✓ Kekkaishi, Vol. 01 ↠ Yellow Tanabe ✓ Kekkaishi, Vol. 01 ↠ Yellow Tanabe - Kekkaishi, Vol. 01, Kekkaishi Vol By night junior high student Yoshimori Sumimura is a kekkaishi a demon hunter who specializes in creating magical barriers around his prey By day Yoshimori s got some other demons to battle an addic

  • Title: Kekkaishi, Vol. 01
  • Author: Yellow Tanabe
  • ISBN: 9781591169680
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Kekkaishi, Vol. 01 ↠ Yellow Tanabe, Kekkaishi, Vol. 01, Yellow Tanabe, Kekkaishi Vol By night junior high student Yoshimori Sumimura is a kekkaishi a demon hunter who specializes in creating magical barriers around his prey By day Yoshimori s got some other demons to battle an addiction to sweets and a seriously crotchety grandfather Yoshimori s pretty year old neighbour and childhood friend Tokine Yukimura is also a kekkaishi but their famiBy night jun

Kekkaishi, Vol. 01

✓ Kekkaishi, Vol. 01 ↠ Yellow Tanabe ✓ Kekkaishi, Vol. 01 ↠ Yellow Tanabe - Kekkaishi, Vol. 01, Kekkaishi Vol By night junior high student Yoshimori Sumimura is a kekkaishi a demon hunter who specializes in creating magical barriers around his prey By day Yoshimori s got some other demons to battle an addic Kekkaishi, Vol. 01

  • ✓ Kekkaishi, Vol. 01 ↠ Yellow Tanabe
    421Yellow Tanabe
Kekkaishi, Vol. 01

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  1. I started then stopped, then started again this series thinking it was standard shonen fare and totally unnoteworthy, but that s not actually true It s long running verily, no surefire mark of quality, but in this case the mangaka found her footing in pretty short order and built a solid world with some organic wiggle room and the characters are distinct and sharp Yoshimori has some of that typical Shonen Hero syndrome bit on the bumbling lazy side but holds SUPER IMMENSE POWER and will do anyth [...]

  2. I just reviewed this on my blog a few hours ago.To view the full review, click here Kekkaishi Volume 1 by Yellow Tanabe This is the first book in the Kekkaishi series I read and finished this yesterday I was actually thinking about reading this series and watching the anime for the past two years, I don t know why I didn t until now.Sex NoGore NoMagic Yes they have barrier making powers and some kind of exploding power, which I consider to be magic Romance This one s kind of hard to rate say So [...]

  3. Kekkaishi is my first shonen manga manga targeted to boys than to girls It s refreshing to read about something other than romantic tension once in awhile Kekkaishi is the tale of the Hatfields and the McCoysr the Capulets and Montaguesr the Sumimuras and Yukimuras Aren t all family rivalries essentially the same Both are demon fighting families and have been so for centuries Despite living next door, they hate each other Or at least the grandma and grandpa do The younger generation Yoshimori a [...]

  4. Status Completed 35 series Review of the whole series.Sumimura Yoshimori and Yukimura Tokine are both school teenager with night s job, protectors of the sacred land called Karasumori This land attracted ayakashi demons that hungry to suck up its power, so every night they have to banished demons that come to close to it While Tokine take this responsibilty by heart, Yoshimori reluctants to do so, until one day, Tokine got hurt by a demon because of his carelessness From that time on, he swore t [...]

  5. With a funny, earnest and solid start, Kekkaishi makes its mark as a refreshing addition to the overplayed shounen genre Kekkaishi details the life of Yoshimori Sumimura as he works to improve in his family business hunting ayakashi aka demons Despite the hardships of mastering demon catching techniques, Yoshimura is burdened with the pressure of triumphing as the real heir to the Kekkaishi art against his family rival the Yukimura clan next door But with Tokine Yukimura as a childhood friend an [...]

  6. Karasumori landlord and his descendants have very high spiritual powers in which can make demons grow dreadfully bigger, stronger and fierceful.After all of the Karasumori descendants passed away due to a horrifying incidents, the spiritual power didn t wash away and stays in the land where the Karasumori castle used to stand.The power that envelopes the area lures demons to come to that place.It is the job of the Sumimura clan and Yukimura clan as kekkaishi to banish those demons who visit that [...]

  7. I like the premise of this series, butI think most of the problem I had here is that the main character, Yoshimori, isn t established very well in this first book Oh, his character traits are there he s being pushed into the family business of monster hunting by his grandfather, when he really wants to work with sweets He has a hard time juggling his duties as a kekkaishi and school, and usually ends up sleeping through his classes He s overprotective of his childhood friend rival love interest [...]

  8. Dulu pas nonton animenya di TV lokal rasanya benar benar menarik Konsep kekkai dan variasinya yang tak disangka cukup banyak dan efektif, benar benar menarik Untuk sebuah shounen, menurutku Kekkaishi adalah salah satu yang low profile, yang mana keberadaannya cukup langka Tapi kesederhanaan konsep dan cerita yang awal awalnya episodic lebih mengingatkan dengan genre slice of life membuatnya menggali hal hal yang tidak terduga karena batasan yang dibuatnya, cerdas.Tidak sabar sampai arcnya view s [...]

  9. This really is one of the best random library pick up manga I ve read in a while I knew nothing about this except that the cover looked cool, a choice with somethings horrible consequences in my recent experience Not only did I love every single character from our hero Yoshimori a young demon hunter who just wants to bake cakes to his grumpy grandfather to the talking demon dogs, the story was well paced with a great blend of humor and action The art is consistent and expressive, telling just as [...]

  10. I really enjoyed this book for the main fact that the author was very creative when making this manga and its very unique from so many others that i have read In addition, the main chracters Yoshimori and Tokine have their own unique chracterictics as well as personality that drives the readers to want to read For example the bond that Yoshimori and Tokine have shows true love and friendship that can never be broken and a moral lesson to protect those u truly cherish In my opinion the award thi [...]

  11. Today I managed to finish reading all of the volumes of this manga It was quite an adventure This is a very good shounen manga the characters are interesting, their supernatural abilities seem simple but they use them in imaginative ways and the overall plot is complex I also never got the feeling of boredom reading this There is a lot of action and important characters can die or change a lot.The last volume made me tear up a bit even though it wasn t really written to be a tearjerker The main [...]

  12. Status CompletatoDevo ancora capire come sia possibile che questo manga non abbia avuto successo in Italia, uno shounen completo che non viene per nulla apprezzato Meriterebbe molto pi seguito In questi 35 numeri troverete azione, amicizia, suspance, comicit , combattimenti, misteri, tattiche e intrighi, realismo psicologico, maturazione e ottima caratterizzazione sia dei protagonisti che degli antagonisti che dei personaggi secondari.Il tutto delineato da un tratto pulito sia per gli sfondi che [...]

  13. Komik yag satu ini tergolong unik Knp Yah selain citarasa cerita yang berbeda juga dibubuhi sdikit humor2 segar, konflik dan yg pling mmbwt penasaran hubungan antra 2 tokoh utamanya Disebabakan karena berbeda marga dan nenek moyang mereka juga saling bersaing dari dulu kala, maka tidak heran klo terjadi perselisihan, pertengkaran dan adu argumen Tetapi klo sudah bertemu ayakashi alias siluman2 liar, tanpa diperintah mereka bisa kompk satu sama lain.Jurus yg menurut saya keren a ketika mengurung [...]

  14. Cute manga series about a young boy who is to be a great demon fighter only he doesn t really want to be He fights with his family s arch rival, the beautiful Tokine who is a much better fighter than him and frequently kicks his butt However, he s forever in love with her and fighting to protect her Yoshimori s real passion is making cake sculptures and other sweets, which of course his grandfather and elder Kekkaishi abhors as it has nothing to do with fighting.

  15. Kekkaishi vol.1 3 by Yellow TanabeYoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura are kekkaishi or barrier masters They have to eradicate ayakashi or demons.I like the characters in the story because they seem to hate each other at first without reason until later in the story.I recommend this story to anyone who likes manga, demons, a little comedy, and some sadness.

  16. The first couple chapters of this manga seemed like your usual shonen fare middle school boy who has inherited unusual powers runs around fighting ayakashi Then the story totally surprised me by taking a turn for the wacky the patissier Yoshimori s secret ambition I am intrigued enough to ILL the next volume.

  17. Quite cute, and I liked the art, but I probably won t be making much effort to read any it looks like standard shounen fare, and nothing else about it really grabbed me.Passion for confectionery on the shounen hero s part was a nice touch, though He even looked like Azuma Kazuma with the bandanna.

  18. This is a very weak start to the series The stakes are very low, and I can t I don t have any real driving story for the series in future volumes, unless they re planning on making it a High School Romance series with occasional magical action, which is a plot I d expect from a light novel series or an adaptation thereof not a manga in Shonen Jump Maybe it will pick up next volume.

  19. sudah lama bacanya, ngikuti animenya yg ternyata hanya sampai ch 10 atau sebelas hehe saya lupa Alur cerita versi anime sedikit berbeda karena penasaran dengan episode animenya yg nggak dilanjutin, akhirnya ngikuti manganya sampai habis Sayangnya endingnya seperti agak terburu buru cepat diselesaikan keliatanya

  20. This is pretty much the epitome of shonen manga dynamic, attractive art training to be stronger fights with the creature of the week Hopefully we will never go into tournament mode Also, I love Tokine, who knows she isn t as strong but is determined to master her abilities and leverage what she has She s far from a damsel in distress, which is a nice change.

  21. 22nd Kekkaishi, of the Sumimura Clan, Sumimura Yoshimori hunts Ayakashi, who are similar to creatures of the night As a potential successor, he fights to protect Karasumori which lies in his school grounds.

  22. I like the premise of this story The powers of the characters are well explained and unique It definitely gave me some Naruto vibes The main boy is determined to become strong so he can protect those he cares about Very sweet and funny.

  23. Basically the usual shounen drill young boy has powers, must fight strange monsters, lather, rinse, repeat The artwork is surprisingly attractive, and three cheers for a female lead who can hold her own, but there s nothing here to really spark my interest in reading the whole series.

  24. Read up to volume two now and I m starting to enjoy it , although I don t know what I think of the drawing style The main character doesn t seem like a main character design Will try to read .

  25. Yokai, exterminadores e boa dose de humor Uma s rie com potencial para ser mesmo ao meu gosto, mas ainda tem muito que provar para merecer mais estrelas.

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