✓ Open This Little Book ↠ Jesse Klausmeier Suzy Lee ✓ Open This Little Book ↠ Jesse Klausmeier Suzy Lee - Open This Little Book, Open This Little Book What will you find when you open this little book A fun story Sweet characters Enticing pictures Yes But much Open this book and you will findother bookd anotherd another Debut author Jesse Klausmeier

  • Title: Open This Little Book
  • Author: Jesse Klausmeier Suzy Lee
  • ISBN: 9780811867832
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover

✓ Open This Little Book ↠ Jesse Klausmeier Suzy Lee, Open This Little Book, Jesse Klausmeier Suzy Lee, Open This Little Book What will you find when you open this little book A fun story Sweet characters Enticing pictures Yes But much Open this book and you will findother bookd anotherd another Debut author Jesse Klausmeier and master book creator Suzy Lee have combined their creative visions to craft a seemingly simple book about colors for the very youngest readers What will you find when you ope

Open This Little Book

✓ Open This Little Book ↠ Jesse Klausmeier Suzy Lee ✓ Open This Little Book ↠ Jesse Klausmeier Suzy Lee - Open This Little Book, Open This Little Book What will you find when you open this little book A fun story Sweet characters Enticing pictures Yes But much Open this book and you will findother bookd anotherd another Debut author Jesse Klausmeier Open This Little Book

  • ✓ Open This Little Book ↠ Jesse Klausmeier Suzy Lee
    498Jesse Klausmeier Suzy Lee
Open This Little Book

718 thought on “Open This Little Book

  1. This book spoke to me It said Wake up you There are still clever and creative people who are still making books that will surprise and delight and remind you why children s books can be so much darn fun The inclusion of LeVar Burton in the author s dedication was just too perfect.

  2. I felt a little cheated by this book While the design is awesome, there s not much story or cleverness even beyond the basic idea of the book It s a book in which a creature opens a book, which reveals another book, which when opened reveals yet another book and so on, but the words don t reveal anything further than what you would otherwise gather from the illustrations It might just as well have been a wordless story Maybe it s the nerd in me, but I had probably been hoping either for the book [...]

  3. This review really comes from my four year old granddaughter, Emma She asked me to read it twice in a row, and could help me read it by following the pattern She asked me if she could take it home Before she left our house, she read it to her mom Engaging with an interactive design and a pro reading message.

  4. This little book celebrates the power and the actual physical act of turning pages and conducting the story manually It is a true visual treat and encourages the reader to go forth and discover a whole new world of books The reader opens an increasingly tiny series of books within a book each adding a layer of colour and script until the whole book itself displays a rectangle of rainbow colours The pencil and watercolour illustrations are created with soft colours and then digitally manipulated [...]

  5. File this one under so good I actually cried tears of jealousy that I hadn t written it Not only a masterpiece of meta fiction for those of us who are simply book people, it s also a great jumping off place for kids to make up their own stories about the many animal characters, each reading their own book My 2 year old was entranced, turning each page, smaller and smaller, and then inspecting the animals in the library on the last page We read it three times, right in a row And bonus, the author [...]

  6. All I can say right away is HOORAY I would have loved this book as a child.I love it as an adult.Anytime a book can be a book but be than a book, I m in.I LOVED turning the pages and seeing the books getting smaller and smaller,and wondering what was going to happen.As an adult, I marveled at how it was all put together so perfectly.The story is simple but something that you would return to again and again.And I love the ending It would make a great poster for a library.This book is PURE AWESOM [...]

  7. The design of this picturebook is super cool And Suzy Lee s illustrations are beautiful and rich However, I wish there was of a story

  8. Klausmeier, Jesse, Suzy Lee, and Sara Gillingham Open This Little Book San Francisco, CA Chronicle, 2013 PrintThis review is also posted on Get Kids to Read mrtierneyslibrary Open This Little Book by Jesse Klausmeir and illustrated by Suzy Lee is an absolute love letter to the joy of reading The story is of several animals who each find a good book and open and read it The story is illustrated in a way that corresponds with the book each animal opens Each animal progressively opens smaller books [...]

  9. Ok This book might be a little hard to explain, so watch the book trailer first.Ready Ok, you get the point, right An assortment of characters animals all open up a book within a book within a book within a book etc It s very meta but the illustrations keep it grounded in a very traditional look, kind of reminiscent of Arnold Lobel s work Although the concept isn t something I ve never seen before, I still thought that it was rather unique and clever When Press Here came out, I thought, Now here [...]

  10. Open the full sized picture book and inside you find a series of nesting books, each smaller than the one before The stories in the books also nest with one another First the reader opens the Little Red Book and discovers ladybug who is opening the Little Green Book where frog is the character On and on it goes, until the story reaches a little twist in the little books Then the stories unwind as the books are closed one by one It s impossible to not be charmed by the design and concept.Debut au [...]

  11. Wow The level of thought and expertise that went into the design of this book amazes me, starting with the endpapers gray raindrops to start which transform into rainbow colored raindrops at the back The storytelling works on so many levels there s the simple story the text tells, the items shared and exchanged by the friends, the absolutely brilliant use of color, and the underlying, very subtle message about how friendship, kindness, and sharing stories can change your world making it a color [...]

  12. The design for this book is quite unique, clever, and intriguing, and allows young readers to marvel in delight at the story within a story within a story, eight different ones in all As readers open each book, they find another, smaller book, and a storyline running through each one One of the best parts of the books is how each of the little book covers mirrors some element and color in the book s content for instance, Little Green Book features lilypads on its cover There is also a friendship [...]

  13. Open This Little Book is brilliant in it s originality and simplicity a book within a book within a book, and so on But beyond the initial novelty, it s so much a celebration of the physical act of reading a book, a visual treat to discover each shrinking page sneakily constructing a rainbow, and a conclusion that encourages the reader to discover a entire world of books Quite a big feat for a book that humbly describes itself as Little.Author Jesse Klausmeier makes a bold debut, proving that t [...]

  14. This book isn t so much a story as an homage to the world of reading books It features a very clever concept of books contained within books in a rainbow of colors The narrative is very short and children of all ages will enjoy the diminishing size of each successive book We really enjoyed reading this book together After reading some of the reviews here on , I realize that I missed some of the details in the pictures that add another layer to the story I think this one deserves a rereadThis boo [...]

  15. This is fun little book with multiple books inside It first starts off with a bear opening one book, and then another, then another, etc Eventually it gets too small and then you close each book once The thing I liked about this was how interactive and fun it was It was awesome seeing each book get smaller and bigger and it was fun to flip through It s a really fast read, I felt like, but it is definitely entertaining I think that this would suit really young children well because it is somethi [...]

  16. Open This Little Book is a book not quite like any you have read before It s a simple and quiet story that unfolds as the reader opens an increasingly tiny series of books within the book each one adding a layer of color until the whole book itself is a rectanagle rainbow You ll open a little red book and read about Ladybug who opens a little green book and reads about Frog who opens another and another book about increasingly larger creatures, until Bear opens a little blue book about a Giantwh [...]

  17. 3.5 STARSThis is my second time with Open This Little Book I think it s very cute, but I was not completely wowed by it I guess I wanted of a story to this book about stories That said, the concept is a lot of fun I loved little books as a kid and I did feel a rush of child like delight opening each of the little books in this bigger book and I could see it inspiring children not only with reading but with creating their own little books And the illustrations do have some wonderful details that [...]

  18. First of all it s dedicated to LeVar Burton Secondly it s a wonderful love song to reading It s got nested books inside It s got adorable animals There s a giant A ladybug It s a book that is visually very striking when one is in the exact middle of the book, there s a rainbow This is a book for people who love to read to read to people they want to grow up loving to read Not to mention it s a little like Cloud Atlas in its symmetry A veritable home run Now, someone bring me some kids to read to [...]

  19. A clever, tactile driven book best used in tandem with a child and parent facilitator The artwork has a lot of detail for a book that is essentially on the level of a color based board book, so it might be distracting to a child left on their own of very young age That said, it s full of delightful, fun art and has just enough eye candy for deeper educational highlights should the facilitator wish to pursue it.

  20. Weirdly fascinating, individual, highly original and yet evocative of vintage favourites such as Goodnight Moon Expertly and yet very loosely handled illustrations with a lot of sophisticated layering and a tricky and also kind of simple novelty format It s a one of a kind I think pre schoolers up to around grade 2 or 3 could be equally fascinated by it But the pre schoolers will want to read it a hundred times.

  21. What a clever idea books within books This is something that just wouldn t work the same way in a digital format The color schemes and the different reading animals would have a lot of appeal for kids And I love that the big blue giant is female and that you don t see anything of her except her hands.

  22. Love it Open this little book and find a littler bookd then littlerd then littler There are characters and colors to be learned, too, not to mention the always wonderful illustrations of Suzy Lee For my parents and grandparents my first teachers and librarians And for LeVar Burton.

  23. I wasn t sure what I was expecting when I received this book, but it was not what I found inside I have enjoyed other books illustrated by Suzy Lee and this is no exception Don t want to say much because I don t want to spoil the experience This book comes out the first week of January Definitely take a look at it.

  24. Amazing because 1 Books inside of books inside of books 2 Little thing and littler things I love little things.3 Childhood like illustrations This is what illustrations looked like when I was little.

  25. Whyyyyyy don t I love it I like it just fine, but I don t looooove it I WANT to looooove it Methinks I need to pilot this one on my kids.UPDATED Read it to my kids Brilliant We all loved it.

  26. There is no doubt that this book is charming it really is But I found it to be style than substance it s really cool layout and design, and a sweet homage to books, but not one I d ever reread.

  27. An immediate hit with my younger crowd A series of quirky creatures is reading a series of little books, each smaller than the next Very clever way to play with the convention of the codex All those adorable nested books are irrestible to my kids And the art, oh the art utterly to swoon for.

  28. Clever book within a book within a book, and so on Children would probably have fun opening each book that gets smaller and smaller Good chance to discuss and celebrate books.

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