[PDF] Read ↠ ياسمين : by Eli Amir حسين سراج [PDF] Read ↠ ياسمين : by Eli Amir حسين سراج - ياسمين,

  • Title: ياسمين
  • Author: Eli Amir حسين سراج
  • ISBN: 9773660877
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read ↠ ياسمين : by Eli Amir حسين سراج, ياسمين, Eli Amir حسين سراج,


[PDF] Read ↠ ياسمين : by Eli Amir حسين سراج [PDF] Read ↠ ياسمين : by Eli Amir حسين سراج - ياسمين, ياسمين

  • [PDF] Read ↠ ياسمين : by Eli Amir حسين سراج
    412Eli Amir حسين سراج

376 thought on “ياسمين

  1. Modi difficili di essere Israeliani Storia di Nuri, che arriva in Israele a 13 anni, fuggendo con la famiglia da Bagdad.Storia degli ebrei sefarditi che riparano in Israele dai paesi arabi, dove ormai sono sgraditi ma non i loro beni, che rimangono nei paesi arabi Arrivati in Israele ricevono un posticino in una tendopoli, imparano l ebraico e sperano di trovare un lavoro, per sentirsi a casa, oltre che profughi nella terra dei Padri.Storia degli arabi che dopo la guerra del 67 si trovano nel te [...]

  2. Struggled with what to rate this novel I learned quite a bit about the Arab Israeli relationships and how individual families were affected by the Six Day War.At times the writing seemed a little sophomoric, though that could be the translation but the characters and the novel was very reader friendly I really liked the character of Nuri and felt the author did a wonderful job portraying his very real confusion about whose side he should be on, who were the winners and who the losers Worthwhile [...]

  3. I read this book while doing the Yom Kippur fast, 24 hours spent mainly with my nose between its covers It was mesmerizing It s written in such a way that it doesn t even matter what the plot is about because it lures you in to keep turning the page and soon enough you re hooked and don t want to stop I guess its a controversial subject, a romance between an Arab and an Israeli but it s not entirely uncommon in reality At the end I was so incredibly disappointed, and being that I hadn t eaten or [...]

  4. 1968 is was a riveting book, I was so afraid that the ending would be too tragic which is why it took me so long to finish.ere was tragedy This book takes place in 1968 post 7 day war Israel,, mostly in Jerusalem In my opinion this could not have been written then, too many insights that only became clear 20 or 30 years later I will write a proper review when I have thought about it some Definitely worth reading but I don t know how the English translation handled all the subtle language shifts [...]

  5. First of his books I ve read and kind of like eating the main course of a meal before the appetizers and soup, and then wondering if there is going to be dessert Although the book stands on its own, I think it would have been better if I had read the first two books he had written first, to get a full picture of the characters And the ending was disappointing from the perspective of the story, entirely unsatisfying and leaving it open to yet another book However from the perspective of Israel, t [...]

  6. My knowledge on Arab Israel conflict was so political but Ali Amir could shed light on the real sides of the centuries of contradiction Simultaneously, once again, one might enjoy the power of true love, even though the ending was distressed.

  7. Excellent storytelling, transporting us in time to the moment when Israel took control of East Jerusalem and had to learn to deal with its players The characters are believable and their encounters vividly described.

  8. Sonunu pek be enmedim Kitab n ad n n Yasmin olmas na ra men ok fazla Yasmin yoktu Belki de bir sembold , emin de ilim Arap ve Yahudi at mas , sonras nda olanlar g zel i lenmi ti.

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