Free Download NORTHMAN - by J.D. Hughes Free Download NORTHMAN - by J.D. Hughes - NORTHMAN, NORTHMAN A TIMELESS LOVE AN ANCIENT EVIL THE NORTHMAN IS COMING Kate is academically brilliant but trapped in a dead love and a dry career And she has an unbearable secret Horrific and inexplicable accidents

  • Title: NORTHMAN
  • Author: J.D. Hughes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download NORTHMAN - by J.D. Hughes, NORTHMAN, J.D. Hughes, NORTHMAN A TIMELESS LOVE AN ANCIENT EVIL THE NORTHMAN IS COMING Kate is academically brilliant but trapped in a dead love and a dry career And she has an unbearable secret Horrific and inexplicable accidents at a Viking burial site near Repton England bring her face to face with unreason and touch the raw nerve of terror within her But running is not enough Haunted by theA TIMELESS LOVE AN ANCI


Free Download NORTHMAN - by J.D. Hughes Free Download NORTHMAN - by J.D. Hughes - NORTHMAN, NORTHMAN A TIMELESS LOVE AN ANCIENT EVIL THE NORTHMAN IS COMING Kate is academically brilliant but trapped in a dead love and a dry career And she has an unbearable secret Horrific and inexplicable accidents NORTHMAN

  • Free Download NORTHMAN - by J.D. Hughes
    135J.D. Hughes

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  1. GOSH I hope Mr Hughes is proud of this, because he should be I ve never read a horror supernatural thriller book before, at least, not for years and years it s not a genre that interests me at all, but I am hugely interested in all things Viking, and I thought the title and cover were terrific Also, I had already read a short story by Hughes, so I knew he could write.The beginning of the book is excellent, but it was the last 30% that I liked the best, and the ending is stunning, something I had [...]

  2. I just finished Northman This is a riveting debut novel I m not one for a lot of violence and even though this has some rather raw scenes, they are written well The multiple story lines are rich and fast moving Lots of twists and turns great fun The characters breathed on the page and that for me is critical Northman is a powerful tale and carries the suspense right to the end Very exciting All the best, JD Five stars Supernatural thrillers are my favorite.

  3. From the first pages of NORTHMAN, it becomes clear that you re in for a humdinger of a story In the first few chapters, J.D Hughes takes us from a Viking raid on an English village, to the crash of a World War II bomber, to a present day archaeological dig This is a novel that hits the ground running and then speeds up.The story follows Kate, an archaeologist, who finds that a seemingly routine dig is in fact the beginning of a nightmare, and Michael, a film producer who is unwittingly caught up [...]

  4. Ack I just lost my whole review Let me start again.This is hard to review for me Things I found great The crafting of this story is fantastic Reminds me of a Stephen King epic in which the characters start off all over but come together for a common purpose Cinematic, in a way This was very well done So was the character development of major and minor characters Great attention to detail and to inner thoughts that help the reader get into their heads Well done Things that bothered me There was a [...]

  5. Wow Stunning I never say Wow or Stunning Northman is terrifying, darkly moving but occasionally fall about funny An epic thriller bordering on the literary but without the tedium that s as good as Stephen King at his best and better than most literary authors I ve read The historical parts of this book are some of the best written I ve ever seen by anybody and I ve waded through a LOT of historical novels In one scene, the description of a fading Hollywood soap star and how one of the protagonis [...]

  6. A tense supernatural thriller steeped in history with some interesting perspectives on life, existence and the meaning of it all.This is a whole lot than your average 21st Century supernatural novel it has far meat to its bones, no pun intended But bones there are And blood And what is that horrendous smell Northman pulls no punches in either its violence or its commentary giving both mental imagary and pause for thought in equal measure.Some very unexpected events and twists will leave you wo [...]

  7. I was drawn to this book by both the title and the fantastic cover, I am glad to say that the story lived up to my expectations It was quite a difficult read for me that s not to say that it is a difficult book but it is very detailed and paranormal stories are often not to my liking However, in this case the author weaves the various timelines effortlessly and the reader is taken from the merciless days of Viking conquest to the present day both ages feel very authentic and real Some episodes w [...]

  8. Marvellous, Metaphysical, Meltdown.I expected the Viking and there he was not the nicest kind of Viking, the berserker kind We then stuck the now we all seem stuck in, and it was very funny and observant in that sarky, only the English can do, way and I laughed and applauded both the clever observations and the jibes.In between all this was the Dig , and from amateur experience I know archaeology isn t as glamorous as Raiders of the Lost Ark, but muddy, backbreaking work for little reward Then i [...]

  9. Brilliant but not for the faint herted Phew this book has so many threads, twists, turns and themes The prose reminds me of Ernest Hemingway, John Masters and other writers of the first half of the 20th century, while the explorations of life s meanings brought to mind Neil Gaiman s American Gods But this isn t a book that relies on ideas from other sources it s unique in presentation and written by what I can only describe as a master story teller To add to that, the prose passages are often be [...]

  10. An excellent read from start to finish The author s writing style flows really well throughout the entire story and there were no parts that I came across where it seemed as if the uniqueness was burning out or lacking compared to the other scenes The book has a very complex plot that went above and beyond my initial expectations it s evident that many hours of time and thought have gone into perfecting this book into the best it can possibly be and the end result is a very impressive book The w [...]

  11. A brilliant book with superbly developed characters, dialogue and scene settings Hughes is clearly a very talented writer with a fantastic imagination and literary eye for what the reader wants A scarily good thriller that deserves a place on your Kindle I could easily see this being turned into a film and what a great film it would make.

  12. I discovered J.D Hughes through his short stories They are powerful examples of imagination, great writing, and well crafted story telling Northman is of the same The prose carries you away and the story makes you think, feel, and turn the pages in anticipation of how everything ties together in the end Good Stuff

  13. If you enjoy detailed writing, this is a book for you The book has a sophisticated voice and is well researched.

  14. 843 AD A Viking raid on an Anglo Saxon village in England sets into motion a train of events that results, 1200 years later, in the release of an eternal evil into the lives of two unsuspecting and damaged people archaeologist Kate and B movie film director, Michael Then, their descent into absolute terror begins Ultimate conflict Ultimate sacrifice But is at stake than their lives, or their love Are you ready for terror Come on in Thorkild is waiting for you sounds good The story starts with t [...]

  15. I almost never give up on a book, but I had to make an exception in this case Wallowing, turgid and disappointing Sorry

  16. Northman by J.D Hughes is a well written fantasy adventure Its greatest strength is Hughes ability to tie many random artifacts and people together for a reason that isn t fully discovered until the end of the book.We begin our adventure in an Anglo Saxon village in Britain in 843 AD The village has just been ransacked by a Norse invasion led by a brutal Thorkild The village fought hard, but they were no match for the blood hungry Norse fighters Thorkild has finished taking the daughter of the c [...]

  17. Jumping between different times and characters, Hughes successfully builds a tale of evil spanning both continents and millennia Raising questions of what life after death might be, the novel moves beyond the quick thrill of the ghost story into the realms of existential terror.A string of freak occurrences lead to a German bomb lying untriggered in the barrow of a Thorkil, a Norse raider killed by Celtic magic, until the Twentieth Century When it finally explodes it tears apart not only the bar [...]

  18. With multiple storylines, exciting and often brutal action scenes, romance, frights, real laughs and some surprising twists en route to a wait, what conclusion, Northman author J.D Hughes JDHughes4 has created a modern horror novel of depth and emotion.The story begins in 843 AD with a bloody Viking raid on the coast of England and then shifts to a German bombing raid during World War II before arriving at the present day Shortly after the tomb of a cursed Viking warrior will be discovered, and [...]

  19. Lo mismo de siempre en su tem tica, para empezar, aunque termina evolucionando G nero Narrativa fant stica.Lo que nos cuenta En la Inglaterra del siglo IX, Thorkild es un vikingo acostumbrado a disfrutar el pillaje empu ando su espada, Fjaal, pero paga por ello Durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, un bombardero alem n arroja su carga no muy lejos del t mulo funerario de Thorkild sin llegar a detonar En la actualidad, Sophie Carmody es una estrella norteamericana de culebrones en decadencia que tra [...]

  20. Where to start Northman is one of the most ambitious books I ve ever come across It reminds me of Stephen King s writing, dealing with real, gritty, sometimes hilarious characters pitched against the unrelenting supernatural forces of evil Don t want to give anything away There is historical interest too, which added yet another dimension.The characters are convincing, although I admit that I did skim a little when the conversation got a little too developed and held up the flow of the story.The [...]

  21. It was a little difficult to understand the book my opinion it was abit too long I picked this up from category saying Erotic Horror But it wasn neither erotic nor horror Sure, there are parts where the author has inducted somewhat ghastliness to enhance the reading experience But I wouldn t say that a philosophical battle between good and evil is either history or horror Loved the writing and point of view, though The book is bigbut stick to till the end and you will not regret reading a fantas [...]

  22. I absolutely loved this supernatural thriller with its original historical background The amazing pace is kept all throughout and its unexpected twists and turns kept me turning page after page till the very end The characters are well developed and the setting of various scenes and clever dialogue are perfectly executedSuperb writing style A highly recommended read I would love to see it on big screen someday it would certainly make a refreshing change to some of the things that are fed to us t [...]

  23. I started reading Northman in May and, due to unforseen tragic circumstances, I had to stop reading and restarted just over a couple of weeks ago I loved the writing style similar to Dan Brown The book was gory in parts, good if you like blood and guts, cleverly written and also had hints of humour, which is always good for me I thoroughly enjoyed the book and hope to read by this author.

  24. After reading The 500 I knew I wanted to read from this author and I wasn t disappointed NORTHMAN is a great supernatural thriller, intelligent writing and the historical elements were superb Its thrilling, romantic, funny and scary If you want to read a good supernatural thriller then this is for you loved it.

  25. J.D Hughes is a master story teller.This is a very enjoyable read with fascinating characters and a very intriguing plot line read it and see for yourself

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