Free Read Near to the Wild Heart - by Clarice Lispector Alison Entrekin Free Read Near to the Wild Heart - by Clarice Lispector Alison Entrekin - Near to the Wild Heart, Near to the Wild Heart Clarice Lispector s sensational prize winning debut novel Near to the Wild Heart was published when she was just twenty three and earned her the name Hurricane Clarice It tells the story of Joana fr

  • Title: Near to the Wild Heart
  • Author: Clarice Lispector Alison Entrekin
  • ISBN: 9780141197340
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Near to the Wild Heart - by Clarice Lispector Alison Entrekin, Near to the Wild Heart, Clarice Lispector Alison Entrekin, Near to the Wild Heart Clarice Lispector s sensational prize winning debut novel Near to the Wild Heart was published when she was just twenty three and earned her the name Hurricane Clarice It tells the story of Joana from her wild creative childhood as the little egg who writes poems for her father through her marriage to the faithless Ot vio and on to her decision to make her own waClarice

Near to the Wild Heart

Free Read Near to the Wild Heart - by Clarice Lispector Alison Entrekin Free Read Near to the Wild Heart - by Clarice Lispector Alison Entrekin - Near to the Wild Heart, Near to the Wild Heart Clarice Lispector s sensational prize winning debut novel Near to the Wild Heart was published when she was just twenty three and earned her the name Hurricane Clarice It tells the story of Joana fr Near to the Wild Heart

  • Free Read Near to the Wild Heart - by Clarice Lispector Alison Entrekin
    145Clarice Lispector Alison Entrekin
Near to the Wild Heart

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  1. Fleetingly wonderful All of me swims, floats, crosses what exists with my nerves, I am nothing but a desire, anger, vagueness, as impalpable as energy Joana and L dia two women, two sides of one medal Together, they would have been a deity On their own, they are two people sharing the love of one man, Ot vio, who is floating between the stable, motherly safety of L dia, and the wild, independent Joana, who can t be owned by anyone Either I light up and am wonderful, fleetingly wonderful, or I am [...]

  2. Where does music go when it s not playing she asked herself And disarmed she would answer May they make a harp out of my nerves when I die.A quest for measuring the eternity and finding some sense in defining the immortality while the object of all desires remains nothing but one s own life A truly wild heart Like a breath of fresh, melancholic air, Clarice Lispector finally entered my world and brought along an exquisite gift of precious reflections made out of the lyrical strands of dazzling s [...]

  3. Clarice Lispector by Giorgio de Chirico, 1945The title of this book is a phrase from James Joyce s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man he was alone, he was unheeded, happy, and near to the wild heart of life According to the introduction, Clarice Lispector didn t choose the title and hadn t actually read any Joyce at that point in her life The title was chosen by a male friend and the bright pink cover of the first edition was chosen by a man in the publishing wing of the paper she worked fo [...]

  4. He was alone He was unheeded, happy and near to the wild heart of life._James Joyce.Near to the Wild Heart is a tribute to James Joyce insofar as the title is taken from one of his novels under a writer s early influence that is a vital element in the commencement and development of a new talent with her pen out, uncapped It is the delicate abyss of disorder carefully arranged with the abrasive and highly inquisitive stream of thought that marks her out, indeed, puts her above so many half measu [...]

  5. Freedom isn t enough What I desire doesn t have a name yet.It took me some time to understand that one can t pleased everyone And if you re trying , then sooner than later , you ll end up feeling only disappointment and emptiness Trying to pleasing others , against your own desires and needs , you only hurt yourself And nobody even notices that.Oh , Clarice how did you do that , that like hurricane , after all this is how you were named , entered in my well ordered life With this novel , so hone [...]

  6. She wanted to be reborn always, to sever everything that she had learned, that she had seen, and inaugurate herself in a new terrain where every tiny act had a meaning, where the air was breathed as if for the first time She had the feeling that life ran thick and slow inside her, bubbling like a hot sheet of lava Maybe she loved herself And what if, she thought distantly, a bugle suddenly cut through that mantle of night with its sharp sound and left the plains free, green and vast And then ne [...]

  7. I was just reminded by my GR friend Glenn Russell of all the great Brazilian authors that I have neglected and not rated nor reviewed What a shame, being a Brazilian myself I will try to correct this lack in the near future, starting with Clarice Lispector I read almost all her work years ago, including Near to the Wild Heart, but they are always with me 5 stars and highly recommended.

  8. What an intense and intelligent debut novel I ll be reading of Lispector for sure.I d like to write a review for this down the track.4.5 stars.March 1, 2016

  9. There aren t enough superlatives to describe Lispector s writings Whereas The Hour of the Star reminded me of a Virginia Woolf novel narrated by a prick, this seems much like a Nathalie Sarraute book One that is tricky in seeming a bit predictable or pat, but then transforming into so much You win, Lispector, I m now going to read all of your books.

  10. Did you know that if you carry books around long enough, moving them from house to house, country to country, they become part of you You don t even have to open them Let alone reread them If your bookcase is near enough to your bed, you can dream their contents Sentences and paragraphs Entire novels will become part of your unconsciousness I read this eons ago I was in my 20 s while living in Mexico City Yeah I read it in Spanish though it was written in Portuguese It would ve been difficult I [...]

  11. Near to the Wild Heart is a beautifully crafted novel of the interior, of betrayal, of feminine agency Joana, a precocious and surprisingly fatalistic, existential adolescent, grows up to be a distant if not cold lover to her husband Otavio, who goes on to philander on Joana with a former lover of his.Lispector s prose and style is wondrous and mesmeric, or at least as its rendered here by Alison Entrekin, fully embracing an elevated, poetic manner that slips effortlessly into a stream of consci [...]

  12. Selvaggerie e altre infinit.Il libro in questione leggibile solo da chi non si attenda un romanzo e ami attraversare ponti di vetro, solido e trasparente, su dirupi Ponti di vetro, solido MA trasparente, su dirupi.

  13. curioso che non sappia dire chi sono Cio , lo so bene, ma non lo posso dire Soprattutto, ho paura di dirlo, perch nel momento in cui tento di parlare non solo non esprimo ci che sento ma ci che sento si trasforma lentamente in ci che dico La Lispector aveva 19 anni quando scrisse questo romanzo, nel 1944 La protagonista Joana, che viene vista prima bambina, poi ragazza, poi donna.Joana solitaria, indipendente, imperturbabile, fredda e indifferente davanti alle cose Vive la sua vita in un mondo t [...]

  14. Before this week, I had never heard of Clarice Lispector I stumbled upon an article from the New Yorker, about a collection of stories that was recently published, in which Lispector s work was compared to Nabokov s Needless to say, as a huge fan of Nabokov, I was intrigued I picked up Near to the Wild Heart from the library the next day and started reading it immediately First of all, this is a beautifully written and translated book I found an interview with the translator, Alison Entrekin whi [...]

  15. Cerca del coraz n salvaje 5 estrellas Nada de objetividad Todos mis elogios y admiraci n para Clarice Cerca del coraz n salvaje cuenta la historia de Joana, primero una ni a y luego una mujer, incomprendida por todos, rara y diferente, que debe aprender a vivir y a convivir con el resto de la gente Sumergida en esa confusi n de su propio ser, sin necesidad ni inter s m s que en s misma, en constante conflicto ante tal incertidumbre, se casa con Ot vio, y l trae a Lidia consigo All comienza a eri [...]

  16. Libro fatto di guizzi di parole tra immaginazione stupefacente e realt Libro che coinvolge, a tratti, e allo stesso tempo non si lascia avvicinare Si apprezza ma non a tutti congeniale, a me perlomeno non del tutto.

  17. Near to the Wild Heart is esoteric novel about a married young woman, Joana, who not unlike the author herself, is consumed by her own hyper awareness Is it a gift or a curse to see so much, to know so much In Joana s case, it seems like it s a lot of both This is not an easy read by any stretch This is not a big thick Pynchon like novel each page filled with as many words that can fit Near To The Wild Heart is like a white dwarf star it s not big in mass it s only 186 pages but is super dense w [...]

  18. Abandonado en la p gina 103.Not my cup of tea.Sencillamente no conecto con este tipo de narrativa deshilvanada Seguro que hablamos de una obra capital y repleta de significado, pero a m me ha aburrido soberanamente y no he encontrado en las reflexiones de Joana sobre la muerte, el deseo, la feminidad y el lenguaje ni un pice de sentido, quiz algunos destellos dispersos Sobre todo tengo miedo de decirlo, porque en el momento en que intento hablar, no solo no expreso lo que siento, sino que lo que [...]

  19. A wonderful first trip into the Lispector interior Amazing work for such a young woman Lyrical and beautifully written Easy to see the Hermann Hesse influences I am not sure at all how she pulled this book off, but the sophistication was remarkable It was a very slow read for me as I really was not interested in much of what was going on in it, but it was interesting for me to behold this Lispector power, unleashed and untamed.

  20. I give it 3 stars even though I have to honestly admit that I don t think I understood it full and I have the intention to reread it someday this year again.

  21. My first reaction to its title was that why Near to instead of Near and I couldn t help but agree, since it s taken from a line by the formidable Irish author James Joyce, He was alone He was unheeded, happy, and near to the wild heart of life p xiii I m not a Joyce reader and I had no idea till I read its introduction titled Hurricane Clarice informing me that it s from his Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man as suggested by her first love, the writer Lucio Cardoso p viii Indeed, I had tried [...]

  22. a 19 anni clarice lispector scrive cos , affannosa e impetuosa come se non riuscisse a tenere dietro ai propri pensieri e tuttavia scegliendo con una spietatezza e un rigore adamantini i termini pi appropriati per descriverli chapeaucune pagine le ho lette colma di ammirazione ma, strigni strigni, siamo alle solite io col flusso di coscienza non ce la posso fare, mi rompo i coglioni, mi incazzo, mi metto in modalit mucca che guarda passare i treni, o tutte e tre le cose insieme come in questo ca [...]

  23. It is her first workThere ARE traces of what Lispector will become later in her career philosophical poetry, fragmented narrative, and existential concerns but to me, after reading 4 other novels by her, this is my least favorite, and probably the most boring I repeatedly thought about putting it down, but I did persist till the end and, well, I was glad it was over when I got to the last page Out of the 5 novels that are published in English, I d say The Passions According to G.H is her best wo [...]

  24. I almost did not post my thoughts about this book I seem to be the only person on the internet who doesn t think this book is amazing A collection of Clarice Lispector s short short stories was published in 2015 and got lots of attention as well as praise I got curious As usual, I started with her first novel.It is not fun or easy to read The style is one of extreme introspection and stream of consciousness I think many people go through this kind of thing at the cusp of adulthood She wrote the [...]

  25. Um livro diferente de tudo que eu j tinha lido O estilo da Clarice pode n o ser o meu favorito, n o curto muito a confus o toda, apesar de saber que ela proposital mas este foi um dos livros que mais me fez refletir fazer associa es com pessoas que eu conhe o e comigo mesma tamb m , o que foi bem interessante e me fez imaginar que todo mundo que l esse livro deve absorv lo de maneira diferente.

  26. While I ve really loved Clarice Lispector s other books, this one was tough to get through The main character is disconnected and unemotional, and although I appreciate that she spends a good portion of the story self reflecting about this, it s also really challenging to stay with her and care about what happens to her in the end.

  27. Avessi saputo che era scritto sotto forma di flusso di coscienza avrei evitato di comprarlo uno stile che, per quanto ci provi, non riesco ad apprezzare Ho acquistato questo libro tramite un offerta lampo di e avevo dato soltanto un occhiata veloce alle valutazioni su GR e alla trama Il fatto che parlasse dell irrequietezza del vivere mi aveva interessato e cos l ho comprato un po troppo impulsivamente.Nel libro si parla di vita, di morte, di eternit e, soprattutto, di solitudine e del senso di [...]

  28. beginning with benjamin moser s 2009 biography, why this world, and later the retranslations of four of her novels starting with the stunning the hour of the star in 2011 , clarice lispector and her writing have attracted a considerable amount of well deserved attention of late thirty five years after her death, many english readers are now being introduced to the singularity of the brazilian author s remarkable prose published when she was in her early twenties, near to the wild heart perto do [...]

  29. To me, she is the one girl in my youth I could never get along with All these questions, the bluntness, the excruciatingly painful ways in which she acts Then this voice strong willed, antagonizing Utter annoyance Joana is always thinking, thinking She seems to always be questioning or contemplating on either this or that She lives but the who am I is lurking out there needing to be answered It is not enough on the surface but rather what is skin deep is her quest Is she struggling or is it just [...]

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