Murder in Steeple Martin Best Download || [Lesley Cookman] Murder in Steeple Martin Best Download || [Lesley Cookman] - Murder in Steeple Martin, Murder in Steeple Martin Artist and ex actress Libby Sarjeant is busy directing a play for the opening of a new theatre in her village when one of her cast is found murdered The play written by her friend Peter is based on

  • Title: Murder in Steeple Martin
  • Author: Lesley Cookman
  • ISBN: 9781908262806
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback

Murder in Steeple Martin Best Download || [Lesley Cookman], Murder in Steeple Martin, Lesley Cookman, Murder in Steeple Martin Artist and ex actress Libby Sarjeant is busy directing a play for the opening of a new theatre in her village when one of her cast is found murdered The play written by her friend Peter is based on real events in his family disturbing and mysterious which took place in the village during the last war As the investigation into the murder begins to uncover a tangled weAr

Murder in Steeple Martin

Murder in Steeple Martin Best Download || [Lesley Cookman] Murder in Steeple Martin Best Download || [Lesley Cookman] - Murder in Steeple Martin, Murder in Steeple Martin Artist and ex actress Libby Sarjeant is busy directing a play for the opening of a new theatre in her village when one of her cast is found murdered The play written by her friend Peter is based on Murder in Steeple Martin

  • Murder in Steeple Martin Best Download || [Lesley Cookman]
    223Lesley Cookman
Murder in Steeple Martin

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  1. In all honesty, this book is well written with a good, if slow and not all that juicy, plot I believe, though, that it is aimed at an older readership than me The protagonist and her romantic interest are both in their 50s 30 years older than me so I found I was unable to really connect with either of them Libby s constant fussing about Ben s thoughts, feelings, whereabouts, actions, meanings behind the actions, etc got old pretty fast, probably because I do not really associate 50 year olds and [...]

  2. Absolutely fabulous read I couldn t put it down and had to finish it, reading through bath, breakfast and getting dressed A wonderful opener to the series and I m so glad I still have 9 books to go before I run out By which time, hopefully Lesley will have written another one

  3. Murder in Steeple Martin is the first in the Libby Sarjeant murder mystery series, and the first Libby Sarjeant read by me It s a cosy murder mystery along the lines of Agatha Raisin.Unexplained accidents at the theatre and the murder of a cast member, turns Libby Sarjeant amateur theatre director, into Libby Sarjeant amateur detective The protagonist is a likeable woman, who doesn t wish to see any murder go unsolved Being conscientious, she also knows the show must go on and therefore carries [...]

  4. An ok read but probably wouldn t read any in this series A ridiculous overuse of the greeting Hello you old trout and became really irritating after a while.

  5. This was a well written, light cozy mystery set in England with typical dry British humour and quirky expressions One such expression was old trout , an euphuism that was no doubt meant to be affectionate but was not, in my opinion, exactly flattering Although there were many different characters introduced and complex familial ties to keep straight, they were engaging and compelling, especially the main character Libby a middle aged, down to earth and likeable woman with flaws and eccentricitie [...]

  6. Libby Sarjeant retired from acting to re invent her life She s helping produce a play about local events which is getting mixed reactions from the people originally involved When one of the actors dies, is it a reflection of the older murders and is it linked to the accidents happening in the theatre.Not an impressive read but not a bad read, in fact it s quite pedestrian and wouldn t induce me to hunt up books by this author, however I wouldn t avoid books by this author.

  7. Problematic There is something missing the book feels much too long, perhaps, or at least longer than it is That said, this series is mostly 99cents in the Kindle store, so I am sure to keep reading not an unpleasant read but not one to shout about either.

  8. I was recommended Murder in Steeple Martin by my Aunt Like the central character Libby Sarjeant, I too am involved in amateur dramatics and was curious to see if this book was a realistic interpretation I must admit, when I started this novel I groaned and cringed than I enjoyed it Several of the characters were stereotypical and clich d, while Libby herself I found quite irritating There is 30 years age difference between her and me, so maybe that s why I struggled to put her with her rambling [...]

  9. Where to start Having enjoyed other books from Accent press I took a chance on this one when it was offered free on.It became clear early on that this was a gentle read I don t mind gentle , I found Elizabeth Jane Howard s Cazelet Chronicles hugely enjoyable yes, even the much derided fifth book but this takes gentle to a new level.It is slow Painfully slow The characters are so stereotypical it hurts the two gay men say dearheart and make Alan Carr look like a cage fighter, the lead Libby is pa [...]

  10. Ex actress Libby Sarjeant moves to Kent for a fresh start and becomes involved in a local am dram group performing a play written by a local Soon there s a murder and the plot thickens This was OK, nothing really A pleasant enough read, I didn t hate it but it just felt like there was something missing I suppose it s an English equivalent of a cozy mystery and a lot of time these kinds of book aren t great I don t really know what was missing it had an interesting cast of characters, enough mur [...]

  11. This is the first Cosy Crime novel I ve read I enjoyed it so much that as soon as I had finished it I immediately ordered the next three in the series for my Kindle The main character, Libby Sarjeant with a J is someone I empathised with and liked The background was multi layered and skilfully woven into current action It is a complex story written with deceptive simplicity Three quarters of the way through I thought I knew who the murderer was But there were two twists I hadn t seen coming I h [...]

  12. Libby has moved to the small Kent village of Steeple Martin and is directing an amateur production about the local hop farm set in the 1940 s Various accidents occur and then a murder, which Libby and her friends try to solve.This is a gentle Miss Marple type of easy read.

  13. I purchased this, the first in the Libby Sarjeant series, after reading Murder in the Monastery a while ago It lived up to expectations a competent, entertaining cosy with a cast of middle aged characters to follow through successive books An entertaining Sunday read.

  14. It started out well but dragged toward the end However I did enjoy it Will probably read at least one by the author.

  15. Oh dear.Libby Sarjeant, a divorced older woman, has moved to the village of Steeple Martin, where she is directing a play in the village s new theatre, written by her friend Peter and based on events related to his family during World War II After a series of acts of sabotage involving the theatre and cast, the lead actress is found dead.Can this murder be linked to events in the past that Peter s family would rather keep secret Let s get the good points out of the way first.It s not a bad read [...]

  16. Enjoyed reading this book with its tale of murder and mayhem within a theatre group The characters are well rounded and easy to identify with Libby, the main character is involved with a dramatic production and is on friendly terms with other members of the cast So that when disaster strikes in the theatre this causes concern to her Firstly it is imagined that the subject matter of the play, based on real life events going back several generations within the hop picking community is the reason f [...]

  17. The Queen of Cosy Crime proclaims the back of the the cover This isn t the kind of cosy crime exemplified by, for example, the Agatha Raisin books of M R Beaton This is far better written, the characters rounded and the lead character, Libby Sarjeant is not nearly as ditzy Well constructed with the back story told separately with a good understanding of Cockneys hop pickers in the first half of the 20th century right down to the man on the enormous stilts unhooking the bines for picking I ll be [...]

  18. I found this a struggle there were too many inter related characters for a casual read In the Kindle version you need to make use of bookmarks if you want to access the cast list at the satr of the book the list isn t complete, with a couple of important people missing from it I found Libby an annoying character if she lived in my village, I d be giving her a wide berth Consequently, I m not sure I will read any other books in the series.

  19. Okay for a first book in a seriesIt took me a while to get into this book I had a hard time figuring out who was who at first By the time I got to the end I was hooked and am looking forward to reading of the series

  20. Enjoyed this book but find this author had a lot of going back in time was confusing at times, so I had to keep going back to check on the many names characters and the dates.

  21. really enjoyable and well written novel, builds up the characters really well and the plot is full of twists and turns that keep you guessing until the end Looking forward to reading number 2

  22. Lesley Cookman s Murder in Steeple Martin which I won through Giveaways twists and turns with secrets, lies , suicide and murder, keeping the reader enthralled from beginning to the end It begins in the small village of Steeple Martin at The Oast House, a theatre where artist and former actress Libby Sarjeant with a J is directing a play called Hop Pickers , written by her friend Peter Parker When accidents begin happening at the theatre and one of the amateur players is murdered Libby s curiosi [...]

  23. I m always on the lookout for a new cosy mystery along the lines of an Agatha Raisin or a Daisy Dalrymple investigation and so Murder in Steeple Martin, the first in Lesley Cookman s Libby Sarjeant series, seemed like a good bet for me.Libby Sarjeant may have retired from acting but she s not one to place herself too far away from the spotlight and so she has moved on to directing Her latest venture involves directing a play written by her friend Peter for the opening of a newly renovated local [...]

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