The Games Best Read || [Ted Kosmatka] The Games Best Read || [Ted Kosmatka] - The Games, The Games Jurassic Park meets The Hunger Games in this stunning new high energy high concept tale from first time novelist Ted Kosmatka a Nebula Award and Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award finalist NAMED ONE O

  • Title: The Games
  • Author: Ted Kosmatka
  • ISBN: 9780345526625
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback

The Games Best Read || [Ted Kosmatka], The Games, Ted Kosmatka, The Games Jurassic Park meets The Hunger Games in this stunning new high energy high concept tale from first time novelist Ted Kosmatka a Nebula Award and Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award finalist NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY PUBLISHERS WEEKLYBrilliant geneticist Silas Williams oversees U S selections for the Olympic Gladiator competition an internationally sanctJurassic Park meet

The Games

The Games Best Read || [Ted Kosmatka] The Games Best Read || [Ted Kosmatka] - The Games, The Games Jurassic Park meets The Hunger Games in this stunning new high energy high concept tale from first time novelist Ted Kosmatka a Nebula Award and Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award finalist NAMED ONE O The Games

  • The Games Best Read || [Ted Kosmatka]
    451Ted Kosmatka
The Games

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  1. 3.5 starsDO NOT pick this book up for character development there isn t much of that DO NOT pick this book up for meaty prose of a philosophical bent that introduces new ideas and deep thoughts Nope Not much of that either pick this book up for a pulpy, page turning thrill where, if you don t ask too many questions, and fully suspend all disbelief, you will be majorly entertained by high octane action sequences of cinematic gore and splendor Cause we all need that guilt free catharsis once in a [...]

  2. You had me at, In this amoral future, genetically engineered monsters fight to the death at public Olympic gaming events.

  3. Content 3Audiobook 2In the Games, each country puts forward a genetically engineered creature, a gladiator that will fight with others to the death The only rule is that the creature cannot contain any human DNA It is a source of national pride in biotechnology, that the American creatures have always won, up to the present day But this year, the American monstrosity is different type of killing machine A genius has created a super computer that has redesigned the genetic code from the ground up [...]

  4. I had high hopes for this one, but it never really came together for me It didn t help that there were so many plot holes and inaccuracies, I could drive a truck through them.The blurb casts this as Jurassic Park meets Hunger Games It s like Spartacus Blood and Sand with mutants and without the compelling plot that went along with it And I don t know about anyone else, but the gladiator seemed to look a lot like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.The entire premise for the novel is really [...]

  5. Interesting beginning, long draggy pointless middle, predictable climax, probably exciting ending but I couldn t be bothered any Perhaps would work better in book form rather than as an audiobook because Scott Brick s narration didn t really evoke any sort of emotion from me maybe it s the plot at fault, I dunno other than uh huh, sookaayduhyawn The actual Games upon which the book was titled, much like The Scorpio Races, was wrapped up in about a tenth portion of the whole story But at least th [...]

  6. Ted is an alumnus of the increasingly famous Highland Writers Group in NW Indiana He s another person that I have, on occasion, dined with, drank with and had grand discussions Probably one of the most intellectual members of our group to become published, but also a down to earth kind of guy that you can simply sit down with and have an interesting discussion.I am normally not fond of dystopian computer stories at least, not since reading D.F Jones s Colossus many, many years ago Like Heinlein, [...]

  7. Arg This one had the potential to be great, but unfortunately it turned out not to be to my tastes I was hoping for mad scientist ish stuff, but instead got a lot of action which is okay, but it felt like a cheesy action movie rather than a book The end was kind of crappy too, I mean view spoiler a big nuclear explosion that destroys everything Followed by an ambiguous epilogue in which we discover that crikey one of the eggs has survived and maybe one Sorry, but I think I ve seen that ending [...]

  8. Bio engineering Monsters Savants Olympics Tall people Super computers What do you want Naturally, Scott Sigler could have done this better, but it s not a bad read.

  9. Genetic engineering used to be purely science fiction It s a mark of how far we ve come that these things are now becoming part of our everyday world The once hypothetical question of how to deal with augmented athletes in events like the Olympics is no longer so hypothetical In The Games, Ted Kosmatka deals with the question in a simple way no tinkering with the human athletes, but attach a single event that allows countries to showcase their skills at genetic engineering This is a blood match [...]

  10. The prologue to this book is very intriguing though disturbing on several levels I was really ready to begin the rest of the story in chapter 1, but was disappointed with the manner in which Silas character is introduced It almost seems as if readers were supposed to be impressed with Silas and the direction of the story, but I just couldn t stay interested The gladiator monstrosity that comes out of the cow at the beginning was a built up moment that fell flat on its face as soon as were treate [...]

  11. The choice was easy this month I just finished a new book called THE GAMES by a writer named Ted Kosmatka No, it is not a riff on THE HUNGER GAMES It isn t even fantasy It is a SciFi Thriller about a future in which the Olympic Games includes an event pitting genetically manufactured creatures against each other in blood sport reminiscent of ancient gladitorial contests What happens when the perfect fighting machine becomes a threat to its creators Nothing good, you can be sure A page turner wit [...]

  12. This book blew me away I cannot believe this is the FIRST novel by Ted Kosmatka, the man who had won Nebula Hugo for his shorter works, really creates a pitch perfect science fiction thriller that is executed in the most stunning manner for his first book I was hooked right from page one I was taking a break from my newer novels to be reviewed and bought this book as I ve heard great things You know, SF is no longer my thing But the way Ted writes, he d got HUGE TALONS hooked deep into me, right [...]

  13. In a technologically advanced future, people have added a genetic engineering contest to the Olympic Games Each country uses it to show off its prowess, and the United States has won since the inception of this twisted arena fight to the death.This time around, though, Silas Williams, head of development for the project, feels something has gone terribly wrong Using a different tactic, Olympic development has allowed a computer genius to use his supercomputer to help create the creature From its [...]

  14. A book in two parts the first, a very hard SF extrapolation on genetic engineering applied to the making of a monster warrior, and the second, an action driven thriller with elements of Street Fighter the game and disaster movies of the 1970s I enjoyed the SF elements which were treated in the detailed, reasoned approach generally characterized as hard SF Not knowing much about biology and genetics, it all seemed quite believable However, the parts about the electric grid and power flow were les [...]

  15. Fast paced, inventive, with a plausible use of real science, The Games is an exciting and fun read Kosmatka s writing in this novel is sturdy and competent and straightforward, and that s the reason for a three star review instead of a four or five I m a big fan of the author s short fiction, which flawlessly blends hard science with intensely emotional, gorgeous prose and literary style character depth I was hoping for an entire novel of that kind of writing in The Games, but instead I got a sc [...]

  16. La premisa para ciencia ficci n es interesante El libro es entretenido pero cuando tiene que explotar, no llega a la intensidad deseada, sin embargo se mantiene entretenido.

  17. Ahh.n the dreaded 3 star rating Not really good enough in my opinion of course to go all the way to 4 but better than the barely passable 2.AlsoI am definitely going to have to establish a science fantasy shelf This is a science fiction read but there are things in here that really strain the boundaries of science I mean I m only somewhat aware of what advances have been made in gene splicing and what may be possiblebut I m pretty sure this one tripped over reality.So, do some major league suspe [...]

  18. Excellent near future thriller, with some very original twists on the Michael Crichton formula It definitely raises above the ocean of non A list action sf thriller books Very visual story telling an example on the opposite extreme would be Isaac Asimov , and solid scientific background It s rather obvious what this book wants to be, and I m always surprised to find reviewers who choose to read a book with a broken net and blood splatter on the cover, somehow expecting major charachter depth la [...]

  19. In the future, performance enhancing drugs aren t the concern of choice for the Olympics, genetic modification is But rather than trying to ban GE the international community instead decides to hold a gladiatorial competition each year where the only rule is no human genes The U.S has won the competition for the past few years and thus the right to host the olympics like I said preposterous but this time around the geneticists may have bitten off than they can chew Silas not evil despite the na [...]

  20. This was a good thriller There s a bit of Jurassic Park in this, but as in that novel, science goes horribly awry The premise involves a not so distant future where there s an addition to the Olympic games a competition between nations to build a contestant to fight to the death The only rule is no human DNA So a computer genius turns a supercomputer loose to design a competitor with only one instruction survive the games The resultant gladiator is walking and flying nightmare The competition, a [...]

  21. Interesting story, it reminded me of Jurrasic Park The creature is mysterious and you just know that it s know going to end well The book becomes exciting towards the end but the finishing pages lack something to make it realistic If you like the science gone bad theme you should give this book a chance.

  22. staffersmusings 2Perfectly good novel, but I feel like I ve read it a half dozen times Nothing new or special, even if well written and put together.

  23. A page turner that kept me up most of the night I read few medical science thrillers Robin Cook comes to mind And Kosmatka could be a reincarnation of Robert Ludlum, only with a genetic twist.Well done, Ted

  24. Dumb, dumb, book Starts out with good premise, turns into King Kong meets Frankenstein I was hoping for everyone to be killed in the end.

  25. Come for the intriguing sounding A plot, be disappointed by the seemingly unnecessary B plot I think the entire B plot could have been excised without harming the main story in any meaningful way.

  26. I wrote a lengthier review with pictures here adventuresinpoortaste In this review I have it duel against another sci fi book, Arctic Rising.There are two stories in this book, one about a geneticist helping to nurture a gladiator monster from fetus to battlefield He deals with morality of a hyper intelligent beast that seems to be a miracle abomination than a slab of meat to be wasted in a arena Greed and national pride trump such concerns as a third win for the USA is important than anything [...]

  27. This is about the US entry into the gladiatorial Olympic games, where animals are genetically modified as pit fighters Anything goes, except using human DNA Despite the tag of except using human DNA an utterly nonsensical phrase I thought this might be an interesting beach read According to the bio, author Kosmatka worked in laboratories and now works at Valve, so I thought it had the possibility of at least being interesting.Wrong.It does have a couple of interesting ideas, but unfortunately th [...]

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