[PDF] King's Man | by ↠ Angus Donald [PDF] King's Man | by ↠ Angus Donald - King's Man, King s Man THE THIRD CRUSADE IS OVER Richard the Lionheart is bound for England But with all the princes of Europe united against him n the greatest warrior in Christendom make it safely home THE LION IS CHAINED

  • Title: King's Man
  • Author: Angus Donald
  • ISBN: 9781847444912
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] King's Man | by ↠ Angus Donald, King's Man, Angus Donald, King s Man THE THIRD CRUSADE IS OVER Richard the Lionheart is bound for England But with all the princes of Europe united against him n the greatest warrior in Christendom make it safely home THE LION IS CHAINED Captured Bound Imprisoned King Richard s slim hope of salvation rests on one man a former outlaw a vengeful earl a man who scoffs at Holy Mother Church ROBIN HTHE THIRD CRUSADE IS OVER R

King's Man

[PDF] King's Man | by ↠ Angus Donald [PDF] King's Man | by ↠ Angus Donald - King's Man, King s Man THE THIRD CRUSADE IS OVER Richard the Lionheart is bound for England But with all the princes of Europe united against him n the greatest warrior in Christendom make it safely home THE LION IS CHAINED King's Man

  • [PDF] King's Man | by ↠ Angus Donald
    211Angus Donald
King's Man

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  1. The farther I go in this series the I am convinced that Angus Donald s Robin Hood is by far one of the best portrayals of this legendary man I have come across Couple that with his story telling ability and you have a must read scenario In this volume, King s Man, Alan Dale finds himself labeled a traitor by seemingly everyone around him from Robin to Prince John to an old lover and even his good friends Marie Anne and Godifa Things on the home front at Westbury where Alan is ensconced as Lord [...]

  2. Very violent addition to a good series Alan Dale is sent by Robin Hood to Austria to find Richard the Lionheart who has been captured returning from the Crusades As well as this Robin s son is captured, there is a siege of Nottingham castle, a witch with a grudge, Thunderdome, romance and a satisfying act of personal revenge Great adventure, totally unbelievable, totally great fun.

  3. This was a tough book to read The disfigured girl and the emotions her story evokes are just painful, but at least, the main character realizes how shallow he is I need to read something fun next, or I will get totally depressed.

  4. WARNING REVIEW WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS DON T READ IF YOU HAVEN T READ THE BOOK king s Man has been rated R by the Nerd Association of Lanie for violence, langue, and sexual content D to start off, i m going to show you all, my 3 or 4 robin hood review followers D, a few intresting quotes from the book i do love mr donald s writing style it just fits Alan s uppity musical personality so well Serving you, my lord, is reward enough, Your fame will last for than a thousand years And those you serve y [...]

  5. The Robin Hood legend has been contained in the realms of historical fiction for almost 200 years Associated with the reign of King Richard I since John Major s chronicle, and the plays of Anthony Munday, Angus Donald s King s Man the third novel in his Outlaw Chronicle series is firmly situated in the post medieval tradition which first brought England s most celebrated outlaw and the Lionheart together Like so much of Robin Hood fiction which has become associated with the Plantagenets and Ang [...]

  6. The third volume in Angus Donald s excellent Outlaw Chronicles series The series tells the tale of Robin Hood but from the perspective of Alan a Dale, with Robin Hood an important but often absent character Robin Hood is portrayed as a bit like the Godfather of Sherwood, not to be crossed but very loyal to those who are part of his inner circle Donald s Robin is ruthless, cunning and dangerous Alan Dale is passionate but makes human mistakes and has emotions he sometimes wears on his sleeve The [...]

  7. What an amazing author Angus Donald is I found his first book Outlaw in a little indie bookshop and was compelled to subsequently buy the sequels and each one excels the last There are very few authors I could mention that have had me literally laughing out loud on one page with wit and humour only to have me in tears of shock and awe moments later.The legendary Robin Hood has been written about so many times, but this author refreshingly puts a new twist to Robin s character, giving him in my m [...]

  8. I enjoy historical fiction so much because I get the best of both worlds I learn about a period in history that I often know very little about, AND I get to enjoy a good adventurous story King s Man is no exception I finished it over the weekend and it was a pure pleasure to read.The story picks up on the heels of the second book Robin, Alan and the whole crew are back in England, but Richard, the King, has been taken hostage on his return from the Holy Land In the ensuing chaos, Prince John con [...]

  9. Seguimos en el punto medio con esta serie de inspiraci n hist rica, que aborda el personaje de Robin Hood desde una perspectiva que pretende ser m s realidad y menos leyenda Pero ojo a las palabras clave, inspiraci n y pretensi n, porque, como el propio Donald reconoce, l es novelista, no historiador, y aunque la ambientaci n est muy conseguida, se toma muchas licencias con la Historia y en ocasiones se pasa con la fabulaci n.No obstante, es precisamente alguna de esas libertades la que lo redim [...]

  10. Nobody called Roger has ever been less than a full blooded whoremongering lecher My favourite quote, I enjoyed this book a lot A good historical fiction novel based on Robin Hood folklore with a nice mixture of action, politics, midnight stealth, assassinations and romance.It s book 3 in a series but I haven t read any of the others in the series yet, nonetheless it was written in a manner that I could still dive in and enjoy it.

  11. Good fun, although I didn t feel particularly convinced by it all The author needs to learn how to write convincingly in the first person does too much explaining of things that a 12th century writer wouldn t feel he needed to explain , and his recreation of 12th century England wasn t hugely convincing, either Still, plenty of fun adventure and gritty fight scenes, so I still liked it.

  12. This is book three of Angus Donald s re boot of the Robin Hood legend The year is now 1192, and the good news is, that after taking part in the battles of the Crusades in the Holy Land, Alan Dale and Robin Hood have returned to Merrie Olde England The bad news is, that their King, Richard the Lionheart, whilst also making his way back home, has been captured by his enemies in Europe and is being held for ransom in a castle in Austria And back in what is turning out to be a not quite as Merrie En [...]

  13. Outlaw 3 was pretty good In fact, I was fooled for a good portion of the bookoled and mad and disappointed So, if a book can fill me with a variety of emotions, it s bound to be pretty good Angus Donald has a real talent for introducing seemingly innocuous tidbits that become hugely important later on I really enjoy this series and the remaking of Robin Hood and his merry men This story still focuses on Allen Dale he is the narrator and his continuing development from a street urchin cutpurse to [...]

  14. The outlaw chronicle series just keeps getting better The character that is Alan Dale develops throughout the books and his bravery and courage really shows in this book A great read, the best book in the series so far.

  15. After Outlaw and Holy Warrior, I simply couldn t wait for the ordinary trade paperback of King s Man I bought the outsized ROI edition and then also the kindle version And I don t regret it.Outlaw was an astounding debut for me It challenged my perceptions of Robin Hood, created a whole new epic around him and kept me rivetted, It also showed Angus not inconsiderable knowledge and in depth research into an era that is very complex and vast.Holy Warrior took the tale in a different direction and, [...]

  16. A grisly, gutsy, utterly riveting historical adventure novel I ve been following Angus Donald s writing ever since a Robin Hood obsessed friend recommended OUTLAW and KING S MAN is the third in the series, following up the Crusader outing HOLY WARRIOR And boy, is it a good read No author writes quite like Donald his style makes for effortless reading, and few authors have quite the kind of easy readability as we find here You can start reading a paragraph, fully intending to stop after a few sen [...]

  17. Wow I absolutely loved this book This is the 3rd book in the Outlaw series by Angus Donald It focuses on Alan Dale, Robin Hood s or Robert Odo, the Earl of Locksley lieutenant Alan is loyal to Robin, as well as to King Richard, the Lionheart Sometimes these loyalties are polar opposites of each other Alan is put to many tests to show his loyalty to both Robin and King Richard throughout the entire book, and always manages to complete the task, as well as keep his life intact He becomes a spy in [...]

  18. I have to admit it, I enjoyed this book a lot than the second The I read Angus Donald s work, the I am convinced it is one of the best Robin Hood stories I have ever read.The Third Crusade is over and King Richard has inadvertently found himself kidnapped by the European Kings and Princes he unfortunately upset during the Crusade While the King is held for ransom in a foreign castle, Prince John is making a play for the British throne.Prince John teams up with the villainous Ralph Murdac, to [...]

  19. I first heard of read Angus Donald about 2, maybe 3, years ago, when I read his novel Outlaw a visceral retelling of the Robin Hood legend and which proved to be one of the best new books I read that year.I also read the sequel to Outlaw, Holy Warror in which Robin and his men travel to the Holy Land to fight in what would become known as the Third Crusade but found it was not quite as good as its predecessor.The third novel in the series King s Man is a return to form Set back in England and, l [...]

  20. If you ever felt your life was lacking tension, drama and action well the Outlaw chronicles following the many fictional historical adventures of Robin Hood and his band of warriors will supply it in limitless amounts The beginning grips you with suspense and intrigue as you realise you re back in the land of England but you re not quite sure why Alan of Westbury is sneaking around with a decapitated horses head in the dark of nightbut have no fear all will be revealed dear reader and on that no [...]

  21. I ve enjoyed all of the Outlaw books, and while good, this one is not as great as the first two in the series Fans should be pleased with it, but non fans wouldn t have much new to drag them back, and if you haven t read the previous books should start there.Following straight on from the previous book, Alan Dale along with Robin Hood are back in England after the crusade, and are again pitted against the Sheriff of Nottingham allied to Prince John, who is set to overthrow King Richard now held [...]

  22. I have to say, I love the Outlaw Chronicles What a fun and interesting twist on the Robin Hood legends In reality, I d have to give King s Man four and a half stars, as I liked it just a little better than Holy Warrior The plot seemed tighter and moved quickly, and I was completely and utterly taken in by the plot twist about a third of the way through the story I was so upset I texted a friend who had read the book and encouraged me just to keep reading I m glad I did It s the mark of a well w [...]

  23. In the third novel of his Outlaw Chronicles series, Angus Donald s hero Alan Dale is back in England with Robin of Locksley King Richard s brother Prince John is gathering strength amongst the barons while Richard is imprisoned in Austria.Alan finds himself collecting taxes to pay the king s ransom, and it is a dangerous business No one knows for sure where Richard is being held He has made many enemies amongst the kings of Europe But Alan and Richard share an affinity that could help save the k [...]

  24. I have always been a fan of Robin Hood, i suppose it has something to do with being named after him and then eventually ending up living in the back yard of the exploits of the Man Myth.When this series started it was with a part groan part apprehension that i picked it up, so many times i have read the tale and its been awful prancing Nancy s in tights, and then there are the movies, inc the recent Russell where the hell is that accent from Crowe version.But All of that gets thrown to the wind [...]

  25. Angus Donald s writing is griping, descriptive and so much fun to read The third volume in this series finds Robin tried and found guilty of heresy by the church, Alan labeled a traitor and Richard the Lionheart imprisoned abroad In a complicated, cunning battle to bring the rightful king back to England and restore their names What I love about this series is that you never know what ll happen next Donald has this way of making sure you don t know important details until you absolutely have to [...]

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