Prairie Silence: A Memoir Best Read || [Melanie Hoffert] Prairie Silence: A Memoir Best Read || [Melanie Hoffert] - Prairie Silence: A Memoir, Prairie Silence A Memoir A rural expatriate s struggle to reconcile family home love and faith with the silence of the prairie land and its people Melanie Hoffert longs for her North Dakota childhood home with its grain t

  • Title: Prairie Silence: A Memoir
  • Author: Melanie Hoffert
  • ISBN: 9780807044735
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Hardcover

Prairie Silence: A Memoir Best Read || [Melanie Hoffert], Prairie Silence: A Memoir, Melanie Hoffert, Prairie Silence A Memoir A rural expatriate s struggle to reconcile family home love and faith with the silence of the prairie land and its people Melanie Hoffert longs for her North Dakota childhood home with its grain trucks and empty main streets A land where she imagines standing at the bottom of the ancient lake that preceded the prairie crop rows become the patterned sand ripples of thA

Prairie Silence: A Memoir

Prairie Silence: A Memoir Best Read || [Melanie Hoffert] Prairie Silence: A Memoir Best Read || [Melanie Hoffert] - Prairie Silence: A Memoir, Prairie Silence A Memoir A rural expatriate s struggle to reconcile family home love and faith with the silence of the prairie land and its people Melanie Hoffert longs for her North Dakota childhood home with its grain t Prairie Silence: A Memoir

  • Prairie Silence: A Memoir Best Read || [Melanie Hoffert]
    381Melanie Hoffert
Prairie Silence: A Memoir

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  1. There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was painful than the risk it took to blossom Ana s Ninauthor Melanie Hoffert takes us on a journey back to her roots in rural America where she is not ready to be exposed as a lesbian and where anything not visible in North Dakota is probably abnormal a child of the North Dakota prairie, Melanie moves to Minneapolis to pursue her career a call from her friend Melissa sparks something within her and Melanie decides to take a month off fr [...]

  2. I didn t know a lot about this book Just that a girl goes home from the Cities to rural North Dakota to farm for a month It s so much than that and I am so thankful that it is It s a book about coming out It s a book about religion and spirituality I highlighted on my Kindle until the ink ran out you didn t know that can happen Hoffert weaves word brilliantly, but she also is incredibly gifted at painting pictures with them I look forward to from her Especially would like to we a novel set on [...]

  3. When I finished the book, I was full of questions and emotions and reflections, both for the author and myself As time passed I kept thinking about it and going back to my relationships with family, siblings and high school best friends I had to up my stars from 4 to 5 because it keeps sticking with me Melanie was so open and generous in sharing her personal experience, it really impacts you to review your own secrets and determine if it is silence or peace or neutrality and how that impacts you [...]

  4. There are two types of memoirs those that exist because of the story they tell, and those than exist because of the way they tell a story This falls into the latter category I repeatedly found myself lost in the book, forgetting that it was a memoir, eager to find out what happens to the characters next I think that the particular message she is conveying has a somewhat limited audience, but the way she presents it is so beautiful that everyone else can enjoy it too.

  5. As a city girl who moved to the ND MN prairie boarder for college, I stole into this book with pleasure from the beginning Melanie s relatable and approachable voice compliments her descriptive and moving story This book really does cover the truth of inner being and disconnect between that and the outer world, and especially for Melanie, a silent home, ND It was a pleasure meeting her in person her book voice is so very true to her personality and being I commend her for writing with and for th [...]

  6. Melanie Hoffert s memoir was written with so much beautiful, intimate feeling, that I couldn t help but be drawn into it I could identify so well with her lingering desire for the small town in which she grew up, as well as the discomfort she feels with its lack of anonymity In this book, Hoffert describes her month long return to the family farm so that she can examine and write about these conflicting feelings, while weaving in the story of her earlier years and her current real life.

  7. Such a truly open, beautiful personal journey intermixed with the rich purity of rural North Dakota life Amazing.

  8. I would have given this book three stars for horizontal story line interest, and four stars for the vertical movement we all love in memoir I gave it four stars because I can relate to so much in this book being from the Midwest, myself But I wondered if the scenes in harvest retreat she embarks on were vivid enough for readers outside of the prairie biome This book is about people, while the prairie plays in the background, and I enjoyed that This book has such a great commentary on love, accep [...]

  9. I was able to read this book thanks to a giveaway I appreciate the author s willingness to send it to me in exchange for an honest review.Prairie Silence is a book that, admittedly, took me a while to read Not because there was anything I didn t like about the book but rather because of its slow pace Ms Hoffert writes well and her lyrical descriptions paint vivid images in the reader s mind She is able to create a feeling of calm and expansiveness with her words, a skill that few writers have Ho [...]

  10. Prairie Silence is Melanie Hoffert s memoir in which she details her struggle to find who she is and determine how she fits in the community that she is used to and finds, after being away, that she loves.I admire Ms Hoffert s journey Specifically the way she talks about how experiences in her life, such as her first female sexual encounter, have shaped the person that she has become I also found it interesting that although she has traveled away and has finally found her identity, she still lon [...]

  11. Hoffert offers an intriguing exploration as to why the prairie in this case, rural North Dakota treasures silence, and how someone who doesn t necessarily want to stay silent deals with that unwritten rule.This is a going back home memoir Hoffert wants to gain insights into this place that made her A place that she feels tied to, even though she left for a big city as soon as she could But she can t turn her back on her roots, even though being gay in North Dakota is a big reason why she left.Ho [...]

  12. I have to disclose that my initial interest in this story is that the author is a farm girl, as am I Her deep sense of a connection to the land and to animals comes from her upbringing, which I completely understand She never loses the connection to North Dakota, even feeling a need to defend when people learn of this and say, Wow, really Why Is it as bleak as everyone says to which she is horrified I grew up in rural Ohio and get some of that so often that it made me laugh Melanie has a secret, [...]

  13. I entered to win this book on GoodReads First Reads because I know so little of small town farm life and this sounded interesting I was really glad to win a copy and the book certainly did not disappoint Hoffert s prose is at once as simple and profound as the land, the people, and the life she describes First of all, it made me think of rural life very differently I admit to having had a fairly negative idea of prairie life as incredibly difficult and equally dull But learning about the hardwor [...]

  14. I really loved this book Author Melanie Hoffert grew up in a small town in North Dakota She realized at an early age that she was gay, but kept this fact hidden from her family and community for many years Like so many rural kids, once she grew up she left her community for the big city, in this case the Twin Cities in Minnesota Again, like many rural kids, once she d created a life in the city she began to look back to her hometown with some longing She decides to return home for a harvest seas [...]

  15. When I began reading this, I didn t know it was written by someone who graduated from my alma mater four years before I did I picked this up at a great little bookstore in my hometown because it took exactly one glance at the cover a rural expatriate s journey to reconcile home, love, and faith for me to know it would resonate And it did Hoffert writes beautifully about her longing for the prairie of her childhood and the struggles she faces returning as an adult.I think anyone who has loved and [...]

  16. 2013 249 pagesMy friends recommendation was well worth the read and trust of her judgement This book has man inferences to what silence means The silence of the prairie, the silence of ones sexuality, the silence of a family dinner, the silence of a broken relationship, and the silence of ones empty heart How does one confront what is missing or thinks is missing, you go back home to Re evaluate from the beginning Great book.

  17. What a great book I can relate to so many things Melanie discusses, especially the silence of growing up in a small, midwestern town, where everyone is judging you, but no one talks about it Mel explores love, family, religion and sexuality with profound wisdom and there were many times I wanted to underline a thought so that I could remember it later Well done for her first book I recommend it highly

  18. A story of loving the prairie and leaving a story of being gay and not knowing if it is safe to share that in one s home land a story of returning home and finding reconciliation a story of love for the land and the people of North Dakota A beautifully told memoir I hope to hear from Hoffert again.

  19. I enjoyed this book I am from the Midwest and connected with the story in a lot of ways Good read I recommend it.

  20. Wonderful read with many insights and descriptive language I would recommend to anyone who has grown up in the Midwest.

  21. I stumbled upon this book by accident I typed lesbian cowboys in the library catalog search on a whim, and this was the single result I checked it out knowing nothing about it and not sure what to expect, but I m glad I did this is an amazing piece of writing about home, spirituality, and understanding who you are.

  22. Melanie is my next door neighbor but my 5 star rating is not out of obligation Melanie is an excellent and honest writer.

  23. Summary Lesbian from rural North Dakota recounts realizing she s gay and coming out As a young adult, she d moved away from rural North Dakota and began living in Minneapolis, but, as an older adult, she wants to return home for an entire month during harvest time in order to take a break from life, rediscover small town life, determine if she can live in the rural area she s from again, and come out to those outside her family What I didn t like Like others, I thought she d be of a participant [...]

  24. While Melanie Hoffert was quick to leave her North Dakota home when she got the chance, she has always felt a longing for everything that said home represents There s a dissonance between the comforting aspects of home and family and the silence that it imposes on those who may not fit the expectations of their community But Melanie is determined to explore this disconnect and try to reconcile these aspects of her life and self, planning to spend a harvest at home helping on the farm Her journey [...]

  25. Prairie Silence by Melanie Hoffert is part coming of age story and part coming out story The book chronicles Hoffert s journey back home to North Dakota, where she explores both the past and the present in order to reconcile sexuality, religion, love, and family The book intertwines Hoffert s current life with her memories of the past growing up on a North Dakota farm She gives a name to this confrontation of the past, Prairie Silence, which she describes Prairie Silence is I have come to believ [...]

  26. I am going to struggle to convey just how impactful reading this book has been, and it s impact on me will burrow deeper as time goes by Having just finished reading only a few minutes ago, I am sure I don t yet understand just how much this book will affect me Like Melanie, I am a native North Dakotan I am not gay, but being an artist, a liberal, and having rejected my Christian roots, I have always felt different and believed the deepest parts of myself would not be accepted by even my family, [...]

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