Free Read Falling for the Backup - by Toni Aleo Free Read Falling for the Backup - by Toni Aleo - Falling for the Backup, Falling for the Backup Toni Aleo s sexy new eBook original novella featuring the Nashville Assassins will have you believing in the power of love at first sight and second sight and third After serving as a dutiful bridesma

  • Title: Falling for the Backup
  • Author: Toni Aleo
  • ISBN: 9780345549716
  • Page: 401
  • Format: ebook

Free Read Falling for the Backup - by Toni Aleo, Falling for the Backup, Toni Aleo, Falling for the Backup Toni Aleo s sexy new eBook original novella featuring the Nashville Assassins will have you believing in the power of love at first sight and second sight and third After serving as a dutiful bridesmaid in the wedding from hell Aynslee Shaw just wants to slink home to Nashville and forget the whole trip That is until the hottest guy she s ever seen is seateToni Aleo s sexy

Falling for the Backup

Free Read Falling for the Backup - by Toni Aleo Free Read Falling for the Backup - by Toni Aleo - Falling for the Backup, Falling for the Backup Toni Aleo s sexy new eBook original novella featuring the Nashville Assassins will have you believing in the power of love at first sight and second sight and third After serving as a dutiful bridesma Falling for the Backup

  • Free Read Falling for the Backup - by Toni Aleo
    401Toni Aleo
Falling for the Backup

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  1. 4 HOCKEY STARS And they lived happily ever after Do you want to know who I love Ok, I ll tell you I love Toni Aleo, yes she is one of my all time favourite authors and I stalk follow her on , Facebook and twitter I just can t get enough and what made me happier than finally getting some sunny weather in June was loading a Toni Aleo novella on my kindle it just about made my summer.So, What s it all about Jordan Ryan is not looking for love, he is looking to improve his career and do what he love [...]

  2. 4 Sweet Stars Jordan had an injury in his knee that made him loose his place as the principal goalie in Assassins and now he is as backup He lost is confident, his bitch of ex girlfriend luckily and he doesn t believe that with the mess that is his life, someone will want him Until he meets Aysleee on a plane returning to Nashville and everything changes She makes him want More in his career and in his personal life And with career suffering a major change that could make him leave the state he [...]

  3. 4 stars Anyone who knows me knows that I am not into sports At all Besides ogling some of the players, I have no interest Yet for some reason, I love Toni Aleo s Assassins series There is just something about her characters and writing I love This novella was no exception Aynslee is 31, a teacher, and she is single Coming from a large Irish family, there is a lot of pressure for her to marry, have babies etc Jordan Ryan is a goalie for the Nashville Assassins He used to be the best of the best, [...]

  4. I cannot say enough about Toni s style of writing She has a way of pulling you into a story with laughter, romance, passion, amazing hockey game scenes where you feel like you are watching from the stands, and some Hockey Players Hott enough to melt the ice Jenee s Book Blog Jordan Ryan tore his meniscus in his left knee two years ago, and was replaced by Tate Odder Empty Net leading man and best goalie in the league as the goalie for the Assassins while going through 18 months of rehab Now he i [...]

  5. ARC received from NetGalley.Anyslee Shaw, just wants to get back home to Nashville, away from being a bridesmaid in the wedding from hell Upon boarding her flight, still in her bridesmaid getup, as her aunt has mistakenly taken the wrong suitcase, leaving Anyslee with nothing to change into She finds herself sat next to the most hottest guy she has ever seen This being Jordan Ryan, backup goalie for the Assassins Team But being a backup goalie is not want he wants to be After a crippling knee in [...]

  6. This was a great addition to this series I loved this story It was a quick and steamy read Perfect to tide me over until the release of Blue Lines next month.If you are a fan of Toni Aleo s and The Assassins Series then I would say you should definitely read this novella It is a sweet and steamy love story without all the extra drama.

  7. Sidelined for a knee injury, former starting goalie Jordan Ryan is searching for a new start Well, searching for a team where he can starthe can t stand sitting on the sidelines any longer After another meeting with a prospective team, he boards a plane for home The last thing he needs is a distraction but when the beautiful Aynslee Shaw sits right next to him on the plane she turns him into a bumbling idiot.Aynslee Shaw just left her cousins wedding where her Aunt stole her clothes, leaving her [...]

  8. This was the perfect book to sit down and enjoy in one evening It was sweet, hot and heart tugging I am lucky to be a part of the blog tour this week on May 30 over at blushingreader check there for my review and extras Star Rating 5 out of 5Heat Rating HOT Falling for the Backup is 3.5 in the Nashville Assassins series, but I have a confession This is my first book by Toni Aleo I haven t read any of the other books in this series and surprisingly for Falling for the Backup you don t have to go [...]

  9. Phew, Toni Aleo does not disappoint with this short Assassins book A bit different this one, where the heroine was the one who had her emotional head together and hero that was the mess I loved it.Aynslee is having an awful day , heading home from her niece s wedding, in her pink bridesmaid dress because her klepto aunt has stolen her suitcase, she is rushing home because of a burst water main in her basement The Cherry on top you ask Well next to the hottest man she has ever seen only for him t [...]

  10. In Falling for the Backup we me Jordan and Aynslee.Jordan Ryan is the Backup Goalie for the Assassins Hockey team, his confidence with life and women was shot to hell when he badly injured his knee 2 years ago and as a consequence his Fiancee left him, so when he get seated next to a Stunning Redhead on a flight back home he can t bring himself to ask her on a date let alone her phone number.I found both character really sweet and loving and while Jordan was trying his hardest to find a new team [...]

  11. I love the way Toni Aleo writes romance so that it is sweet with some angst This latest assassins novella features Jordan who is a back up goalie to the assassins At first Jordan fights his feelings but eventually he is torn between staying with Aynslee or playing hockey Previous assassin books I ve always been going crazy with the heroines and their issues This one was completely different Aynslee didn t double think anything and for once she was the one doing the chasing.Great addition to the [...]

  12. 4 StarsFalling for the Backup is a novella in the Assassins series and i enjoyed it lots, than i expected to be honest When i requested this book i really had doubts if i would like it or not in special cause i couldn t finish the previous book in this series, but now i am very glad that i requested it Jordan is a hockey player in a big team but at the moment he goes thru a shitty period of his life, quite insecure and i have to say i loved his insecurities They touched me deeply One of the rea [...]

  13. Wahoooo I love you Toni Aleo Opening Yeah, the meeting went fine, Dad I feel good about it Closing And they lived happily ever after.I adore this series and pray that Toni Aleo has 10 in store for us The story, the characters, the struggles, the friendships, the HEAs I HIGHLY recommend this entire series

  14. When I think of sports romance, only two authors come to mind and one of them is Toni Aleo The timing was never right to sit down with one of her books, until now If you have never read anything by this author, Falling for the Backup is the perfect introduction to her writing.Jordan Ryan was such a sweet and sexy character His injury took than just his starting position as a goalie for the Assassins, it also cost him his girlfriend and robbed him of his confidence around the opposite sex Seeing [...]

  15. It all started with a cup of spilled coffeeOh man Lo0o0o0oved this little novella I must admit, I am slightly biased You see, the book was filled with little things about BUFFALO For those of you who do not know, that s me Well, sort of Mentions of the Buffalo Sabres, Chippewa and well, the city itself Come on Couldn t the Assassins lose to Buffalo Please Maybe next book Of course, the story itself was beautiful and well done We wouldn t expect any less On to pre order Blue Lines

  16. I want to say a big thankyou to Toni for allowing me the honour of being a BETA reader Firstly I would like to say that I love love all of Toni s books and this was no different, well maybe a little cus it was a novella so it was shorter But that did not stop it from being a MUST read novella if you have read all of Toni s books then read this one as I guarantee you will love it and if you haven t read all of Toni s books read this anyway plus read the others lol I loved Jordan and Aynslee both [...]

  17. My thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review This is a short, but enjoyable novella based around a hockey player and and a teacher that happen to meet on a plane.The chemistry is sweet, however Jordan Ryan our main man is a little knocked down after is finance left him after an injury two years ago, but meeting Aynslee on the plane sparks an interest in a woman he has not hard since.The chemistry is good, but as Jordan lacks con [...]

  18. ARC was provided as part of the Tasty Review Tour for review purposes Falling for the Backup was a highly delightful, humorous, and sexy read I haven t read any of Ms Aleo s previous works yet, but I ll certainly be looking into those after getting a taste of her work from this cute little story.Honestly, there wasn t anything flawed about this story that I found Falling for the Backup was simply perfect The dialogue felt natural, the pacing was great, the story flowed smoothly and most of all, [...]

  19. Falling For the Backup is a novella in Toni Aleo s Assassins series A few characters from her earlier books make an appearance or are mentioned, but if you ve never read the books, don t fret because Falling for the Backup easily stands alone If you re worried about spoilers for the other books in the series, you have nothing to worry about.Aynslee Shaw has had a terrible day and she can t wait to go home To make matters worse her suitcase is stolen and she s stuck wearing a dreadful bridesmaid [...]

  20. I have read this book and first book read from Toni Aleo A really good read had me hook from the minute I picked up the book and read it a day Brilliantly written with some humor The characters came alive as the author described them I could picture many of the scenes as described by the author The Irish pub in USA was very clear in my mind and I just loved the characters in the book Spelling of A.Y.N.S.L.E.E made to smile Especially being a school teacher.The book a follow on from series An Ass [...]

  21. NetGalley free readAlthough I still love Toni Aleo and all the characters in The Assassins series, this book felt rushed There were a lot of grammatical and spelling errors as well I m hoping there will be a good editing push before the actual release date.I loved Aynslee and her very open personality She basically has to be the pursuer in her relationship with Jordan Getting hurt and having his previous fiance leave him while he was rehabbing had to really bring his confidence down significantl [...]

  22. I m a big fan of Assassins series and was a little disappointed to find out this was going to be a short story To be honest, I have a love and hate relationship with short stories, sometimes they are so rush that I tend to not feel any connection with the story and characters but in this book even though it s short, surprisingly it didn t feel so rushed or anything I fell in love with the main characters and their story was perfect from the beginning til end Toni Aleo did not disappoint me Jorda [...]

  23. SUPERBWhen Jordan Ryan meets a sexy redhead on the flight home he never dreamt after everything that had happened to him, that one person could make such a big difference to his life.Aynslee Shaw can t take her eyes off of the hot guy in the seat next to her, then when he knocks her coffee over ruining her dress, she never dreamt that one simple accident would be the start of something between them.I love Toni Aleo s Assassins series, and this novella is truly romantic I loved both Jordan and Ay [...]

  24. I liked this book The heroine is a confident teacher with red hair and freckles The hero, a professional hockey goalie, is regaining his self confidence after an injury He is in the middle of a change the terms of the city in which he plays and this creates a genuine conflict The chemistry between them is hot The things that make this story not so great is that there are a great deal of serendipity in the story that tests the limits of beliefs in a contempory romance The running into each other [...]

  25. This book was part of a blog tour I received a copy for my honest review4 1 2 starsAynslee is having a bad day, when she gets on the plane to go home and notices the hottie next to her, her day changes Jordan s life is in disarray, he hurt his knee and has been the backup on his team ever since When the gorgeous Aynslee sits next to him he wants to talk to her but his confidence is shaky and he doesn t want to start something when he could be moving A couple chance meetings later and the two of [...]

  26. This was my first time reading Toni Aleo and I have had my eye on this series so I decided to try a novella first to see if I liked her voice and it was a winner for me Jordan and Aynslee meet up on a plane and the connection is strong but then Jordan just leaves without getting her number After a rough breakup and uncertainty in his hockey career, Jordan doesn t want to start a relationship when he might be moving away but instead of saying any of this, he seems indifferent but in an adorable w [...]

  27. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review I LOVE her writing Although it would have been awesome to read a full length book about Jordan and Aynslee, this novella was great Jordan is an interesting hero to read about His shy less confident personality was refreshing to read especially since it is getting exhausting reading about the hero who is cocky and full of himself and the heroine just thinks she needs to dig deep to find his softer side Aynslee is funny and challenging I love how [...]

  28. I love hockey and I love reading romance books, so this was the perfect fit for me And let me tell you, Toni Aleo can write one heck of a hockey romance book I loved Jordan and felt sorry for him for not being able to play the game he loved as much as he should ve due to being regulated to backup goalie His meeting Aynslee was exactly what he needed My big complaint with this book was that it wasn t long enough I would ve loved to read about their relationship after the declaration of their fee [...]

  29. to be honest i liked this book solely coz its Toni Aleo Her writing is as always enchanting and the sport hockey plays a pivotal role in the story.Its a short and sweet romance which is cute Its hot when it needs to be and its adorable when it needs to be though in some places i just felt the situations and circumstances are too perfect For instance, when Jordan lands up in Aynslee s parents pub, she meets the owners of Icecats and convinces them unknowingly to sign up Jordan, their chance meeti [...]

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