[PDF] Kai Chand They Sar-E-Aasman | by ↠ Shamsur Rahman Faruqi [PDF] Kai Chand They Sar-E-Aasman | by ↠ Shamsur Rahman Faruqi - Kai Chand They Sar-E-Aasman, Kai Chand They Sar E Aasman None

  • Title: Kai Chand They Sar-E-Aasman
  • Author: Shamsur Rahman Faruqi
  • ISBN: 9789695680681
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Kai Chand They Sar-E-Aasman | by ↠ Shamsur Rahman Faruqi, Kai Chand They Sar-E-Aasman, Shamsur Rahman Faruqi, Kai Chand They Sar E Aasman None

Kai Chand They Sar-E-Aasman

[PDF] Kai Chand They Sar-E-Aasman | by ↠ Shamsur Rahman Faruqi [PDF] Kai Chand They Sar-E-Aasman | by ↠ Shamsur Rahman Faruqi - Kai Chand They Sar-E-Aasman, Kai Chand They Sar E Aasman None Kai Chand They Sar-E-Aasman

  • [PDF] Kai Chand They Sar-E-Aasman | by ↠ Shamsur Rahman Faruqi
    416Shamsur Rahman Faruqi
Kai Chand They Sar-E-Aasman

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  1. always interesting to discover a whole new culture through reading As a teenager I discovered the world of 18th and 19th century Britain through the great classics of English literature, and throughout my life I ve read European literature about the period, but until now with the exception of The Siege of Krishnapur by the Anglo Irish author J.G Farrell I had read almost nothing of 19th century life in India The Mirror of Beauty plugs this gap with a sumptuous portrait of the Mughal Empire, narr [...]

  2. This was a beautiful novel that required effort, patience, and dedication to truly appreciate Faruqi obviously used all those virtues when it came to writing out the minutest details be it about clothing, cuisine, crafts, decor architecture, social protocols and etiquettes, and of course history Additionally, all of these categories are further segmented and vary depending upon the social status and class of the character being described It is a lot to take in and follow, but extremely enriching [...]

  3. Requires tremendous amount of patience and dedication to finish it I almost left it in between but just had a hunch to not do so and my hunch proved right because long after Wazir leaves from the pages of your book it being the last page your heart still lingers around the pains of her cursed love life this beautiful woman had to go through despite being blessed with impeccable looks That , along with, the detailed description of the colonial and Mughal lifestyle starting from the food sold in t [...]

  4. You need a bit of patience for this book, but if you can muster it, then it will be worth it The poetry, lengthy descriptions of space people, and historical events there is a lot of work that has went into it For those who are interested in the Mughal period early colonial rule, this would be of particular interest The pages devoted to Wazir Khanums beauty got a bit too male gaze for me after some timed I would say that is the books main weakness.

  5. An extremely slow readobably the longest it has taken me to complete a novel And yet, lyrical, poetic, an ode to a time gone by, much before the time we live in Wazir Khanam, Salaam Shamsur Rahman Faruqi, Salaam I wish I could read Urdu in which the original was written, and yet, even in English, each page was meant to be langorously, indulgently savoured.

  6. Mirror of Beauty is about Wazir Khanam a strikingly beautiful young woman and her journey through life, men, and her struggle to survive on her own terms If you like historical books, there are elements of this book you will absolutely love The story in itself is a great tale of a woman choosing her own path, and living life on her own terms in a time when this was unknown of Set during the decline of the Mughal rule and right before the revolt of 1857 Wazir chooses her own path She partners wit [...]

  7. A true masterpiece I read this book in English and then it s original version in Urdu While the English one is very close to the original, the language does not lend itself to the idioms and expressions of Urdu s finesse Still, a captivating read of a woman in pre 1857 era who lived her life on her own terms The book does not just narrate her story but of the entire culture of Delhi that flourished through poetry, beliefs, architecture, painting and other refined arts Wazir Khanum is a jewel of [...]

  8. One of the finest books i have read on era of Last Mughals This book is not about princes and kings only, it also throws light on the conditions of court dancers, Pindaris, urban centres of North India, astrologers, Urdu culture, food habits and many things Overall, it also shows that how Hindu and Muslims were, after almost five hundred years of animosity, came to respect and recognize each other which later on was broken by Britishers with a grand design.

  9. One of the most beautiful books I ve read in recent times The author recreates the 19th century Delhi of poets, sinking realms, continuing tradition and norms, powerhungry Britishers and bares Delhi s soul through the poets SO glad to have read this rare beauty

  10. A great book originally written in Urdu that manages to both encapsulate the historical 19th century Dehli and at the same time elucidate upon the life of a captivating resident of that city, Wazir Khanum.The first one hundred or so pages are not about the main character, Wazir Khanum, and instead, serve to introduce the reader to Wazir Khanum s family background by a literal description of her ancestors and their conditions starting from a painter in Rajasthan The early part of the book follows [...]

  11. One of the best books I have ever read in Urdu What a great research work and what a character Ms Wazir Begum was Beautiful language Absolutely Riveting.

  12. Wazir Khanum a.k.a Chhoti Begum is a historical character She was the wife of the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar s fourth son This was her second marriage at a time when she had a grownup son from her relationship not marriage with Nawab Shamsuddin of Firozpur Jhirka In all she was in two relationships followed by two marriages, and had children from all four Her most famous progeny was the famous Urdu poet Daag Dehlavi also known as Nawab Mirza.The Mirror of Beauty is Shamsur Rahman Far [...]

  13. This book reminded me a lot of Leo Tolstoy, and Orhan Pamuk s My Name is Red It s right up there in the league of the best of world literature Like a richly adorned garment, detailed and delightful, it envelopes you, elevates you to a different world I m not sure how it s magnificence can be conveyed in a short review It s not a quick read by any mile but once you settle into it, you can read for infinity It s description of the last of the Mughal era, the Indo Islamic culture, the Urdu poetry, [...]

  14. Shamsur Rahman Faruqi s The Mirror of Beauty is based on, but is not a direct translation of, his Urdu masterpiece Ka i Chand the Sar e Asman Set in the early and mid 19th century, when the Mughal empire was at the zenith of its cultural achievements but when its political star was receding into oblivion due to the ascendancy of the East India Company, it follows the life of Wazir Khanam, a well born woman of rare beauty In a sense, Wazir s uncertain life, buffe ted by the strong winds of unf or [...]

  15. Faruqi creates and incredible image of Mughal and British India, with quotable lines and memorable scenes This was an excellent way to spend my commute for a few weeks as the flowing translation transports the reader to another time Still, incredibly long and incredibly detailed, but can one ever have too much context

  16. This book is really, realllly slow The only reason I kept going is because of all the great offline and online reviews Butybe the book and I are just not made for each other.on the verge of giving up

  17. Superb,Excellent,Very good narration description of each every part, location, situation I liked the main character s part in the book.

  18. I think its a great research by drams u reman.Its a that fact which might be not revealed and if it, then it was not as, as he did.

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