[PDF] Dream Eyes | by ä Jayne Ann Krentz [PDF] Dream Eyes | by ä Jayne Ann Krentz - Dream Eyes, Dream Eyes A suspicious death A ghost in a mirror The new Dark Legacy novel from the New York Times bestselling author known for crafting stories of burning passion and chilling suspense The death of her friend

  • Title: Dream Eyes
  • Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
  • ISBN: 9780515154085
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Book

[PDF] Dream Eyes | by ä Jayne Ann Krentz, Dream Eyes, Jayne Ann Krentz, Dream Eyes A suspicious death A ghost in a mirror The new Dark Legacy novel from the New York Times bestselling author known for crafting stories of burning passion and chilling suspense The death of her friend and mentor Evelyn Ballinger brings psychic counselor Gwen Frazier back to the small town of Wilby Oregon and brings back memories she would rather forget Two years agoA suspicious death

Dream Eyes

[PDF] Dream Eyes | by ä Jayne Ann Krentz [PDF] Dream Eyes | by ä Jayne Ann Krentz - Dream Eyes, Dream Eyes A suspicious death A ghost in a mirror The new Dark Legacy novel from the New York Times bestselling author known for crafting stories of burning passion and chilling suspense The death of her friend Dream Eyes

  • [PDF] Dream Eyes | by ä Jayne Ann Krentz
    389Jayne Ann Krentz
Dream Eyes

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  1. Dream Eyes is the second book of the Dark Legacy trilogy, contemporary romances with paranormal aspects The heroine, Gwen Frazier, is a dream counselor with psychic abilities Gwen has returned to the strange small town where she briefly lived and is viewed with suspicion due to events from her past Gwen quickly realizes that a serial killer who specialized in killing psychics seems to be back from the dead As the one who foiled the serial killer in the first place, Gwen knows she is at risk Ente [...]

  2. I have to give this book a very low two stars For some reason I felt unable to connect to any portion of this story not the main plot, the over arching plot, or any of the characters I take that back, Nick was vaguely interesting but was a minor character and I don t see him getting his own book Often what will save a series book on some level for me is that even if I don t connect to the main plot line I will at least be interested in the world it is set in and the series plot Instead, I ended [...]

  3. Dream Eyes, another paranormal suspense by Jayne Ann Krentz, is not one of her best stories, although still a fairly entertaining book 2.5 stars.

  4. At three quarters through book, I can honestly say that it is a very logically sound book Despite the paranormal subject, it appears very logical and well thought out Also a little boring I hate saying that about a book when all the elements are present, but I find my mind wandering.I finished the book and found things didn t change all that much I feel bad that it was boring and wonder if part of it was partly because I read it out of sequence, as it was part of a series, and it took away from [...]

  5. 3.5 starsI am very torn on this book It was back to form, in a way, for Ms Krentz not the plodding, terribly written mess that the Ladies of Lantern Street has become However, I was initially annoyed that this is starting to so clearly retread the Arcane themes Founder s Formula and all that I was annoyed by the awkwardness of it It s slightly redeemed by confirming that this series exists in the same universe as the Arcane series, so she isn t setting up, effectively, a second Arcane Series min [...]

  6. I read a couple of Ms Krentz early romances several years ago and thought they were okay so, when I found a couple of her books in the cruise ship library last week, I thought they would be perfect for a relaxing read on our balcony This book is part of a paranormal set which the author has written and sadly I will not be rushing to read any of the others Where to start Clunky dialogue, poorly developed and utterly uninteresting characters, a plot so filled with holes it could have been used as [...]

  7. I ve been a longtime reader of JAK s work and am both familiar and comfortable with her writing tendencies the sleek heroine, the hero in half boots, the repeated descriptions of things being amber or gray, how she s so skilled at portraying dynamic characters who interact in usually delightful ways, how she s not so skilled at the mystery element though saying that, I m not a fan of the cozy mystery genre In that sense, this book hits every note I expected It doesn t really go beyond that, thou [...]

  8. The second book in Jayne Ann Krentz Dark Legacy series Gwen Frazier comes to Wilby, Oregon to check on her mentor, Evelyn Ballinger, only to find her dead She contacts Judson Coppersmith to help her investigate the death She is sure it is connected to the deaths several years ago when a serial killer murdered 2 of her colleagues and then committed suicide Judson is haunted by dreams that involved his last mission As Gwen and Judson search for answers they also discover each other.The story wasn [...]

  9. I normally have to suspend belief with Krentz s paranormal romances but typically her characters are entertaining enough that I don t notice too much unfortunately with this one the murder mystery and characters were just too boring to make up for that There was little spark between Judson and Gwen and the only exciting part came 20 pages from the end I d recommend reading some of her older stuff before this one, it juat barely held my attention long enough to finish it.

  10. Sometimes having a formula isn t a good thing, felt like the names changes, but everything else was almost exactly the same Time to write something different.

  11. Why you should read it Well, we are talking Jayne Ann Krentz here Plus, RT Book Reviews selected Dream Eyes as a January 2013 Top Pick Surprised Me neither It s made the USA TODAY and New York Times best seller lists, too So even though I know you re already sold on this book, let me tell you why it s going to be tough to knock this one off the very tippy top of my favorites list.For starters, Judson is downright delectable He s a perceptive, daring, stubborn, take charge kind of guy with a tend [...]

  12. I have to admit up front that Jayne Ann Krentz is one of my favorite authors, of which there are only a few She is a bestselling author who has written, and published 162 books, 50 of which have ended up on the New York Times Bestsellers List Through the course of her career she s published under seven names, from serial romance to the romantic suspense of today, but now publishes only under Jayne Ann Krentz modern fiction , Amanda Quick historical novels , and Jayne Castle futuristic novels.Dre [...]

  13. Another great story from JAK I really liked Gwen and Judson together and loved Gwen Abby Nick as a family unit of choice There was a tie in to Arcane at the end of the book The bad guy was a bit shrouded than usual view spoiler there were a lot of them hide spoiler , but good prevailed I assume the next story will be about Judson s sister and since we haven t met her yet, looking forward to it.Re read and still love, but wondering where book 3 is

  14. Why did I really like this There was a minimum of het sex, there was a gay character and might one hope Ms Krentz will give us his story, whether or not it s with Girard , the female lead was a strong character, the male lead, while macho, wasn t a schmuck, and the reveal took me by surprise I did not see that coming.

  15. Jayne Ann Krentz is an author whom I absolutely love All her books feature heroines who smart, independent, and fiercely unique I may also be a little biased because Krentz was once a librarian gotta support my library peeps you know When I pick up one of her titles, I have no doubts that I will greatly enjoy it and will be crying for when I am done Dream Eyes was no different.Dream Eyes picks up shortly where Copper Beach left off Judson Coppersmith is recovering from a previous job that when [...]

  16. Good Suspense Story Keeps This One Interesting You re a damn good liar, he said He smiled I like that in a woman THE STORY Judson Coppersmith is doing a favor for his brother by helping out Gwen Fraiser who has found a friend dead and needs help Both Judson and Gwen have psychic talents and both are keeping secrets about them When it appears that a killer has returned from the grave to kill again, Gwen wants to know who is continuing the killer s work Someone appears to be using psychic means to [...]

  17. Reading a Jayne Ann Krentz book is like coming home Once you start reading you get into a comfortable and easy flow with the plot and characters Mix in the perfect amounts of mystery, romance and paranormal, wellthe next thing you know you have completed another wonderful adventure and are impatiently waiting for the next book to come out Dream Eyes is about Gwen Frazier who returns to Wilby, OR to deal with the death of her friend and mentor Two years ago Gwen was unfortunate to find two bodies [...]

  18. Jayne Ann Krentz adds another book to her series A Dark Legacy With this book, the author is crossing over the line to a science fiction plot as she does writing as Jayne Castle At one point she almost lost me and I was ready to put the book down So to summerize, this book is very heavy on the scifi paranormal and short on plot Perhaps Krentz should revisit this series or at the very least, rework it.Psychic dream counselor, Gwen Frazier, stumbles upon the body of her mentor, Evelyn Ballinger, [...]

  19. I have read several JAK books over the years and have enjoyed them but I would not call myself an avid fan Her latest book, Dream Eyes, is a fast paced, fun, light read It is one of the Dark Legacy novels but stands well alone Judson Coppersmith and Gwen Frazier both have paranormal talents They have partnered to find out who killed Gwen s friend and mentor and to possibly prove the murder was by paranormal means These two first met a month before and were definitely mutually attracted but got o [...]

  20. I liked this better than I did the first book in this series Gwen and Judson were both great characters and the supernatural aspect was well done I was really kept guessing until the end Every time I had everything figured out, there was a new twist I just loved that Fallon and the Arcane Society was finally brought into things I would have liked Gwen and Judson s romance to have a little spark, though

  21. A excellent fast paced read I really enjoyed the characters and Max I am not sure how much sense the plot would make to a reader who hasn t been keeping up with the author s books about characters with paranormal abilities, but for those who have, an excellent addition.

  22. Great book as usual Ms Krentz is like a romantic Stephen King You may find you are a bit jumpy around wind chimes after reading this book Still, there is a happy ending at least for the hero and heroine.

  23. I miss the old Jayne Ann Krentz who gave us the Eclipse trilogy and Absolutely, Positively All of these newer modern paranormals are starting to blend together This particular title is rather similar to Falling Awake Bah humbug.

  24. No nonsense heroine, broody I am a strong man and show no weakness hero I think the best point of the book was that hero finally with some help copped on that letting heroine to help with his issues does not make him weak and actually lays solid foundation of trust for the relationship Story flows quickly, a lot happens, no major stalling points.Oh, and there s serial killers Several You re welcome.

  25. Setting Wilby, Oregon bed breakfast paranormal lab flower shop general store Theme who killed now, is it tied to 2 year ago murders larger picture of paranormal investigations who are the good guys, who are the bad trust paranormal power falling in love Characters Gwen Frazier psychic counselor influencer of dreams talks with ghosts writer for a dead of night ghost show she gets an email form former teacher, current colleague, Evelyn follows up next day, and finds her dead in her lab can tell pa [...]

  26. Gwen Frazier gets an urgent message from her friend dr Evelyn Ballinger to come over, as she has found out something important But Gwen is too late, when she arrives the next morning, Evelyn is death There is no visible clue to how she died, but Gwen knows her friend has been murdered, by paranormal means Just like the deaths that happened two years ago Those still haunt her, even though the murderer is dead himself, she saw that happen when he jumped of the cliffs after trying to kill her Evely [...]

  27. Dream EyesI hard a hard time putting this book down or waiting for my Kindle to charge.The plot is solid, with lots of twists There is a romance but it doesn t overwhelm the mystery.On to book three

  28. Good readI chose this book because it was Jayne Ann Krentz I read whatever name she writes under This one had hunky hero, smart, overly brave heroine, mystery, humor, and some hot sex The ending is a surprise Highly recommend.

  29. this goes in and out of the Arcana series only it isn t as good or as strongly put together the characters are traditional Krentz, with twisting plot line yet there was something that wasn t quite there for me with this one.

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