doesn t interest me enough.

  23. Way better than book one.The premise for why the hero needs a fake marriage is a bit far fetched, but I suspended reality and let it go.Aria really grew on me I disliked her greatly after the first book, but her plight won me over And Nash Gah Loved him

  24. Have to say this was most probably my fav book out of the series The heat between Aria Nash was hot, hot, hot Could have been my favorite to because I love a man in uniform This story had me laughing and crying

  25. Great bookWhat a fun, sexy book I really loved Nash and Aria I loved that they fought for what they wanted, they made sure that their families knew they were serious about each other I am excited to read about the last March sister.


  27. Is Nash real Can he be Please Seriously, there wasn t a thing wrong with him From his six pack to his love of babies and family, he was absolutely perfect This story move pretty quickly and without much drama at all, just pure romance at its best My favorite Jessie Evans book yet

  28. It was an entertaining short read I listened to all three books in the series in one weekend while painting and redecorating my daughter s room was perfect for that task While this might be considered new adult there was limited sexual content.

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