ë Lando Ç Louis L'Amour ë Lando Ç Louis L'Amour - Lando, Lando One of the great sagas of our time the chronicle of the Sackett family is perhaps the crowning achievement of one of our greatest storytellers In Lando Louis L Amour has created an unforgettable por

  • Title: Lando
  • Author: Louis L'Amour
  • ISBN: 9780553276763
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Ebook

ë Lando Ç Louis L'Amour, Lando, Louis L'Amour, Lando One of the great sagas of our time the chronicle of the Sackett family is perhaps the crowning achievement of one of our greatest storytellers In Lando Louis L Amour has created an unforgettable portrait of a unique hero A man never to count out For six long years Orlando Sackett survived the horrors of a brutal Mexican prison He survived by using his skills as a boOne of the great sagas o


ë Lando Ç Louis L'Amour ë Lando Ç Louis L'Amour - Lando, Lando One of the great sagas of our time the chronicle of the Sackett family is perhaps the crowning achievement of one of our greatest storytellers In Lando Louis L Amour has created an unforgettable por Lando

  • ë Lando Ç Louis L'Amour
    181Louis L'Amour

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  1. What illiterate wrote these summaries Do yourself a favor and don t read any of them They re awful For one, they all concentrate on the least interesting pieces of the story.Not that the story is that great, sadly Lando isn t terribly interesting, really Indeed, the real story is with his father s past Which means I couldn t help feeling that we missed all the most interesting bits sticking with Lando rather than stepping back twenty years and following Falco from the beginning.Anyway, bad marke [...]

  2. Another pretty good L Amour read Five foot nine and hugely muscled Lando, another of the Sackett clan sets out from the Tennessee mountains to start a new life His mother dead his father missing Lando has his troubles Pa , Falcon Sackett left a neighbor with 3 sacks of gold for the raising and schooling of his son Lando, but once it seemed clear that something had happened to Falcon and he wasn t coming back the neighbor stole the money, bought land and schooled his own son with the money meant [...]

  3. Entertaing book but not quite up to par with the other books in the Sackett series It s obvious that there was no birth control in the 1870 s because if I can just find one Sackett brother we ll be able to field a marching band.

  4. Not my favorite one Lando s personality was a little vague, as was the storyline After finishing, I couldn t really tell you much about him, other than, that s he s big through the shoulders Kind of a break from the others where the Sackett became like a close friend by the time the story was over.The hunting for treasure that they never really did get and then the revenge on men that was sort of confused about why they made him angry was just all a little thrown together.But Louis sure does a g [...]

  5. I m not really into westerns This was the first one I had read I was bored, it was sitting there, so I read it It was about like I expected a western to be stoic protagonist, grizzled heartless bad guys, knock em sock em fist fights, a few gun fights, a girl or two, horses In the end it was entertaining and mostly forgettable.

  6. Read most of Louis Lamour s books when I was in my late teens and early twenties They are important to me as they were some of the first books that got me into the reading habit For that I shall be forever grateful

  7. ISBN from 1980 review showReviewed before review show Grieving his wife, Falcon Three heavy sacks of gold he passed over to Caffrey Care for him well, and every third coin is your own p 270 But too much for his principles to bear p 271 Greedy wife whispers to kill narrator Orlando 11, who punches out their bullying son Duncan, and runs home at 12 Lando lives five years on own, till arrival of roaming gypsy Tinker, famed for steel knives, coincides with one eyed spavined mare p 274, get of famed [...]

  8. The blurb on the back of this book is the most awful blurb I ve ever read I spent half the story wondering if the publisher put a blurb for another book on the cover But then, halfway in, everything the blurb says starts to unfold but not in the context that the blurb suggests And I think I would ve preferred the story that the blurb suggests This has been my least favorite story about the Sackett family everything interesting happens before the start of this book and the attempt to work in the [...]

  9. Really enjoyed Louie L Amour s newest character, Orlando I was a little skeptical about how he would develop Thought he was a little one dimensional at first But L Amour developed him into a believable and likeable character There s a sympathy and nobility he creates within Orlando Taking him from the mountainous shack of Tennessee out into the wilds of Texas with only a Tinker for a friend and pregnant mare, L Amour leads his character on the path to riches, and maybe a reunion with his long, l [...]

  10. A little bit of a mystery in a Western Our hero does not know any of the back story that led to his father s disappearance and a trail of friends and enemies There is buried gold and warfare and prison, from which are hero emerges strong and powerful and able to beat the best boxer in the territory, who turns out to be a man he beat as a youth Just one of many improbable developments in this tale, that wraps up neatly with the return of the father, gold riches for all the good guys, and the bad [...]

  11. I will say right up front, as others have before me, that whoever wrote the synopsis for this book didn t read the whole book The synopsis is only for the like the last third of the book.Orlando Lando Sackett has grown up on his own since he was twelve years old The man his father gave money to in order to see Lando educated stole the money for himself Lando makes his way until one day the Tinker, a pack peddler and tinker, take off for the West The book follows their adventures along the way to [...]

  12. For six long years Orlando Sackett survived the horrors of a brutal Mexican prison He survived by using his skills as a boxer and by making three vows The first was to exact revenge on the hired killers who framed him The second was to return to his father And the third was to find Gin Locklear But the world has changed a lot since Lando left it His father is missing The woman he loves is married And the killers want him dead Hardened physically and emotionally, Lando must begin an epic journey [...]

  13. Like the other Sacketts, this book combines beautiful, lovingly described landscapes with the grittiness of life on the trail and in the rugged west Orlando himself is something of a different kind of Sackett he carries on the traditional Sackett virtues, but largely comes to adulthood on his own His father is not around and he has no brothers There is a lot of action from gun battles to fisttocuffs to races And the book ranges from the mountains of Tennessee to Texas and also to the Gulf in Mex [...]

  14. I ve been away from Louis L Amour for a while, and I d forgotten about the smooth excellence of his prose But his heroes are always the same guy tough and hard and fast with a gun And they always claim to be no hand with the ladies, but somehow the ladies always find them charming I do, too.

  15. Another quality western story by this author In this one he throws in a bit of history with a ship that had foundered on the southern TX shore with gold doubloons aboard Love this series about the Sackett clan Lando does not get help from his cousins in this one, but it s another clue as to their early years on the east coast and their individual travels west Very entertaining.

  16. True to other books in the Sackett series, Lando brings to life an aspect of American History The values and principles of truth are well brought to life throughout the story The lead character is worthy of emulation Louis L Amour is such a talented writer and a joy to read.

  17. From Tennessee to Texas to Mexico, Orlando Sackett experiences all kinds of adventures races a mule, fights in a boxing match, gets taken prisoner in Mexico, finds pirate s gold, and watches his father steal the woman he loves Always something new on the next page.

  18. A good read Like all his books it flows well with escapism and a hero The description of areas are evocative of the country and always worth reading and not jumping to the next bit of excitement.

  19. One of the odder ones Makes me wonder if there s some hill country Tennessee accent he s writing that I don t know, which is why the dialogue is occasionally stilted and out of place Different pacing on the story, too, letting six years pass in a paragraph in the last third of the book.

  20. This was again a good read, though I didn t like the ending as well as some of his other works It ended to soon, and should have continued with of his life.

  21. Great tale I always have a good time with a L Amour book I read this one as a teen It stands up pretty well, and I enjoyed the historical bits much this time.

  22. This was an ok story It s your typical western however hero, a girl, some action, and even a treasure.

  23. I m glad this was a quick read as it is my least favorite of the Sackett series thus far I also felt like I was missing pieces of the story, especially when it came to Lando s father, Falcon I would have liked to have had back story on him and how he came to know where all that gold was hidden.The story opens with Orlando Sackett leaving his Tennessee mountain shack to get rich in the western lands He is spurred on by the fact that his three uncles named Kurbishaw are riding to kill him Grievin [...]

  24. Lando by Louis L amour is a very good book because I really like frontier stories and that is exactly what this book is about The main characters are Lando and the Tinker The story starts out in Tennessee in the mountains The Tinker comes to Lando s mountain cabin and Lando wants to come along with the Tinker he travels all around so they set off to find fortune in the west When they get into a town called San Augustine they meet Jonas Locklear, who knew Lando s father, they find out that his fa [...]

  25. This Western starts out in Tennessee and moves west It s theme seems to be revenge and it is explored in several ways Sadly, I don t think the character of Lando was as well developed as the Sacketts were in the earlier novels However, the character of the Tinker was rich with hints about his past The mystery behind Falcon Sackett was also nicely created Those and a racing mule raised the book above the average Western.Fans of Louis L Amour will like this book Fans of the Sackett series will wan [...]

  26. Lando is even better the second time Having read all of the Sackett Series Books several years ago, I decided to read them again Lando is very much like old Barnabas Sackett, in the description of his body build and his forgiving disposition In fact, these are two of my favorite characters in the series When beginning a new book in the series, if these same characters are not mentioned, I miss them as if a long, lost friend has left me forever.If you have not read any of the Sackett books or wat [...]

  27. This book seemed desperate without the strong moral compass of the previous dozen I went into this with high expectations and was kind of disappointing knowing it was one of the famous books of this series It went from spot to spot, job to job, state to state, country to country without any smooth transition Dad is gone missing and shows up from prison for a couple of pages and again in the end , bad guys seem to just keep coming back Piles of gold money are left in piles hidden while the famil [...]

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