☆ Not Quite Mine ↠ Catherine Bybee ☆ Not Quite Mine ↠ Catherine Bybee - Not Quite Mine, Not Quite Mine From New York Times USA Today and WSJ bestselling author Catherine Bybee comes the second novel in the delicious Not Quite series Gorgeous hotel heiress Katelyn Katie Morrison seems to have it all B

  • Title: Not Quite Mine
  • Author: Catherine Bybee
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  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Not Quite Mine ↠ Catherine Bybee, Not Quite Mine, Catherine Bybee, Not Quite Mine From New York Times USA Today and WSJ bestselling author Catherine Bybee comes the second novel in the delicious Not Quite series Gorgeous hotel heiress Katelyn Katie Morrison seems to have it all But when she crosses paths with Dean Prescott the only man she s ever loved at her brother s wedding Katie realizes there s a gaping hole in her life After the ceremony sFrom New York T

Not Quite Mine

☆ Not Quite Mine ↠ Catherine Bybee ☆ Not Quite Mine ↠ Catherine Bybee - Not Quite Mine, Not Quite Mine From New York Times USA Today and WSJ bestselling author Catherine Bybee comes the second novel in the delicious Not Quite series Gorgeous hotel heiress Katelyn Katie Morrison seems to have it all B Not Quite Mine

  • ☆ Not Quite Mine ↠ Catherine Bybee
    499Catherine Bybee
Not Quite Mine

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  1. I was shaking my head no, too much Character motivations did not interest me.I felt like I was reading about high school girls keeping secrets for silly reasons and then having all kinds of drama and stress because someone might discover the secret.Katie was secretly dating Dean, became pregnant, had a miscarriage, and learned she would not be able to carry a pregnancy in the future She assumes that Dean will want his own biological children, so she breaks up with him and does not tell him why a [...]

  2. This is a review of the audiobook This is the second time I ve heard Amy McFadden narrate, and she does a nice job here She has some nice inflections, as well as her differentiation I wasn t wild over Dean Prescott s Texas accent, but I wasn t put off by it, either There is something uplifting about her voice Like the first two, I hope she finishes off the series I don t know why I like this series so much I guess the word I think of is pleasant, when I think of it Again, nothing new here, but I [...]

  3. Oh, where do I start While I loved Jack Jessie in book 1, Dean oh Dean yum and Katie really touched my hearts in book 2 It could have been the construction site scenes with Katie running around in high heels and stealing Dean s hard hat I don t know about you but when I m picturing construction scenes the guys are all super buff and most likely shirtless lol or maybe the baby dropped on Katie s doorstep As an adoptive mom, I remember those fears and worries that Katie had as she struggled with n [...]

  4. Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating BKatie is the wild child who loves spending time with her friends at a club, wearing short skirts and tight tops just because she knows it annoys her dad, and because she likes it She s finally starting to take a few things seriously, one of them being decorating her brother s new hotel that s in the process of being built by her brother s best friend Dean and his construction company She and Dean have a painful past and being in close proximity [...]

  5. Review posted at Swept Away By Romance4 stars Not Quite Mine is book 2 in Catherine Bybee s Not Quite series, which began with Not Quite Dating The setting of Not Quite Mine s opening chapter is Jack and Jessie s wedding, and it involves many of the characters that we met in book 1 Although this book can be read as a stand alone, it is heavily linked to certain events that transpired in Not Quite Dating so I would suggest reading them in order With Mother s Day quickly approaching, this book s r [...]

  6. Katie has been the party girl heiress since her teens Gracing the covers of tabloid magazines, being seen on the arm of one guy to the next, and giving her dad fits with tight clothes and short skirts Lately Katie hasn t been the same Her big brother just got married and Katie can t help but feel her happily ever after may never come.Shortly after her brother s wedding Katie is left a 2 week old baby outside her penthouse suite The note attached tells Katie to take care of Savannah, and that the [...]

  7. I m swooning guys.Forever swooning.I loved everything about Dean he was the perfect southern gentleman who had his heart broken by the one women he has ever loved Katie.Katie and Dean had a perfect secret relationship, until one day it wasn t perfect any Katie, who is also Jack s sister, had a miscarriage and didn t really know what to do with her life or how to have Dean in it any So of course, she walked away She was hurt and needed time to heal on her own However, you easily fall in love with [...]

  8. This is an erotic romance featuring a brother s best friend and his sister I will admit I am an absolute sucker for these kinds of stories having grown up with several brothers and crushed on many of their friends This one is no different Katie Morrison is a rich girl and former reality TV drama queen She and Dean, her brother s best friend, begin a passionate secret love affair that ends after a tragedy They are together again in Jack s, Katie s brother, wedding I fell in love with both charact [...]

  9. This was all kinds of nonsensical When the mystery of the baby is solved, you ll be like t cause it s surprising in any way but just because of how alarmingly ridiculous and detailed the whole idea was.Overall the characters were flat, and I had a hard time caring much about them However, I was ultimately entertained during the duration of the book, didn t get bored with it and wasn t put off by the prose I d like to see Monica s story One caveat to that is when Katie visited a relative in the h [...]

  10. Like the first book in the series, the story here contains few surprises once you accept the premise This is actually a better recommendation than it appears on the surface because it means that Katie and her accomplices behave like you d expect they would with the advent of a stray baby appearing on their doorstep starting with Katie taking strong steps to ensure that the baby cannot be taken away from her.Also like the first book, a lot of what makes this story entertaining is the interactions [...]

  11. I loved this book It is a good strong 4 Love, love, love Catherine Bybee s writing style In every book she writes there are some laugh out loud moments I always look forward to reading her books as soon as they come out.

  12. CatherineBybee MutlulugaBirKala bir oturu ta okudum bitti Seriyi seviyorum G zel de bir anlat m var ve ak c gidiyor Kitab sevdim ama bana ters gelen bir durum mevcuttu Onu yazarsam spoinin dibi olur o y zden okuyunca anlars n z diyeyim Katie abisinin d n nden sonra kap s nda bir bebek ve kendisi i in zel olarak yaz lm bir de mektup buluyor Tabiiki de bebe i b rakam yor Ona annesi gibi bakmaya ba l yor Bir taraftan da bebe i kimin b rakt n ara t rmaya ba l yor Abisinin ocukluk arkada ve Katie nin [...]

  13. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Not Quite Dating Jessie and Jack were great characters but I have to say, I think I just might have liked Dean and Katie in this one a little bit Maybe it was their shared past or the already there sparks going into this one that made them so appealing but either way, the chemistry between the two was hot I loved that they had that shared past That we not only got their story today, but their story from a few years ago as well It added depth to t [...]

  14. Another great offering by Catherine Bybee Even though we got to know Jack Morrison s sister Katelyn in Not Quite Dating, we get a much deeper look into her new life in Not Quite Mine.While she used to be a party girl that was splashed across every tabloid and newspaper around, Katie has decided it s time to get a real job and start growing up Going to work for her brother is the first step in that journey, however part of beginning her new job, is the reality she is going to be in close proximit [...]

  15. I loved this book, I ve said it before but I ll say it again Catherine Bybee has such a talent for writing love stories that they would make the perfect romantic comedy films Ever since we were introduced to Katie in the last book I ve been dying to see what would happen to her Bybee teased us in the first book showing us that Katie felt incomplete and was looking for a strong and loving relationship like her brother and Not Quite Mine does not disappoint I ve really fallen in love with the char [...]

  16. A volte capita che nell assistere alla felicit altrui ci si renda conto di quanto la nostra invece, sia sfuggente E quando si prova a rincorrerla, molte volte ci ritroviamo all improvviso sulla tortuosa strada che ci riporta nel passato.Perch succede questo Katie non lo sa, ma durante il matrimonio del fratello, i suoi occhi si posano spesso su uno dei testimoni il biondo e bellissimo Dean, suo ex a segreto.Mentre le lacrime rischiano di sopraffarla ripensa al loro breve e intenso trascorso, e c [...]

  17. Hotel heiress Katelyn Katie Morrison thought she would never have the chance at motherhood, until a baby arrives on her doorstep As complicated as the note is explaining that the birth mother wants Katie to have custody of baby Savannah, Katie can t help but feel obligated to find the mother and make sure this is what she truly wants Becoming a new mother is hard enough but trying to hide it until she figures out what to do is another, when her one true love of her life is back and the chemistry [...]

  18. sigh Another great read by such an enjoyable storyteller Katie, the uber rich hotel heiress who has lived a Paris Hiltonish lifestyle, has grown up and is trying to prove she is and can be a responsible and competent woman Dean is the secret love she once unceremoniously dumped but never got over As for Dean, Katie is the love that burned him so deeply, he refuses to get close enough to feel that flame again even though his heart aches every time she is near double sigh As each of the layers slo [...]

  19. I really liked the first chapter I liked how the rich socialite learnt to get back control over her life, how Dean and Katie learnt to trust themselves back again Dean was indeed a very nice and romantic hero, no alpha caveman but neither a weakling Katie s reflexes to want to hire a cook, a housekeeper, a full time nanny and so on irritated me, though I appreciated that she managed to curb her tendancies.However I really had big problems with the baby left on the doorstep subplot from the begin [...]

  20. Its been a week or so since I finished this, due to being on holiday i hadn t had a chance to write this up until now.When I read the synposis I was kind of expecting a Susan Elizabeth Phillips type of read and maybe thats why I ended up being disappointed by it but for me the story fell short and I found myself not really caring about the characters.I didn t feel the chemistry between the 2 main characters, couldn t really get a feel for why they were into each other etc and the mystery surroun [...]

  21. I m again not sure what I thought about this one It was a little predictable for me I updated my status at about 6% when Savannah was left on Katie s door step and I knew exactly who the father was going to turn out to be It was obviousMy issue wasn t the baby left on the door step, I actually loved that It has been done in movies sure, but not recently done in books, and new is good in my mind I guess there wasn t a whole lot of oomf in the one for me There was no substance to keep me glued to [...]

  22. I found this 2nd book in Catherine Bybee s series, Not Quite, outstanding This is the story of Katie who you first met as Jack s sister in the novel Not Quite Dating She has been in love with her brother s friend for years After a brief and unfortunate affair a couple of years ago she finds herself together again with Dean at Jack s and Jessie s wedding It is very obvious the chemistry between these two have not diminished This is the story of Katie and Dean s reawaking of love that never ended [...]

  23. Katie is Jack sister and a designer She has always had a things for Dean Jacks bff but they only get together after a party but kept their relationship secret After having devastating news they break up and struggle to move on Dean get engaged to another woman and Katie just try s to get through each day After jacks wedding Katie goes to her room to end the night when she opens her door thinking it s a family member she finds a tiny baby girl in a carrier A letter with the baby says she s called [...]

  24. 4.5 StarsNot Quite Mine is the second book from the series Not Quite of Catherine Bybee and i loved it Yet again another amazing book from this author It s so nice to read a book when you actually feel the chemistry between the characters and the story line to be good as well I have to admit i was quite disturbed that a mother could give away her child so easily, don t matter the circumstances of the relation you have with the father of your baby.That s the only reason i rated this book 4.5 star [...]

  25. The story is about a young woman and her friend finding a baby on the doorstep of the penthouse suite of the family s hotel and her deciding to look after the baby until she could find her real parents and in theprocess of this, she is finding herself and understanding her own relationship with her mother who left many years before.Not Quite Mine is another well written book, I found it was an easy read and flowed very well and finished the book in three days I can t wait for Not Quite Enough to [...]

  26. Adorable Loved all the characters Dean was the perfect Southern gentleman with his darlin accent and cowboy boots and hat I am a sucker for them country boys Katie s got spunk and I loved her attitude on life I wish details about Savannah were included, but overall it was excellent, and she was adorable I definitely will read the next book in the series because Monica was an awesome side character, and a book all about her is well deserved.full review thebookcourier 20

  27. This book completely sucked me in As in, I was up until 2am reading because I could not put it down I was so enraptured with the characters, who I d gotten to know in Not Quite Dating Katie s story was so touching Sigh.

  28. I don t know what possessed me to try and continue this series The first irked me a lot But you know what I really liked the second one I like Katie and Savannah I like Dean The first was so not a hit with me, but I have a feeling I will continue this series.

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