↠ Holly Lane Ò Toni Blake ↠ Holly Lane Ò Toni Blake - Holly Lane, Holly Lane Intoxicating and addictive New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr Toni Blake is a star on the rise Her books are sexy and full of heart New York Times bestselling author Teresa MedeirosOne of th

  • Title: Holly Lane
  • Author: Toni Blake
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition

↠ Holly Lane Ò Toni Blake, Holly Lane, Toni Blake, Holly Lane Intoxicating and addictive New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr Toni Blake is a star on the rise Her books are sexy and full of heart New York Times bestselling author Teresa MedeirosOne of the most exciting voices in contemporary romance fiction Toni Blake returns to Destiny Ohio with Holly Lane a sizzling hot and deeply emotional holiday story of a longti Intoxicating and ad

Holly Lane

↠ Holly Lane Ò Toni Blake ↠ Holly Lane Ò Toni Blake - Holly Lane, Holly Lane Intoxicating and addictive New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr Toni Blake is a star on the rise Her books are sexy and full of heart New York Times bestselling author Teresa MedeirosOne of th Holly Lane

  • ↠ Holly Lane Ò Toni Blake
    382Toni Blake
Holly Lane

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  1. Trust Trusting yourself, trusting others, letting your heart be open to love and risking hurt, being vulnerable, and putting the past in the past and moving forward that s what Holly Lane, the fourth book in Toni Blake s small town romance Destiny series is all about And even though the heroine in this story Sue Ann gave me some real hair pulling moments, I loved this story, mainly due to the sheer awesomeness of the hero, Adam Becker.So here s the story 33 year old Sue Ann has been blindsided b [...]

  2. 4 stars Great holiday romance Holly Lane is a good book for anyone wanting to get into the holiday mood In addition to a great second chance at love romance between Adam and Sue Ann, Toni Blake subtly and cleverly blends one of the great classic holiday stories A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens into a her own magical retelling There was so much holiday cheer included with this story, I felt like I was watching a great Christmas movie mixed with a warm and sexy romance Seriously, make some hot [...]

  3. Story Rating 5 starsCharacter Rating 5 starsRomance rating 5 starsHeat level 4 starsOverall Rating 5 starsToni Blake sure knows how to write one heck of an emotional romance that had me rooting for love to find it s way into the Hh s future The story grabbed me right from the start and I had a really hard time putting it down.The hero Adam oh my, he sure knew how to care for the woman he wanted I have never read a story such as this where the hero just goes above and beyond to make the heroine a [...]

  4. 4 stars Contemporary Holiday RomanceI intended to write a review for this long before now, but life has been rather stressful lately and sidetracked me a little But better late than never I suppose.Toni Blake s Destiny series has all the things I love in contemporary romance a charming small town setting, genuine characters, witty dialogue, humor, intense emotion, and steamy love scenes I find that holiday themed romances serve as great reminders of why I enjoy reading romance and also help insp [...]

  5. Toni Blake s Destiny series is the perfect blend of contemporary and erotic romance, making each story tender, feel good, and incredibly sexy I guess I m pretty demanding, but even in my erotic reading I want a believable story and a good solid relationship with people I can care about I want to feel an emotional connection to laugh when they laugh, to cry when they cry, and to sigh when they sigh Well, Holly Lane gave me all that, and From the cover The weather outside is frightful, but kisses [...]

  6. What happened to Sue Ann here I remember that I loved her in book 1 I even went to TB s FB wall and begged her to write Sue Ann s story I loved her that much But imagine my disappointment with her in this book I just didn t feel the connection between her and Adam that first time in the cabin I would expect a bit of a wooing or get to know you better done first before she jumped him Shouldn t she feel somewhat awkward or inappropriate about lusting after her ex husband s best friend He was her d [...]

  7. Wonderful I just could not put it down When I read the prologue I felt my heart crack for Sue Ann, and I wondered how she could come back from this devastating beginning, or for her, the end of the life she had known Adam Becker, that s how Sweet, charming, good guy Adam Becker, only he s had a bit of a personality change, and not in a good way, except when it comes to Sue Ann I thought she might annoy me, but I felt her strength, and understood her need to set things right in her life before sh [...]

  8. As a huge fan on Toni Blakes Destiny series, I was a bit surprised as to whom this story was centered After all, Sue Ann Simpkins seemed to have a perfectly happy marriage with Jeff But perhaps of the standard of perfection put on these high school sweethearts, Jeff does an about face and divorces Sue Ann and quickly marries another woman, and to add a bit of insult, the new woman isn t even younger or prettiere is just average so Sue Ann knows that it is true love Sue Ann is blindsided by all o [...]

  9. I had heard so much about this book that I didn t think I would enjoy it but I still did maybe because I kept the bar so low.I understood Sue Ann, even if she was like a pendulum swinging from here to there, within a period of six months her whole life had unravelled, her perfect husband left her for another woman and didn t have the decency to respect her and her kid s feeling and instead paraded her around Sue Ann was trying to keep her daughter happy, get back to work while keeping it all tog [...]

  10. A sweet, warm holiday romance.Adam Becker is divine Having grown up in the town of Destiny, he is known for his kindness and always there to lend a helping hand A people s person for sure He is such a sweetie and I really liked him Divorced with twin sons that are away for the month, he is feeling down and not looking forward to a Christmas without his children Already having a cabin booked at Bear Lake, he decides to continue their annual tradition and stay there himself.Sue Ann is still realin [...]

  11. Another fabulous installment in Toni Blake s Destiny series Loved all the allusions to A CHRISTMAS CAROL and loved that Adam turned out to be as great a guy as he s seemed all along I was shocked when I learned who his heroine was Sue Ann and Jeff seemed so happy together, but one of the lessons of this story is that things aren t always what they seem Who knew Jeff would turn into such an asshat Not me Fortunately, Adam is just perfect for our Sue Ann, and I loved the circumstances that brought [...]

  12. 3 1 2 stars A very sweet and cozy read about 2 wonderful characters who have known each other forever They are both divorced now, Sue Ann just recently, and they never looked at each other before with potential for romance It wasn t really highly exciting, but very well written and warming to the heart I also thought it was very realistic in the way both Adam and Sue Ann shared custody, as well as, ran into there exes in their small town Most of the time the bad spouse is out of the picture in r [...]

  13. Posted on Under the CoversAll I want for Christmas is Adam Becker I ve always been a fan of Toni Blake but I think she really stepped up in this story HOLLY LANE is Sue Ann s story and for readers who have followed the Destiny series, they may be in for a little shock when they realize that the hero is not Sue Ann s husband, Jeff but actually his best friend, Adam In the previous books of the series, Sue Ann had the perfect life She has a great husband, the perfect little daughter named Sophie, [...]

  14. DNFOk i m sorry but I can t do this any.It is extremely rare for me not to finish a book, and I always feel really guilty afterwards I mean, maybe it wouldn t be that bad Maybe,just maybe,characters would change,things would happen, it could end with a bang But I dont seem to be able to even open the pdf once again to continue it from when I left it.All my reviews are about personal enjoyment And for me, this book was not the one.For once, it starts right off with one of the things I hate readin [...]

  15. 4.5 starsA christmas romance to warm the soul Sweet and tender, and despite this being a premise I don t generally like heroine falling for her ex s best friend , it worked here, probably because Adam was so lovable I know some readers had issues with Sue Ann s cold behavior at times, but being a practical person myself, I can t give her fault for taking the practical aspects of their liaison into consideration and resisting her heart s desire for so long I too happen to believe that especially [...]

  16. 4.75 out of 5 Another wonderful Toni Blake novel that is coming out for this year s holiday season and which brings Christmas into the experience of two families and a community, and which is really built on Dicken s Christmas Carol loosely Two people, one newly divorced and still reeling from her husband s declaration, just before Thanksgiving, that he has fallen in love with someone else and he is divorcing her, and the best friend of her ex, divorced for a few years, with two sons, both of wh [...]

  17. This book was an okay read for me I ve not read anything from the series and perhaps jumping in with this book was not the way to start.I could not like Sue Ann, I felt that all she did was find road blocks to almost everything and then complain about them Her own personal ethics confused me She says to Adam we re forgetting this ever happened and not telling anyone somehow translates to telling her best friend almost immediately Sue Ann also compares her ex husbands cheating to that of Adams a [...]

  18. This is a low rating for Toni Blake s recent work The story is OK It s a nice holiday themed story I felt, however, that the personal problems that the characters were each trying to overcome were very flat and didn t grow or develop in an interesting way Sue Ann dealt with Trust issues and finding her sense of self, Adam dealt with attitude issues and finding his public self.The pair is an unexpected pairing but they work It s a shame that the conflicts became stale and old midway through the b [...]

  19. Very sweet Christmas story about 2 divorced people hooking up I must say, I m a sucker for stories where the H h get trapped in a snow bound cabin, a little girl with her heart set on getting a real raindeer for Christmas and a man that goes out of his way to make it happen

  20. Originally posted at longandshortreviews.cStarting over is not as easy as people think, especially when you need to start over in the same town that your ex husband is living with his new wife.Sue Ann is a Destiny child, born and raised in Destiny and then raising her daughter in the small town she loves.But her husband decided the upset her perfect world by admitting that he no longer loves her and does love someone else His betrayal is than she can take So a couple of days in the mountains, a [...]

  21. This was a good holiday read and was a fun way for me to kick off this Christmas season.Sue Ann and Adam have known each other for years In fact, Sue Ann s ex husband and Adam were best friends growing up Sue Ann and Jeff are now divorced because of Jeff s infidelity Sue Ann seeks escape in a weekend retreat at a cabin, and unknowingly, Adam has rented the same cabin This quickly morphs into a stranded during a winter storm type of love story and how can you not love that As far as Christmas rea [...]

  22. 3 stars I liked it.Unlike the rest of the Destiny series by Toni Blake, Holly Lane feels like chick lit with hot sex The prologue and first chapter are depressing, with Sue Ann finding out her supposedly loving husband is in love with someone else As someone who went through a divorce with a cheating spouse when I was younger, and who has a family member going through divorce right now, the emotions in the book felt real, too real perhaps Kudos to Blake for not lessening the impact of emotional [...]

  23. I loved this book Another great Destiny Novel anxious to see where Toni Blake takes us nextAmy Logan But you never know.Sue Anne Adam, I did not see that coming But it worked out beautifully and I loved every minute of it.

  24. I was a pretty good book That Christmas morning scene ohmigod I look forward to Amy s book though Whispering Fall is still my favorite of the series.

  25. I really enjoyed Sue Ann Adam They were really cute Couldn t stand Jeff, what a terrible guy I look forward to Amy s store now

  26. I am so mad that this book that I didn t even read is going to count on my reading list I m making a mental note to steer clear of this author because of the run down plot and terrible decisions The first page was so freaking heavy As soon as I read that she was a mother to someone, I stopped reading immediately I can t stand books where the hero or heroine have kids from a past marriage I literally can t tolerate it And I love how the synopsis on the back made no mention to the fact that Sue An [...]

  27. Well, I wasn t sure I was going to read this one when I first heard the synopsis We first met Sue Ann back in One Reckless Summer as Jenny s best friend She s happily married to her childhood sweetheart, has a beautiful daughter and everything in the garden is rosy So, when I was pretty sad when I learned that her marriage was about to disintegrate to allow her to become the heroine of the next Destiny novel and that her hero would be Adam Becker, her ex husband s best friend and best man at the [...]

  28. When it s December and the temperature is double digits below zero, I just want to curl up with Christmas holiday books And since I m determined to knock down the TBR list before buying any new I m going with what I had, leading me to read Holly Lane, part of a longer series by Ms Blake The book was enjoyable but drove me crazy at times It s a friends to lover tale, with a slight twist Both hero, Adam, and heroine, Sue Ann, are divorced with kids, and had been friends before they were married In [...]

  29. My review from Night Owl Reviews Sue Ann Simpkins is going through a rough time in her life Recently divorced and spending the Thanksgiving holiday weekend alone without her daughter, she books a cabin on Bear Lake outside of Destiny This is the perfect getaway that she needs to rebuild her life and a chance for some solitude What she wasn t expecting was to be visited by her ex husband s friend, Adam Becker, who claims that the cabin that she is inhabiting is rightfully his.Adam is also spendin [...]

  30. Words cannot describe how much I loved this book There is something about the Destiny series that keeps me wanting to go back to visit what feels like some really good old friends When I first met Sue Ann in One Reckless Summer, I thought she was likeable enough and she seemed like a very nice friend to have It was really nice to get to know her and Adam of course so much better in Holly Lane Her emotions regarding her divorce, her new found lust and love for Adam, her love for her daughter etc [...]

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