[PDF] Enemy of Mine | by ↠ Brad Taylor [PDF] Enemy of Mine | by ↠ Brad Taylor - Enemy of Mine, Enemy of Mine Retired Delta Force officer Brad Taylor returns with the third explosive installment in the Pike Logan thrillers In retired Delta Force officer Brad Taylor s third Pike Logan thriller a tentative pea

  • Title: Enemy of Mine
  • Author: Brad Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780525953104
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Enemy of Mine | by ↠ Brad Taylor, Enemy of Mine, Brad Taylor, Enemy of Mine Retired Delta Force officer Brad Taylor returns with the third explosive installment in the Pike Logan thrillers In retired Delta Force officer Brad Taylor s third Pike Logan thriller a tentative peace between Israel and Palestine has been brokered by the United States But the Taskforce a clandestine team operating outside of US law to protect the country from terroriRetired Delta F

Enemy of Mine

[PDF] Enemy of Mine | by ↠ Brad Taylor [PDF] Enemy of Mine | by ↠ Brad Taylor - Enemy of Mine, Enemy of Mine Retired Delta Force officer Brad Taylor returns with the third explosive installment in the Pike Logan thrillers In retired Delta Force officer Brad Taylor s third Pike Logan thriller a tentative pea Enemy of Mine

  • [PDF] Enemy of Mine | by ↠ Brad Taylor
    433Brad Taylor
Enemy of Mine

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  1. Enemy of Mine Is the third book in the Pike Logan series, and the conclusion of a story arc The author, former Delta Force operator Brad Taylor tops himself and turns what could have ended up as a clich assassination story, into a roaring tale of revenge, terrorism and shocking surprises that will blindside you Despite the scope being reduced with no epic threat like in the previous novel, Enemy of Mine is a personal story for Pike and Jennifer and shakes up the character interaction between th [...]

  2. Brad Taylor, a retired Special Forces officer, has shown a flair for believable plots and action in his Pike Logan series Enemy of Mine, book 3 in the series, is no exception If you like Vince Flynn and Brad Thor, you should be snapping up Taylor s books, which are set in the same type of universe This is the world of terrorists and assassins who are trying to kill Americans.Pike Logan is a member of the Taskforce, a super secret joint military operation formed of leading members of the special [...]

  3. Very disappointing I loved the first 2 Pike Logan novels This one however just left me cold It was so complicated, with so many bad guys, it was hard to keep things straight The whole first third of the book is character development for bad guys, one of them who doesn t even have anything to do with this book at all I couldn t figure out which of the other 2 bad guys was doing what, most of the time This story was really convoluted and confusing, with little to redeem it in the end.

  4. I should have stuck with my previous impression of Brad Taylor s Pike Logan in All Necessary Force The summaries sound interesting and it seems like it should be a good story, but the reality for me is much different Too much detail and not enough action throughout Not until the last couple chapters did it get exciting when winding up the plot It seems not worth the investment.

  5. I like Taylor s terrorist hunter, Pike Logan Everything about him His sense of duty His dogged pursuit of mission His no BS approach to the rules So, I wanted to like this installment in the series, and I did Enough to finish But not as much as the first two The focus on what the Taskforce was was not authorized to do seemed oppressive and at times I felt like the stakes the life of a U.S Middle East peace envoy were not immediate enough.

  6. Awesome book Love the tandem bad guys Really well written action scenes And I appreciate some of the off camera scenes I ve been to Dubai several times and felt he captured it well Believe me, I glad I waited until I returned from my last trip before reading this Highly recommended

  7. Enemy of mine was just a good readI just enjoyed the characters Although this just a book, I like to think that there are similar people out there.

  8. Title Enemy of MineAuthor Brad Taylor bradtaylorbooks Pages 400Year 2013Publisher Dutton Adult There is one particular genre I really enjoy and it is thrillers that involve government, military and adventure One of the obstacles I find in locating material to read in this venue is that either the novel has excessive cussing or sexual content Trying to read a variety of authors brings a challenge to the locating of good literature with these particulars As I was researching for new material to re [...]

  9. I recently made a second attempt to read Brad Taylor s PIKE LOGAN series, as I had been out of touch with it for many years Re reading ONE ROUGH MAN and ALL NECESSARY FORCE reminded me why I loved Taylor s writing, and I pushed on to ENEMY OF MINE, the third installment in the series.In this installment, the Taskforce is tasked with tracking down a mysterious Palestinian assassin known only as The Ghost, who wishes to assassinate the US Secretary of State while he visits the UAE before proceedin [...]

  10. Brad Taylor whips up a doozy in this third in his Pike Logan series Though this is another save the world adventure story, this one has many angles and characters involved in an overlapping narrative where everybody has all kinds of problems Here s the rare book of it s kind where nothing goes smoothly Making this an exciting thriller that deserves the adjectives than most.I marvel at the work Taylor had to do to have so much going on with so many and keeping it all straight enough to make a re [...]

  11. This is book number 3 written by Brad Taylor with Pike Logan as the lead character This author writes with authority and you can read it into the plot as the American clandestine team prepares to counter the enemy The clandestine team is composed of crack special forces people who operate under the authority of a secret government council consisting of the President of the United States and other key government officials all of who are sworn to secrecy In this book a terrorist who is evil to the [...]

  12. I managed to read this book spaced out for several weeks For me it took a while to really get going but once it did is was a real page turner Pike still gets into those dark spaces in is mind wondering if he is good or bad but in the end it all becomes clear to him Satisfyingly clear Great story with plenty of special ops action, chases, terrorists plots and emotional situations Highly recommended.

  13. Wow, this book went from good to better and gave us a little insight into the mental attitude of people when things happen to the ones they love We, as readers, are taken on a ride and, as a rider, I enjoyed the story, the action and the potential that anything can happen This was not an escape from reality, this was an insight into reality There are many bad people out there and many good people with government organizations hired tasked to do action.

  14. Here s another Vince Flynn like book about terrorists and a US clandestine group committed to terminating terrorists I have dumped it because it is choppy, has poor transitions, keeping switching characters, and has unrealistic characters.

  15. The site only allows whole stars, actual rating 3 1 4 stars, probably generous Agree with commenter Eric I have enjoyed this series to date but struggled to stay with this one Slow and drawn out Some parts good, some down right boring and some parts very good Hard to stay interested.

  16. A very nice read in a very crowded genre.Good action, gripping suspense, and some great characters.I recommend that you get this in your to read bin and get it as soon as you can

  17. Liked, not loved, this book Love Pike and Jennifer and the Taskforce team The plot was a bit confusing and murky for me Not my fave but still a fan

  18. If Enemy of Mine had been written in 300 pages, instead of 510 I believe it would have been much exciting and interesting As written, it tends to be a bit difficult to follow due to its many characters, some of which are not really necessary to the complicated plot Involved in this novel are spies, maybe spies, espionage, hit men, and exotic settings.This is my first Brad Taylor book, and I do look forward to reading his other Pike Logan novels Pike works for Taskforce, a super secret branch of [...]

  19. This was my least favorite of the three books I have read The first half of the book didn t grab me and the President s committee is starting to seem bulky and somewhat redundant The action is always great and I look forward to the next book.

  20. Here we go againReviewing Brad Taylor s books gets monotonous Each one is high quality and will enthrall the reader Tightly written well plotted with many a twist and turn , his books always hold your attention and keep you reading.

  21. Page turnerAs the pages continued to fly I was totally engrossed in the book Love the connection between Pike and Jennifer, waiting for they to take the next step.

  22. I m a fan of the Pike Logan books Brad knows how to weave the story with his characters He doesn t have to get overly graphic about the violence, which makes it so much easier to read.

  23. Another Exciting Pike Logan AdventureI liked the book It took a bit for me to get into it but then I didn t want to put it down.

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