[PDF] Firefly: A Celebration | by ↠ Joss Whedon [PDF] Firefly: A Celebration | by ↠ Joss Whedon - Firefly: A Celebration, Firefly A Celebration Titan s three bestselling Firefly titles collected together at last just in time for the th anniversary of Joss Whedon s beloved series This huge page full colour volume is simply one of the m

  • Title: Firefly: A Celebration
  • Author: Joss Whedon
  • ISBN: 9781781161685
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Firefly: A Celebration | by ↠ Joss Whedon, Firefly: A Celebration, Joss Whedon, Firefly A Celebration Titan s three bestselling Firefly titles collected together at last just in time for the th anniversary of Joss Whedon s beloved series This huge page full colour volume is simply one of the most lavish books ever produced for a TV show and is presented in a foil stamped leather effect binding Plus as an exclusive bonus for this edition a pocket at the back ofTita

Firefly: A Celebration

[PDF] Firefly: A Celebration | by ↠ Joss Whedon [PDF] Firefly: A Celebration | by ↠ Joss Whedon - Firefly: A Celebration, Firefly A Celebration Titan s three bestselling Firefly titles collected together at last just in time for the th anniversary of Joss Whedon s beloved series This huge page full colour volume is simply one of the m Firefly: A Celebration

  • [PDF] Firefly: A Celebration | by ↠ Joss Whedon
    340Joss Whedon
Firefly: A Celebration

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  1. I may be a late arrival to the Firefly Serenity Verse, but as with most people who have seen the series, I love it There s just something that when I rewatch it that puts a big smile on my face And so not having the previous Illustrated Companion Volumes and Still Flying that this book collects, I just had to get it, and just in time for the 10th anniversary too.This book is gorgeous From the faux leather effect binding when you first have it in your hands and when start thumbing through the 544 [...]

  2. I watched firefly with my s.o in 2016 He loved the show and was pretty sure I would enjoy it just as much, and he was right A sci fi space adventure but in a wild western setting where Mandarin is one of the most common trade languageswhat is not to love Sadly the series waa cancelled after 1 season but they wrapped things up by making a movie called Serenity The cast is great, the characters are very well put together as is the script The show made me cry, laugh amd feel anger and jealousy at t [...]

  3. Awesome Very detailed, and I like how they thought through the layout of the book The episode scripts aren t just a throwaway because almost everything else is either placed inside or between them, so you end up glancing at stuff from the scripts even if you don t really care for reading through them The interviews and character pages are very entertaining, and all the little stories spread throughout the script pages add up to a very engaging read.A wonderful celebration of the show indeed, and [...]

  4. Absolutely stunning Presented in a gold embossed, faux leather cover, this book reveals all the secrets from the show Full page photographs show costumes and characters in details, but not forgetting the smaller trinkets you want to see, like the evolution of Jayne s hat There are interviews from every aspect of the cast from the actors, creator, director, costume designers and prop makers, you re not left wanting for behind the scenes details about the show This anniversary edition also include [...]

  5. This is a very aptly named it book It is indeed 500 pages celebrating all things Firefly A large bulk of the book is dedicated to the scripts for all 13 episodes, along with some commentary from the actors and creators While I normally don t enjoy reading this scripts in general, I had a good time with this It s because I m so familiar with the show I could perfectly picture the scenes and the character s voices and delivery Along with the scripts there is plenty of other stuff Interviews, behin [...]

  6. My sister gave me a copy of this book for my birthday this year, and I ve already had several requests to borrow it from visiting friends and coworkers It s everything a fan of Firefly could want, including full episode transcripts, plenty of editorial and front material, rich contextual detail, and lots of space given over to the less publicized cast and crew It s nice, for example, that equal weight is given to the costume design, art direction, computer imaging team, and various production st [...]

  7. A must read for every Firefly enthusiast Lots of information here I hadn t seen before plus the scripts for every single episode I love this show.

  8. This book is a beautiful thing, from details, stories, and background, to great images and the show scripts I wish it had gone into detail on the movie, but I loved it

  9. This book is beautiful I mean physically, it s beautiful Lots of glossy full page photographs, a soft leather cover, beautiful fonts and great formatting The content is similarly amazing It has something for everybody There s a lot of material with the cast members talking about their experience on the show, which is the kind of thing I love There s also really detailed information about the CGI on the show, how the various weapons and props were created from found items, scouting for shooting l [...]

  10. It may be ten years since Firefly, but the Browncoats are still as passionate as ever about their favorite, short lived genre series To celebrate, a brand new collectible is being released Firefly A Celebration Anniversary Edition is a leather bound, five hundred plus page book comprised of everything any Browncoat could want Firefly A Celebration Anniversary Edition is much in depth than your average coffee table book While full page production photos of the cast are certainly eye catching, it [...]

  11. still to read script of Objects in Space What a brilliant volume The title couldn t be appropriate this is indeed a celebration of this verse.There s so much dedication and joy poured into the making of this book You can sense it as you read the statements of many of the people that made Firefly possible And the Browncoats, they too played a huge part in this, specially after the show Firefly is so much than meets the eye, the content is captivating, it s a series worth your time and love.I do [...]

  12. I finally finished and let me tell you it s gorram hard trying to read this in the bathtub The majority of the book is filled with all the episodes in their original script form along with interviews etc It s so freaking heavy at 544 pages that I can only read it so long before my arms get tired 30 mins and I m afraid I m going to drop it in the tub LOL It s basically 3 books combined into one Firefly The Official Companion Volume One Two along with Firefly Still Flying A Celebration of Joss Whe [...]

  13. For anyone who watched and loved the sadly brief TV show and cult classic , Firefly, this book is a MUST HAVE It includes the scripts for each of the episodes, including the translations of their other language which is Mandarin Chinese, BTW It has diagrams of the ship Serenity, as well as some of the weaponry, clothing and other items Lots of photographs, and interviews and behind the scenes clips complete this awesome book I SO wish the TV show had made it past the first season sigh

  14. This book really lives up to the title, A Celebration It is a commemoration of everything that made the tv show Firefly great It s packed full of interviews, behind the scenes stories, art work, on set photographs, scripts for every episode and every scene aired and un aired, original fiction by the writers of the show and I thought I d heard about every on set prank or behind the scenes tidbit there was to know, but this book had a lot of surprises in store for me It s a treat and a must have [...]

  15. For a long time I just read snippets of this book here and there because I wanted to make it last forever Eventually though as I got towards the end I just had to finish it It was wonderful as was expected The handful of new short stories were great and all the interviews and stories were fantastic Great tribute to a great show I can t put into words how much I loved it.

  16. Fabulous If you re a browncoat, it s shiny Created with love, this book is something very special If you re new to the series, go watch the episodes, we ll wait here for you.I am ashamed to say I never saw the original series, but now own the blu rays and this awesome book and some of the graphic novels too.

  17. So much fun If you are a Joss Whedon fan, you know these scripts are great But if you are a Firefly fan, this is the mother load Scripts Pictures Drawings Character info Interviews with actors With writers Directors Special effects people Costume people The custodian Okay, they may have missed the custodian This is truly A Celebration of this show A must for all Browncoats

  18. Are there than five stars My mother in law bought this for my birthday because she learned how to use my wish list and she loves me It is a treasure from front to back, a must have for any fan of Firefly.

  19. Loved it Long live firefly A beautiful edition with lots of info that has appeared elsewhere before but the beautiful edition makes up for that It has one of those covers you can t help but stroke Really worth the money.

  20. It s got everything a Browncoat could want scripts from all the episodes, interviews with cast, writers and creator Joss Whedon Costume and set designs Even a section on episodes that never made it to the screen For such a massive book it took me no time to read it Twice.

  21. Shiny Lots of fascinating information about the show, scripts of all the episodes, and interviews with the actors Perfect accompaniment to the DVDs.

  22. This has everything you could ask from a book like this Scripts, short stories, costume designs, interviews etc Definitely worth checking out if you re a fan.

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