☆ The Secret Circle: The Hunt ô L.J. Smith Aubrey Clark ☆ The Secret Circle: The Hunt ô L.J. Smith Aubrey Clark - The Secret Circle: The Hunt, The Secret Circle The Hunt pemThe Hunt em from the bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries L J Smith is a dangerously exciting tale of love witchcraft and the supernatural perfect for fans of the Beautiful Creatures seri

  • Title: The Secret Circle: The Hunt
  • Author: L.J. Smith Aubrey Clark
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ The Secret Circle: The Hunt ô L.J. Smith Aubrey Clark, The Secret Circle: The Hunt, L.J. Smith Aubrey Clark, The Secret Circle The Hunt pemThe Hunt em from the bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries L J Smith is a dangerously exciting tale of love witchcraft and the supernatural perfect for fans of the Beautiful Creatures series ppCassie s life is far from ordinary Her best friends are a coven of witches and her relationship with her boyfriend Adam is wpemThe Hunt em from the bestselling auth

The Secret Circle: The Hunt

☆ The Secret Circle: The Hunt ô L.J. Smith Aubrey Clark ☆ The Secret Circle: The Hunt ô L.J. Smith Aubrey Clark - The Secret Circle: The Hunt, The Secret Circle The Hunt pemThe Hunt em from the bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries L J Smith is a dangerously exciting tale of love witchcraft and the supernatural perfect for fans of the Beautiful Creatures seri The Secret Circle: The Hunt

  • ☆ The Secret Circle: The Hunt ô L.J. Smith Aubrey Clark
    203L.J. Smith Aubrey Clark
The Secret Circle: The Hunt

349 thought on “The Secret Circle: The Hunt

  1. I won t read any of the ghostwritten books for The Secret Circle series or The Hunters series By giving a 1 star to these books, I m showing my dislike for Alloy Entertainment HarperCollins for firing L.J Smith They are not allowing her to write her books the way she wanted, because they only care about what sells and don t have any respect for story telling at all For those who don t know what I m talking about, here s the letter L.J Smith wrote herself to her fans regarding the issue Hi Thank [...]

  2. Another one Why can t they just stop L J Smith isn t even writing them any and I bet they ll be changed into some sappy happy love story about over coming all faults blah blah blah I want the REAL L J Smith back I can hardly read the new Vampire Diaires books because they no longer capture my interest I used to buy all of them but I refuse to buy the newest ones.

  3. I honestly could care less if the books is good It will always be trash in my eyes Why LJ Smith has always been one of my favourite authors It was her books that got me into fantasy, and gave me some of my best memories reading I give this book one star because I see this book as distasteful, and an insult to Smith It deserves negative stars Poor LJ Smith It would really suck knowing you can t even write your story any.

  4. I have just finished reading this book minutes ago The book was not as I was expecting it to be I was so excited to read this book and I had been waiting for it for so long I am so disappointed This book clearly does not have the same taste as the first two book which were written by L Smith The ending was terrible It felt like the writer just got tired of writing the story and stopped in the middle of the story Well, Aubrey thought that would make the readers excited for the next book, but she [...]

  5. The first half of this book was really boring, but the second half picked up It was kind of repetitive, but still pretty good I still hate Cassie s selfishness, and her indecisiveness, and the way she s the strongest witch around even though she had no idea a while ago that she even was a witch Just rather annoying, how that works But I was surprised about view spoiler the silver cord between Adam and Scarlett, and then Scarlett being accepted into the Circle hide spoiler Of course view spoiler [...]

  6. I can t believe L.J Smith will not be writing this series any The Secret Circle was my favorite series when I first read it back in the 90 s I would have loved to hear from the characters but I will not support a ghostwriter that has stolen the series from L.J Smith

  7. What an insult to the original L J Smith series, its as if this new author has wrote down the names of the characters and totally disregarded everything else The original series is what got me interested in reading, I love them and I am so so sad to see this series ruined As far as im concerned L J Smith s books are the real secret circle, these are a cheap imitation.

  8. I m just going to say the exact same thing I said in my review of The Divide It does upset me that L J Smith lost the rights to write these stories, but that doesn t mean I m going to rate the book anything less than I think it deserves.The Temptation March 12th 2013.

  9. The Witch Hunters are after Cassie and her Circle She finds her father s Book of Shadows, but it brings with it all sorts of new challenges But the Circle is in the fight of their lives and if they aren t careful, all of them will be lost.

  10. Whyyyyyyy am I still reading this series I honestly don t know I think it s maybe kind of a palate cleanser, because it s pretty quick and brainless to get through it, and it s a nice change from some of the dense and intellectual books I have to read on a regular basis But this series just isn t good.I don t really want to comment too much on the whole LJ Smith Aubrey Clark Alloy Entertainment fiasco because almost every other review talks about it, but I will note that LJ Smith is not the aut [...]

  11. The book went by pretty quickly actually and in a good way It was one of those finish in one sitting kind of books and leaves you somewhat wanting and thinking that it ended well at the same time.The Hunt builds pretty well off the previous installments and does well with throwing a couple twists and surprises throughout the series A number of things did appear a bit at best predictable by my tastes but I could probably shrug this off as being due to being accustomed so much to this genre of wr [...]

  12. This ghostwriter continuation really follows the TV series and has a completely different tone than the original series by L.J Smith Sadly it is not as exciting or consistent as the original Cassie comes off as whiny and insecure Adam comes off as secretive and like he now struggles with loyalty and affection the two things that made him an integral character to the circle and a great guy to begin with Probably the least changed in the series is Faye, still aggravating and dark, flirting with da [...]

  13. Any publisher who steals an author s mental property because they don t like the direction that the series is taking is unethical and horrible to boot If all readers wanted packaged twihard crap we would be reading that What I wanted was to know where the real author would take these stories not what some ghost writer fan fic chippy thinks I am glad that I have yet to be published if this is the direction that the industry is taking As much as I want to share my vision I don t think I would want [...]

  14. Just finished it All i can say is that i miss lj smith Its not the same without her The story was dissapointing and it lacked the charm the original lj smith secret circle books had The originals wer amazing and they had soo much magic to them These ones now seem to modern for the yr its supposed to take place in for example in this book they all have cell phones with txt messeges, but in previous books they didnt have cell phones due to the fact that the book takes place in the 90s when cell ph [...]

  15. Why Why do this to a wonderful series that started off so well First of all I refuse to actually buy this book because I don t support the fact that the publishers decided not to allow L.J Smith write the series as she intended Secondly, the book was crap The new writer has made this book so short, quick and predictable that it was ridiculous Trusting an evil witch who tried to kill you Seems like a totally okay idea.How about not Then of course to keep the romantic triangle going we see Cassie [...]

  16. Well I finally got to reading this booklol was a good book all in all although I found Cassie to be really annoying and whiny in this book The action was really good the scenes played out perfectly but I found they were all on top of one another just when one tragic thing had happened there was no breathing room before the new tragic thing happened I found the conflict between the characters to be great in this book however and the magic of course can t be topped There is a slight twist to the b [...]

  17. Leider ebenso wie der viertel Teil oder der erste von dem Ghost Writer nicht ganz so gut wie die L.J.Smith aber trotz allem interessant Scarletts Rolle in diesem Buch war sehr cool und alles in allem war es ein gutes Buch

  18. The secret circle the hunt is a great book If you are interested in drama and fantasy It is about a witch named Cassie who is on a journey to fight her evil half sister Scarlett who is trying to kill Cassie so she can have her spot in the circle which is a group of witches But she also has protect her friends Faye,Nick and Laurel who have been marked by the witch hunters Who are on a hunt to destroy Cassie and The circle I gave this book four stars because it is overall a pretty good book But so [...]

  19. I stand by my previous review of The Divide in that these ghost written book do the originals no justice I did enjoy the book, but again the inconsistencies irked me, hence the 3 stars and not 4 star rating The characters personalities seem to progressively alter, and, I no longer felt as invested in each character I d grown to love, there was something missing that I couldn t quite put my finger on It was almost as if they were stripped back to basic individuals The plot was imaginative, and d [...]

  20. Again, it s not terrible but it s not the same Everything about the characters and plot is different but it s not bad.

  21. Enjoyable, but this is the first book of the series I have read Picked up on a spare of the moment if I had taken my time I would have started with the first book

  22. Eine echt gute Fortsetzung der Reihe Vor allem eine der Wendungen hat mich sehr mitgenommen Ich fiebere auf jeder Seite mit Cassie und bin schon auf das Finale sehr gespannt

  23. Written by a different author like the book before it The Secret Circle The Hunt continued to stay faithful to the story and its characters despite the writing switch The book picks up where The Divide left off, which is where Cassie is first discovering what she can do with her father s Book of Shadows remembering that her father is basically the epitome of evil, this is kind of a big deal Following this, the rest of the book encircles her father s book, its powers, and ultimately the effects i [...]

  24. Quick read I m getting tired of her overuse of the phrase X called out There are other ways to say that someone is speaking

  25. Lisa J Smith begleitet mich mit ihren B chern bereits seit vielen Jahren im Alltag, von daher bin ich immer wieder froh, wenn ein neues Werk von ihr, bzw ein weiterer Teil einer von ihr entwickelten Reihe, erscheint Auch wenn Die Hexenjagd , der f nfte Teil der Der magische Zirkel Reihe nicht mehr aus ihrer Feder, sondern von einer Ghostwriterin stammt, bin ich der Reihe dennoch treu geblieben Nachdem mir der vierte Band sehr gut gefallen hat, waren meine Erwartungen hoch und ich bin froh, dass [...]

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