Unlimited Love and Relativity - by Rachael Wade Unlimited Love and Relativity - by Rachael Wade - Love and Relativity, Love and Relativity A Preservation Series Companion NovelLove life and happily ever after It s all relative Marine biology student Emma Pierce lives in paradise geographically speaking anyway Stranded on Sanibel Islan

  • Title: Love and Relativity
  • Author: Rachael Wade
  • ISBN: 9780984020874
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Love and Relativity - by Rachael Wade, Love and Relativity, Rachael Wade, Love and Relativity A Preservation Series Companion NovelLove life and happily ever after It s all relative Marine biology student Emma Pierce lives in paradise geographically speaking anyway Stranded on Sanibel Island Florida she works at a nursing home by day and spends her nights dodging the island s infamous bad boy Jackson Taylor at her favorite karaoke bar Trying to heal fromA Preserv

Love and Relativity

Unlimited Love and Relativity - by Rachael Wade Unlimited Love and Relativity - by Rachael Wade - Love and Relativity, Love and Relativity A Preservation Series Companion NovelLove life and happily ever after It s all relative Marine biology student Emma Pierce lives in paradise geographically speaking anyway Stranded on Sanibel Islan Love and Relativity

  • Unlimited Love and Relativity - by Rachael Wade
    123Rachael Wade
Love and Relativity

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  1. I m not asking to get back together right now I m going to walk out of here, and you never have to see me again if you don t want to I m only asking you to remember this he leaned down to bite and tug on my lip, the way I can make you feel, and to ask yourself, when the first new fucker puts his hands on you, whether or not he ll be able to love you like I do Because I guarantee you, his cock will never feel as good as mine, his arms will never hold you the way mine can, and he ll never adore yo [...]

  2. A Note from the Author Clearing a Few Things Up About Characters in LR and the Preservation Series Since Love and Relativity released, I ve been getting some questions about which characters will be getting their own book, who from LR shows up in the Preservation Series, etc At the very beginning of LR, there is an author s note that explains this briefly, but I figured I should clarify it all here in a little detail for those who are confused Love and Relativity IS a stand alone novel You do N [...]

  3. 4.25 4.5 StarsMy torso spasmed and heated beneath his touch, and my eyes fell shut Open your eyes, baby Look at me He pressed his forehead down to meet mine, my eyelids fluttering open at his command Look at me and tell me you don t want it Smirks Nice teaser line, eh I was privileged enough to beta read this for the awesome Ms Wade This was whole lot fun to read, too, especially when I would vent out my frustrations, bang the palm of my hand to my forehead and vent my frustrations regarding Jac [...]

  4. 27.01 13 Free in the Kindle store I just want to say that I haven t read Preservation, and I can vouch that you don t need to read it to get this Carter, which is the character from the other book, offers you a little of his back story, but either way it s irrelevant to what happens here because it has nothing to do with Jackson and Emma Just wanted to point that out.Oh, I loved this Unlike most of romance books out there, it was different than what the usual is today.Yeah, Jackson s a playboy, [...]

  5. Words Can t find the words.LOVED LOVED LOVED this book, Emma and Jackson are AMAZING together What they go through is so real Jackson is absolutely on top of the Maybe if I wish really hard, he will leap out of the book and show up at my front door fictional boyfriend list Again their story is so realistic, and I really felt like I was on the journey with them Now I know everyone is questioning the correlation with the Preservation series Love and Relativity can be read as a standalone, but does [...]

  6. I laughed I cried I read until I needed toothpicks to keep my eyes open In short, Love and Relativity made my very short epic love story list But in depth My problem is, I can t do this shit any, Emma The girl I fucking love is sitting across from me, and I can t have her I can never have her because all I seem to do is hurt her, and it s killing me, alright Seeing you like that last week tore me open and ripped out my insides It feels worse than the three years I couldn t touch you combined Th [...]

  7. Sweet, steamy, and a great New Adult romance, Love and Relativity was an enjoyable read I didn t completely love it, but I definitely liked it Emma was a good heroine She knew what she wanted and nothing was going to keep her from achieving it She was strong and likable I thought she was great.Jackson was a sweetheart He had a crush on Emma for a while and didn t have the nerve to do anything about it He truly cared about her and was devoted to making her dreams come true, which I thought was ad [...]

  8. This is the first novel I ve read in a long time that could have actually been told about real people The characters aren t mega millionaires, they aren t CEO s of a successful business They are dreamers, even though they may not realize it at the beginning Souls who have experienced the hardest life has to offer and still carry on with their lives They deal with their grief differently, but learn through their friendship about themselves It s a little sugary sweet, but I think it s needed beca [...]

  9. Sweet, sexy, FRUSTRATING romance I really enjoyed it The chemistry between Jackson and Emma was scorching.d when they got together whew wow This was a good love story with a sweet HEA It was very frustrating along the waytypical back and forth will they make it or not of course they will its a ROMANCE but the journey was fun

  10. Star stats Jaded Adult 5 StarsForever Young 5 StarsOver All 5 StarsGenre Mature Young Adult, New Adult, Adults, Woman s Fiction, Chic lit, Realistic, Contemporary, RomanceMy Book Boyfriend Toss up between Jackson and Carter Most Like Me or who I want to be Whitney She a great friend I ll admit that most time I pass over Author s Notes and the like because I m in such a rush to start the book I m reading and find my escape deep in the pages But this time I was stopped dead in my tracks by the ins [...]

  11. Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Love and Relativity by Rachael WadeBook 1.5 of the Preservation SeriesPublisher Rabbit Hole PressPublication Date December 12, 2012Rating 3 starsSource Bought from Summary from Love, life, and happily ever after It s all relative.Marine biology student Emma Pierce lives in paradise geographically speaking, anyway Stranded on Sanibel Island, Florida, she works at a nursing home by day and spends her nights dodging the island s infamous bad boy, Jackson Tay [...]

  12. I downloaded this book as I read and enjoyed Preservation, and as it was a freebie what was there to lose I know what I lost and it was patience I know that angst filled romances are popular and that complications always occur in contemporary romance, but this story has enough for several novels There were just so many complications that the drama became too much for me There was just complication after complication after complication, leading to angst on top of angst The actual time Jackson a [...]

  13. I loved this story I would definitely put this one in the realistic New Adult Category Love and Relativity introduces you to Emma Pierce who is suffering guilt and grief from the loss of her sister from a Drunk Driver She is in a rut but desperately reaching toward her dream to become a marine biologist and get off of the island Sanibel, FL She has a strange love hate relationship with the small town bad boy Jackson Taylor Jackson and Emma are like magnets that are pulled by an electrifying att [...]

  14. Love and Relativity is kind of a spin off of Preservation well, not really a spin off but an accompanying book in that Carter, Kate s bff from Preservation, has moved to Florida and is one of the side characters in this story.This book features Emma, the tortured 20 year old who is trying to pick up the pieces and move on with her life, and Jackson, the bad boy womanizer who might be the only one who can save her I enjoyed both the characters who were both vulnerable at times and aggressive at t [...]

  15. Wow I liked this one so much I read it twice in a row The author s note in the beginning of Love and Relativity instructs readers to first listen to the song The Story by Brandi Carlile before continuing further the song being the inspiration for this story I m glad I was obedient Not only was I introduced to a very talented musician love the song , I was able to understand the motives of the characters and why they did the things they did Emma Pierce and Jackson Taylor are one of my new favorit [...]

  16. GRRRRR so much frustration, I m not sure if it goes to Jackson, or Emma, or maybe the crap they put each other through Jackson at times I wanted to strangle, and Emma at times I wanted to whack her across the head and yell JESUS WOMAN HE LOVES YOU GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER I cried alot, I mean the tears just kept on coming I think I cried right up until the last page Emma and Jackson obviously care so much about each other, but they re not sure of how to deal with the feelings, and then sometimes w [...]

  17. I loved this This was one of those books that was easy to get into I loved the friends to lovers story Jackson the man whore was delish I figured there had to be to him then his whorish ways, and there was This book focuses on death of a family member and learning to deal with it Also there is the romance that has a couple of rocky starts But there was a moment around 70 something % and Jackson opened that sexy mouth and I was shocked and horrified with what spewed out It was something that I w [...]

  18. I was so moved by this book I read another one of Rachel s books and thought it was just okay, so I wasn t sure about this one, but it looked too good to pass up There was strong character development and they really moved me This was a new adult book not to be missed Now I m going to go back and read her Preservation series after this awesome book.Holy hot sauce, Jackson is one bad guy that could steal your heart There was compassion under that carefree playboy s facade.This is a story that des [...]

  19. Have you ever read a book that made you laugh, cry, get excited, get infuriated and eventually you find yourself emotionally numb If not, then prepare yourself and read Love and Relativity I can honestly say, even though the year is not yet over, this is my favourite book of 2012 It s an emotional roller coaster for the characters, but also for you the reader Emma Pierce doesn t do casual flings She wants a serious relationship with someone who loves her as much as she loves them Jackson Taylor [...]

  20. Rachael Wade knows how to put her heroines go through hell Basically the heroine and hero have known each other for years They frequent the same bar every Friday night He s hunky manwhore who loves to tease and goad her, but all in good fun because the heroine isn t interested in him How could she be She sees him go off with different woman all the time Further, she s determined to complete her studies and leave the lovely tropical Florida Island where she resides to finish her studies on the We [...]

  21. I don t have any words right now I was at about 55% in this book when I started reading at about 10PM, and I just finished it now I m not sure I expected to finish it, but I did, and now I just don t know where it all went I didn t even realize how late it was until I documented my finish time, as per usual I m going to try to write a review, but I might have to come back to clean it up later Let s just see where it goes.I came across this book on a while ago, and I thought it looked good, but I [...]

  22. Love is like art, I shrugged It s relative I don t think so I think it s absolute You know when you love someone Emma Pierce has been hurt by love before She planned out her entire life with her boyfriend only to have everything fall apart Now single and looking to keep it that way Emma isn t looking for distractions She s applied a program on the other side of the country and can t wait to move away from the town where she s haunted by memories of her sister and dogged by the baddest boy in tow [...]

  23. Emma Pierce is a student trying to find her way after the death of her best friend and sister, and the loss of her long time boyfriend Jackson Taylor is a cocky ladies man who is dealing with issues of his own The two hang out and flirt every Friday night at Pete s Bar, but it is nothing than some innocent fun or given their shared past, is innocent and uninvolved even possible Love and Relativity by Rachael Wade was a freebie a few weeks back I thought it looked decent and it had some good rev [...]

  24. For my full review and picture check out smardy pants 2012This is the best book Rachael Wade has ever written Well I ve only read Preservation so far, but if LR tells me anything, I know the rest of her books have to be equally as good and I can t wait to read EVERYTHING else that Rachael has written I couldn t put it down I am so excited to find out that Emma and Jackson show up again in Reservation Preservation 2 I am major book crushing on Jackson right now J cheesy grin Emma is a pretty smar [...]

  25. You know those books that you pick up and you just can t manage to put them down Those rare few books that you devour in one sitting Those absolutely fantastic books that just stick with you, that you like going back to time and time again This is what Love and Relativity was to me.Emma s life has kind of gone off track after breaking up with her long time boyfriend and shortly after that losing her sister For the past year she has been working hard at getting back on track and just getting on w [...]

  26. WOW Another amazingly written story by Rachael Wade I dont know how she does it, but every time I read her books, I feel my emotions run wild, I cry, I get angry, and I feel all kinds of passion for the characters If you have not read one of her books you are definitely missing out They are flawless Emma and Jackson are complete opposites and can t stand to be in the same room as one another or so they make everyone believe Jackson is known as the player around town, he takes a different chick h [...]

  27. the book diariesRachael does not disappoint with another great story from her Preservation Series Although this is not one of the actual books within the series, it is nearly an extension of her side characters I first became a fan of Rachael s with her Amaranth Trilogy Being a huge paranormal fan, it was right up my alley and I loved it As a reader being somewhat new to the Adult Contemporary genre, I was taken through a roller coaster of emotions with Preservation When I heard from Rachael abo [...]

  28. A Phenomenal Read Outstanding Book Forgiveness wasn t ever easy, but a feat much manageable when you weren t the subject of its grace Rachael Wade brings it, big time on this one I ve been a fan of Ms Wade s since her very first book, Amaranth, and she just keeps getting better In fact, this book, in my opinion, is her very best work, yet This contemporary romance couldn t have been written better Everything about it is perfect Rachael never skimped on settings and the character descriptions we [...]

  29. Jackson, Jackson, JacksonThere are books you fall in love with and those very few that fall into the I m never gonna find another book that gives me this kind of feeling category These are the books that make you feel something that s not easily translated into words Love and Relativity is one of those for me This book caught me right from the start with that incredible prologue I was glued to my Kindle Rachael Wade has crafted an amazingly genuine and complex story with characters that are enti [...]

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