☆ Arcadia Awakens ↠ Kai Meyer ☆ Arcadia Awakens ↠ Kai Meyer - Arcadia Awakens, Arcadia Awakens When troubled teenager Rosa escapes her life in New York to stay with family in Sicily she stumbles into a sinister Mafia underworld of murder corruption and bitter generations old rivalries How is

  • Title: Arcadia Awakens
  • Author: Kai Meyer
  • ISBN: 9781848770089
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ Arcadia Awakens ↠ Kai Meyer, Arcadia Awakens, Kai Meyer, Arcadia Awakens When troubled teenager Rosa escapes her life in New York to stay with family in Sicily she stumbles into a sinister Mafia underworld of murder corruption and bitter generations old rivalries How is handsome mysterious stranger Alessandro involved And why is Rosa so powerfully drawn to him

Arcadia Awakens

☆ Arcadia Awakens ↠ Kai Meyer ☆ Arcadia Awakens ↠ Kai Meyer - Arcadia Awakens, Arcadia Awakens When troubled teenager Rosa escapes her life in New York to stay with family in Sicily she stumbles into a sinister Mafia underworld of murder corruption and bitter generations old rivalries How is Arcadia Awakens

  • ☆ Arcadia Awakens ↠ Kai Meyer
    380Kai Meyer
Arcadia Awakens

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  1. One day, she said, I ll catch dreams like butterflies And then what he asked Then I ll put them between the pages of big, fat books and press them until they re words Arcadia Awakens is a series very close to my heart There s so many things I love about it.Imagine the most sarcastic female protagonist arriving in Sicily, her family deeply involved in mafia affairs and hiding darker secrets than she could imagine, all the while trying not to get killed or to fall in love with the enemy s heir But [...]

  2. This book managed to tick all of the boxes for the first few chapters actually quite a few chapters because they re only short and I was pleasantly surprised to find a young adult author that a doesn t think it s okay to be condescending when the audience is younger, and b creates an atypical heroine who isn t all about drooling after her inevitable one true love As a matter of fact, the author attempts to write quite prettily and sets the scene in the Sicilian countryside very well, you can pra [...]

  3. You know, you d never think that, when putting together a story using the Italian Mafia and mythology would mix Kai Meyer s Arcadia Awakens not only makes it totally work, but literally casts a spell over his readers This book is gorgeously written, with no stone left unturned, and makes for a very good first book in a trilogy If you like your heroines awesome with a side of gumption, you definitely need to read Arcadia Awakens , ASAP.For a first book, this part of the Arkadien trilogy is surpri [...]

  4. As much as I want to know about the difficult main character she lies, steals and is fond of acting all emo , as much I like a good mafia story and as much as I adore an exotic locale Sicily , the writing or the translation is just not good enough The sentences are choppy and don t flow together, the observations are often trite or unnecessary, the narrative is dull, distant and lifeless This might be the case of writing style incompatibility though.

  5. This book was a very solid 3.5 stars and I feel like if I knew German and read a non translated version I d rate it even higher But as it stands you have some heros that are very anti hero in all ways, you have multiple mysteries to unravel, and a lot of intrigue If you need to love your heros this might not be the book for you but if your ok with morally grey sometimes unreliable narrators then I say buckle up.

  6. Prepare yourselves A rant is coming.Arkadien erwacht had a really good start, I mean, it quoted something from the Tintenwelt trilogy, what s not to love about that Plus the first chapter of the book was just so beautifully written, it hooked me right in But from there, the book simply spiraled down The writing style is plain and simple, and reminded me a lot of Twilight which I just despise , and even though the book was written in German, the characters sometimes swear in English.d swear a lot [...]

  7. 3,5 SterneGestaltwandler und MafiaInteressante Kombi.Das Buch fand ich ganz nett, Teil 2 wird auf jeden Fall gelesen.

  8. It sounds like a mixture of Romeo and Juliet , The Godfather and Twilight A cheesy romance between two young people from families that are enemies for centuries now and all of that is overshadowed by a dark mysterious secret.But Arkadien erwacht Arkadien awakes is than you would expect first While using old and known elements from familiar stories Kai Meyer manages successfully to create a new and thrilling world that the reader can fully sink in and let us fight along with the characters until [...]

  9. Unlike most other readers, the premise of this book did nothing for me, simply because I ve never had any sort of interest in the mafia which is a big theme in this book I was a little unsure about the shapeshifter element, another big theme, as I ve not yet read any books about shapeshifters that I ve really enjoyed Why did I read this then I m not all that sure I guess I just wanted to see if this was any different to other young adult books at the moment and I d read some great reviews I m ve [...]

  10. 2.5 stars This wasah It hurt my brain trying to understand what the hell was going on here I picked this up predominantly because the cover is GORGEOUS Then I read the blurb, and was like Mafia shapeshifters Uh, AWESOME I was even on board when I found out that this was originally written in German and translated to English a couple of years later, because I m trying to read translated works this year.But this really didn t live up to my expectations At the end of the day, I came out of it eno [...]

  11. Ok this book seemed to have promise but I really don t know what happened to be honest It took me forever to read, even though I was reading it a couple of chapters are day for a challenge, but in all honesty it really wasn t that captivating I think it s because it has been translated form German to English and somewhere along the lines it lost soul I really didn t feel connected to the characters and couldn t care less what happened to them Then about 85% in there was finally some action and I [...]

  12. eher 3,5 keine Ahnung, ich bin hin und her gerissen ich meine kai meyer hat schon deutlich bessere B cher geschrieben wolkenvolktrilogie das Konzept war wie von ihm gewohnt genial ich meine hallo, griechische Mythologie und italienische mafia, da muss man erstmal drauf kommen und insgesamt hat mir das Buch auch gut gefallen, aber es gab so ein paat Sachen, die mich echt gest rt haben ich hatte irgendwie echt Probleme mit Iole schreibt man die so , ich fand es wurde nur sehr oberfl chlich auf die [...]

  13. Don t think I m going to pick this up again.I so wanted to like the book and have been waiting eagerly for quite a while to read it, but neither the story nor the characters drew me in I m glad I got it from the library and therefore didn t spend any money on it.Kai Meyer can definitely do better, as he has already proven with The Water Mirror and Pirate Curse for example.

  14. Lieblingszitat Eines Tages , sagte sie, fange ich Tr ume ein wie Schmetterlinge Und dann , fragte er Lege ich sie zwischen die Seiten dicker B cher und presse sie zu Worten Was, wenn jemand immer nur von dir tr umt Dann sind wir beide vielleicht schon Worte in einem Buch Zwei Namen zwischen all den anderen Seite 11 Schon bei ihrer Ankunft auf Sizilien fu hlt sich Rosa wie in einem alten Film der Chauffeur am Flughafen, der heruntergekommene Palazzo ihrer Tante und dann die Geru chte um zwei Mafi [...]

  15. I only made it 50 pages into Kai Meyer s Arcadia Awakens There is something off about the translation to me Many of the phrases seem stilted and blunt I have not read Meyer before perhaps this is owing to style than translation.Still, I never got into the story or wrapped my head around the characters and, at this point, I don t need to I have too much to read without devoting time to books that do nothing for me 1 out of 5 stars Review courtesy of bibliopunkkreads

  16. DNF at page 141.Because I have too many others books to read and I can t connect with any of the characters It s boring and I have no patience.

  17. Actual Rating 3.5 5MY THOUGHTSArcadia Awakens is an unusual story, one where the strangeness of it is both a positive in that it stands out amidst the masses of paranormal young adult fiction, and a negative in that it leaves us a bit unsure as to exactly how we feel about what we ve read On the plus side we have the richly atmospheric setting of Sicily, a place where light and dark exist in equal measures and where the beauty of the landscape is in contrast with the nefarious deeds committed by [...]

  18. More of my reviews obsessionwithbooksMy Rating 3.5 out of 5 starsRosa Alcantara has left her home in NY to head to Sicily, Italy to be with her Mafia boss Aunt Florinda and Sister Zoe it has been a tough year emotionally for her which has seen her withdraw from everything and everyone around her All she yearns for is a bit of peace and quiet but what she ends up involved with goes beyond her wildest dreams Alessandro Carnevare is the son of a powerful Sicilian Mafia family and soon to be head ho [...]

  19. ZUR AUFMACHUNGHa Endlich einmal sind wir Deutschen diejenigen, die ein tolles Buch hervorgebracht haben Allerdings habe ich das Gef hl, dass die Amerikaner sehr viel besser darin sind Buchtitel zu bersetzen und Buchcover zu finden, die gut zum Buch passen Arcadia Awakens klingt genauso toll wie Arkadien erwacht Und ich bin zwar noch immer der Meinung, dass das deutsche Cover von nichts getoppt werden kann, aber das amerikanische Cover finde ich doch auch sehr gelungen Hut ab also ZUM BUCHJaaa Ar [...]

  20. Am Anfang dachte ich echt, es sei ein Fehlkauf gewesen W hrend der ersten Seiten hab ich mich einfach nur gefragt, warum der Autor ein Mann aus der Sicht eines TeenagerM DCHENS schreibt ich fand es zu Beginn sehr gewollt b se Oh oh oh Rosa ist so b se, sie klaut Schokoriegel.Aber ganz egal, denn nach den ersten ca 70 Seiten wurde es richtig gut Rosa hat sich eingekriegt und die Machenschaften der Familien wurden spannend und verworren.Tiger und L wen tauchen pl tzlich auf naja, ich will nicht zu [...]

  21. The book was great It was a great mix of paranormal shape shifters, greek mythology and mafia all rolled into one book A lot of deaths tho and that suprised me There s usually not a lot of violence in teen books but I guess there has to be in this book since the mafia plays a heavy part in it.The book as a little slow at first but since its the beginning a trilogy, it gave a lot of background There was some decent action as well I didn t really like the character of Rosa tho She seemed toowhinny [...]

  22. Toll gelesen wie zu erwarten von Andreas Fr hlich.Die Charaktere sind interessant, gerade Rosa, weil sie so anders ist als ihr Name erwarten l sst Alessandro fand ich nach einer Weile auch interessant und attraktiv.Es ist immer wieder beeindruckend, dass Kai Meyer sich einfach ein neues Gebiet sucht und darauf seine ganze eigene originell Welt aufbaut.Der Schreibstil war atemberaubend, sehr dicht und atmosph risch.Irgendwie hat es f r mich aber an der Story gehapert Gerade im ersten Teil zieht s [...]

  23. Wieder ein toller Auftackt von Kai Meyer.Kai hat hier eine wunderbare Mischung aus Mafia Thriller und einem Gestaltwandler Fantasy Roman erschaffen Au erdem ist Rosa eine unglaublich tolle Protagonistin Sie ist stark durch ihre Vergangenheit und definitiv kein kleines Bitte rette mich M dchen.Weiterhin konnte ich das Ende definitiv nicht vorhersehen Ich gebe nur 4 5 Sternen, da ich mir noch Luft nach oben lassen m chte Und was befindet sich eigentlich in den L cken von Menschenmengen

  24. Ich finde dieses Buch toll Es ist so sch n beschrieben wie es in Sizilien aussieht und obwohl ich dort noch nicht war, ist es nun f r mich wie als w re ich schon mal da gewesen Alles in allem ein gutes Buch mit einer richtig guten Protagonisten, die ganz nach meinem Geschmack ist Ich hoffe ich habe jetzt nicht zu gro e Erwartungen an den zweiten Band.

  25. Ein supertoller und rasanter Auftakt der Arkadien Trilogie Dieses Buch hat mich von der ersten Seite an mitgenommen und hat mich richtig gepackt und ich m chte ganz schnell den zweiten Band lesen.

  26. Clearly we have all the time in the world, she said crossly Feel free to start way back with the dinosaurs just as long as you get to the Carnevares and Alcantaras sometime Da ich von Sizilien und der Cosa Nostra schon immer angetan war, habe ich die schlechten R ckmeldungen meiner Freunde dieses Mal einfach ignoriert und Arkadien erwacht trotzdem gelesen Seht ihr, das nenne ich doch Mal ein richtiges Capo verhalten Ich will Alessandro ja nur ungern von der Seite anmachen, aber ich denke es wird [...]

  27. While far from being perfect, I quite enjoyed this book At the beginning, I had forgotten why exactly I had added it to my TBR mafia stories are not usually my cup if tea But from the moment the Arcadian legend was brought in, I was hooked I was expecting a Romeo Juliet kind of story, but I got something different enough to keep me entertained As for the main character, way to be a badass and not needing emotional therapy from the main male character

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