Hidden Enemy Best Download || [Pittacus Lore] Hidden Enemy Best Download || [Pittacus Lore] - Hidden Enemy, Hidden Enemy You know we have been betrayed You must discover why You must learn the truth They have put a plan in motion They have infiltrated your government They have already turned some of you They will do wha

  • Title: Hidden Enemy
  • Author: Pittacus Lore
  • ISBN: 9780062324924
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Audiobook

Hidden Enemy Best Download || [Pittacus Lore], Hidden Enemy, Pittacus Lore, Hidden Enemy You know we have been betrayed You must discover why You must learn the truth They have put a plan in motion They have infiltrated your government They have already turned some of you They will do whatever it takes to have your planet The battle lines have been drawn Whose side are you on

Hidden Enemy

Hidden Enemy Best Download || [Pittacus Lore] Hidden Enemy Best Download || [Pittacus Lore] - Hidden Enemy, Hidden Enemy You know we have been betrayed You must discover why You must learn the truth They have put a plan in motion They have infiltrated your government They have already turned some of you They will do wha Hidden Enemy

  • Hidden Enemy Best Download || [Pittacus Lore]
    127Pittacus Lore
Hidden Enemy

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  1. Rating 3.2 averaged from individual ratings Minor spoilers, spoilers for the Lorien Legacies books 1 4 Five s Legacy 2 stars This novella follows Five up to the point where he decides to join the Mogadorians This includes the events leading up to his Cepan s death, how he struggled to survive after, and then how the Mogs made contact with him I found that this one was the worst in the novella collection, since it dragged so much It didn t help that I don t like Five all that much It s hard to li [...]

  2. very good insight into what fives life was before he meet the others and i was also happy to read what happened to mark after the aftermath of the first book

  3. Holy shit, these storiesI can t believe I m saying this, but it actually looks like there s room for Five to redeem himself And I so totally need another Mark James centric Lost File.

  4. Definitely opens questions about the savability of Five And MarkI love you I love you I love you Come back to us

  5. Before I Read the BookYay I love the Lost Files novellas Probably almost as much, if not , than the actual books themselves.Summary of the Story view spoiler The first story is about Five s story of living with his Cepan on a deserted tropical island, living in Miami as a pickpocket, being hired by a gangster who turns out to be working for the Mogadorians, and how Five ended up aligning with them too.The second story shows what Mark has been up to since the attack on his school back in Paradise [...]

  6. I am a huge fan of the novellas I love reading the insight behind every storyline It adds so much to the Novel Editions and creates a better understanding of the events and even then Character Five s Legacy It was ok It gave me an understanding of where he came from and why he turned out the way he is, but it wasn t exciting enough for me 3 Stars Return to Paradise This was better I loved seeing in the eyes of Mark It was a great view of what the guy was really thinking about all that happened [...]

  7. I love learning about the history of the characters and the things in their lives that have a major impact on how they move forward This book had two short stories featuring Five I understand him a bit better now but it s pretty hard to get over what you know of him from previous books All I can say is, he was certainly an easy mark Young like all of them, but gullible, angry, full of hate, and with an incredibly misplaced sense of entitlement None of the redeeming qualities that the other Lori [...]

  8. I like these short stories of what is happening with other characters in this series I didn t enjoy the Return to Paradise story as much because Mark James is telling his story and he uses bad language I got sick of hearing that I probably would ve liked the book better if it weren t for that I thought it was helpful to hear Five s story in order to understand his character better and why he has done some of the things he has.

  9. You can check out the novellas Five s Legacy, Return to Paradise, and Five s Betrayal for their reviews separately.

  10. this collection is actually really sad cause it explains Five s background in great detail, and this detail makes it seem like he s irretrievable

  11. My computer freaked so this perhaps a little shorter and different than my original post 7 Five s Legacy This story is to catch us up on what Five has been up to since he and his Cepan Rey came to Earth After a few location changes, Rey is starting to get sick and decides that the best place for him to get better and to hide are the islands off of Florida There it is warm and remote, very very remote Five is lazy, like LAAAAAZZZZZYYYYY He lies to Rey about his training but little does he know, R [...]

  12. Finally got to see what made Five what he is I absolutely loved this whole series of novellas My only con I want

  13. Uglhhh I hate number Five now even I hope nine kills him in The fate of Ten But i would like to do it for him What an asshole

  14. I love this series, I ve given most of the novels and novellas 5 stars, so I m a little conflicted as to why I m only giving this novella collection 4 stars Hidden Enemy contains three novellas, 7 Five s Legacy, 8 Return To Paradise, and 9 Five s Betrayal.I didn t enjoy this one QUITE as much as the other novellas, it was still amazingly written, but it may be because two of the stories are focused on Garde number Five It s hard to like Five I did appreciate reading his backstory though and find [...]

  15. Bad Start with a character you don t like and add whinyness plus hipocracy, then add a flat storyline that takes an odd detour in the middle, mix in a tell but don t show type of writing style, voila, you have I Am Number Four I am terrible at writing, clearly demonstrated by my reviews, yet I was consitantly trying to fill in parts where Lore could have made a twist or added some drama or made me care about the MC He never did Probably 50% of the story was 5 wailing about how the world was agai [...]

  16. I didn t find much in this series exciting, we all know 5 is bad and evil so was it necessary to have most of this book about him

  17. Three short stories that give some background info on the main books The first tells of Number Five s early life and how he comes to know the Moogs The second is about the human Mark James and what happens after the attack at the high school in Paradise The last is about Five training with the Moog and the attack at the headquarters where Number Nine was being held.After reading the other books it was nice to learn some of the back stories.

  18. These books there were three stories got me feeling emotions.I ll start with the middle one Return To Paradise This one gave us an insight to what happened to Mark James ya know, Sarah Hart s ex and Four s biggest bully who turned around at the end of I Am Number Four Yeah, him I really like him now He really turned around but I totally feel for him though, his life changed so much after the battle and discovering aliens and what not But him helping Four, Sam and the other Garde is just great of [...]

  19. Five s Legacy 5 5 stars.I have been dying to find out about Five since I read FoF And let me say it quickly, I still really don t like him He s whiny and paranoid and incredibly arrogant and stupid He goes on and on about worrying if the other Garde are teaming up without him, but he never tries to find out for sure or to find them He is interested in doing whatever he wants just to pass time and be a victim, the poor left out Garde So really this is why I give the novella 5 stars, despite me [...]

  20. Long story short, I still don t feel any sympathy for him I don t care how many things Lore throws at me, if it s about Five I will hiss and moan and wish that that bastard was dead as the people that were too trusting to know better than to get in his way Do whatever it takes to survive my ass Five s just a good for nothing coward Yay, good for him he has some sort of a heart, but he doesn t do a very good job at using it All he can do is bitch and moan and think about how the other Garde are p [...]

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