Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization Best Download || [Greg Cox] Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization Best Download || [Greg Cox] - Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization, Man of Steel The Official Movie Novelization SUPERMAN IS BACK THE OFFICIAL MOVIE NOVELIZATION The film from director Zack Snyder stars Henry Cavill The Tudors as Superman Clark Kent three time Oscar R nominee Amy Adams The Fighter as Daily Pl

  • Title: Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization
  • Author: Greg Cox
  • ISBN: 9780606319515
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Hardcover

Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization Best Download || [Greg Cox], Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization, Greg Cox, Man of Steel The Official Movie Novelization SUPERMAN IS BACK THE OFFICIAL MOVIE NOVELIZATION The film from director Zack Snyder stars Henry Cavill The Tudors as Superman Clark Kent three time Oscar R nominee Amy Adams The Fighter as Daily Planet journalist Lois Lane and Oscar R nominee Laurence Fishburne What s Love Got to Do with It as her editor in chief Perry White Starring as Clark Kent

Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization

Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization Best Download || [Greg Cox] Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization Best Download || [Greg Cox] - Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization, Man of Steel The Official Movie Novelization SUPERMAN IS BACK THE OFFICIAL MOVIE NOVELIZATION The film from director Zack Snyder stars Henry Cavill The Tudors as Superman Clark Kent three time Oscar R nominee Amy Adams The Fighter as Daily Pl Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization

  • Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization Best Download || [Greg Cox]
    469Greg Cox
Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization

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  1. It s a bird It s a plane It s a review THANKS TO HIMI ve been a fan of Superman all my life.So, maybe you won t get an impartial review, but hey, I can t think of somebody who would take the time to read a novel about Superman and not being previously a fan of the character.It s not like he is new around It s a character with 75 years of history.The character who started the whole super heroes genre.There were already comic books but they were about other kind of topics and other type of charact [...]

  2. An epic book Greg Cox did well with the novelization of The Dark Knight Rises as well, but he was a little bit scared not to repeat the mistake of Denny O Neil in The Dark Knight, so he added almost nothing new to the script Here he is again not contradicting the movie, but adds some very interesting details The first part of the book is a little bit slow, which on paper is evident than on a big screen, but the second part does justice to the film and masterfully puts the apocalyptic action in [...]

  3. Unlike many other novelizations, this book has an almost slavish adherence to the theatrical source material adding perhaps two small scenes Interestingly though Cox does seem to be trying to bridge the Nolan Goyer Snyder version of Superman with the traditional version Clark s inner monologue in this book often reflects what I wanted to see the character actually doing on screen, almost as if Cox were trying to explain why certain plot points were allowed to happen The book feels choppy in pla [...]

  4. My love for Superman started several years ago with Smallville I watched every single episode in a row in a month and a half I simply loved Clark Kent and Lois Lane hated Lana s guts and wanted of them Then I watched all of the movies that were out at that point Man of Steel hadn t been made just yet and now I m at this point in my life where I see a Superman T shirt on sale somewhere, I want to own it At one point I had four different Superman T shirts Naturally, I have seen the movie Man of S [...]

  5. This novelization follows the movie pretty much scene by scene, complete with the rapid switches between perspective Being that I have always preferred the written medium to the visual, this story was effective for me being able to read it I found the dialog to be detailed and compelling in this medium, and it included some internal dialog that really helped me to better comprehend the whole story The action sequences and fight scenes are impressive visually than trying to describe them in wr [...]

  6. The Good Krypton best part of the entire novel most of Superman stories do not spend that much time here Usually, the story starts five or ten minutes before Superman is being put into the ship to earth So spending six chapters learning about krypton government, culture, and society really enriched the story More insight into characters Analyzing the whole conflict between Zod and Superman Jor ElThe Bad suffers from flaws of the movie they made superman all dark superman manpaining can we have s [...]

  7. This stuck pretty close to the script, so it had the same pros and cons that the movie did The few extended scenes and explored motivations of the characters helped to flesh things out a bit Overall, an enjoyable way to pass a few hours.

  8. Purely bought and read because it was adapted from the visual medium It was just ok, it didn t like though, it s exactly like the movie.

  9. Lo que m s me gusta de las novelizaciones es su capacidad para rellenar huecos y a adir detalles al gui n de las pel culas En el caso de MoS, el autor a ade m s bien poco, sigue casi al pie de la letra los hechos de la pel cula pero s aporta sutiles toques que cualquier fan de Superman agradece Leyendo este libro te das cuenta de qu forma tan ingeniosa han adaptado elementos cl sicos como el hecho de que, en la b squeda de s mismo, Clark va cogiendo trabajos que le llevan progresivamente hacia e [...]

  10. I m not normally one for novelisations of movies, but I d been wanting to rewatch Man of Steel for a while and Forbidden Planet just gave this away with a purchase, so I thought, why not.As it turns out, Man of Steel the book is pretty much Man of Steel the film If you like the film then you ll probably like the book If you don t like the film, then you might be surprised by this It s descriptive and follows the film carefully what sets it apart is how quickly the author moves the story.The paci [...]

  11. The only reason I think I did not like this book is because I am not big into superheroes and that sort of thing I don t like how the names in this book are so hard to pronounce, and I tried to make thim simple but everytime I would do that I would get confused with who was who and then I would try and say there names but that just made it worse The book is very confusing and is not enjoyable to read I do not recommend this book to anyone I would give this book a one out of a hundred if I could. [...]

  12. A novelization of the movie screenplay I read it before seeing the movie A rare time where the novelization was better then the movie Despite all the great special effects of the movie, I didn t feel they got the visuals correct for what I was imagining while reading this The editing of the movie also seem frantic then this book read I like, have read movie novelizations for over 3 decades.

  13. Entertaining but not much in the way of extra background information different from the movie The movie was decent.

  14. I haven t seen the movie as of yet, so I cannot say as to how well it followed it I can say that it seemed pretty realistic, as far as the fallout from virtually indestructible beings fighting against each other in an urban setting There was a lot of death and destruction in the book, so than in most comic based books I ve read The reactions of the military seemed pretty accurate, as well Hopefully, this was the start to a lot of good novels coming out of the DC Comics Movie Universe.

  15. I LOVED this book despite it literally just being a novelization of the script but it gave so much detail.cially during the fight scenes and it made Zod terrifying that he was in the movie which I liked it gave a LITTLE background to the general than the movie did, man if they ever wrote a book solely about Zod I d read it.des the point I would recommend this book to any die hard Superman fan or just someone looking for a good read.

  16. This is the first novelization of a movie I ve reviewed In fact, I haven t even seen the movie yet However, from the trailers I can see a little of how the book describes the events of the movie In the afterword the author, Greg Cox, indicated that he hadn t yet seen the completed movie Not surprisingly, considering the desire to get the book out in time He presumably worked mostly from the screenplay, and perhaps some unedited scenes from the movie At any rate, unlike a movie adaptation of a no [...]

  17. In preparation for seeing the new Superman film, Man of Steel, I decided to read the movie novelization I like to read the novels to films on occasion in order to obtain a better grasp for what the various characters thoughts and feelings are, as well as to learn the background details the film doesn t have time to mention Often, key details are mentioned in the script and the back story from the producer, directors, writers, or even actors, yet these don t make it into the final product seen in [...]

  18. Man Of Steel The Book Of The Superman Movie I loved the Man Of Steel quite a lot.Okay, a really big quite a lot.So with my Superman obsession about to extend to the rest of this new DC Cinematic Universe with Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice, I knew I had to check out all sorts of supplementary material.Which is my fancy way of stating I have read Man Of Steel, the movie novelization, by Greg Cox It is based on the story by David S Goyer and Christopher Nolan, and screenplay by David S Goyer An [...]

  19. Man of Steel is a great novelisation of my favourite film of the year so far It s fast paced and exciting, and includes lots detail, thoughts and explanations than the film does This is why I love film and TV tie in novels so much they re like a bonus round in a video game, full of extra juicy bits that you don t see on the screen While this particular novel appears slightly rushed and has quite a lot of missing words and grammatical errors, Greg Cox has once again delivered a highly enjoyable [...]

  20. Man of Steel The Offi cial Movie Nov el iza tion by Greg Cox is exactly what it claims to be, a novel of the sum mer block buster Mr Cox has writ ten other nov el iza tion, includ ing sev eral in the super hero genre.On the doomed planet Kryp ton a son is born to Jor El and Lara El, the boy, named Kal El is the first Kryp ton ian nat ural birth in cen turies Jor El steals the genetic infor ma tion from which Krp ton ian babies are made of and sends it with his son shortly before the planet explo [...]

  21. This is not your father s Superman This is not George Reeves in Spandex and a blue cape This is not your father s Lois Lane This is not Noel Neill in heels Yes, you will find a Perry White in charge of the Daily Planet But, you won t find a Jimmy Olsen He s been replaced here by Jenny the intern In this novelization of a screenplay, Superman doesn t even work for the Metropolis newspaper until the last two pages.For those of us who grew up watching the 1952 to 1958 TV series, Greg Cox s version [...]

  22. If you love thrilling and action packed stories, this book is for you This story follows the life of Clark Kent As a young man, he struggles with his own identify and wants to seek out who he is, where he is from, and why he was sent to earth Clark Kent is not ordinary, he has powers that make him stand out from other people This book has many flashbacks to his past, and shows how he struggles to not to reveal that he is different from others This is because his father on earth told him when he [...]

  23. I haven t read a lot of Superman novels, because I haven t been able to find a whole lot of them, but I gladly say that this wasn t a complete waste of time That s a little harsh, but let me explain.I liked the movie adaptation, and I enjoyed the movie, even with it s flaws When you have a character that is 75 years old, you have to spark up a little change here and there to keep things moving, and they did some really cool things in both the book and movie However, where the movie visually appe [...]

  24. It s basically the whole movie turned words, scenes turned chapters The first half of the book I thoroughly read I love how Cox made every part emotional Clips from the movie flashed on the pages of the paperback while reading through the chapters 30 seconds of the film became 5 minutes of words I tried to savor every part some worked, some didn t Best emotional scene was Pa Kent s death The impact of most of Cox s writing equalled how I felt during the scenes from the film Also, I ve read that [...]

  25. I saw the movie It was okay I didn t think it was great, and having grown up pretty much with Superman as the good guy who did no evil, I was a bit dirty on the movies ending.So I was given a copy of the movie tie in, normally something I avoid like the plague I commissioned myself to read it And what a struggle it was.It seems the book was written by someone who has done a few of these ie ins I will probably pass them by As a book, it wasn t very good yes, all the spoilers are in place because [...]

  26. I have this movie on Blu ray but have not seen it yet I enjoyed the book so I ll try to watch this movie this weekend What a different approach to the whole Superman saga Similar to what we know from the Superman legend based on the comics and the movies.About the book, this is the second film adaptation by Greg Cox that I have read, the other being I have enjoyed them both While many reviewers say this book does not differ too much from the movie, books can always provide some addition insight [...]

  27. As novelizations go, this one is very good Greg Cox does an excellent job, working with what material he has to compose the mosaic of life in Krypton and this grim new version of Superman which I particularly liked, even though, as far as I know, wasn t among the favorite incarnations of the Man of Steel among his fans I d have liked to see, as, for instance, in the recent Star Trek novelization by Alan Dean Foster, cut scenes of the script, but I had no access to the pre film script of Man of S [...]

  28. I think I m one of the few people that actually liked the movie Man of Steel The novelization followed the movie very well so if you liked one, you should like the other.The main reason I didn t give the book 4 stars is because it was very poorly edited There were extra words added where they shouldn t have been, misspellings, etc For example stood to be wiped way unless he came through now Penthouse apartments and sky level restaurants were razed by the his aerial rampage His foe had gone the w [...]

  29. I was quite excited to read the novel version of the controversial Zack Snyder movie but did it live up to my expectations Well, yes and no.There were some absolutely brilliant moments in the movie that really add layers to the characters and their pasts.That said, there are moments in the book that are so pedestrian that it really hurts the excitement level of the story itself.If you are a Superman fan then chances are you might like this fascinating new take on the iconic character but for me, [...]

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